Tayasui Sketches School

4.4 (767)
270.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tayasui Sketches School

4.44 out of 5
767 Ratings
6 years ago, Hardcore Trek Tek
While Less Features Than Sketches Pro, This IS STILL A Very Good Version of Tayasui Sketches!
The one thing I really like about the “School” version of Tayasui Sketches is if you have to use your finger OR any type of common capacitive stylus, the line work will get thick or thin based on the speed that you draw the line stroke at. This is a great feature if not using an Apple Pencil on the 2018 iPad or using this app on other iPads that cannot use the Apple Pencil, but can still use other types of capacitive or “active” battery powered capacitive stylii Good work on getting a great student version of this app! I think it’s terrific that you were able to do this version for elementary and high school students to get their hands on and use. Whether they have a Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon or just their fingers! Great Job!
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1 month ago, Thephotog97
Uhm what is the update
Great game overall! But the new update… is something else… I honestly don’t think its great. It claims it fixes bugs but the most annoying thing ever is that it didn’t fix the blend tool. Whenever I use it it always doesn’t blend it just doesn’t do anything and I have to do a ton of stuff for it to blend. Which is so so so so so so so stupid, annoying, and frustrating. Also the new update looks like I changed it to the most awful dark mode ever. It was pretty good without the update. This game is also not very fun because it is hard to draw unlike other drawing apps. I know it says “ sketches school “ so it doesn’t really have high expectations. I wish they had a tutorial and drawing lesson like drawing desk ( I think that’s what it’s called ) but the good side to this is that it’s free. It’s not a very good drawing app. I’m mostly good at it because I am a very talented artist. This game could be so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much better. But I don’t make the rules. I wouldn’t recommend the app unless you are a super talented good artist and willing to be frustrated, mad, angry, and more. This is just my option.
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2 months ago, FAITH DAWN KIRK
I am in LOVE 😍
I love this app so much I just wish they had a tool where would you draw it has its normal colour and then gets lighter but I still love this app I am totally in love if you don’t like this app I have another app I recommend you to get this other app called sketchbook but as I was saying earlier with it’s like normal colour and then it gets like lighter sketchbook has that tool and sketchbook has a lot more tools to choose from but I still love sketches School I would totally recommend you to get this app PS I am writing this review on the day after my birthday and I’m only eight years old today I have my birthday party thank you for reading this review I would totally recommend you to get sketches School
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1 month ago, sassy, sis, 32
Awesome job on this game
Thanks a lot for releasing this game out. This game is so satisfying and I love it and I never take my eyes off it. I used to have it on my school iPad. I have it on this iPad. I have it on my phone and so I’m just really thanks for releasing this game out I really love it and it’s so satisfying when you just click on a color you want click on a tool and then swipe your finger around. That’s usually how I get it done and I just did a sense drawing with someone splashing with water and that picture was really goodand thanks a lot sketches school. I love this game thank you sketches
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2 years ago, why does my Roblox not work
This is my love sketches school
I’m a student at Jersey shore elementary school there was a teacher that was named Mrs. Taylor she is the best she created an app that’s called sketchers school I love it and all my classmates love it to some of them don’t love it because they weren’t here from last year the reason I love it is because it lets me use multiple tools that let me do my artAnd I love it and I can download it on my home iPad and on my school iPad that’s just amazing to me it doesn’t have to be a school electronic to download it so yeah that is why I love sketchers schools
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1 month ago, Jbhiscd
Pretty good
This app was really good, I use it all the time. If you’re stressed, find a picture of something you like, and trace it. I like the blending tool and the copy and paste tool. I use it all the time, but whenever I try to edit my videos with other apps, their drawing isn’t as good quality as this. Only thing I would change, is that you should make it so that it’s also a video editing app, cuz this is the best drawing quality I’ve found so far, and I need my videos to look good… but other than that, yeah! You should totally get this app!🤗
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4 years ago, Wolf*Of_THE.WILD
This Is A Really Good App!
I use this on an apple iPad, and it’s really good! I love adding some photos and drawing the outlines and after I color it in! I first saw it on my school iPad and drew after class! So I decided since I’m going back to school in January, I should download this on my apple iPad! It’s very useful to clear my mind. I have a few mental problems and I draw labels to help me meditate! When I miss days I put an ❌ Under The Label! When I Don’t Miss them I put a ✅. I recommend this app on an Apple iPad! Peace out! ✌🏻🌿✨
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3 years ago, ¡¿anonymous?!
Was good until the update!!!!!!!!
I loved this app so much! I practice my calligraphy on it by sending a picture of the letter worksheets on to the app and traced over them for practice. It was really nice because I could get rid of the picture worksheets at anytime by clicking the eye button thing in the top right corner. But now after the update there is no eye button! I can even get rid of the picture I sent in in the first place! It’s honestly so frustrating! Maybe I didn’t do enough research and there is a way to get that tool back. But still I am upset it’s not there. And I was thinking... if little kids were using this app to practice writing their alphabet, they wouldn’t be able to look back at there own work. I mean the apps name is literally SketchesSCHOOL.
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6 years ago, UnluckyKitty130
There is one thing...
When I go to the text thing to enter text on the page, and I want to click ‘enter’ to go down, it got out of the text editor. I thought it was going to actually enter down the text (like what most apps use). You guys could do that and then click anywhere else on the screen to exit. Just a suggestion! A few days ago the folder icon on the top of the screen disappeared and now I have no way to get out of the current picture except restarting the iPad. I am on an iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Could you please fix this problem?
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1 month ago, cHeSirE 💜 cAt
✨A M A Z I N G✨ (ignore any bad reviews)🖼️🎨🖌️
A few glitches here and there, but over all a great app, you don’t need Wi-Fi for it, and this app is what got me into art again. Super easy to use, and a great pass time. I highly recommend this app, it’s the only art app I use. You can put your sketches as the cover for your folders, the blending tool is amazing, it lets you put photos on the side of the canvas for reference, and so much more! I could go on about this app forever, but I’m just going to leave it at “it’s a absolutely fantastic app.”
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2 years ago, 5Rhythm5
Missing tools
I’m a new user and I have read the manual and I’ve looked all over for the edit bar that is supposed to be on the right hand side of the canvas/screen. I get that some tools and modifications for the tools are only available if you pay for the pro app, but you’d think you would at least be able to adjust the brush size and opacity of the color. The manual says it is supposed to be in the free app, but it looks like you need to pay for it. Otherwise, from what I can tell, it’s a decent enough drawing program. Once you pay for the pro app you’ve got a lot more to work with.
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3 years ago, amora1942
This game is good but
I really really love this game I have it on my iPad and my school iPad it’s really fun app I think you should get it the only part is I was working super hard on A drawing and then it just logged me out and then I went back to keep working on the drawing and it wasn’t there I checked all my folders even check the trash it wasn’t there that made me really sad about it but I think you should get that game
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1 year ago, th3DOGGirl
ALMOST perfect…
I love this app so much! It’s a great tool for drawing, I even use it to animated. You can also use it too edit images in ways, overall an amazing app. But one problem I’ve been having is that when I try to fill in a hole, sometimes it will fill in the entire character. And it also sometimes will force me to fill in parts separately, even if they’re the same color. Aside from that it’s a great app and I 100% recommend downloading it to anyone considering it!
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3 years ago, Sakookie
Love this art app ❤️😊
I love this app because it’s for all ages and it really gives you the chance to be creative and there are so many options. This app makes me happy and I get to create so many things, as soon as I get home from school I do my homework and get on this app. I get to draw and there is no limit to anything. If you are looking for a good art app I would definitely recommend this one. 5/5 stars.
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5 years ago, NEW M🌑🌑N
Amazing; A Haven of Art
This is a beautiful app, one of my favorites. I use it for professional artwork and for book/cover illustrations. However, there IS one problem. After a while of using it, I couldn’t find the button to exit out of that drawing to save it. So, I have to restart every time I want to switch drawings. Is there anything you could do to fix that? Other than that, the app is amazing, and I love it dearly!
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6 years ago, TripleMonkey
Not even sure why this version exists
Fun and functional but might as well get the non-‘school’ version since it’s the same with more feature but not so much that a child of any age couldn’t learn. Aside from that, the conflicting touch gestures are really annoying and feel like sloppy programming. Uses 2 fingers pulling apart to zoom AND undo, and 2 fingers pulling together to zoom out AND redo. There is a slight difference in the required gestures but so little that you have to use very strict finger movement to get them right. Additionally you can’t move the page without first beginning to zoom in or out.
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1 month ago, saira garce
The update
The new update is great but whenever I enter the screen is always sideways and towards the side, I can’t even draw perfectly because of the annoying glitch/tilting its doing, I can’t into any othe folders because of the folder is of to the side where I can’t see it. The blend tool is also not working well. I hope this can be fixed in the future so that I can keep drawing at peace. 🍃 Thanks for reading this! <3 - Sincerely, Luna.
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4 weeks ago, You need this now
One of the best drawing app
You might say, why is this the best drawing app? It’s because you could do so many things there’s color pencils there’s markers there’s paint there’s kind of things that you could do in this app so I recommend you to get it. I spent a lot of hours playing this. It’s addicting. I’m warning you. Have fun
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2 weeks ago, Person…….
My favorite app!!
I love this app! Even though I’m not that big of a fan on drawing digitally, this app changed my perspective! This is such a good app and I recommend for artists. No ads at all, and by far my favorite app. You have a lot of drawing tools and you can also import photos! I totally recommend for artists and people who love to draw!
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2 years ago, Gabby Lucky happy Gebbeb
great, but a couple of things i think should change
it’s a really good app but i think you should have an update so you can add more than one photo. sometimes when i want to make like a wallpaper and photos to it, i can only add one and it’s pretty frustrating. the other thing is i think there should be an option to decide if you want to let the colors change a little bit when you overlap them. when i try to fill in a space (i know i could just use the fill tool but it always leaves a thin white line on the edges) and i color on the same space the colors get darker. i know that might make it more realistic or whatever but i hate when it does that and then i have to try to erase that part, and make sure i don’t touch any other parts.
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2 weeks ago, Bart Hall
Sketches school
I have used this app for years and it has never failed once. This app is a lot different to others by easily changing the colors, size of the tool your using or shapes. I also love how you can put your photos on the page and edit them or learn how to draw using them.
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2 weeks ago, Anabelle <33
Love this app!! ❤️
I would give it 5 stars bc I love the details, and all the types of coloring tools that u added in this app. Everything is realistic looking and I love the way u can add images and etc.. but the thing I love most of all if how you can save your drawings and delete them to. I think yall did a good job on this! Great work, 5 stars 🤩.
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4 weeks ago, Phoebe Penny
Good review
It is good because it gives you tips what to draw,shows you how to use the tools and more it is fun cause you can really draw anything even with the shapes and it’s is interesting while you are on a car ride home,traveling,or going to eat.
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3 years ago, doubledoodle67
I have loved this app forever....until now. I was trying to trace something and then there was no eye so I could see what I have been doing. SO INFURIATING!! I’M DELETING UNLESS YIU TAKE AWAY UPDATE. PLEASE TAKE OFF UPDATE! THIS APP HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL! I loved challenging my friends to make awesome traced art....now? EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! DO NOT GET UNTIL UPDATE IS TAKEN OFF! I’m only saying the update is terrible. I would have NEVER made this if they had kept the old version. What’s sad is that, I loved the old app so, so much. I used it almost daily. Now? This app is permanently off my IPad. Please don’t keep update.
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4 years ago, Ruby19*
This is an awesome app I’m surprised it’s free because most apps that are this nice aren’t free. It’s great for kids I believe art helps kids be creative and this app has lots of features which you can use to be creative. If you are in the edge about getting this app, get it! This app is inspirational and whoever came up with it is a genius.
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6 months ago, Wonderful just wonderful
Amazing except for some problems
This is a great drawing app but sometimes it doesn’t show all the brushes. Sometimes it shows the paper the wrong way or it shows it ver small. I hope you can fix that. Overall it is a very good app but I just wish that there were no problems.
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2 years ago, ART in state.io
Very Good.
I love how this drawing app is so good. Also can you add where u can block out the side supplies please? But there isn’t any problems with this game. It is perfect for me when I am done with my art stuff. This gives me free time to do SketchesSchool. Don’t focus on the hate, focus on the positive!
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4 days ago, Halle callope
Better Update! I think Not 🙁
The new update was exciting until I started using it. I started working and it wouldn’t let me add more than two photos. And also, when I would try to type, it wouldn’t let me add any paragraphs below it. The whole thing was super fidgety and annoying. As much as I appreciate when you try to do new update's, it didn’t work out, and I don’t know what it was improved?
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6 years ago, Seemlight
Exactly what I need
This is my first review. I know little about drawing and want to learn some. As a new beginner, I tried several sketch apps and find this exactly what I need. The tools are just enough. The UI is comfortable and make you concentrate on drawing. No ads and you can feel free to buy pro or not. Great app. Thanks!
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1 month ago, Oh my this app is amazing
Omg 💅
This app appears out of nowhere and it turns into my favorite app like I spend way more time on this app than any other app or platform like way more this app for me is a 10 out of 10 and I would buy it again!💖
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1 month ago, DogdayPlayz
When I first got this game, I really love it but now the new update is horrible but I still played this game. It’s so fun. You must download it. I love this game so much. I can’t stop playing. I’m tired of drawing on favorite game now also, it’s better than Roblox
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6 years ago, ii3245
It’s great except. . .
I love this app, I think it’s great all the tools are awesome and I think you should download it. I just have one question, the tool where you make a shape and it fills up automatically, it isn’t lined up with my screen and I’m not sure how to fix it, if you have the answer please let me know. Other than that it’s a great app!😍😍😍
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6 years ago, Ceventatem
My 5 year old thanks you, as do I. He wants to make art "like mommy does", and with this app he will easily be able to do all the things he sees me do when I work. Thank you for making this version for children, without making it "cutesy" and too simplistic.
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5 years ago, Waterspirit12
Favorite App I Have!
First of all This is my favorite app I have! Second of all it's free! Third of all I don't have an Apple Pencil and it still works beautifully! I can't get off of sketches school! It's sooo addicting! If you love having an undo button while drawing, this is the app for you!
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1 month ago, KatiePgh
Love the app!
Like I said I love the app so much!! It includes so many types of drawing tools and personally my favorite app. I used to like drawing on paper better but after finding this app I love drawing digitally now!! I totally recommend for artists!
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4 months ago, Constancita fabiana
It has everything you need plus you can customize your folder with what you drawed or pick a default color/picture thank you whoever made this app It’s relaxing!
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2 years ago, Please change the app!
Sketches is really buggy and I did a ton of work and it just got erased more than once. When I exit out of the drawing page the screen freezes then I end up having to exit out of the app to the Home Screen. It is really annoying so don’t get this app until it gets fixed.
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3 weeks ago, DestD.
I'm able to use my apple pencil with it and it Works so well. The only thing is that I wish is that you were able to put more than one image.
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1 year ago, ogaaah booga corgii 🍟
Good!! But one thing…
This app is awesome! it has manny tools, and it has loads of awesome help that teaches you how to draw! The app just has one thing that makes me sad, ITS THAT YOU CANT USE MORE THAN ONE PHOTO!!! why can’t the workers add this? I would also like to say Thanks For No In app purchases! Buy this app… PS: workers please make a better blender
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4 weeks ago, Bella🍡🍡🍡
I like to use it if I need to calm down also I think if you are a good artist This is good for you and I love to use symmetry and a cool thing is that if you decorate you background a plane color and copy and paste art work <3
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1 month ago, ℙ𝕣𝕖𝕡𝕡𝕪
Hi sketches school I love this app, but it would be even better if you added layering because I see layering in some of the images for learning, but it’s not there so until then I’m giving four stars because I love this app, but it needs layering thank you
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1 month ago, puppy Queen 123
It’s really great but….
So I think this game is soooooo great! But one thing that could be better, please don’t take this as a hate comment, but so like you could do drawing lessons to teach users how to draw! Thank you,
Show more
1 year ago, person #4567
Hi! I absolutely LOVE this app! It’s so useful for drawing! BUT….when I saw the import, I TOTALLY lost it!!! I love getting pictures from the web, importing, and drawing them! There is almost NO OTHER app that is cooler than this one! If you don’t have this app, GET IT ASAP!!!
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1 week ago, Eliana 327 Lopez
I love this game
I love drawing and especially on a tablet. I’ve been drawing ever since I was little. When I got this app I already knew what I was going draw. And it turned out beautifully.
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4 weeks ago, Amberruby7
The BEST drawing app EVER!!!
Unlike other apps, you don’t have to pay for any use or subscriptions to use it. You have all kinds of tools to daw with, such as paintbrushes, pens, pencils, etc. Be sure to use it!
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3 weeks ago, Dariana lopez crez
This game is totally free and worth to be on its super amazing because doesn’t everyone like drawing? This app is the best art to draw on! If you haven’t download this game yet and reading this Review go ahead and download this free app!!🤩🤩🥳
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2 days ago, Michaela 💝
So fun
This is the best game for kids who love to draw. it teaches me how to draw other images. I first started this app in kindergarten and all my friends would make cute flowers. You will love it.
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2 years ago, good but glitchy...
Good but… it could be better
I love this app I like the drawing tools and just the app itself. There is a issue though… the app randomly crashes and my drawing I’m working on is deleted! please fix that.
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3 years ago, iphone11ec
Need to be able to use for phone
I want to danowud this on y phone but I can’t so pls tell it be able to danwoud on phone because I don’t want to caring a ipad all day when I want to draw
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2 years ago, chicennugget_onion ring
My pictures
So when i finally get done with a drawing it just deletes it and when i look at my recently deleted it doesn’t show it, you really need to get this fixed before I delete it.
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