Teach Your Monster to Read

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Teach Your Monster
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4 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teach Your Monster to Read

4.65 out of 5
10.7K Ratings
4 years ago, True Colors
Really helpful for a struggling reader
I’m not generally a fan of app based learning, but have been COVID schooling a kinder student who struggles majorly with the rudiments of reading, like letter sounds and blending. This app has turned reading from a frustrating subject to his favorite subject. He only plays for 10-15 minutes a day, as a supplement to our usual phonics lessons, but he has improved in every area by leaps and bounds, easily reading through simple books that would’ve been a slow, frustrating process to get through before. He is very motivated by earning prizes for his monster, and loves to show me all the monster accessories, letter sounds, and now “trickies” (sight words) he’s collected. The game has just enough intuitive feedback that he can figure it out almost entirely on his own, but not so much that it encourages guessing. My only complaint is that it does not automatically keep the player from progressing to harder material without mastery. As long as the child has done all the activities in level 1, even if he is still struggling and making a lot of errors in some places, the game will still move on to level 2. Overall, a great way to get struggling readers motivated, and build confidence.
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7 years ago, Emp Zog
Effective and fun!
When my 4 year old daughter began using this game she loved it and didn't want to put it down. When she started she knew all the letters of her alphabet and many sounds. Within the first two months she was reading simple words (CVC). By the fourth month she was reading simple sentences. By 9 months she had completed finished all three levels of the game and could read proficiently at a 2nd grade level (about 550 lexile). I combined this game with Usborne Books & More's Very First Reading Set, which progresses using the same sounds/words as each part of the game. The only downsides of this game are: as an American some of our pronunciations are different than how they are taught in the game (just a few words, but I enjoy hearing the accents of the narrator and characters), and single sounds/parts of the game cannot be focused on for further practice; the entire level has to be repeated. With my daughter I made up flash cards to practice her sounds and tricky words, but being able to select a letter/letter combination/word to repeat would be a nice feature. Overall, though, I give this game 5 stars for being FUN and very EFFECTIVE. I recommend this to everybody!
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3 years ago, NuMacUser
Child wanted to play extra time
Just downloaded yesterday but my first grader loved it right away. One glitch for my ESL girl was figuring out how to get the “magnet machine tool”...do not know what it should be called ...to lift the blank sound blocks as visible clues are what she looks for first. Because she has had trouble hearing and recognizing initial letter sounds, the lack of a visual clue made her listen more closely which was good. After frustration about figuring out what action was needed, she happily went on to make progress. She was so excited, she wanted to use the app again today on her lunch break. Today her almost 5 year and sister whined for me to put it in my phone so she could do it also. If early excitement and learning continues, I will be happy. A couple of other apos that I have tried the younger sister on before have yielded a “no, I don’t want that!” response. So it clearly got both over the app avoidance test!
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5 years ago, ChaneyAlexis
Homeschool Mom Thrilled with App, but...
We have been using this app for a couple of weeks and we love it. My daughter struggles with reading, and her progress with TYMtR has been incredible. She enjoys all the games and is motivated to play. My only complaint is that the “Stat” feature is not working for her profile. On my account I made two student profiles one called “Mom” so I could test the app out to see if it was worth letting my daughter try it, and one in my daughter’s name. I have no problems accessing the Stats for the “Mom” profile, but for about a week, I have not been able to access my daughter’s stats. I would like to be able to use those stats to help her work on problem areas and to determine if she is progressing too fast through the levels. I emailed tech support, but was told that it may be a server issue with the influx of users and to try at different times of day, but no matter the day or time, the Stats are not available for my daughter’s profile but work fine on the other profile. Fixing this issue would make this app a solid 5 star review.
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4 years ago, Lilliepad25
Great for school and home!
I am special education teacher and mother. My kids at home school love this app. It’s fun, academic and truly free. The game is centered on each child’s needs and does not progress until they have mastered a skill. Even when they’re slow to master a skill game doesn’t get boring or less challenging he continues to push the child in different ways the kids get prizes to decorate their monster for finishing challenges in the game. This game is not just for the lower level kids but for upper level elementary too. My daughter is in third fourth and fifth enjoy it for the reading comprehension and center structure. It has a great little Cavaleri and reinforces what your teachers are teaching. It’s colorful bright and I have yet to have any bug issues with his app. I use it on the computer on my whiteboard and also on my Apple products
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5 years ago, Ashlicita
My kids are in love!
This app is “almost” the perfect phonetics game! Loves: -My kids want to play it ALL the time. -It had 3 levels so it adapts to each kids’ ability. -It is fun, interactive, and very educational. -My autistic (almost)4yr old is an early reader but late speaker, his pronunciation is getting better after just a few days. -My 6yr old is now recognizing more blended letters when reading his homework. He was already one of the top readers in his class, he is now blowing me away by home much he is picking up in just a few days of playing. Cons: -The British accent is sometimes hard for my American kids to understand what they are being asked to do. -The volume is not quite right. The main narrator and the music/sound effects are really loud if you want to actually hear the “word speakers”. Example: I the narrator says “to save the bear find the word”, and then someone else says “turn”. The person saying “turn” is so quiet that we have the tablet volume almost all the way up. Then it’s way too loud when the narrator speaks again. -There are a few instances, in different games, where I wish you could touch letters and they would make the phonetic sound again for kids who have a hard time remembering their task. Overall we are absolutely in love with this game and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a good phonetics game!
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4 years ago, Pregnant falsely
This has hands down been one of our best apps. My son is 4 and on the 3rd level/game. There are a few items I think could be tweaked....the running game....my son was too young to time jumps when it came along. You can just wait and eventually you will win. >< There are constant updates and added content. The only thing I would like to see added is writing. A moveable alphabet to practice and writing with a stylus or finger. One comment on level 3, I notice my kid guessing a lot. He knows what parts he can “cheat”. He’s a little too smart. If you let kids progress when guessing the point won’t hit home. I know practice exists but I would love if he could see his scores on phonemes and go back to practice. This would also be great insight for our teacher. He is in a US Montessori school.
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5 years ago, 12monthyearoldatheart
I’m 15 and I learned a lot
Wow. That is the word I would use to describe this amazing game. I have played a lot of different games over my past years of living (My job is living so I do it quite a bit). The clothing outfits are fascinating. I love how you can dress up as whatever you want! The progression behind the game is great as well. The more activities you complete, the faster you can build your spaceship to get home. The plot is a little shaky though. You crash land on this planet and your ship explodes, yet you come out with no injuries what so ever. I think if the game showed a little blood and showed the children how to bandage and clean a wound, that would be a great survival skill to learn. You never know when your spaceship will crash land and you’ll be stuck on a planet with kings that have you learn letters to rebuild your ship. Overall, this game is a pretty good game but it could be better.
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4 years ago, Smorkle
5 year old loves it
My 5 year old loves designing her monster. Actually, she’s obsessed! She’s a bit addicted to playing so she can gather more stars to dress her monster up. She plays the game as if she’s secretly gotten away with doing something. I feel like in the 2 days she’s played, she’s learned lore about phonics and letter recognition than a whole year of being in school. I absolutely recommend this game for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Side note, for those in the US, as other reviews have mentioned, some, maybe just a few, of the phonics are different sounding. When she comes across those, I let her know how different countries/places pronounce things differently and I try to help her find the correct letter and move on. Gives me a chance to review it with her.
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4 years ago, Carolpdx
6-yr-old loves it
My granddaughter figured out how the game works faster than I did! She really loved it, and I saw a lot of progress both in beginning reading and in reading 3-digit numbers. She had come to believe, in school, because the curriculum marched on regardless of whether all the kids were getting it, that she couldn’t read. She just didn’t want to try. But playing the game she did pretty well. Not being on paper was part of it I think. Her eyeballs still seem to just bounce off paper text. The sentences in the game get progressively longer, while the words are still about the same. As the sentences lengthened, the time she spent with it shortened. It would be nice to be able to choose levels, with variety, so that the learner could have some say in the challenge. The game definitely has resulted in important progress.
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7 years ago, Newmum23
Happy mom
I am a homeschooling momma and my 6 year old daughter is loving this app. She keeps telling me how much fun it is. I have noticed her using the sounds she learns during the game, later during story time and lessons. One concern was the limited practice for each sound but the new added practice material is fantastic. I love the ability to pick any 1-6 sounds she needs to work on. I only have 2 issues: 1. is the level of background noise compared to the sound of the letters. Some are difficult to hear. And turns it into a guessing game. And 2. I wish there was a spot to press for them to repeat the word or sound being asked for. I like to try out the game and noticed the third level has this feature but level 2 does not.
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3 years ago, Yesdnyl99
British Accent used
My son loves the app and has fun as its competitive and very much like any other game app where their player is on a path that needs to jump and make it to the end. The catch is that if they want to correctly finish, they must match the sound to the letter(s). The problem comes about when you’re needing to teach your child according to what they normally hear. Americans say arr for R but the game has an accent and says “ah” which also sounds like “au” or even the soft “a”. Furthermore, for iPad mini 3, the app doesn’t work well with the speakers. You can hardly hear the instructions by the narrator but you’ll hear a strong voice saying the letters needing matched. Many times they’ll be on top of each other and children can’t understand. If you’re in America or Canada, this app may not be the best.
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6 years ago, ktlouie875
Son made amazing strides in a short time
My son started playing this game the summer before he began kindergarten, about 15-20 minutes a day. At that time he could identify all of his letters but had no practice with sounding out words. I am AMAZED how fast this game helped him learn to read. At his first parent-teacher conference, his teacher estimated he was reading at a 2nd or 3rd grade level, after only a few months of playing the game. My only criticism would be that since we are American, it was odd to hear him read in an English accent sometimes, so I felt the need to play with him at first to make sure he knew some of the differences in how we pronounce words. He rarely plays anymore but now he can read nearly all the books on his bookshelf.
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5 years ago, Feesmister
Amazingly good
My daughter loves this. Its incredible how well this teaches phonetic (and sight) reading. It definitely requires parental guidance though; do not send kids off to play this by themselves. This program builds up new skills and sight words FAST, often using sight words that the student hasn’t seen as the answer (it’s a good thing; students figure them out by process of elimination and are never shown two new words at once and are required to recall or sound out multiple previously seen words ). By comparison, ABCmouse seems galacially paced. Most kids will do better if an adult is there to help them walk through the words when they forget a skill or get confused.
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4 years ago, Mars1122654
Not for everyone
I liked this app originally but I wish the audio was in standard American English. The characters speak a sort of British/Australian English where I cannot hear the R sound. My child is learning “Noth” instead of “North” and “Huh” instead of “her” and so on. It makes it difficult for my budding reader to do a lesson when words he can usually understand he now cannot and I don’t really want him to pick up speaking with this style of pronunciation as we don’t speak that way here. In combination with the fact that after my child completed the letter sounds the lessons went right into expecting him to fully read sentences (fun with words). I expected a bit more of an explanation to the child or to be guided into blending sounds but you truly are expected to read a sentence and complete the action, after only learning letter sounds. Unfortunately we may no longer use this app
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6 years ago, Marieke Gillis
Great app, needs a few tweaks
My 4 year old loves this app! She has learned a lot of letters and sounds and especially loves customizing the monster. A few issues I have had with the app: - The sounds all have English accents, which generally isn’t a problem but is really confusing on “o” and “r”. - The games have no tutorial, so the fast games start, give a quick instruction, and take off without giving the child time to figure it out. My daughter still hasn’t figured out the flower or balloon games because they’re just too fast and have very little explanation. - My main issue is that in the main game, there’s no way to “pause” and pick up later. On an island, if you close the app, it skips ahead to the next letter and there’s no way to go back. I wish there was the option to continue or stop between each island. We do an island every day and when we stop it skips ahead to the first letter of the next one when we reload the next day, so she misses the beginning and first letter sound of the next island, which is frustrating. Otherwise this is a great app; lots of fun and really helps my daughter. She begs to do the monster game every day.
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6 years ago, ShellyStevens
Keeps her excited!
From my Facebook share of the app - Preschool parent friends - Our #1 goal this summer is to learn to read before Kindergarten starts. This app is $4.99 but SO fun, my 5 year old loves it. It is divided into 3 sections of learning to read - sounds, site words, and sentences all with super fun games. I especially like that her answer only has to be near where it has to go instead of EXACTLY on the squares. The app is made by Usbourne Books, which is a trusted book company that we loved before I found this and now Love even more! I get nothing for telling you this, I was just incredibly impressed plain and simple And I think THATS worth sharing!
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1 year ago, Kittypower7890
Great Game!
No, I am not a parent writing this, but an actual user of this game, and yes I’m old- when I was young my parents got me this app and wow, is it so fun! I might know how to read, and a bunch of other stuff that some four year-olds would not understand, but this game is always fun! There’s just so many things to do! Yeah, there might be video games, or just girly teenage games, but for some reason I just love this, I don’t find it cringe or whatever for me to play it, just seems a bit weird to myself even, but I would recommend these for ages 4-6 not 12-14 haha, but anyways, thanks for reading this! <3
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3 years ago, catqueen0904
Best app ever 💚💚💚💚
I used to play this game when I was five years old and now I’m eight and still play it!!! This is the best game ever I have no complaints and love this app sooo much. I’m sure kids around the world like it too. I am so going to teach my almost three year old sister this awesome game. The British accent is not a problem at all because I already taught her the alphabet and she can pronounce them correctly. For other people who have complained about the British accent I have something to say: do your kids know the alphabet? If not, TEACH them!! Try to solve the problem. So this game was awesome !!!!!!! So yeah keep it up!!😃😃
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6 years ago, FrankieJSilva
I got this for my 4 year old and 7 year old to play. We were already familiar with Usborne books and enjoyed the educational quality and entertaining style. My 7 year old was already reading close to 2nd grade level so he breezed through the games. He still enjoyed playing even though it wasn't a challenge. My 4 year old had just begun reading CVC words and sounding out letters. Within a couple of weeks her reading had improved dramatically. She ended up completing the first level quickly but wasn't quite ready for the second so started playing on "my" account for extra practice. She has now completed level 2 on both her and my account and is doing well on level 3. (This is after having the app a few months and very sporadic and limited screen time.) It would be nice if there were American pronunciations of a few words but with just the UK pronunciations it gives us a chance to talk about other cultures and regions so that's a different kind of benefit.
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4 years ago, Guardrock
Awesome app!
My oldest is in kindergarten and has thoroughly enjoyed learning in this app! His teacher got her class signed up for this and it has been great for him to do independently while we watch his brother’s swim lesson. His 4 year old brother is typically pretty difficult to get motivated so it can be frustrating to try and work with him, even when trying to play a game. So since we had such good success with one kiddo, I thought we’d see how the other did. Wow!! He’s done great! He enjoys playing, he’s learning new sounds and the letters that make them. I’ve got something to help him learn while his brother is doing his schoolwork!
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4 years ago, ❤️Km❤️
Older sister APPROVED
Last night I found this, my little brother just started kindergarten, and we homeschool. We set everything up fairly quickly and he learned the 'N' sound! I read a review that said it had incorrect phonics. Well, you learn the letter sounds, and sort stuff depending upon the sound. Not incorrect phonics. Also, my brother regularly comes up to me and asks to play! I played a little of it, and it's pretty fun! I already know all the stuff, but I will sum it up in two words! Educational FUN! That is hard to find. I got it for free, in Febuary. That's it! Thank you for reading! This was a review from ❤️Km❤️!
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4 years ago, Rwllama
Thanks for teaching my “monster” how to read! Lol!
My 5 year old son has been very stubborn about not wanting to read. Then one day he decided he wanted to learn how to write his own video games. My husband, the programmer, broke the news that he has to be able to read first. This started several days of him angrily trying to sound words out he wouldn’t quit, but he hated every minute of it. So, I splurged on the game. Next thing I know, our little “monster” has blazed through the entire first section and is spelling and reading words with blends! Thank you for making phonics fun for him!!
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3 years ago, abbsdear
Even a 3 year old can do it!
My 3 year old loves this app! She asks every day to spend time on “Teach Monster”. Once she got past building her space ship, she’s needed my help to read the words and sounds things out, but she’s definitely getting used to it and getting better. I enjoy the time we’re able to spend together on there. My only wish is that we had the option to learn from someone with an American accent, because some of the words and sounds are a bit different and I’m afraid it is confusing her.
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7 years ago, incoherentDream
Wonderful, amazing, great! Buy it!
My son (whom just turned 5) has a Kindle Fire with FreeTime Unlimited and he found this game there. For days he was playing it and telling everyone how it was his new favorite game. I watched him play it and was shocked at the level of education it provided as, sadly, educational games rarely hold my son’s interest. I’m currently setting up an old iPad Mini 2 to swap him away from the Kindle and when I saw this game, there wasn’t any questions, I immediately downloaded it! I highly, highly recommend you add this game to add to you child’s learning library.
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6 years ago, gaulb49
Good but not Great
I love the concept but I don’t love that my child can guess her way through the game. I would love to see something put into place that forces her to actually learn the material such as making her redo the level if she makes too many errors. But now she’s at such a high level that I don’t know how to get her back to where she should be without wiping her account and making her start back over at the beginning as she’s past letters and sounds. I’ll probably just stick to better reading programs like Reading Eggs because I know that she can’t guess her way through (she has to repeat if she makes too many errors while just guessing to see what works).
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1 year ago, Love Nerds
You can make 7 monsters!
I would love to make a better amount of monsters but this is the amount this cool app has. Just 7. But the cool thing is that I have the app at school. That app is trembling cool. The trampoline thing is a little rapid. And you can learn to spell,read,and make you smart. (Learning games make you smarter to think quickly and raising your hand when a teacher ask’s a question.) In my opinion your game is a amazing app for truggling readers and the editing monster makes it very fun to play.
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6 years ago, Margo_
Great app— needs to acknowledge girl audience
My kids love this game and play it first whenever they earn screen-time. However, my 5 y/o daughter has gotten increasingly frustrated with the choices of prizes for the monster. She wants her monster to be a girl— like her. However, the majority of clothing is masculine (neck ties, top hats, etc). Of course I have sold my bill of goods regarding gendered clothing; however, there are NO clothes that are typically gendered female. Clearly, the app makers have done their research regarding methods of pedagogy. They also need to do research regarding the importance of children seeing themselves in learning, and step into 2018. This could be a really easy fix.
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4 years ago, Sad at Sonic
So worth it!
This is a wonderful game for my 4 year old. It plays just like any journey style game (Mario-esque) and makes the objectives learning based. For example: all the ducks have escaped! Herd them back to the pond that makes the “Sh” sound. So your child would easily make their monster gather the ducks and put them in the right pond. It’s much easier on a phone or tablet than the computer for us. Using a mouse is still a learning process but it can be great if your child is good with one. Definitely recommend this app!
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5 years ago, Natj2818
Letter sounds
My four year old son loves this app and before using it he didn't know many letter sounds. After just a couple times of use he is already reading simple words! My only complaint is when you are racing down the track and jumping to touch the flowers to make the letter sounds, it's very difficult to time getting to the top ramp. If the letter sound points to the top it takes my son several tries to get up there even though he knows that's where he needs to go. Fun little app overall and I've seen significant learning since he's been using it.
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5 years ago, Lirreia2012
Love it!
I used this in my kinder classroom for two years. I have moved onto a different grade, but should I ever go back to kindergarten I will use this app again. I still recommend it to friends with kinder-age kiddos! The games are fun, I could see the data, and it was an asset for my kids to learn sounds. The British accent did make some sounds a bit harder to hear/understand, but as it was used as one of many tools it didn’t affect the students. Love that they could do sight words too! Plus simple sentences. Overall a fabulous app!
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4 years ago, BettyRoss92Beth
Absolutely worth it.
This is PERFECT for my kindergartener! She’s been having difficulty in school with certain sounds/letters and this has helped tremendously and it’s only been a week. It’s fun, colorful, interactive. She makes the sounds when told and it holds her (very spacey and hyper) attention. I don’t know if it’s because she isn’t allowed tablets/phones but she hasn’t moved or gotten distracted in over an hour, I’d like to credit that to the app. I plan on recommending this to everyone, I wish I could give more than 5 stars.
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9 months ago, TuoGaming
Honestly not that bad
I’m going to be perfectly honest here, this game has fun mini games and no bugs at all from my experience, but the one issue I have with it is that it doesn’t really help children once they learn to read. Once they can read, it just becomes kind of useless for the child. In my experience, it was a fun game overall that did what it was supposed to do quite well! To anyone who’s reading this and looking for an app to help your child learn to read, this might be your best bet.
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3 years ago, Kiwisnarf
Amazing for getting kids started with reading!
This app was the gateway to getting my son reading in preschool! While we waiting for my daughter at gymnastics we would read together or he would play this app if I needed to tend to a few work matters. He learned his letter sounds, how to put letters together, and simple sight words! It was so easy for him to navigate on his own! And I loved that he was learning so much! Thank you for making this fun and accessible for kids!
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5 years ago, JulieSilver
Thank you!
This is by far my favorite kids app! No in app purchases of any kind and such high quality development! I love the voice over actor, the fun dress up component and of course that my littles are learning something when they play. The only slight thing I have noticed is the ship/block moving seems to be a bit more difficult than the duck and flower games. Perhaps that could go in a little later. But either way still the best game out there IMO. Thank you so much for this thoughtful game!!!
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2 years ago, Tedcharaubs138
Me and my little sister are addicted
Me and my little sister have so much fun learning and this is good for her because she is in preschool and she is a level one but we are going to work on that so yeah but I also love this game because I tried getting more games like this but they all cost money and this is the only one I love because I played it and I am the oldest out of all my siblings and I still play it so everyone should download this app
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7 years ago, Kelsey SLP
Fabulous program and app!
I'm an SLP who helps children with reading difficulties. I have recommended this wonderful program to many families. The kids love it! Only thing to be aware of for those in the US is that the program does use British pronunciations for some sounds as the program is from the UK. I love the mini games and the reiteration and repetition for sounds and words used, Fabulous program! Be sure to also check out the website version of the game.
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4 years ago, Fun2356fun;;
Fun interactive
My 5 year old enjoys using Teach my monster to read. It keeps him engaged and sounding out letters. Which for a parent that is a plus. He stays engaged enough to keep learning and not be frustrated with it if it becomes to hard. He is able to navigated easily with some parent guidance. The only concern is the login is a three step process. Which I often have to remember the 3 part of the password. That is the only part that makes it not as user friendly. I use this both as a teacher and parent.
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6 years ago, Nicmed
Fun learning with some flaws
The speakers on the app have an English (UK) accent. We are American. This make understanding the new letter sound combinations difficult for a new reader, especially those ending in r (as we tend to pronounce the ending r sound when those from England do not). My son loves the games and learning new words, but I don’t feel that he is fully grasping new information before the game allows him to progress. There is one section where he has to read a full sentence and follow the instructions. I have to read those for him because he only knows about half the words.
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4 years ago, Anie Adamantine
Wonderful learning game
I homeschooled my daughter for awhile, and she loved this app. Now a few months later, we are dealing with school closures from COVID and when I come to re-download it, I see you are offering the app for free because of the school disruptions. I cannot thank you enough on behalf of all the parents and children who will benefit from having access to such a fun and useful app during these trying times. Absolutely heartwarming, thank you SO much.
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7 years ago, Klyn13
Both my kids love this app
My 5 yr old and 7 yr old both love this game. They're at different levels but they have each loved playing this game via our internet browser on the computer and on my iPhone. Game runs great, kids learn a ton and they LoVe it. I recommend it to everybody. The game is set up so well to reinforce principles of pronunciation. My kids love catching "trickies". I wish there was a game like this for every subject. They ask to play it every day and I happily oblige.
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3 years ago, AAAAAA!!!!!
Both my kids love it
We’ve done a few reading apps and none have captivated my kids like TYMTR! My kids are 6 and 4 and I have them on the first and last pathways, which have both worked out perfectly for their current skills. For some reason they absolutely love playing...I think because the video game element is just as challenging as the reading. I’m very thankful to have found this app as we head into summer break.
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4 years ago, Coolcosmo22 from Roblox
This game is so fun that I could not stop playing it like I’ve been playing it for like five weeks and it’s so fun so please guys play it just ask your parents or maybe just you download it just download it yeah it’s super funky you should totally buy it or like just buy it it does not cost real money but just download it it’s like you could learn a lot of stuff you should totally tell your little brother about it this is the best game in the world!
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4 years ago, bcpiano
Too video-game-ish for us
Cute app but it is way too much like a video game for us to feel comfortable having our kids use it everyday. If you get this app I highly suggest previewing it yourself before showing it to your child. I would say it is 70 percent video game and 30 percent literacy. Received a response from the developer which reiterated their commitment to the video game aesthetic... that is fine, I know that sort of approach to learning has been pretty normalized in our society. But my review is for those parents, and yes there are many of us, that don’t want our four year olds getting addicted to video games at a young age. This app is mostly a video game with a little literacy for garnish.
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6 years ago, Openwood16
Great app
My students love this program and so do I!! I love the way the program builds knowledge through repetition. The new practice feature is great for reviewing sounds a student struggles with. I send the login information home and encourage parents to have their children practice at home, too. I was so excited about the week of free app downloads. My kinders can manipulate the iPad much better than a laptop with a mouse. Thank you for this amazing program!!
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4 years ago, Isabelle valentina
It is not the worst but it has to change
sooo I been using this app for 1 year and I LOVE ❤️ it. but it could have some changes but still I LOVE this app soooo much but I still wish it could been better just please😭😭😭 make it better just please😭 because some games on it is NOO fun😭😭😭 so now I kind of hate it sorry i'm soo sorry😭 teach your monster how to read i'm just so sorry I just need to say this actually I was going to write more but I think i'm going to stop writing now and stay safe of this sheltering thing anyways bye
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2 years ago, Bklyn_Dad
Incredible value
My son sort of liked this game when he was 3, but now that he is 4 he has figured out all the mini games and will happily play for a length of time! The phonetic based learning is quite effective and I appreciate it is not a subscription based model (which I would have given up with if he had used it as infrequently as when he was 3)
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2 years ago, knp42
This help my brother
Soo what I was little I alway love this game the my brother the first flayd this game he love it but one time he acendently delisted his ceroter and he is rely sad but this app did not have a update which is sad because I rely what the app to be fo every grade but this app I the best app and now my brother love this game but sad about the deleted part app I also wish that some day this app could be the best app in the world🤩
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7 years ago, MomCTM
My son loves it!
My son is in kindergarten & is learning to read & has very little interest... but he thoroughly enjoys this game! I love how it focuses on sounds of letters & makes the kids do the work. My 9 year old daughter, who can already read, even loves to play this game! I’m very happy I got this app & it seems to already be helping my stubborn little boy. He’s learning to read without realizing it because he is having so much fun playing the game.
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4 years ago, AndreaLSC
Fun and engaging!
Stumbled upon this after ordering some books. My youngest likes the games. I like that they work on blending and there are lots of ways to use it. I had a little trouble signing up and figuring everything out, some stuff could be a bit clearer in terms of user friendly especially with passwords, signing in but the program itself is great and under teacher tab there is quite a few non computer ways to reinforce the concepts learned
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