Teddy Ruxpin

3 (159)
1772.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
AnimangaPLUS Corp.
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teddy Ruxpin

3.04 out of 5
159 Ratings
2 years ago, LF0D
OK, but could have been more
For the app, it was a pain adding the new stories. For the Teddy Ruxpin product, it should have at least included all the original stories... not a lot of stories for this toy.
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2 years ago, Foxythepirate12
Love Teddy!
I love this app and the illiop himself! I found my Teddy at an antique shop in perfect working condition(he was missing the mask though) and immediately fell in love with him. I also have an original Teddy who doesn’t fully work(the eyes and mouth don’t move) but that’s pretty normal. I think it would also be great if we had Grubby. I know that there’s the hug and sing Grubby but I mean if we had an actual Grubby to go with Teddy. I don’t really know if they would connect by the port on Teddy’s back or if they would connect by Bluetooth but I still think it would be cool to have him. One thing that I’ve noticed is the fact that there’s only been one type of Grubby made. They didn’t make one for the Playskool Teddy, the Yes Teddy, the Backpack Teddy, or Baby Teddy either(although they planned to.) I know you guys don’t make the toys but I think Wicked Cool Toys should hear this. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Ywgd
New Stories Don’t Work without computer
I paid for new stories. They wouldn’t play on Teddy. Every time I went to the Library on the app they show as locked. I would unlock them every time and tap sync to Teddy. Nothing. I contacted customer support and they told me I would have to download the new books to a computer then sync them to teddy via usb. Which is fine but this should be explained within the app because when I purchased the previous book bundle through the app, I did not have to do this. Very confusing and caused unnecessary frustration. It may say this in the manual but considering we’ve had teddy for almost 2 years now and no books have had to be loaded this way, most people won’t have the manual anymore. Also you can’t select a specific book in the app to play. My son has his favorites and it’s annoying to have to cycle through every story to try to get to the one he wants each time.
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5 years ago, PwnsaurusRex
Teddy Ruxpin has to be reset and played with to work right
The stories work, but anyone who complains about them not working didn’t read the manual, you have to attach teddy to the computer and manually add the stories to his database to get them to work ( only needs to be done on new stories released after teddy hit the shelf) My 1 year old absolutely loves teddy, watches the story and watches teddy, tries to give teddy her pacifier.... super cute! The only issue I have is sometimes you have to turn teddy off and reset the app to get them to sync..... mild annoyance... and the fact that you can’t fast forward or rewind the stories is another annoyance.... but besides those two issues I am happy with him I had Teddy Ruxpin when I was a kid and I am so happy I can share him with my daughter
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4 years ago, Sonya.trinidad
Technology Lacking Advancement
So far I am very disappointed with App and the manufacturer. Considering how much Teddy Ruxpin costs, I expected this app performance and accessibility to be, at least, up to date and with our current times. It feels like this app is so behind the times with basic and current technology. There are buttons on the app that you can’t even use. They are just stationary and empty on the screen. Also, considering that using the app is a pivotal part, in the full “New Generation Teddy Ruxpin” experience, it’s really disappointing that it does not work properly. I purchased 5 stories but only 1 will work. I have called several times and left several messages to get assistance with this error. But I have yet to receive a call back or reply. I love the idea of offering a classic toy to our new generation. I love the classic feel and the simplicity of the toy and stories. I want to give this app five stars. But something needs to change. I feel like i’ve been ripped off and that the creators of this toy care more about the money than they do the people buying the product.
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5 years ago, 3Under3Club
Problems downloading
I had the same issue as the previous user about the new stories not showing up—I emailed customer service and they got back the next day. FYI you need to get the zip file with the stories downloaded onto Teddy from the website, then unlock them with the app. Go to the FAQ for Teddy for the file and the instructions. Which makes sense because all the prior stories were preloaded—the new ones aren’t so they’ve got to be loaded onto him. Not the best system, but my children love him so the extra effort is worth it.
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1 year ago, Drzwart
Beware of this bear, do not purchase stories!
The manufacturer of Teddy Ruxpin is no longer supporting the interface between story purchases and the toy. You need to download the stories on a computer and link via micro USB in order to upload the stories to Teddy. Unfortunately the website that is supposed to be this interface is offline. If you purchase stories you WILL NOT be able to access them or use them and you WILL lose your money for the purchase. Hopefully there is future support for people who still want to purchase stories but until then our daughter will remain disappointed in Teddy :(
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5 years ago, Faith&Misery
Needs improvement but still great!
I really love the idea of the updated Teddy Ruxpin. The eyes are cool, it def keeps the attention of my daughter. At first I thought the new books should automatically download once purchased on the app but it turns out you need to download the books from the website and add them by connecting Teddy to your computer. Super easy. But I wish the app would automatically add them to Teddy. The extra step is annoying. Also Teddy should have come with the micro cable.
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5 years ago, Alexa Alexa Alexa integration
Make voiceover accessible in the app
Do not force me to contact customer service make an update oh Terry Big mistake I can’t believe in 2017 Teddy rocks been it’s the end of the airship it does it play come and discover the world with me so please add that at the end of the second book the Deerstand do not force me to contact service This app needs to have voiceover I thought I would enjoy this app until I knew that there was no voiceover please update very soon
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2 years ago, elijah apollon
Last story corrupted
I finally got the last 3 stories. The 1st 2 worked (along with the others from year one), but when I tried to play the last one (Grundo springtime singtime), the bear played this staticky sound and the eyes froze. I tried pressing the hand again, but to no avail. I don’t want to completely disassemble my bear to find the problem so what should I do??? Please help…😢😢😢
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6 years ago, Mom24monsters
I paid $15 for new books and can’t even put them on the bare
They came out with new books for the bear, updated the app, and didn’t even make sure that it works. I paid $15 for new books, and can’t even put them on the bear. Thanks a lot! We waited for nothing! Don’t charge a small fortune for things he can’t even put on the bare! Oh, and forget about trying a different device, because the in-app purchases aren’t family shareable. I think they checked her Facebook page once a month in reply to comments too, so I don’t expect a quick resolution.
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3 years ago, CLA-21
Website is gone!!
I bought Teddy Ruxpin three years ago when my daughter was born. A nostalgic toy from my childhood. She is now at the age of loving Teddy and his stories and the website to download/sync more books to Teddy is completely gone! The app works fine with the three included but DON’T try to buy or download the other books on the app because it won’t work without the website and your child will end up so disappointed!!
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5 years ago, Wammyboy
Not optimized for iPhone X
The buttons on the screen don’t work half the time, if you purchased one book you can no longer purchase the bundle and save money. That connects quickly to Teddy Ruxpin and when it does work it’s great. Developer needs to update this app to work well with iPhone X and ensure the app is working and functioning correctly. Update: App is still not optimized for new iPhones. Purchased a bundle of books and they will not sync to the bear. Other reviews are not kidding. Purchases will not sync no matter what you do.
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4 years ago, ZacAttack1
Works for us! No issues.
I’m not sure what all the negative reviews are for. If you follow the instructions that came with Teddy everything works. I admit, you may need to be a bit more tech savvy than most, but if you know how to download files, transfer them to the bear, then all is well. My younger kids love Teddy!
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3 years ago, Tarcotti
My daughter is so upset
I grew up with Teddy Ruxpin and had one with the cassette tape. It was awesome. I stupidly got rid of it. Old technology is best, because now that the website suddenly disappeared, I can no longer get new stories! Old cassettes were so easy. You don’t have to worry about websites or up to date tech. My daughter was really upset because we knew we could connect to the app and all that but it doesn’t work. Thanks a lot.
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2 years ago, JehSK-21
New stories won’t play
I purchased all the new books, but only 1 will play. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m willing to pay again for the ones that don’t work, but now I can’t find them anywhere online. A vey frustrating version of a wonderful classic. The cassette tapes were much easier and better.
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5 years ago, Bransee
Purchased additional stories that won’t play
I bought all available additional stories packages (2 separate package purchases), but the last 4 stories (from the second package offer) out of the entire 14 (located in the “more stories” tab will not play; and only the first ten stories from the first package I purchased will play. I need a refund on that 4 story package, but I could not find an email or contact info to inquire.
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4 years ago, WestTenn5
Used in iPhone app. Perfect experience.
Worked perfectly fine through iPhone app and Bluetooth. No trouble. Expanded library easily on first attempt.
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6 years ago, Audrerb25
I Just received Teddy as a gift for my 4 yr old daughter. She is a complete awe with him and loves the bear however the app keeps freezing and I have yet to be able to make it work.
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3 years ago, 😵🤢😷🤑🤮🤒
I do this
How long do I have to wait for the loading screen to connect to my Teddy
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5 years ago, jaclark327!
Nothing but issues
This has trouble connecting and loses connection way to often. I deleted the app to reinstall it to see if it would work and now it won’t even load. I purchased multiple things on this app and now I can’t even access it. This needs to be made so it can work independently.
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5 years ago, Yoyoma777777777
This app and bear are worthless!
I bought my kids a teddy Ruxpin since I had one as a kid and holy cow was it pricey! On top of the $100 price tag for the actual bear, this app is where they really get ya. You only get three books free and only one seems to play on our bear through the app. It crashes often and always has connection problems.
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12 months ago, Can't connect iPad or phone
Teddy loses purchased books
The app constantly misbehaves and every time Teddy’s batteries die he forgets download books and they show as locked in the library. I have bought the Christmas book and lullaby book three times! I told my daughter sorry I’m not buying them again.
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2 years ago, Cheer3657
Can’t even download because…
This app takes up about 2GB of space and judging by the other reviews it doesn’t even work properly. How do you sell a bear for almost $200 when the main component to change the stories doesn’t even work!!!
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5 years ago, Debbicia
Mutt soon loved it but it's not easy to set up.
I've now purchased all the books twice trying to get the ones that day other books but won't let me but then, download or access them. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Shaunteckno
Please include voiceover support
I have an almost 2-year-old nephew who would love this bear. I am visually impaired, so I therefore use the screen reader called voice over. This app does not work at all with voiceover, and it really should. Please fix this as soon as possible.
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4 years ago, Ricky4788
Fix it!
Please fix it and allow us to pick the book we want teddy to read. I buy books and can’t select to have him read them. How annoying.
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5 years ago, dkmkem
Sad boy
We paid for a bundle of stories, none of which the bear will read when connected with. So we are stuck hearing the same 3 stories on an $80 bear. Awesome. The app is very very outdated and freezes often. There is a help tab which has never once opened to give us help.
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5 years ago, TCSBGDADY
So so
Can’t get new content to sync to bear. Tired of the same three stories. Ready to pay for more but won’t until sync is fixed.
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5 years ago, cdn13
Can’t listen to new stories
Purchased a new pack of stories, but app is unresponsive when I try to select them. The help button is also completely unresponsive. All that the app will do is play the pre-installed 4 stories when they’re started by pressing Teddy’s paw.
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4 years ago, 7Dwarves1
Works only sometimes
If you try to sync to iPads to the bear, it’ll crash the app on one of the iPad. Sometimes the app will give a low battery error message when it works, but both iPad and bear have been charged or have new batteries.
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2 years ago, dahlia dolls
I love teddy so much
I want a teddy ruxpin for my birthday. He is so very cute 🥰
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5 years ago, Fraustrated Dad
Terrible Experience
Do not purchase any story from the app!!! It is a big pain in the grubby!!! Seriously the most annoying, frustrating, incredibly poor planned system. Never again!
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5 years ago, FNAFmatt
App not syncing purchases
Whatever was done to the update really messed up the app. Now past purchases have to be constantly re-unlocked and new purchases won't sync. Fix it!!
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6 years ago, FSWQUUy
My 80’s teddy ruxpin was more impressive
After following the instructions to download new stories via the website AND the app, multiple times, can’t get any new stories on the bear. Not happy. Expensive toy to play 3 stories.
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5 years ago, interconnect
Worst App I’ve Seen In A Long Time
I hardly ever write reviews, but had to for this one. This is the worst app ever! Buttons don’t work, stories don’t sync to Teddy, icons for the stories are way too small; it’s a mess. The size of the app is insane... 1.8 GB, seriously?!
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5 years ago, CherylBombshell17
The app is crap and Teddy broke within a year.
The app just has a black screen most of the time. And won't connect to Teddy. Biggest waste of money. Teddy basically broke before even having him 1 year.
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5 years ago, gwawh
Can’t get app to sync with beat
Bought the bear thinking I would be able to download app for more stories, songs, etc. Tried several times to pair bear with the app on my smartphone....,nothing!!!
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6 years ago, Ropa Sucia
New stories won’t sync
I paid and downloaded the new stories. They aren’t syncing with teddy and it’s really annoying. Why pay for new content when it doesn’t work. Please fix this!!
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3 years ago, Oktidepod
Love it.
My son loves Teddy Ruxpin, and I’m glad we invested in this.
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5 years ago, starkbot
Volume on New Books is Ridiculously Quiet
Come on guys. The volume on the new books is half that of the originals, which were already quiet. You definitely need to fix this.
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4 years ago, Baggataway
Can’t Connect
I cannot even connect- let alone the other issues that everyone talks about ONCE they’ve connected. Tried on different versions of iPhones & iPads...no dice.
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2 years ago, Katie Bowles
Don’t buy additional content
This app does not work well. Don’t buy additional content. It is either corrupted or cannot be accessed.
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3 years ago, Jstanisz
Website doesn’t exist anymore
No way to add stories you purchase as the website no longer exists. Very upsetting.
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2 years ago, khsquared2022
Takes your money
I paid for the new book bundle and they do not work with the doll. I paid for nothing.
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5 years ago, Wowwee Fan
New Stories Not Working.
I wanted to warn anyone who wants to buy the new stories. I bought one and it doesn’t even work! Don’t waste $5 on the new ones because theirs no point. You have been warned. O-O
Show more
3 years ago, rhinomh
Don’t do the app!!!
Since trying app our teddy is now stuck going hello hello hello then the eyes turn in to bars going down them. Teddy is dead thanks to this app.
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4 years ago, zitofx
Wasted money
I bought a bundle and downloaded them synced them to bear then I go to play a story and they don’t show up on the teddy like they aren’t even there.
Show more
5 years ago, TweetyC82
I want my money back!!!
I purchased the song from the library in the teddy ruxpin. It shows it’s unlocked but will not play it!! I want a refund!!!
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5 years ago, magnoliasmommy
Bought books and won’t go on bear
I paid for 4 books and they won’t go onto the bear it is ridiculous.
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