Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)

2.5 (422)
119.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Teacher Synergy Inc.
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)

2.47 out of 5
422 Ratings
7 years ago, LulaPagel
Has potential, needs work.
This app has so much potential to be great, but it’s really not incredibly useful as it is. My main wishes for improvement are these: 1. Clear and easy access to the back end of your own product - currently you can only view it as a buyer would. I’d like to be able to, for example, edit the description from my phone if I see an error. 2. Feedback counter reset- currently it does not reset when you view new feedback, so the number is more accurately called “feedback received since installing the app” instead of “new feedback”. 3. Share functionality- it needs the ability to provide a shareable link for products. This is a huge deal for marketing. 4. Feedback- currently you cannot leave feedback at all through the app. The more accessible feedback is, the more likely it is to be provided.
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4 years ago, bearkittykaciesfcf
Limited Viewing Ability
LOVED this app when I first got it several months ago. I was legit addicted and was always on it. But I’m not sure what happened... anytime I am on the app and I do a search for what I’m looking for it will maybe show me 6-8 items that fit that search and that’s it- they just keep repeating in the same order over and over when you scroll. But when I search on the computer for the same thing... there are thousands of hits. I have really stopped using the app because I literally can’t find what I need. PLEASE change it back so that I can use the, much more convenient, app again.
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5 years ago, Gabby😃😃😃
Love this app
This app has provided many resources for my coursework especially out in the field as I am a grad sped education major at Xavier University. These resources are often free or I pay a small fee of 5 dollars or less for materials that have already been created for me which is obviously extremely helpful. However, being “a broke college student” I often find materials that I wish were priced lower or could be free such as calendars and other editable materials. I do understand that this is a side business for some teachers but maybe adding a category for students in college or a special discount for students in college is needed. Overall I have found this app and website very helpful and I continue to use it.
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3 years ago, Nickname Search Took Too Long!
GATES….GEEZ! Put purchasing back on the app!!
I’ve spent just a RIDICULOUS amount of my own money on TPT, as most of us have. Teacher salaries are just sad when you consider what we do day to day. At school AND at home, outside of work hours. BUT STILL, we are more than willing to sit out on our back patios…as our sweet husbands grill…to search, find & PURCHASE instructional material that we believe will inspire & motivate our students. CHILDREN. LIKE YOUR OWN. So. Give us a break. Allow us some patio-sitting, wine-drinking & iPhone-lesson-planning. .…call it a tax-breaking charity donation.👊🏼
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2 years ago, Abigail Hostetter
Good and bad
As a seller, I love the sale sound effects, but actions within the app are shockingly limited. In addition, as an American teaching in China, it’s a bummer that the app only works on my US iPhone. Even with a VPN on, I can’t get past the login screen on the newer iPhone that I bought in China. Even when I verify that I am not a bot, when I click Log In, I’m looped back to the login screen. Disappointing (I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app several times). This probably also means that you are limiting your market abroad, as I had similar problems when I worked in Kuwait.
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6 years ago, robinleightaylor
App is definitely improving! iPhone X trouble though...
First, I LOVE that y’all keep making improvements to the app. It gets better with every update! One thing I’d love for y’all to look into is optimizing it better for the iPhone X. When I click on a resource and then want to go back, the arrow to go back (in the top left hand corner) sometimes gets squished up under where the time is on my iPhone X, so I either have to tap it 50 times before it will go back or I have to close out of the app and go back into it and try to find where I left off.
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6 years ago, Cschival62
Update-New version is not ideal
Wow. I’ve learned from scrolling through the ratings, that Apple has rejected the buy/sell option for this app. Here’s some thoughts on that little piece of info: #1-Why not have a petition to Apple from all of the teachers who would use this function? #2-Why would Apple even be charging a 30% (or any other amt)fee to Teachers?!?! Old review- - I, too, am frustrated that we aren't allowed to purchase from the app. When away from home I could go ahead and purchase a product and then download it once I was home. Many sellers run special rates when they introduce a new product to their store. I have missed some by the updates of your app. Also, I cannot view my purchases or freebies only. They are in one big scroll down. Please listen to your target audience and change the features back to what they were before.
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2 years ago, kat2630
Wish I could purchase from my phone
I love the app - I have over 7 pages of purchases, but I like to lesson plan while waiting for my own children, when they are at practice, and having to remember to log in and buy what I stored in my wish list is just one more step in an already hectic day. One plus to not being able to purchase from my phone is it saves me from impulse buying - great for my bank account but not so great for the sellers.
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2 weeks ago, PamSmithy
Logs you out
This app is so frustrating. I've spent 30 minutes trying to find worksheets for my child, and every time I add something to my wishlist, it makes me log back in. After logging in literally 4 times just to add stuff to my wishlist, I gave up. Oh, and the most frustrating part? None of the things I saved to my wishlist were there. Don't waste your time with the app and just use your safari or internet browser. Also, a note to the creators of the app: your reviews are extremely low, and some of them are from years ago. Do you think maybe it's time to hire some professionals to fix it? 🤷🏻‍♀️
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3 years ago, Ebianchi
Getting there, but…
It’s great that I can search for things, add them to my wishlist, see my wishlist and my purchases… but why on Earth can’t I take things from my wishlist and put them in my cart? I can’t do it from the wishlist, I can’t do it if I go to the resource directly, and none of that makes sense. It makes it difficult to work remotely when the app doesn’t do the basics I need it to. At least I can add stuff to my wishlist to put in the cart on my computer later!
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2 years ago, Oceang1rlNY
Many technical probs. App needs update.
When you’re in the app you can’t share a resource without the app crashing. When you’re in the app you can’t purchase. When you’re in the app you can’t read your mail without the app crashing. App needs update. For the amount of money everything costs in TpT the app should be better. I have been a member of TpT for years I like the site the app however needs consistent updates in order to become great.
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4 years ago, grandma ash
Almost there
I love the ease of the app EXCEPT there is one huge issue. When you search for something and scroll through, after about 8 products it starts to load, and when it’s done loading it loads the same products over and over again. So you can be scrolling for hours and only be looking at 8 different products!!!! This is a major annoyance.
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4 years ago, MRL913❤️
Cannot purchase only view
I have deleted and reinstalled this app on a number of occasions and cannot understand why the ability to actually purchase something continues to go missing. App will be deleted and I will just stick to using my laptop (even though that is not always convenient) to purchase things directly from website instead of a useless app.
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2 years ago, Miller5678123
Love it!!!!
As a newbie seller, I love that I can quickly check on my account without having to log in on my computer. As a veteran buyer, If I see something I love, I can add it to my cart and checkout on my phone or laptop later. No biggie. All in all, I love this app. Thanks for your hard work in designing a TPT app.
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4 years ago, B'town Grandma
Poorly designed activities. Poorly designed website.
I saw a low review for this app, but bought a math unit anyway. The low review is justified. The activities in the math unit (Grade 3 Math Patterns) we’re very rote and did not show any creativity. The sequencing of the activities was poor with only a few examples of each skill, jumping from simple to complex in a one page worksheet and then jumping on to a new topic on the next page. The website is not user friendly. See for yourself.
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11 months ago, k.j.JR
I remember why I deleted the app years ago
There needs to be a way to view your cart and purchase items from the app. I love that I can zoom in from my phone. I like that I can share items very easily with colleagues or friends. I don’t know if it’s just me or if you can’t even see your cart on the app. Now I remember why I deleted the app years ago.
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6 years ago, store wont allow review
Latest update removed ability to purchase
I have only ever purchased through my phone. Without this capability, the site as a whole, & thus the amazing resources & content available, is useless to me. Any fees you are charging teachers to post etc, should be refunded, they are losing business. Second time this week I need something in my wish list, but can only view it.
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7 years ago, Kgalardi
Not user friendly
The app has potential, but it's annoying to use. To bother having an app it should at least: Allow for document upload from any device (not possible on iPhone) Be able to toggle between Menu items and main page without having to push the menu button. One should simply be able to touch anywhere on the screen to return to the homepage. Once feedback has been reviewed by author, the "new feedback" counter should reset to zero; it doesn't and just appears to have new feedback upon opening. Basically, if the app doesn't function as the website, it's really not that useful, considering the main point of TPT is to sell products and gain resources.
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6 years ago, Tagreal
App is very helpful
I wish like after you have purchased items that there was a icon to see those lessons that are linked so that your not paying more for linked lessons In the initial app where is the log without having to pull it up on google?
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5 years ago, reneurb22
Not what it used to be..
This is like searching through a sales ad, without being able to go to the store to make a purchase. I understand I can do this from my home computer, however I along with many others do most of our purchases through our phones. This app has become useless to me and is no longer needed on my phone.
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4 years ago, KGF6533
Limited For TPT Sellers
Nice app for making purchases and basic dashboard functions, but as a seller it leaves much to be desired. Very limited view of dashboard and no analytics available. I would like to see a more specific sales report like the version that’s available on the website, and also to be able to track your product downloads. There’s nowhere to see how many downloads your free products have received.
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5 years ago, Zoo1079
Unable to make a purchase using the app
I loved having the app because I was able to make purchases straight from the phone. This feature is gone and I see no reason to have it anymore if I find something and have to put it in my wish list then go to the computer to purchase. It’s too many steps and time consuming. Please bring back the feature to purchase on the phone.
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11 months ago, alychil25
Would love to be able to manage my sellers account
I really wish I could use the app to manage my sellers account. I can’t see my own store or any of my products. It would be great if I could edit product listings by using the app because I can’t on the website via mobile. I also feel it doesn’t show every product. It isn’t as functional as the TPT website.
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7 years ago, FittinTHISpizza
Excellent resource for upbeat learning
I love all the different options, teachers, bundles, work styles, prices, previews, and set up! The diversity is incredible. Granted you have got to know what you are wanting, but even if you don't know you can buy a whole lesson plan! Life saver for this homeschooling mom of 3 !
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5 years ago, angelblohm
Webpage is easier
I have used this website for years and love it. This app is difficult to navigate. It is hard to find what I know is there somewhere. Every time I open it, I close it and go to the website. One of the many things is that I use my iPad and don’t like apps that can only be used vertically. I didn’t know there was one till I came across it searching for something else. I didn’t need to find it.
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2 years ago, Wasa10TVappfan
Wish the app was more useful
*Update: now when I try to send something from the app it closes out the app and starts new. :( As a teacher on my feet and/or on the computer all day, I want to be able to get some things done while laying down. I wish the app was better. It currently is repeating the same 12 items over and over when I search. :(
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7 years ago, reviloamme1
Happy seller
Handy app for sellers. I enjoy looking at the graphs. The only thing I wish it had were sales details rather than “trending sales” which always just shows me the last thing that was sold. I’d like to see exactly what I’ve sold throughout the day on my phone.
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5 years ago, sbsp101tg
Not Seller Friendly
Upsides - get notifications on sales and comments, can quickly get notified if I need to hop on and fix something Downsides - cannot view my own store, only as a customer, cannot buy products on mobile I only use this app as a notification source. Uploading, editing, basically everything backend, requires me to be on desktop. Would not recommend for buyer-only users.
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6 years ago, anitacatalina2000
Keeps freezing and saying there isn’t an internet connection
Does anyone else find that the mobile app is constantly having internet connection issues? I’ve deleted and downloaded this app 3x’s to have the exact same problem as soon as I am not in my house. That really makes this app useless for me. I still love the tpt website but I am no longer a fan of the app.
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4 years ago, Wizdomseeker
Convenient, yet not.
I love being able to search for & access resources from my phone...would really like to be able to purchase through the app rather than have to only use the website. I hope this is something that can be remedied soon for TpT.
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5 years ago, Simba1972
I appreciate T p T, and the app could be great BUT it misses the most important feature: you can’t move items from your wishlist to your shopping cart for purchase. Even if you go to a teacher’s shop and click on the item to buy, it brings you back to the wishlist - so you are stuck again. The only way around it is if you leave the app behind and go straight to the T p T website, rendering the app absolutely useless. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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3 years ago, TVHK5
Why can’t I purchase?
I love the search, the wish list, all the things, but I can’t order from in the app. Ended up making wish list on the app, going into a browser, finding the wish list, adding to cart, and THEN purchasing. Would like to do from the app itself.
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5 years ago, Bcc2018
All we want to do is buy!
The whole point of an app is to be able to use it like you would the website but on your phone. I love using this app but it’s annoying to have to add something to My wish list (so I don’t lose it) and then log in on my computer to buy it. This app would be a lot more user friendly if you could purchase through the app
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1 year ago, bonnie_onpaper
Nearly Pointless.
You can’t purchase, the search and filter functions are limited, and there’s no way to simply engage with content creators. I can’t even imagine how a CC would find this to be of any value. If I am limited to using the website to actually conduct business, why have this app? Some “freebie” sample that may randomly apply to my Grade and Subject occasionally is not that big a motivator. *delete*
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11 months ago, Last minute teacher
Please bring back the purchase ability
I have used this app for quite a few years and could always look something up quick and get what I needed in the moment. Now I go round and round and can’t even buy anything. Super frustrating. Please bring back the purchasing power.
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4 years ago, APense
There’s no purpose in this.
I’d been buying lots of things from this site for the past month and decided “hey if they have an app that would be faster and easier”. They did! I downloaded it. And to my disappointment can only view products not purchase. So i can find things but then i have to leave the app and go to safari to buy. Which begs the question, what is the purpose of this app? I plan to delete it. It wastes my time.
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4 years ago, paulah.
Wish I could purchase via the app!!
TPT is a wonderful resource for teachers. However, not being able to purchase through the app is quite an inconvenience! You can see your previous purchases and add to a wish list, but it would be amazing to be able to just purchase right away!!!
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3 years ago, baltg
Great App!
I find it interesting that the most negative review from 3 Years Ago surfaces first. This app provides me with great info about my resources and sales data. I love having this info instantly available! Thanks TpT!’
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6 years ago, NYCgirlBK
Purchasing items on the App
I like the freebies that the App displays as well as how it shows sellers you follow and products you may like. I wish that I could purchase items on the app and view my cart using the app. If I want to purchase an item, I have to click out of the app and purchase in Safari or on my laptop.
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6 years ago, LAF013
This app is terrible. As a seller, I can’t really do anything except answer questions. As a buyer, I can’t buy anything. I receive notifications and then when I go to notifications inside the app it says “no notifications available”. Also, the feedback doesn’t go away. It only goes away if I respond, but I don’t want to respond to every piece of feedback. So frustrating to not have a useful app.
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5 years ago, mamawhite86
Unable to make purchases...
I love the TPT website!! However, I was totally bummed (and frustrated) that I’m not unable to make purchases on the app! There is little point to the app without the ability to purchase items right away. The creators I follow often have flash sales, which makes logging into TPT’s website such a pain! Ugh... please fix this soon!
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3 years ago, briellleeee
Could grow
Would be better if you could put activities in folders& organize your purchases easier
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5 years ago, jumpinprep
Honestly the number of features left out of this app is so puzzling to me. For one- it’s literally a shopping app that you can’t shop on, which makes no sense. But you can’t even leave feedback on purchases through the app either? It seems like someone just got tired of working on the app features and published unfinished.
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5 years ago, MegK518
I love being able to see sales and views quickly. I also like seeing new products from my favorite teacher sellers. However, as of right now my views have not updated in a week. I have made two sale in that time so know I should have some activity. Hope fixes are made soon.
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7 years ago, Kbear24
App is a Disservice to the Site
While the actual site and idea of TpT is wonderful, this app is a horrendous disappointment. Users of the app can search for products and utilize the wishlist feature, but cannot purchase, write reviews, and finding links/buttons to get to descriptions, previews, or samples is harder than pulling teeth from a rabid animal with a cavity. It's not worth it. Save yourself the trouble and use your browser to TpT. Much less frustrating.
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4 years ago, courtmy3125
Can’t search for Sellers Stores Anymore
Before you could search for store names. Now the app only allows you to search for products or videos. I liked searching store names because I would come across sellers I would normally not find. Please bring this feature back.
Show more
1 year ago, marnalish
Why can’t I purchase on the app???
Wanted to get a few dollar deals today that I saw in my email. Didn’t want to get my computer out so decided to use the app and after about 15 minutes of struggling to figure out how to purchase said deals, I realized that I can’t do it from the app. I swear I was able to before. 😒 What’s the use of the app if I can’t shop on it?!
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5 years ago, chrisss522
Not. Cool.
Your target audience is TEACHERS. TEACHERS have zero time as it is. That being said, we are CONSTANTLY on the go and, as always, working at all hours, in all places, etc. We should be able to purchase in this app. This is a complete waste of time...having to put it our my wishlist and take the time to go back in and purchase. This is incredibly disappointing and, as far as I am concerned, your app is completely USELESS.
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4 years ago, Twirlingirl
Has potential
The app is good because you can get right on to this amazing website. But it needs work. You can find things on the app but can not purchase them which defeats the purpose of using the app. The other problem I found is you can not print off the app which is another great reason to have the app.
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3 years ago, Futtin Yogi
Mobile ordering
I wish that I could order from my phone! My district won’t give us access to your website due to security so I have to come home and order on my personal laptop! This doesn’t help when I need access when I am planning at school! Please fix this!
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