Teachable online courses

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User Reviews for Teachable online courses

4.62 out of 5
8.8K Ratings
4 years ago, CarinaStudio
Every presenter in Teachable You had incredible content to share and their own style of engaging and answering the questions. I absolutely love how intimate the videos felt, even though I usually ended up watching all of them after they were recorded. I played them all to the end so I could hear every question get answered because the content was so valuable. I signed up just before I had to stop working due to the pandemic (hairstylist) so unfortunately I couldn’t continue the subscription. I did pay for 2 months but even though I wasn’t able to launch at this time, the education I received was worth every penny and I fee like I’m better prepared for when I do launch and I have the tools to get my blue print in place. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, darcilicious
There will be no bug fixes for iOS app, says support
First, my review from July 2022 has been deleted. That’s just sad. (And now so has my review from Dec 2022) Second, nothing has changed, so Teachable appears to be living up to what support shared with me via email in July 2022: “Our Product and Engineering teams are aware of the outstanding issues with the app and they've been keeping track of reports (like yours) as they come in. They've spent a considerable amount of time going through all the feedback and weighing all the options. We want to be fully open with you that we've decided to shift focus away from the iOS app to other priorities. Based on customer feedback, we've concluded it's best to devote our energies toward improving the core Teachable product and features. Following that, there are no current plans to update the iOS app and we don't anticipate being able to fix any outstanding issues at this time. I know that's not the news you were hoping to hear and we apologize for the disappointment.” So there you have it. If logging in on your iPhone or iPad is broken for you like it is for me, then too bad so sad for you!
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2 years ago, Kokatosi
Works, but NOT designed for iPad…
This app was made for the smaller iPhone screen, and not for the iPad. It works, in that I can access all of my courses on Teachable, and can manage to go through the content. BUT because it is designed for the iPhone small screen, it requires several maneuvers to get the videos to fill the iPad’s larger screen in landscape, and then when video ends, you have to reverse those steps to get back to place where you can move to next course module. Many of the courses I have contain lots of visual content, like how to use software apps or how to do art & painting. They are not something I can just listen to the audio, because the visual is critical to the learning process, and so being able to see the video content on the larger screen of an iPad is very important. I see lots of comments that the developer is not making much effort to update this app - but lately it seems more content creators seem to be delivering their courses through Teachable. So if they do anything further (which they ought to), then supporting iPad should be a top priority!
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4 years ago, GeddyRulz
Handy app; could use a tweak or two
How great to have all the lessons of a course I’ve enrolled-in, in one spot! Much easier than opening an Internet browser, going to my instructor’s website, and entering my user name and password. Here, you just open the app and the lessons are right there in an easily navigable directory, including past lessons. The two weak spots all relate to video playback: first, I recommend a “back/forward 15 seconds” feature, like on Podcast apps and most movie streaming apps, so we can easily find the exact spot we want when rewinding/fast-forwarding. Second and thirdly, how about a “full screen” mode and a view which becomes horizontal when I rotate my smartphone that way, rather than being stuck with a vertical view regardless of my phone’s orientation? (Other features which the “streaming video” apps already have.) All in all, a very handy app, and one I appreciate. Its convenience and ease-of-use motivates me to be a disciplined student and continue my scheduled course lessons, as I should.
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5 years ago, Dany54321
Its good, but could and should be better
I bought a course for almost $300, the desktop browser interface is smooth, clean and works great! This app... still smooth clean but doesn't work as well. There is no iPad version, on iPhone you cant skip or go back 10-30 seconds unless you download the video in which the apple's player takes over, which brings me to the next and biggest issue... i feel like the app has a mind of its own, ive downloaded sections to listen offline and sometimes i come back to it and apparently the downloads got deleted, so i have to download them again but when this happens it doesnt download quickly... it does its little loading animation but once it reaches the end it just stays there for a good minute and then you get the checkmark, in that period you cant go anywhere else without having to restart the download... its happened several times even as im watching offline, one lesson is download then i move on to the next and it starts running on my data. Please... fix this...
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4 years ago, LL Hyatt
Life enhancing common sense you will benefit from!
have been using Janet’s material for several years now, and all I can say is that it has revolutionized my attitude and my experience with exercise over that time. If you want to connect to what really matters for your health— which is all of our greatest wealth, then dive in. You have nothing to lose, and only many benefits to gain. Janet’s integration of mindfulness, physical well-being, and her easy-going description of what it means to embrace your physicality is a gift. As I once heard yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. Accepts her gift it is a present.
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3 years ago, blhjggvkghvjhvl
Limited function, outdated
This app will not sync with their website and remember where you left off on a video. Heck, it wont even remember where you left off on a video within the app if you accidentally close it. You have to pay close attention to the time stamp to try and scroll to that point in a video if you want to resume where you left off. Such a pain during longer 30 min lectures. One bug it has is that it will revert your playback speed to 1x, even if your default is higher, if you close out of the app to respond to a message or lock your screen. I have my playback speed set to 1.5. Often times, I need to lock my screen to attend to something else, but when I reopen the lecture, the video plays at 1x. If I leave the video to check my settings, again the app is not capable of remembering where I left off and will restart the video from the beginning. Super frustrating.
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3 years ago, PaulieDC
Almost 2021 and NO iPad Version? Seriously?
I’m trying to watch a course on MIDI composition using Cubase, so full screen on an iPad is mandatory. The app starts up center screen as small as an iPhone. Naturally when I go full screen on my iPad Pro, it’s totally fuzzy, the resolution isn’t scaling and I can’t locate the Quality button to get this to HD. I thought there’s no way they’d NOT offer this app in iPad resolution. WRONG. Even worse, no matter what Contact Us link you click, even on the webpage, they send the message to the COURSE CREATOR, Teachable doesn’t even have the integrity to handle support calls, especially THIS major fail. Same thing in the website, Teachable passes the buck. List up Teachable: the two issues described above reveal a lot about your company. You won’t be here for the long run if you continue to drop the ball. I don’t buy the 5300 reviews and nearly 5 stars, there’s no way this app, beta at BEST, is getting such high praise.
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2 months ago, 🐯 The White Tiger
They FINALLY added iPad support—and fixed many of the bugs I had issues with—so I have now been actively completing the course I paid for (which has 12 separate classes). Upon completing each class, I’m supposed to receive a certificate as each is labeled as a “certification course”… but, when completing my first class, there is no certificate to be had, just a “blank” certification button. I have tried contacting support several times, but have received no response. Additionally, I have also never found to a way to contact chat support, and any other means besides e-mail. I do not want to complete the remaining 11 classes if I’m not going to receive certification for them. I was really excited to finally get to work on this course, but now I feel more than a bit bamboozled. 🙄
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3 years ago, badday928
Smooth. Runs Well
Pretty nice setup to understand progress and class structure. I was nervous, to say the least, about using this, but it’s been excellent so far! The only issues I have had with it is on the lectures, occasionally the time will say, for example, 1:45 for a video length. The actual length of the video may occasionally be 1:01:45 in length. And the only other issue is on the live class lectures, more than one class is on each lecture. Other than those issues, which may just be the school and not the app, I have had an excellent time learning through Teachable!
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2 years ago, user15225
Not good…
Tha app itself is Ok , but due to a variety of problems the experience has been horrible . 1. The app won’t stop asking for feedback, sometimes a pop up can appear 2 times in the span of a minute (annoying when you paid 1000$ for a course ) 2. Constant buffering when internet is a bit worse , where you tube still works protector fine even on high quality video settings 3. Sometimes the video stops playing and it won’t start playing again , then you have to close and reopen the app, and if a course has over 100 lectures you have to scroll all the way to the one you were at , which takes time especially , if this happens more than once during a lecture . 4. Crashing and not playing videos due to problems with servers( less often but happens to me couple times )
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3 years ago, AGuyNamedScott
The 1 Star is for the app
The 1 Star is for the app, not for Teachable. I’ve been trying to log in to my account using the app and I just get log in failed. I normally use Teachable on my PC or laptop, but sometimes need the convenience of using my cell phone or iPad. Using the app hasn’t worked. Going through the browser however works perfectly fine. I can either create or take a course while on the run. Something I prefer not to do, but the world is often indifferent to our preferences. I just can’t use the app to do it. Bottom line, Teachable is awesome, the app, not so much.
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4 years ago, Frogstokes
Clear, Thorough and Great Transition
Online lessons was a necessary move to continue teaching music lessons during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This course assisted me in the transition from in-person lessons to online lessons. The recommendations, tools and structured information saved me hours of research, and I am utterly grateful for this resource. I highly recommend the course to help enhance your teaching experience and to expand your borders. A good portion of the information is also helpful for in-person lessons, such as digital assignments and integrating mobile device apps. Whether you are full-time online or not, I highly recommend it!
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6 years ago, rekkss
No iPad version? Seriously?
I am trying to access my courses on my iPad to play the videos on the go on a bigger screen than on my phone, as well as to read the content on a tablet which is more the size of an actual book page than a phone will ever be, and I come to the disappointing surprise of the fact that the myTeachable app is not supported on the iPad at a native resolution. There is no iPad/universal iOS version of the myTeachable app! I had to download the phone version to at least access the content of my courses, but we all know how ugly iPhone apps look on an iPad. Please Teachable, get your act together and an iPad app should be one of your priorities. You're an educational company, come on! In the meantime I'm going to have to bear with this half-assed solution, but PLEASE MAKE THE IPAD APP ASAP!
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7 months ago, SeattleMAG
Functions ok but in need of updates
They finally solved some of the login and course download problems I was experiencing, so updated my review to four stars. The app functions for the most part to provide an easy way to listen/watch classes. You won’t get the full functionality that you would from the website with regard to attachments and other supplementary materials. However, the app still doesn’t have an iPad and other PiP or Lock Screen viewing features that it should by now. Once the app is brought up to current standards, I can give it five stars.
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3 years ago, rnedel
Not up to professional standards
The Teachable app doesn’t meet the standards I expect from a professional application. Strengths: ======== - Users can download purchased courses for offline viewing. Shortcomings: =========== - The main view of a course (showing all sections and associated media) doesn’t rotate to landscape view. While you can watch a video in landscape, you have to rotate back to portrait view when the video ends in order to view and select subsequent content. - The app was designed solely for the iPhone. Viewing on an iPad is a substandard experience. While you can “double” the app size, doing so sacrifices resolution native to the iPad. If you choose not to “double” app size, then your viewport of the course is only iPhone sized, wasting much of the iPad’s screen real estate. Overall: ====== As a consumer of Teachable-hosted courses, I expect an app that takes advantage of not only iPhone, but also iPad capabilities. If I were producing content for sale, I would search for another platform that not only allows offline viewing, but also better utilizes native technology.
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6 months ago, Lala Marie SC
This platform is pretty cool
I just finished aj&smart design sprints and I’m really glad I was able to use this platform. The ui clearly indicates what I’ve accomplished and picks back up where I left off, even if it’s in the middle of a video. The streaming is always fast. I would like to ask the development team to prioritize making the app work better in iPad! Because I love that I can use the app to learn offline. The web version works great in iPad and the app works great on my phone.
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6 years ago, Bgodom
Love Teachable. HATE this app
This is my first review ever. Because this is crap. I’ve been working to develop a Teachable course, dowloaded this app to review the bonus training materials while on a flight. I got something that looks like circa 2015 iPhone app ported to an iPad...only shows in portrait, has the “1X”/“2X” button at bottom right for zooming in and out between iphone and ipad scale. I can’t speak for everyone, but the demographic I’m going for is likely to be on the road quite a lot, and (like me) looking to access course content offline in a reliable way. The rest of the Teachable experience has been solid, and polished. The lack of attention to the iOS interface gives pause. I have zero doubt it will end up costing sales. More concerning, the fact it is so out of date makes me worry about the rest of the platform.
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3 years ago, Eljcrn
Firstly it appears I missed the instructions on how to use the app enumerating it’s features. One who does not know the purpose/use of a thing is prone to misuse it. I must have missed an awful lot. Secondly, I did not find out until the last week of my course, that the E teacher app actually functions differently on my iPad that or my iPhone. I learned that certain questions posted on the iPad will only accessible from the iPhone and vice versa certain questions on the I phone were only accessible on the iPad. If there is a way to go back and access an introduction on how the eTeacher App works step by step, please send me an email link. This will help tremendously. I have other courses to take. Increased functionality will increase my level of achievement. Thank you.
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5 months ago, JMD123321
No Autoplay?!?
I follow some great instructors that use the Teachable platform, so I put up with the clunky app. Biggest issue: there is no autoplay feature. What this means is that where you’re watching a series of videos within a course, it looks something like this: Chose lesson to watch 1) lesson is complete, click to close full screen 2) click to close video 3) click on “complete and continue” 4) new video opens 5) click the okay button 6) click “turn audio on” (it defaults to off?!?) 7) click box to open full screen It takes 7 steps to get to the next video and start playing again?!? Am autoplay option (and not defaulting to audio muted) would be a huge improvement.
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4 years ago, Forrestleemusic
App is pretty much unusable.
It’s a bummer that teachable created a platform where highly talented people can upload such wonderful content only to put next to no effort into the mobile app. Full of bugs errors if your lucky enough to get a video to load don’t try and skip ahead, there’s a good chance the entire app will lock up. The closed captioning often doesn’t fit in the screen leaving the beginnings and ending of sentences a mystery. An even bigger mystery is when audio from another video begins playing while you’re watching another. There’s no other video showing that it’s playing leaving the only solution of force closing the app and trying again. Please address the issues with this app. There is no way it passed any quality checks of any standard.
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3 years ago, sunnyb6442
Can’t access everything
I was excited to find this app for my new phone, thinking it would help me start actually working through some courses more easily. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to access certain parts of the courses. I’m currently trying to work through a limited time online summit, and while I can view the PDFs in the app, many of the accompanying videos are missing, though I can see them fine on my desktop. In another course that’s mostly videos and no downloads, the lectures show up on my app as empty. It is easier to work this in on my phone than on the desktop, but this is going to limit its usefulness for me.
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3 years ago, snag46ed
Almost there
I agree with other recommendations here for feature upgrades. I really enjoy having this in a mobile format so I can study on the go and the downloadable content is nice for when I’m disconnected. But PLEASE, PLEASE, add a skip/fast forward button of 15 seconds. Also PLEASE PLEASE add a speed dial to the video player. I watch most of my videos on x2 speed because I have other things to do and I can absorb the information just as well if not better than at normal speed. This lets me get twice the studying in at one session. I’m sure others also are x2 watchers out there that can benefit from this.
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3 years ago, cflaten
Inconsistent on everything
First biggest issue is iPad support. There is none, it’s just a big iPhone, then the rotation isn’t an option to watch a video full screen or take notes on a split screen. Videos are not consistent in the formate they are displayed and makes it hard to rewind 5 seconds when you missed something. Doesn’t put the last class I was using on top when I open the app, or start where I left off, even Netflix does this. I don’t need to download a 1080p video for my IPad you could save so much time with background download and make them smaller files for quicker downloads and take up less space on the phone.
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6 years ago, sstiavetti
Could be good… Settles for OK.
It’s missing some super basic functionality. Why is there no quick rewind 4:15 to 30 seconds? Why does it stop playing if I switch to another app? I like to listen while driving, which sometimes means I need to switch back to my navigation application. This stops the video from playing. Also, not being able to rewind 15 to 30 seconds to catch what I just missed is ridiculously annoying. It’s 2018 and this is a feature users expect by default. On the iPhone X, the individual video controls are down at the bottom of the screen, where the phone itself has a rounded corner. The little X is impossible to hit since it’s stuck in that rounded corner. And finally, within the course dashboard, the time indicator that the application gives for how long a lesson is only includes the first video in a lesson. So if there are 10 videos in a lesson that equal 45 minutes, but the first video is two minutes long, the dashboard says that the entire lesson is only two minutes long. Overall the potential is there, but the implementation is incredibly sloppy and lazy.
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5 years ago, MemeSheryl8
A Great Way to Learn
I have taken several of Lindsay Weirich’s drawing and painting classes, and I must say that in spite of some doubts at first, Ihave always learned and improved in my endeavors. Lindsay is an exceptional teacher, and has a relaxed, fun attitude about her subject matter! I look forward to each class and she even gives discounts per coupon codes from her you Tube tutorials. I highly praise her classes on Teachable, there is no down side, only joyous learning and fun!!!
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4 years ago, concernedcitizen11
Good, wish there were a way to save your place!
Mostly Teachable does what it’s supposed to do: serves as a platform for course creators to easily disseminate their work to their students. Great! It’s reasonably bug-free and intuitive. However, it is very frustrating that it does not save your place in videos, audio files, or text. If I have to stop at any point, I have to consciously make a note of where I’m at, because I’ll be punted back to the beginning the next time I open the app. This is quite frustrating, and seems like it could be fixed easily.
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2 years ago, dragoness0722
Difficult to…
I’ve been trying to find the page that has everything listed on it for the last five minutes. I got to it and now I’m stuck again and I have no idea how to get back to the contents of my mentorship. This has happened frequently and it is very frustrating. What happened to a one click and making things easy for the consumer using this app? At this time at this moment I would not recommend teachable for anything. It is not beginner friendly for people who don’t know how to use this app and I don’t consider myself stupid and not able to learn how to move around on the iPad
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4 years ago, MD, The Coach
Great tools for my toolbox.
The course was very comprehensive and very detailed. I do find he repeats himself a lot. This may be good for those who are new to the topic and those who benefit from content repetition. Nonetheless I believe it just makes it unnecessarily longer. Overall, he is a great teacher and very passionate about the subject. That’s fantastic! Plenty of activities to try and breakthrough and he invites us to try them with out clients. Brilliant. Thanks for that. I think this platform presented its challenges. I’ve taken another course with Graham and it was on another platform, much smoother.
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4 years ago, Jayne8622
Great idea... not great foresight
I got this app to take a course and it worked wonderfully. I signed up for another course by a different teacher and wouldn’t you know it, you need a whole separate Teachable account. There isn’t just one place we can manage all your accounts. That leads to confusing passwords and user IDs .I feel like this is a simple fix even though I am not a developer of any sort. So.... please offer an update where the dashboard shows all of your classes. That only makes sense right? Also I would not have had to leave at two star review if I could’ve just talk to customer service directly… Unfortunately they make that impossible.
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4 years ago, awakenwp
Useless so far - hoping it gets fixed
***(edited later, to add...) My outreach to Teachable about the issues that I’ve encountered with the app have gone completely unacknowledged- so if I could, I’d take away that last star due to their lack of customer service! ****************************** Just downloaded the app to find that all unlocked content shows as “completed”, even though I haven’t completed the sections (they don’t show as completed on my browser). Also, the vast majority of the course content is not there. Almost every section says “no content”, despite the content being available via browser. (I’m not talking about locked content, which is normal and expected - I’m talking about entirely missing content that is supposed to be available) Also - I have two different course from different providers, both using the same email/ password, but only one even shows up on the app. The other is as if it doesn’t even exist - it does show up on my browser. These issues are consistent/ identification on both my phone app and iPad app.
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4 years ago, Karbs
As a platform that’s promoted for learning, how can you NOT have it work properly on an iPad, that’s a requirement. The web works well but how do you ignore lots of your “potential” clients & customers will be put off discovering no support for one of the most used “tablets” on the market?? Update 11/3: Good effort to fix viewing on iPads; however, you continually have to turn it when starting each video because it’s default is iPhone mode. Also, when exiting the video, it defaults back to iPhone mode. I bumped-up the rating by one because the designers are listening, just need to dial it in.
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1 year ago, Heather D
No native iPad functionality really hinders experience
This app currently has no native iPad functionality, only iPhone. On iPad, it shows “phone size” on the screen, and even if expanded still does not fill the screen. Not only does this greatly hinder the experience, it’s an accessibility issue. I have deficiencies in my vision and can’t watch video content well on a phone, even on the Pro Max screen size. Please make the app fill the screen on iPad and allow us to watch the video course content full-screen. I use automated time tracking apps for my study and would rather be able to use the app than the website for that reason.
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4 years ago, jcwords
Make it auto-rotate, and it will be 5 stars
The Teachable web interface is outstanding, and its teaching materials are very well done. What happened with the app? It has a good start with clean interface and logical navigation. However, I want to use it on my iPad, and since I use the iPad with a keyboard, I need to have the app in landscape mode, especially for watching classes. I really, really hate squinting at tiny stuff on my phone and it’s inconvenient to have to prop the iPad on its end so I can watch anything. Rotating can’t be rocket science — almost every other app allows it. Please make it rotate!
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4 years ago, Fmmartha
Only one problem really.
I am an educator by trade so learning new things is kind of my jam. Kids do what you do, not what you say, and Teachable is a very nice platform to use as a student. The app contains no bells and whistles, which is actually a good thing! Extras are distracting, it can also intimidate people new to the online learning model. The only problem I have with this app is that not all of my classes are listed. I am sure there is a reason, I just don’t like to hunt. Thank you for making learning available to so many!
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2 years ago, the studier of topics
Like the idea of platform; tech is horrible
The only positive i found is that this provides a platform like nobody has. I however have issues with tech part of it. I use this both on my laptop and mobile for a course. While the desktop version is alright, although the index section could be condensed - there is a lot of scrolling to get to where i want to. The mobile version could use a lot of improvement. Mobile version does not run to with screen locked. So there is no chance of multi tasking. Also the videos run only om 1x.
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10 months ago, nova-bomb
The Content is probably good, but you can’t access it
I signed up for a private pilot license through Pilot Institute, which uses Teachable. It has been a freaking nightmare, battling my way through all the garbage just to get to the content. After spending days, trying to get that product to work and finally succeeding now I have to deal with it all over again, and it’s all because of this teachable app is complete garbage. They are a bunch of idiots. Don’t even try to use this software you’ll wanna shoot yourself you’ll be so upset about it. Vigorous vigorous hand gestures to the moron who can do basic things like passwords right. .
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4 years ago, Isam Alsafi
Good app yet needs minor fixes.
This app is good, i can access all my courses easily. The navigation is simple and to the point. I have only two issue with this app. One, i can’t play the video on full screen mode. Unfortunately am stuck to the vertical mode and even if I rotated the phone it still won’t play in full mode. Also, there is no full screen mode icon which makes it impossible. Lastly, i wish if there is a way to download the documents attached to the lessons so i don't have to open the app every time to access the file.
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2 years ago, Crazy Heart x6
Buggy and outdated
For a company that charges it’s customers (content creators), you’d think they would better support them with a product that evolves and gets better. When was the last update? A year ago?! The software is buggy and there are so many things lacking, it’s best to not waste time thinking about it. I’m also frustrated that every time I look to make progress in a course, it doesn’t work as expected. Additionally, I continue to “wait” for regular features you’d expect for a normal software and they never arrive. There would be no way I’d suggest any course creator to utilize this platform.
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3 years ago, namealreadytaken457633883
No native iPad support and poor support for high speed playback
This app has been out for awhile and it still doesn’t have native iPad meaning that it shows as a low res upscale iPhone app. Also, high speed playback doesn’t work fo videos you download and for streamed videos can only be adjusted in the apps root menu, meaning you’ll be reloading your video repeatedly if you want to adjust playback speed often. Combined with interface limitations (like nav bar menu items being the same color as their background on some courses), this app feels amateurish and lazy.
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4 years ago, fairyfay30
it’s alright. would like to be able to organize the courses in my library such as archiving some older courses that i signed up for but don’t use. That would help clear the clutter. Also, since i like to multitask, it would be nice if the audio keeps running even while i am using other apps. some pros/ nice stuff, i like how it remembers where i left off across platforms, and that it consolidates all the different academies/schools together in an easily accessible way.
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3 years ago, Al Tone
Truly a great Drone course.
Greg put together an awesome course. It helped me with a very busy schedule become a certified drone pilot. I’m looking forward to taking many of the other courses available so I can become a better pilot. I have always wanted to fly and this may not be a manned aircraft but is still a great way to fulfill that desire. Thank you again for a fantastic course!!
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2 years ago, howstuffreallyworks
iPad app fails to work as intended/advertised
Oddly, the subtitle of the app in the App Store is ‘ an offline reader for learning ‘. I guess that is accurate if you are reading and nothing else, but I am guessing the vast majority of teachers/users are making use of the video service. Sadly the video service doesn’t download on an iPad. I had it working for a short bit in July, but not longer. Support hasn’t responded to inquiries about the video player either. Hopefully allowing for offline use will become a priority in the no too distant future.
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3 years ago, QuaLEty Creative
Please Update for iPad!
Love this app as I have used it for a few courses. The UI is fairly clean and navigable, but ONE request I would love to see is for these guys to make an update where the layout is iPad compatible. Instead of having to read a lot of print and on my phone, or not having to take my entire laptop with me to do my courses, it would be ideal to have this fit appropriately on my iPad screen versus just a larger version of the iPhone app. THANKs! Hope to see the update soon :)
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3 years ago, Casey lee hillman
Why is it so difficult to sign in?!?!
What am I missing? Is there some difference between online courses and this app? I cannot sign in yet it allows me to change my password and sends an email to my account to reset my password yet still cannot sign in? I have issues with signing in online too unless it’s directly through my course link. Again, am I doing this wrong? Is there TWO different logins? One for your course and one separate for teachable? Very VERY frustrating and by the looks of it, a lot more have this issue. Not very user friendly if we can’t figure it out.
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4 years ago, Mongo34
Don’t recommend
The iOS app is not user friendly! I don’t currently have a working desk top and rely on my phone at this time. I’ve tried to use my husband’s Mac and the site refuses entry. Therefore I can’t rate the desktop version other than the fact that I can’t gain entry to my account. Literally waisting money on this platform every month. I don not have time to sit and watch the 100’s of tutorials needed to learn this platform. Why make the platform so difficult to use, that you need to watch multiple tutorials to learn how to use it?! I love the concept and had high hopes that I could successfully launch my courses yet I’m very disappointed.
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2 years ago, jasmdaniel
Unable to login with ID and password on iPad but it will work on iPhone
Hello I do like this app and I use it on my iPhone. But recently I found out that I am not able to login with my credentials and password on the iPad Pro. Is there a limitation that this app has on how many items are able to login to the account at the same time? And if this is the case please look into the ability to login to one accounts multiple devices. Thank you
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3 years ago, meganjaime86
Gets worse with every update to phone or app
Since last teachable update my password no longer works on the app. Works fine on browser. I've emailed nearly 10 times no reply. Still! Now since updating my phone app will no longer run in background so if I check a message audio cuts out and because I'm not properly logged in (but logged in enough to access my paid materials) I have to go back to login screen click forgot password and they they're I'm in. So I can go find where I was in last lecture. This app is now unusable and no one at teachable will help me. What a joke of a company...
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3 years ago, rwspd
Couple of things
First thing, I reset my password and the application keeps tell me I'm wrong even though I signed directly in to the website so I uninstalled the app to try again, will update later. Second thing why doesn't this have an auto continue when one video finishes so it can keep going and you don't have to keep pushing arrow to continue to the next video? Third thing, I'll put my phone in standby while the videos on pause, and then I go back in and I have to force close because the app is blanked out black and it won't play otherwise. Last thing, sometimes when I put my phone on standby then go back into the app, it will put me at the main my courses menu and I have to go back in and search where I left off.
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2 years ago, Cmom1010
Desktop great! App needs improving for full functionality.
Desktop version is great, and I’d love to be able to access all the same features more quickly and with ease with the app, but I’ve noticed two things that keep me from choosing the app: 1. Several videos do not not show up in my portal, and 2. I cannot figure out how to increase the soles of video/audio. For these reasons, I often login in with chrome or safari to use teachable on my phone, which is more cumbersome.
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