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12 B.I.S Sarl
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for tayyar.org

0 out of 5
0 Ratings
2 years ago, S.Saghir
Not receiving notifications
It’s been many days i’m not receiving the notifications although all my settings are right!!!
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14 years ago, Kenny Younes
Push notification
Gr8 app but push notification is missing Hope it will b available soon...
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5 years ago, collectionsignals
Too much ads
Good site and coverage but very annoying ads to the point I want to stop using it
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9 years ago, Big Daddy Cool10
Get rid of the Ads!!!!!
Not only is it bad to have ads, they're video ads, but the killer is that it was not mentioned at all in the what's new version!!! Will be deleting app if the stupid annoying intrusive ads are not gone. Thx for ruining an otherwise great app.
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9 years ago, Xero49
It got stuck at the news from 7 days ago and I keep refreshing but still stuck. I get new notifications but when I open the app, I get the same 7 days ago news still. There is no "contact us" in the app so I am writing this. I will give it half a star. It was fine until some genius decided to fix it.
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5 years ago, Maha ch
Accurate news , no fake news , trustworthy app ,love it! Only inconvenient Should have less ads .
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11 years ago, Lebanesej
It's the best !!!
The fastest...the best and the most detailed news application... Gives updates even before any other station on TV.
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13 years ago, Ali Indiana USA
Best Lebanese News App.
Super fast news to your phone, keep up the good work, I appreciate your efforts.
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9 years ago, Sfarhat221113
Whoever wrote this app need to find a different courier
This is the worst app ever. I have 4 Apple devices that I tried it on. I have to delete the app and download it again to get the news update. Was this even tested? Checked with other people outside of my household and are experiencing the same issue. Rookies don't write apps please you are wasting people's time
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6 years ago, c.abouhaidar
Remove the stupid annoying adds
Very good news source but very bad iPhone app with the startup and during reading news add is so bothering make us close it before we could reach the news plz remove it this is disappointing for a good source of news
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8 years ago, khal5mi
Adds and more adds
As soon as you open the app an add pops up, ok not a big deal, click on one of the news another add pops up, read another article another add pops up. While reading an article an add pops up out of no where !! Deleted the app and I will never download it again it's getting annoying
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9 years ago, Hazmk
Bugs and Ads
Still has some bugs.. It crashes sometimes and gets stuck a the startup screen.. Also try to minimize those ads..
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14 years ago, A fan but...
Not working on iPhone 4
It's not working on iPhone 4. It only shows the ads magnified enormously but not the news. Tried it on iPad and it worked fine. Weird!
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14 years ago, Enigmaaa7
Good App
It's working fine on my iPhone 4! I'm really impressed!!
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12 years ago, Caddouch
Hello, please update for iPhone 5 screen and iOS 6
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11 years ago, Julius_82
Plz fix it as soon as possible its not working after the last update and after the crush fix still not open properly
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11 years ago, TheStarwalker
Always crashes
After the September 2013 update the application crashes every time I open it on iPhone. The iPad version has always been slow. Please fix the bugs to earn more stars
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6 years ago, Dfouny
To many adds
I use to get almost all my news here, but recently with all the annoying adds I stopped using it, I am getting my news from somewhat else , your lost.
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7 years ago, AAB1960
Great and very informative station. It relays, not only news about Lebanon and the Middle East, but the whole world.
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8 years ago, Kalashnikov1975
Ads are killing the app
Pls minimize ads, and fix bugs, screen sometimes freeze on ads
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11 years ago, le wel
Apps malfunction
After the last update the app stopped working and as soon as I click on it, it disappears from the screen. I have an iphone4 with ios 6.
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11 years ago, RatingThisApp
New version crashing
Was working fine until I upgraded to the latest version. Crashes as soon as it launches. BAD UPGRADE! 1 star for that upgrade
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12 years ago, Zackaroff
Well done
Bravo, great layout
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11 years ago, Daily user121
Stopped working
Prompted to update , went through with it ,since it keeps crashing the first few seconds I start the app.
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11 years ago, Zonaaaaa
App tayyar
I cant open the app on my iphone5 ?????
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6 years ago, Mackattack73926-5
More Lebanon news
More news should be on the app, including more local news and reports
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14 years ago, Loos2000
General w bass
Best news ever!!!
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8 years ago, Sal25ny
What's with the adds
This is not a game app, it's a news app. Remove the advertising, it's ridiculously annoying.
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8 years ago, Task master 11
No more ads please
The app is becoming unusable due to excessive ads...... Stop u r killing an awesome app...... Also links to videos needs to work
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14 years ago, Carl1976
Don't download
All the users that put five stars to the app are tayyar people who want to promote this app. This app is not worth downloading.
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4 years ago, hamude
Annoying Ads keeps popping up
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14 years ago, Bassel md
Great app
One of the best!!!!
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13 years ago, No. 1 app.
Go tayyar go!
General is z best
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11 years ago, Ind. Rep.
Worst update
Slow and bad design
Show more
14 years ago, Tayyarzoor
Love it
Show more
13 years ago, Elie2323
Great work
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5 years ago, Roger al Majadi
Great app
Great app
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7 years ago, Jnoobi
تطبيق ممتاز
تطبيق ممتاز الى الامام دوماً
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10 years ago, Jimmy1422
شي فخامة
نشكركم على هـاذا الموقع الجامع لجميع المواضيع خاصة السياسية منها لمختلف الانتمائات والآراء
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4 years ago, men7ebkun
Enough is enough
Stop that idiot chain of stupid adds and fix the startup!!!! We love tayyar.org help us stay supporters. Please please please.
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11 years ago, Majed333
Saudi arabia
أنا اقول ياليتكم ماحدثتوا هالبرنامج .. صارت مشاكله كثير وينهار عند الدخول .. ماصارت هذي تحديثين ونفس الخراب .. ياتجيبون مبرمجين صح ياتحذفون برنامجكم من الابستور
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13 years ago, Gilthemaster
Good start
It's a good long awaited start for tayyar.org but could use tweaking; The font for example is too small for the iPhone/iPod. Also, it would be nice if be able to live-stream Sawt el mada to the iPhone. Come on tayyar, we need a killer app!!!
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13 years ago, Andre101 to go
Mr Andre 101 to go
Its very slow I prefer news from tayyar web and ads below make it super slow
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13 years ago, Ahab the whaler
Very poor
Wether you support Tayyar or not, this is a poorly done app. Scrolling up and down is very buggy and hangs frequently. The article view is also low quality. Opening articles is sluggish and the font is too small. It is probably the worst app that I have installed.
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7 years ago, Hanihell
Best political and social site
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14 years ago, Azmouz
Awesome application
Thank you tayyar.org
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14 years ago, mutanabi
I really feel sorry for the bad user experience and low performance of this app. The UI looks like a scripture from the stone ages. As for the features, the whole is just basically a list of links to the content on tayyar.org site. I see no use for this app in it's current condition. I still prefer to visit the site to get the info.
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