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Trinity Broadcasting Network
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User Reviews for TBN: Watch TV Live & On Demand

4.85 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
2 years ago, klinnzzie
TBN taught me something I never knew even after accepting Jesus into my life and going to church reading my bible. I never knew YOU CANT LOSE YOUR SALVATION. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS ? Also I remember when I first started watching TBN a few years ago , since stopped but will resume today , I was not sure if what the pastors, teachers and preaches were telling the truth as their was no guilt watching these Christian tv programs not to mention they were colorful not boring at all!! I LOVE TBN BUT I don’t know why no one at my church (previous) never heard of TBN or others in the city I reside which is Fall River MA. I am going to start listening once again and join as a member. My soul is thirsty for the word and to hear uplifting news Thank all who take part in this endeavor to broadcast positive Christian TV Sincerely Your sister in Christ Ps I also use to believe that God would only answer my prayers when I was being good ? I know I need to repent of any mistakes or sins I commit but I know God still answers my prayers when I’ve been less than “perfect” Again Thank you !!
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4 years ago, Dawn_of_Love
TBN has always been the first place I go to to hear most excellent Word of God messages! Long ago, TBN programs, Paul and Jan and the family, helped build the fire that has been continually stoked with broadcasts and love that are there 24/7. Now I get to help spread that fire to others with the joy, love and hope instilled in me. During my most challenging times I would sleep on the couch and have TBN on all night, just to continually be surrounded by and soaked in the Word and His presence. Now that I don’t have TV service, I continue to thrive by watching through the app. I am so ver thankful to be able to go to one place to see all my favorites and continue to be inspired by, taught and soak in the Word and His presence. You are doing a MOST EXCELLENT job TBN! Thank you TBN for making the Word and His powerful life changing messages freely available 24/7, with a huge variety of formats and sources. Thankful for all who support you!!! Thank you TBN for sharing His love and Word throughout the whole world! You are on it and you are rocking it!!! Hallelujah!
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5 years ago, gijoeintemecy
🎉😀To all that make TBN work and spread the gospel to 💫🌎🌏🌍💫...
Normally I would pass these times to leave a review, but it is in these times I am reminded to be a voice for the unheard. That it is my duty to share how The gospel of the Holy Trinity and how it has worked in my life, so that I might provide hope for those who lost it and haven’t heard about the love and grace that Jesus provides in our troubles and trials in our lives. That you can get to a point where you want to share the Tribulations with the hopeless people around the world like I once felt! Praise Jehovah Jireh for being my saving grace. That I have a friend, father, a brother and Wonderful Counselor and Motivator and Lover for the rest of the days in my life! 💫🌈📖🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🏹🏆🎚 I am privileged and blessed to be able to partner with all in that mission!!! Thank you TBN for sharing the same great news you shared with me, in which was shared to you, in which I can be a part along with you in doing what Jesus Would Do and that is sewing the seed. 🗣Wow that felt amazing!👏🏻God Bless everyone!
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2 years ago, melendezd
What I love about TBN
When I first accepted Jesus in 1984 I found Christian TV. Then I found TBN and all programs even Vegetales has helped me grow in God’s word. I remember Paul & Jan Crouch —Best founders in the world of Christian TV. Love Jan’s chicken story and Paul beginning Satellite Angel story. No one could make that stuff up. I loved EV Hill/Miles Monroe/Dottie Rambo/Kim Clement/Benny Hinn/Phyliss Schlafley/James Dobson learned a lot from him for raising kids & grandkids/Marlyn Hickey/Gospel singing hour/still love Betty & James Robinson/John & Diana Hagee & Family/oh & Jan’s cartoons. Cute funny & packed with teachings/Rrinhard Bonke & now Daniel Kolinda/Met Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort on TBN still love today and most of all Billy Graham. Now Better Together with Laurie Crouch and most of all the sweet Paul Crouch Jr. And his knowledge God has given him to keep up with times and trends—clean good commercials was smart music and new people like Joseph Prince & Joel Olsteen & wife and a huge host of others will keepTBN going till Jesus comes. Thank you thank you and keep up the great work. Love—Delores Melendez in Waco Texas😘
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10 months ago, My Momma's Mary
Love TBN for years
I have lived in Florida all my life. In Brevard county. Then just past few years orange county. TBN truly brought me through many hard times. Just a thought of Mr. Crouch overwhelms my heart with tears of grief. I am so thankful to have seen what started all those years ago. How God has used so many that have listened to him obeyed him and brought so much glory worship and souls to him. I even camped out in Orlando and experienced Benny Hinn. A good 40 years ago. I am over 60 now. And unfortunately now You want me to sign-in/login & use a password. Yet I don't know how to do that. This change only happened within the past year. in 2022 I watched my first K-LOVE Fan awards. very frustrated. Mary, pray with me for God to grant me wisdom and discernment to access your app again.😢😢😢😢 I don't know why it happened but it is so sad. There must be so many people like me that you no longer are able to reach. In Jesus name amen🙏🕊 hallelujah glory to God our great father praise the Lord. Amen 🙏 😢😢😢😢😢😢 overwhelmed with grief.... 'tis so sad how the way of how technology has now come so far that this sheep is lost yet again.... Technology has taken away the human touch. I never hear the voices of my children, let alone grandchildren. Social media texting etc. has taken all that away. It has left not only me but many others in rooms where one is surrounded by loneliness and sad.😢 11:45am, July 22, 2023, Sunday
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2 years ago, 123sucky
The best Tv channel
Hi My name is Alfred I’ve been watching TBN since 2008 and I am so grateful to the Lord for putting you in my life!! All of your shows all your preachers man they are so good I got rid ofMy subscription to cable since your app came out in and it’s been the biggest blessing of my life I’m homeless right now and if I didn’t have my phone to watch TBN hey I don’t know where I would be right now spiritually mentally even physically again I’m just so grateful that I have somewhere to go that feeds me the good news but if I could just apply it to my life just a little more just maybe this valley will become a peak soon!! I’d like to thank Joseph Prince, The better together crew, my mama Joyce meyer, Andrew Womack, really all of TBN and you’re so great! Thank you so much happy Fourth of July! Oh yea I love watching the father,son combo Barton’s America's hidden history, we need more episodes please! TBN is the best TV station ever!!
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2 years ago, turbo buick man
The right enlightenment for such a time as this.
I approached this with a feeling of potential inadequacy, in as much, possibly falling short while taking advantage of this opportunity, to try and share an appropriate reflection of how TBN is the total source of enlightenment, faith, education, current events, news, entertainment and inspiration. One needs to look no further to find a wealth of faith based and family oriented programming. Given what this nation and world needs at such a time as this, God’s Word and messages are abounding to insure that we ‘Fear Not’. I could list program after program on TBN, and still fall short of reflecting how much this Network and talented ‘behind the scenes’, and ‘on the screen’ messengers of God keeps our hearts filled, with no room for fear to take root! Congratulations and thank you for your passion in spreading God’s Word all over His Creation!
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5 years ago, kpayne12
I love TBN and this is why
I’m a 27 year old woman who began realizing as God has grown me the last few years how important it is to spend time with Him and fill my mind with good things. As I’ve gotten more serious about making time for the Lord and really getting into His Word TBN has made a huge impact in my spiritual walk with Jesus. The shows and teachings have helped me understand more and gain more wisdom, and I just love the app. Especially for my generation, this is so powerful and I can access anytime anywhere on my phone. I’ve had time off for awhile taking care of my first baby and almost everyday I watch TBN when I’m home taking care of Him. I can feel the Holy Spirit in the atmosphere so much more when I watch these God filled shows and teachings. Thank you so much for all that you do and know that TBN is reaching people of all ages. Thank you!!
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2 years ago, injesusnameamen1
Pearl of Precious Price Paid
The story of the Crouch Family has taught me a few life long lessons one of which was the lesson ...a person can’t out give God. If you hear the call as his mom and dad did and have GIVEN everything they had! A vision of a television studio with a shower curtain as a back drop and against all odds for humans that is ...BUT GOD MOVED A MOUNTAIN TO CONNECT HIS PEOPLE TO A SAVING GRACE AND continues until present time 2020. I am grateful for there courage, faith and how God has showed up and showed out to tell the people WHO HE REALLY IS ALIVE AND WELL AND WANTS TO USE Others LIKE US. How I have dreamed of a day I would be able to meet Lorie and Matt Crouch to proclaim Jesus throughout the world! Thank you for believing and connecting us all together! Let the celebration begin as they go around the glove Proclaiming our mighty Fathers Name! Amen Amen And Amen!
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2 years ago, Vicky Z L
A phenomenal blessing!
For a couple of years now, And through some very interesting times, TBN has been there for me. I have enjoyed so many things on this network. From amazing concerts, to musicals, to women’s talk show, 100s of favorite preachings from some of my favorite pastors.I have seen many lonely days, but turning on TBN via the app has been reaching out to a family that has helped me and walked along side with me to date. The material is relevant and it helps me and will continue helping me. thank you for the blessing of TBN. The app also makes everything super easy to find. And there’s other shows . there’s entertaining shows, relevant political shows . you’re just going to have to try it for yourself from Huckabee to take a Ways, to the story behind the story.
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4 years ago, 8/22/62
Been a Christ follower then trial , tribulations marriages finance in self depression The trials through all help to identify and understand who I was and who stood by me it was hard lonely painful anxiety stress depression loneliness and unforgiving until one day I decided I’m done the Lord found his way to me yes it was a strain because I didn’t want him I just wanted to just die but through it all he’s pushed me through miraculously I understood he lift me up he washed me from the dirt do year end of this world I went from standing outside the church listening to sitting down in the back of the church and become to sit into the front row I know I know my place but God did in theAdd these days today at 65 I’ve learned to get up daily and thank him to listen to what my heart on my flexion is or what my mind was thinking and I researched it and through the help of a lot of pastors his word came real to me
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6 years ago, greyhoundckc
Thank you TBN
On January 6,2016 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I almost lost my vision, 3rd stage kidney disease and my liver had big troubles. I was too sick to work, broke, cold and almost 10 years sober. I used what money I had to buy medicine. I gave up my apartment in order to find something less expensive so I could get the medicine I needed. Then something strange happened... a friend asked if I could stop by his house every now and then to check on his place while he wintered in Arizona. I said do you want me to move in while your away. He said that would be great! He asked when I could move into his place. I said is tomorrow soon enough? I was so ill I couldn’t hardly move. I rested in the recliner at my friends place and started watching TBN all day. I even ordered a workbook. TBN helped me find Jesus Christ in such a deep way. TBN was the bridge between my head and heart. Previously, I either God intellectually or in my heart. Not both. Only in hindsight do I realize how God used TBN to turned a near fatal situation into an eternal life changing experience. Today my health is restored. I take a minimal amount of medicine. I have my own apartment and returned to work. I found an amazing home church . I have an iPhone so I am able to watch TBN every day! This winded review doesn’t even begin to capture how TBN help me find God in such an amazing way. Thank you ! Canda from Rural Minnesota
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4 years ago, mayamrn
I love TBN!
I’ve been a Christian most of my life and have watched TBN off and on for many years but now TBN has become a vital part of my Christian walk. I don’t know where I would be now had I not had access to the Godly teachings they broadcast all those years. Having TBN on in my home has also had a positive effect on other members of my family. The show Drive Thru History was a catalyst to learning more about the culture of scripture and opened up so much understanding of its context. One of my very favorites though is Better Together. The discussions they have speak directly into my life and so often challenges me to walk closer to Jesus. It gives me practical ways to do that. Thank you TBN for not only spreading the Gospel, but helping those of us who are Christians grow in our relationship with our Savior!
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4 years ago, barbtempe
Just watched the play/musical -Absolutely phenomenal! I cried so much/sobbed so loudly That my cat came and meowed in front of me! I could not have imagined that a play could be that gorgeous! The sets were beautiful, music was so moving and absolutely critically timed songs – not over done like so many musicals. All were apropos! And Mary With Jesus as the baby with Mary after he died was astounding -it tore me up!! Just can’t say enough good things! Also, seeing the disciples as the rogues they were, was hilarious! God bless you for making this. And the “behind the scenes“ about the efforts to make it made me appreciate it even more.I had wondered about those animals running down the aisles! LOL Thank you so much for all your hard work! And thanks to TBN for broadcasting it. I’ve already texted my friends and family about it!
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2 years ago, 49 AK
I enjoy watching TBN. It helps me have a peaceful day. I find renewed strength and encouragement from TBN. I use to have cable TV but not anymore. Our local TV station KJNP TV station went down and they don’t know if tv part will be back up again. A lady there told me I could watch TBN online so that’s what I been doing. Thank you for all that you do to bring the WORD of God to the world. I have been enjoying watching TBN online on my tablet and I can transfer it on to my tv also. Thank you that I can watch TBN online. It helps me stay focused on God’s word. I have enjoyed watching Joseph Prince “Live the Let Go Life” sermons. I like that I can watch previous videos of other pastors too. God’s continued blessings for the TBN and the people who make this possible.
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5 years ago, Blessed and Redeemed
Thank You, T.B.N. You are one of the GREATEST blessings in my life. I enjoy the television programs, but it is _so fabulous to tune-in at any time of the day or night for my Christian programs. I am _so enriched by this network, and the diversity of available programs is PERFECT! I am blind and appreciate it all, and find the political update ABSOLUTELY essential in our days. It’s WONDERFUL to be more informed by subjects that are omitted from our access from other networks and publishers. Thank You for being REAL, and putting the truth out there for our world and Lord. It is a PRIVILEGE to live in America as a Christian, and be able to exercise _our freedoms! Let us all appreciate and protect that through the power and authority that our Lord gives us. Let us -_love as Christ _loves, and stand firm together in _HIS mighty name.
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1 year ago, Floridabee2
Love TBN Just Love TBN
TBN seems to be on the cutting-edge of current topics. Like how you blend faith with culture. Plays, movies , concerts. Lots for preaching and even care if for our health. I admire how when we were hit with the shut down how you were able to switch on a dime. Even though I love Somebody’s got to do it. I wish we could of got a look at The My Pillow Factory when they were making face mask and really would have liked a look at GM making the ventilation systems that we shipped all over the world. I think it might be better placed on Saturday afternoons verse Saturday after Huckabee. Just a thought. My fav though is Creation in the 21st century helps give information that I can use to counter Big Bang or Darwinist thinkers.
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3 years ago, Evelyn from St. Louis MO
Great shows on TBN
TBN is a breath of fresh air in a a media space that has become negative and even harmful to humanity. It is a relief to see that Christian programming is plentiful and available. For that I deeply thank TBN. My two favorite shows on TBN are “Huckabee” and “This Month in Christian History.” Mike Huckabee keeps me up to date on events from a Christian point of view and has wonderful guests and entertainers. Unlike many television hosts, he asks great questions of his guests and listens to the answers. That’s so refreshing! His monologues are funny and informative. I just love everything about “Huckabee.” “This Month in Christian History” gives me fascinating insights on subjects familiar and unfamiliar in world history. I appreciate the Christian viewpoint and the emphasis on Christian contributions to the world. Christianity has shaped civilizations across the globe in so many ways. It’s heartening to be reminded of that when the mainstream media is trumpeting that Christianity is oppressive, outdated, and above all, over. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I highly recommend TBN to anyone who wants to watch wholesome, inspiring television.
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6 years ago, Speedybru
Leave Politics Out
I like most of TBN and the purpose they serve for reaching the lost. BUT. You are not a news network. You do not work for the Trump administration. Yes, we need to pray for our leaders, but please stop presenting fake facts to show what a Godly man Trump is, ignoring all his lies, statements, lifestyle, and horrible policy. I tried watching Huckabee, and within the first two minutes, I had to shut it off due to the amount of complete lies that were being presented. What in the world does that show have to do with reaching the lost? I’m greatly disappointed in the members of our Christian community who think our purpose is to make people lean right politically, ignoring the leader who is proudly sinning, bragging about his ways, with no respect to God. No. Our purpose is to bring the message of Christ to the world. Please leave politics out of your programming. The world is watching.
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4 years ago, Forever Grateful 😊
My Review, A Viewer from Plymouth Michigan :)
I SO appreciate and Love TBN!!! I watch TBN, CBN, SBN and FOX News channel. I am So thankful that TBN keeps carefully following the LORDS leading in expansion and growth. ( I think I have watched TBN since the seventies!!) TBN has been So!! Together with all of us, during ALL of the current problems, relevant and up to the minute help with ALL the issues 24 hours a day!! ( Very Important) SO HELPFUL and ENCOURAGING!! I LOVE the TBN APP on my phone and be sure to inform all the folks I know and meet to get it!! Keep Up The Good ( GOD) 😊 Excellent Work!! When Matt and Laurie often say “ We Love You!!” “ We care about You” It comes Right Through Into To Our Hearts. The Body of CHRIST and The folks watching who are ALWAYS Invited to become the Body of CHRIST. Thank You All!! GOD Bless You All !!
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4 years ago, toderoky
Praise God for TBN
Every day I look forward to enjoying programming on TBN. There’s such a great variety to choose from. I scroll through and no matter what my soul needs at that moment I can find a message, an interview, encouragement and great music as well as seeing the world through the Christian lens. I love to feel like I’m in Jerusalem - a place my soul longs to be - and visualize what it was like when Christ walked the earth as a man. In troubling times like the world is in now, or I am personally, I find refuge turning to TBN! The app is now on our TV as well as my phone. It’s my lifeline while navigating through my every day journey! I am so blessed to partner with TBN bringing the good news to the world on this platform! Thank God for TBN! Shine on strong!!! We love you!
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2 years ago, K. M. Walker
Karen Walker
TBN is my go to station. Every morning from 6:30 AM till 10:00 AM I watch and I am filled with the word. What a wonderful way to jumpstart your day! There’s always so many wonderful messages that you could take and use throughout each and every day! They offer so many wonderful books and reference materials that you could purchase and, trust me, I’ve done my fair share of purchasing and have loved every single thing that I’ve purchased from TBN. Thank you TBN for always being there to lift my spirits!! May God bless every single person that works so hard to provide this fantastic station for all of us.
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5 years ago, 1217ejw
I love the app, but still very glitchy
I love TBN and I loved being able to stream it since cutting cable. Why won’t the app allow for casting anymore? This is very disappointing, but I could still enjoy on my tablet. Now, both today and yesterday, the app is glitching terribly. The live shows won’t play correctly: it plays for a few seconds then skips to something else, the goes back to the beginning of the show again. This cycle repeats over and over. Very disappointing...I can’t watch at all anymore; please fix! ** updated review—I see the update says you fixed chrome cast issues, I’ll give it another try. However, the live stream feature is so glitchy I turned it off for awhile. I love watching the archived shows, so I will do that until live stream gets smoother. I hope they work!
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2 years ago, Lake 1947
As a new Christ follower 4 years ago I have learned what it means to Believe. Through TBN’s amazing variety of programs I have learned and have been entertained with all things Christ. I have been blessed with sermons from some of our countries greatest Pastor and Bible scholars, and some of the Best Worship Music available. My passion for reading the Bible and being able to apply The Lords messages has been promoted through the TBN network of God Loving People. TBN is my refuge from this changing world. I recommend their programming to my friends and family, hoping that they can get as much from TBN as I do. Thank you for sharing your wonderful line of kindness and prayers!
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2 years ago, prin-s
Healing Touch
I have always supported TBN but today I wanted to thank God for your tv broadcast MLK with TDJakes .It was a life changing experience for my husband and I .The whole message bought us to repent for the way we have gotten caught up in the racial divide in the USA not knowing .But the truth revealed how we thought and it wasn’t pleasant .Hopefully other people from different races will hear this conversation by the three of you and see the need to change .Any change must start with us individually .We have been changed today because of TBN honoring all people as equal and giving God all the glory for it .Our prayers for you all !!The Prince’s
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2 years ago, Scp'sJoy
Enjoyment always
I have always enjoyed TBN since I was in my 20’s. I had a rough way up raising a family and many trials. But TBN with Paul n Jan helped my Life tremendously. By the network being on all night;; it gave me a sense of stability for myself n family. Knowing that one day by each step things would get better. Now, the children are all grownup and what has sustained me was the Love of God and the belief in the Resurrected power of Christ Jesus. It is because SOME in life KEPT moving forward that allowed millions to know the Grace & Hope that awaits a Soul who was perishing. Thank you Matt & Laurie and all partners for keeping the doors open even today!!!
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3 years ago, Danielle-Lynne*
Connecting me with the Trinity!
You guys have always been there to teach me not just about Father God, not just about Jesus, not just about the Holy Spirit, but each one of them and how they’re all connected. I have grown so much in my relationship with all of them through this channel I could never praise God enough. You guys are so crucial to the world we live in today, but are not of. I pray the Lord continues to exceed your expectations with this network and it continues to show the world that the Lords heart is still open to them to and that they have the option to become a part of our beautiful family through Jesus! God bless TBN!!
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4 years ago, Stand with God
Well Rounded
I am impressed and Blessed to see that TBN offers a variety of shows for viewing. I am a Christian and naturally enjoy my favorite ministers preach, but I love to watch Huckabee, Jay Sekulow, Praise and all the musical performances. Not to mention, watching David Barton and movies on Friday night. And that’s just TBN live!!!! I love all the Prime Time shows, Original Series, State of Faith and News and Culture. Honestly, I don’t find myself watching secular t.v. at all. I am being fed the Word of God through every resource this channel offers. P.S.- My children are pretty much grown up, but the Saturday morning cartoons are cool! And I can’t wait to subscribe to “Yippee” when My kids marry and have their own children. Thank you God for TBN 💕
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2 years ago, DebNeedsABiggerCloset
Spiritually Uplifting for Nearly 50 Years!
TBN has been a blessing to me since the mid-1970s. Been a supporter for years and years because of the “life support” I know I can count on just a button or click away. Even working overseas for several months, I was able to find a TBN broadcast. That was shortly after my husband passed away many years ago, and the love and encouragement came through the broadcast. Now we can stream it live anywhere in the US. I’m going to be in northern Alaska soon, and I will give that a test! Don’t live without knowing Jesus, and stay connected with Him enabled by TBN and your local church.
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4 years ago, Happy Custormer
Feed my soul daily
I wake up and watch the preachers and teachers that have a Gods truth in their messages. I enjoy how they have turned TBN round and bring more to the table. But, there are a few that I just can’t watch, Kenneth Copeland and his ministry is one I have no peace. In my spirit it’s so strong I just can’t explain it, I have no peace with their ministry. I wish they would remove him from the morning shows. I’m not saying this to be rude, he just doesn’t set well in my spirit. I watch who God calls me to watch. It maybe different for other’s. I know the truth is what we seek, because the truth sets us free. Praise Jesus for the blessings of discernment, love, peace, joy, grace, mercy, and truth.
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5 years ago, Dlbrown1955
You are saving my life
I found this channel through a suggestion from a friend. This channel is saving my life. I understand things and the Bible so much better now. This is a wonderful app I can watch anywhere. Thank you TBN. My husband recently passed away and it has been devastating. I had just retired to be home with him. He had been retired for 5 years. Two weeks after I retired he unexpectedly had to have heart surgery and he didn’t get to come back home. I just figured out I can watch on demand too. I’m not kidding this channel has saved my life. I still go to church and read the Bible and studies but this channel really fills a need.
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2 years ago, daughter of King Jesus 👑
Rabbi Sobel; Secrets of Messiah & God’s Appt’d Times & Seasons
Awesome programs on Praise! (October 7, 2021 & January 13, 2022).. Believe definitely a rhema now Word for myself & Body of Christ as a whole. I have always liked the amplified Bible as it includes some original language insights & plan to get the living tree (Jewish translation) version after hearing Rabbi “connect the dots”, learning the reason we need to go through certain things & the glorious life God promises with a right response from us... love love love this revelation!! & so appreciate you & Laurie’s faithfulness in carrying on the vision of Christian television started by your precious mom & dad so many years ago ♥️
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4 years ago, pamm faye
Favorite Show
Better Together- love the show. Deep, relevant topics of importance and interest. I am blessed and encouraged . Diverse and interesting guests, transparent and real. Love Sheila Walsh. She isn't afraid to tell it like it is. They all are terrific. And Laurie-what can I say? I love her. Loving, compassionate. When she says “I love you” to the audience it is as if she is looking right at me. At Christmastime when she said that they are family to those who have no family I broke down crying because I knew she meant it. I never thought anyone could take Jan’s place and nobody can but Laurie is as close as anybody will ever get. So yes, Bettering m is my absolute favorite show on TBN! Thank you Matt and Laurie!
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5 years ago, TerryW. in NC
Keep being lead by the Father
I thank the Lord to whom I serve for TBN!!! I’ve grown so much in the Lord through various programs, ever time I am not sure of something in my studies or of something someone says to me, I always get confirmation through the word of God by a teacher from TBN. All I have to do is ask the Lord and while I’m watching TBN out of the blue someone will teach on the subject that I have questions about. I am so thankful for the founders, but even more grateful for this generation of leaders. They both have grown so much them selves. I pray that they will continue to be lead by the Son of God, and can’t wait to meet them all in Glory when He comes back again.
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6 years ago, Ceejaysing
TBN started my church life
I am so very grateful to TBN. I was flipping through the channels and saw this lady with big pink hair and a red velvet dress who captured my attn as she was talking about a girl in Africa who missed out on the last doll. I was so moved I sent a box of dolls not knowing the show was a rerun. I began watching TBN regularly after that and it would take a book to explain how all the preachers helped my faith walk. God led me to my own church, which I love. The cable company removed all of the TBN channels from our FREE cable package and so I lost my TBN... BUT!!! Just before that, TBN started their app and now I watch TBN on my phone! God is faithful and thank you TBN! May God richly Bless you always! CJM
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3 years ago, Still Standing TX
Never Alone
My family has enjoyed TBN for generations. I can remember my grandmother watching when I was a child, my mother still watches and now I am a grandmother and I use my app every single day. I love the access, the programming and the genuine nature of the worship and teaching. I don’t have to be afraid of any questionable content and it is always family friendly, current, and anointed. When I had cancer, I could still get teaching and worship, when the pandemic came, we still had the encouragement and teachings to help us navigate unprecedented insecurity and loneliness. TBN has improved so much over the past few years that it truly is a premium worship, and entertainment experience. The saved videos are a treasure of resources that you an tap into whenever you need a word or just want to enjoy a music or film experience. Thank you Matt and Lori for all you do o make this available and so enjoyable and most of all for building the kingdom.
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2 years ago, DonDeb2
The Word is Everything
Thank you TBN for broad casting so many God filled ministers like Joseph Prince, Allen, Jackson, Rick Warren, Andrew Womack, and I can go on as the mysteries of the Word are opened up to us everyday. The one thing that is needful today and forever will be the Word. It will be the only thing taken with you when we leave this earth. The resurrecting grace filled power of Christ. Jesus>everything! Thank you all at TBN for your dedication and divine appointed work for the glory of our only reason for living, Jesus Christ our Lord. Grace. Until we meet in heaven, peace and true love from God the Father, and our loving Jesus be yours always.
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2 years ago, Maridawn8
Alone but not alone!
Thanks for being there by TV and prayer line. I’ve been alone in the house for two months. My Mom had a terrible accident on November 19th. And you guys have been my wonderful company that long. And before the accident my Mom and I would watch TBN especially Joel Osteen and Mike Huckabee, her very favorites! I read to her now from my Bible Promise book and Joel Osteen’s book, Think better live better! I can’t tell you what you mean to me and how you’ve been there practically all my life of 53 years!! I know that my Mom will get saved soon! Thank you for being there for us!!
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2 years ago, ABlessedMema
Life Support
Thank you for truly being my life support through a very difficult season. I have turned to TBN besides my Bible! Thank you for the variety of shows you have, including the music shows that have recently been on. They are very up lifting. The artists were a true blessing that I was able to worship right along with them. I have been blessed to watch many of my favorite artists again and again! Please continue to have concerts and music award shows they are amazing! Thank you for all TBN has done & been there for me! In Christ, Laura Anastasio
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11 months ago, LeaRah Wright
Cable TV-Lea
I haven’t had cable TV since 2022 & I was unable to watch TBN. Being brought up watching PRAISE THE LORD program in the 80s until the 21st Century. I had to find a way to still cultivate my faith through tv so I downloaded the app and mirrored my phone to my tv & started watching shows and movies I was interested in from the comfort of my iPhone. Thanks TBN family for all you do for the Christian faith and bringing souls to Christ daily. The mountain of Media and Entertainment would not be complete without this legacy of TBN! Thanks for everything your doing and things to come.
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2 years ago, Betsy perdue
TBN News
Although it has become difficult to watch at times, due to what Biden is doing to this country, at least I know that I am not being lied to here! I realize that it will “ Be as in the days of Noah, in the last days & that it has to happen in order to usher in the 2nd coming of Christ ! really wish we could get to the part where, the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea!” But I also know that that is really in large part up to us who believe! So I guess I had better seek His face & delight myself in him, instead of wanting to bury my head in the sand! As my husband admonishes me often, “Is God still sovereign, or not? So then why are you acting as if it is just you & poor little God?” Sometimes you need to be told the truth and not just made to feel better! Thank you that I can always count on TBN for the truth, even when I don’t want to hear it! Elisabeth Perdue Portland Oregon
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5 years ago, JT-NMN
New and improved!!
I’m going to be completely transparent - I tried watching TBN throughout the years before Matt and Laurie Crouch took it over, but couldn’t. Holy Spirit was prompting me to check out TBN now. I cannot tell you what a blessing this network and programs have been to me!! The sets are beautiful, but not detracting from the heart of the messages. The programs are excellent! There’s finally a network that build you up in the Lord, while keeping you abreast of all the current news and discussing it in light of God‘s Word in this present age. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! You’re such a blessing!!
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2 years ago, make me puke a little
Better Together
This program is so wonderful. I see Laurie Crouch in a whole new way! You can tell the anointing was/is on this program - from the time it was knit together as a vision (in the mind) all the way to a dream-come-to fruition. And CiCi Winnins - she was born to be a Christian Influence and role model for women - that all women can relate to. If given her own talk show - I’d bet she would be more popular than Oprah (well we aren’t supposed to compare to anyone but Jesus) so I can see - beyond her wildest dreams how the Lord could use her in that capacity - and - actually -He already is.
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3 years ago, Nicole Logan
Grateful for this App!
For that past few years I have tuned into Better Together. But when my work schedule changed I was not able to watch the broadcast on TV. Thankfully this TBN app allows me to still watch Better Together at a later time. Watching this show has helped me heal and openly share my testimony with other people (especially women). The cast of women are phenomenal; I tell everyone I know about this app and Better Together. Thank you for continuing to provide stellar programming specifically designed for women to rough this app.
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5 years ago, Cam11justliving4God
Better together
You ladies are awesome and just listening to the show has carried me through my storm. I was recently diagnosed with 4 blood clots and the gloom and darkness was beginning to set in but after listening to you all it just brought back my joy and reminded me to stay focused and faithful to a God! He gave me a vision when I was a little girl, saw the prebirth, birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, all in color. I know He still has plans for my life and I need to remember He chose me to see that vision. Please keep me your prayers and keep up the awesome joy, love and hope that you are spreading.
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Five Star Behavior
Hello. Praise God forever! I’ve been a TBN viewer for quite some time. I enjoy it’s vast opportunities for the experience of who God is and whom He can be in our lives. TBN teaches me Jesus; TBN fills my home with the presence of Jesus Christ; TBN keeps me on that narrow way that only few travel; TBN allows me to testify how beautiful God is how how He loves the world.!! He loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten son to all so we may be saved. TBN is a powerful tool in the viewer’s hands - allowing one to become a part of its ministry and allowing God to use you. God bless TBN, it’s founders, the staff and everyone involved. Amen 🙏🏽❤️
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3 years ago, Spread Word
Positive and Encouraging Television
This app is one of the best Christian apps out there. There are so many inspirational messages from many different speakers such as Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Steven Furtick and many more. Everything on this app is free and has none to minimal adds. You can download messages and watch them offline and that works fairly well, but could be better. The interface is really clean and has a lot of features. Overall a 10/10 app and would definitely recommend to any Christian or someone who wants encouragement in these darker times. God bless!
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4 weeks ago, Douglspa
Children of the Most High God
Both my wife and I have enjoyed TBN for many years, watching sporadically. In 2013 as I was recovering from open heart surgery I was pleased to tune the TV in my rehab room to TBN to have the words of Billy Graham uplift the environment there. Now in our retirement, we have the station on our TV from daybreak beyond dusk. We also pick up the station through the App on our iPhones leaving it on much of the day on our staircase and listen as we go about our activities at home. We love the God centered messages throughout the day, as that helps us keep “our minds stayed” on Him (Isaiah 26:3) keeping us at peace amid the turbulent world around us. We also enjoy the music programming and movies offered. Thank you so much❣️ Doug and Lori (Lakewood, CA) Ps. In addition to Biblical Christianity, you have recently hit on our second favorite topic of conversation: Health and Nutrition.
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2 years ago, twocornies
My husband and I love TBN because the programming is so wonderful. There is a variety for everyone and their mission is the ultimate, to spread the gospel across the globe. One feels like they are getting the truth instead of the untruths and slanted information from network television. Honestly we only watch network TV occasionally to know what the enemy is doing. TBN is a breath of fresh air! We love the APP too! Thank you for providing this great, entertaining, informative, educational, clean, family alternative for so many people all over the world.
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4 years ago, Lol27137
FearLess with Max Lucado & friends
I have been a believer for 37 years and have mental illness which is under control thanks to God directing me to a great psychiatrist and counselors. One thing still plagues me and that is my anxiety. I take a medicine for the anxiety which is very difficult to come off of but after watching this video I am willing to try to let God help me get off this medicine again and live with greater certainty my faith in a more than capable Heavenly Father. Thank you for such an encouraging video that has the potential to change my life for and by Jesus Christ. Bless you all at TBN!
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