TeacherEase - Parents/Students

1.9 (174)
7.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Common Goal Systems Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TeacherEase - Parents/Students

1.91 out of 5
174 Ratings
2 months ago, appstkh
Ok for grades, not good for communication
This app works fine for sharing grades but the email function works terribly. Longer length emails come through to Apple Mail on iOS so small as to be unreadable - which ends up meaning that many families don’t read them at all. Formatting is also typically a mess, such that you often have scroll horizontally to read text or view charts. And sending emails to school directly through the app is clunky. E.g., you can only send them to one teacher/admin at a time. Our school has two teachers per classroom, so that doesn’t work well.
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2 months ago, LoudPackRican
Pretty Good
The app is not bad at all. Gives updates and send notifications when work is missing. How up to date it is, well that’s dependent on the teacher and how quick they are to update grades. You can tell some teachers do it fast other takes weeks. But that’s not the apps fault. Has the ability to communicate with teachers by sending them emails directly. Can pay fees or add money for lunch for your child. Do registrations and pretty much anything in between. I have enjoyed the use of the app myself. Just have to learn to use it.
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2 months ago, mistileiah
Terrible app
This app is supposed to be used to provide information from educators to parents, to support communication. But it’s just a nightmare, there’s never any notifications of what is occurring, no information is provided through this app, the app is never stay logged in so you are not able to even get notifications if that actually was able to happen, and the app doesn’t even adequately provide the necessary information to parents from educators to assist for parents to stay informed about what is occurring with their children. I find regular communication with weekly newsletters and regular emails directly from the teacher to myself as a parent much better communication.
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2 months ago, Chl03.may
The app had said it needed to be updated so I updated it but whenever I go into the app it says it still needs to be updated even though I already did. I have tried to uninstall it and redownload it but it doesn’t change anything. Idk what to do I just want to see my grades.
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2 months ago, egs. emma grace stoutimore
It’s a pretty good app. Today it said it needed to be updated so I went to the App Store and did it, and it’s still saying I need to after I already did. And I tried to update it again but it said it’s already updated, but still won’t let me log in🤷🏻‍♀️
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4 months ago, ShadowMoster
It’s doesn’t let me into the app when I need to see my grades and etc.
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2 months ago, Tiscose
Update fail
The app required to do an update in order to view the note I got in my notifications and then once updated it will login but can’t open anything as the text box about the required app update is still active and in the way….very frustrating and annoying
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2 months ago, Ser beer
After last night update, the app is disabled
On my iPhone 15 with iOS 17.4.1 it now produces a pop-up on the login screen (I use faceid to log in) that tells me “Update Required: please update teacher is to the latest version to continue” Except I am on the most recent version! so I lost access to my son’s grades. please fix ASAP
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2 months ago, Scherer123
Not user friendly
So hard to log into! Even after it does Face ID it still makes me do my email and password. Then sometimes it still won’t log me in. This morning it won’t let me do anything even after I have done the update. Very frustrating.
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2 months ago, Api_bb
Unable to log in
I open app and it gives me a need to update latest version, when i download the new version then it’s also giving me same message over and over again and unable to log in and can’t open the app. No access.
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2 months ago, Abringus
It says I need to update the app before i can login. So I updated the app and still can’t get it to put money on my child’s lunch account. This was great until the update came out and now I can’t get it at all even after i have updated the app. So frustrating!!
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2 months ago, mhenson80
Not good
I had no problems until I had to update today and now I tried it said it did but actually never did
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It’s a good app but the only problem is that when I update it, and it finishes, it doesn’t let me go into the app. It keeps on saying “Update Required”
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2 months ago, Baby Ibbit
App has glitches
I have updated the app several times and it continues to tell me that I need to update the app and won’t let me go further into the app. Glitches a lot, and is very delayed in sending notifications.
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2 months ago, Atine stan
Upgraded and it locked
It asked me to upgrade the app to be able to open it, did it and it still doesn’t give me access to it. How am I supposed to see my child’s grades, email her teachers and see the school announcements?
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2 months ago, 1am5743
App won’t let me use despite updating
App tells me I need to update to the latest version to use, I did, it still gives me the message and won’t let me log in. I deleted and reinstalled and still get the same message.
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2 months ago, ChelseaP20
Always says to update the app to latest version even though it is updated and won’t let me open the app. When the app works it’s good but I want to be able to log in and see grades when needed.
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2 months ago, ChocoReviews
It says i have to upgrade the app but it has already been?
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2 months ago, VivianMa13
No a upgrapde
This new upgrade is a total flop! I have even gone as far as roving the app. Trying to reload it still me the same error “please upgrade”. How do I check my daughters grades and keep track??? Please give us a real fox
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2 months ago, Momfromjersey7
App doesn’t register latest update
Updated app but it’s still asking me to update. Able to log in but can’t do anything else. Screen is locked with update notice.
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2 months ago, HORRID BITMOJI
Good app, updated and it still says I need to update it and won’t let me press anything
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2 months ago, maitepr
Can’t log in since last update
The app keeps asking me for an update even when I have downloaded the last version
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2 months ago, Legnadivaf
Can’t access
Since the last update I can’t access to the app
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2 months ago, HappyMomy
It keeps telling me to update to the newest version before I can log in. I’ve done this. Even deleted and reinstalled the app and it still isn’t working!!!
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2 months ago, Nasir057
horribly made
half of the time i can't even log in to see my grades, or my grades are wrong, or don't even show. now, the app says i need to update it to see anything when i already updated it a few minutes ago and even tried uninstalling/reinstalling. there's always issues with this app. i cannot believe that my school chose to use this app.
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4 months ago, Kwelly234
Do better
It doesn’t update right away and shows false information and gets me in trouble. Delete this app
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2 months ago, ilya2612
Stuck in “update required”
I updated app to latest version in App Store, but app still show “Update Required” modal pop up on app launch. App is completely unusable. Poor QA!!!
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2 months ago, RaeMac11
Update locked app
This latest update has locked the app and it doesn’t work! Previously, the app was useful and easy to use.
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2 months ago, momlife19283
Login Issues
Can’t even log in at all. Gonna be hard to make sure I can even see my kids grades
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2 months ago, SFM!!!!
It won’t let me do anything on the app until it’s updated, I updated it and still nothing
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2 months ago, IG NYC
It doesn’t let me update the app.
Please fix. The app doesn’t allow me to update it even after I deleted and reinstalled the app.
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2 months ago, Key1810
It keeps saying update after I updated it. And I can register my son for school next year
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2 months ago, landylovetoo
App says I need to update- which I did, I can’t get logged in due to the pop up. Hope they fix this issue soon.
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2 months ago, hm i jk jghbvbj
update don’t work
tried updating it still says i need to update, the sign in takes foorrever, also when i open this app i scared of my grades but yeah 2 stars
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2 months ago, lossyto33
it works for me 🤷🏽‍♀️
best app i see my grades, missing work, when is due and what date it was assigned
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2 months ago, santiago the killer
How am I supposed to update this? It requires an update to open the app but when I go to the AppStore to update it, it doesn’t let me.
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2 months ago, Nessa0322
Says I need to update the app, I updated and it is still saying to update so this app is useless to me right now.
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2 months ago, reeeee-53728
It won’t let me in even after updating it
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2 months ago, Hovering mom 61356
I update the app but still tells me I need an update and won’t let me sign in!
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3 years ago, Jb17584625
App used to be great, but only the website works now
I have been using teacherease for a few years as a student, and it has been an amazing resource. I can find all the details about assignments, due dates, and tests in no more than a minute. However, as of update 2.5, there is one defining flaw in the app that is quite upsetting, and that is the updated Assignment View tab. After opening the details for an assignmnet, one can find the date, assignment title, possible points, and other important information regarding each one. However, notably absent in the app is the assignment notes, which are edited by the instructor to provide their students with other miscellaneous information, such as problem numbers or other details of the sort. While it is present in the website, this feature is no longer shown on the app. Teachers supply inexpendibly valuable items in this text, and many of my peers have failed relatively simple assignments merely for the lack of seeing this. Otherwise, the app also struggles with glitches logging in, forcing me to input my face ID multiple times even after submitting it correctly. Aside from these issues, the app is perfectly fine, and the notifications are very nice to have. As a final thought, I strongly encourage the developers to rethink this application for the benefit of those using it.
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4 months ago, rewv did v
good app
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3 years ago, ShawnB85
Homework Status
It would be helpful if there is an option for the teacher to select that homework is not graded yet instead of it saying that homework is missing and the student has a zero for that work. It is very disconcerting when you see that your child’s work is missing and they tell you that it has been completed and turned in to the teacher. Please fix this, I’m sure many people would be grateful.
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10 months ago, Cat??14
Bad app do not recommend for schools
This app is super hard to sign in to, and is hard to navigate especially iPhones, and the classes where sent late, because the counselor and principal could not figure it out and it took multiple tries to even send the school the classes that this app, is also hard to login into for students, because the app doesn’t recognize the email, the email should not have changed just because it’s a new app, and if it lets parents login it should let students login, to I would not recommend it for schools, but if your a parent or student you don’t really have a choice.
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3 years ago, Pickinandgrinnin
Much better!
Every time I go to log into TeacherEase, it makes me do my Face ID a minimum of 10 times. Sometimes it finally goes through, other times it doesn’t. If I try to type my password in it isn’t any better. It’ll do the same thing. I have to log in every day during the week, so it’s a rather big inconvenience. Once I’m into the app, it works great. If the logging in feature could get fixed it would be so much better. They fixed the issue! Thank you to the developers for working on it and getting it fixed! Now it works the first time.
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4 years ago, Solarguy2
Great update and a suggestion. Solved!
Like the new update that now sends new grade and announcement notifications. It would be even better if the notifications said the child’s name, not just ‘You have received this grade on this assignment in this class.’ But rather, the name of the child. We have more than 1 and that’s confusing. January update: great responsiveness TeacherEase! The push notifications now say my child’s name and it indicates X received this score on this assignment or test and the overall grade is now this in this class. Job well done and thank you!
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2 years ago, dhakakabe
A solid app
This is a pretty decent app. Allowing you to check your grades and any missing assignments all in one place. It shows your locker combo if you ever forget and allows you to see all of your missing work or disciplines. It pretty much has all of your student school info all in 1 place
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7 years ago, MrConnerShannon
Notifications For Absences And Grade Changes And Others.
I wish it was more user friendly and it give out notifications for when your kid is marked absent per class and when there grades change in each class and hopefully it makes it user friendly please allow this app to give absences and grade changes notifications and fix other minor app things and user friendliness!
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2 years ago, jlf29828
You can’t register your kids on the app. You can’t even do it on your phone browser. What is the point of even having this? Everyone uses their cellular device. Why make this harder than it needs to be? And forget trying to hit forgot password on the app. It just takes you to verify that you’re a human and it starts spinning. Why is it this hard to register my kids? I’d rather go back to paper. Ridiculous.
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4 years ago, Hacksaw80
Horrible System
Bad, bad system. Super slow, archaic- looking grading system. Pain to enter assignments - the set up is not user friendly. You have to hunt around to find things. Commands are oddly labeled. Site goes down often. Did I mention it’s REALLY slow!! Hey Teacherease, why don’t you take the money the schools give you and revamp your system. Give it a better look and speed up your site. If I could drop them I would, but I’m a humble teacher. Stuck with it.
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7 years ago, Ana858
No profiles pictures edit
At first i was confused about the app but now i know its just my childs info anyway i would like to know how to edit my childs picture or only te teacher can do it???? Overall i like it because my son doesn't always tell me his grades.... i love it when i surprise him with an i know what grade u got lol
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