Teen Driving Log

4.3 (146)
11.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
NerdsGeeksGurus, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Teen Driving Log

4.26 out of 5
146 Ratings
6 years ago, Kararific
Very good BUT it needs...
I’m glad I purchased this app, at first it did everything I wanted/needed. However, after several used I got frustrated with myself. I FORGET TO STOP THE APP WHEN WE ATE DONE DRIVING! I’ve let it run for 172 hours or something. Thankfully the app lets change the start and end time. My wish for an update is give pop-up reminders “Are you still driving?” or “Teen Driving app is still running” and maybe allow us to set a timer at different intervals. 15, 30... or even by the minute. I would sure appreciate that addition!
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5 years ago, Cass Nick
It’s a MUST!!!
This is a PRICELESS app!!! The $1.99 price that I paid is a steal! Anyone who can read at a third grade level can easily use this app. If you forget to start a trip, you can add one after the fact. You can delete logged events by swiping left if you used the incorrect date, etc. It’s that much of an up-to-date app. It has prompting options for skills practiced in drop down lists so that you don’t have to type every skill over and over. The Notes section is a bonus! It allows you to add ANY details you want. I use it like a diary to record the route driven, improvements since last trip, anything to work on next trip, specific suggestion(s) I gave my son for that trip, any special events that occurred such as “******* drove to Bamboo Ridge where he did everything for getting gas and paying for it (with my debit card)” and so on. Yes, it would be nice to sync with another device, but that is cost prohibitive for the developers. All you and your teen driver need to do is use the BACKUP driving log option and send the updated driving data to one of your email addresses and then compile the info in ONE spreadsheet (that you’ll likely need to print and take to your DOT for proof of driving time and skills practiced). It’s truly FUN to log my son’s driving practice events using this app!!! If you’re looking for an app to log your teen driver’s practice experiences, LOOK NO MORE! This really is THE ONE!!!
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5 years ago, Air_Anneke
Perfect For Working Towards A Drivers License
Let me start off by saying that I love this app! The way that you track your hours while driving is perfect because you can start the timer when you drive and end it when you’re done. And within the log of that drive you can put who you were driving with, what roads you were driving on, if there was weather, and what skills you worked on. It’s a great app over all and I’m very impressed that it is so detailed. 5/5 stars!
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4 years ago, lil ruiz
Very easy to use but I forget to turn it off
I got this app so could easily keep track of my driving instead of writing it all down and I think it’s very helpful. Sometimes I leave it on but I usually just estimate the time it probably took me to make the trip. Something that could be fixed is you could add something to help me remember to turn it off because that would be super helpful!!
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7 years ago, Mmmvfdjjon
Good driving log
I really like this app. I wasn't sure about buying an app since there were many free ones but this is worth the money. It has a timer so you just need to start and stop it and it makes a log entry with the time. Later you can go back and enter in specifics who was with the driver, day or night, weather etc... Very easy and best of all it produces a table with all the information that you can send via email .
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8 months ago, VA stress free
Very helpful with logging hours
I searched quite awhile to find an app that could help us keep track of our teens driving hours. This one was the best. It was easy to log the hours, add who accompanied your teen, weather conditions, and what skills they worked on. The back up printouts were perfect. I especially loved the summary hours that we needed for our County. Highly recommend.
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1 year ago, DutchessOfDarren
So glad I got this!
I downloaded several other free apps to try to track my teens driving, but none were able to encompass everything I wanted to capture each time she drives. You know, I need to know what we do, encounter, etc. so I know that she’s ready for the real road. No other app allowed me to customize each drive and experience like this one does. It’s great! Highly recommend!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Professor Golgi
Great little app!
Tried a bunch of different apps to keep track of my daughter’s driving hours and this was the best by far! Definitely worth the couple dollars it cost me. Easy to use, reminds you every 10 drives to send your log to your email, offers lots of different options with regard to recording conditions, skills practiced etc.
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3 years ago, KCKPiperMom
Not backing-up, difficult to decide share
While I’ve spent $2.00 is worse ways this app is not worth the hassle. I tried to back-up and it says to go to device settings to enter an email...even though the email is right there on the same page as that message. Went to device settings and Teen Driving Log isn’t showing as an app...umm..ok. 😕 It isn’t easy to save times or dates either - which is why I tried the back-up to begin with. The app is not very intuitive. Get a paper and pen and write a log out yourself and keep it in glove box. It might not save you $2 but it will save you A LOT of frustration!
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5 years ago, almquist1623
Phone died. All records LOST!!
We love this app. My daughter used it for all of her driving and was finished. All she needed to do was print out the driving records and go take her exam. But before she got it done her phone died. She bought a new phone, put the same app on the phone, and realize the information is not saved anywhere other than the phone itself. So all records were lost. She spent hours fabricating her driving time. It was a huge fiasco and I would find an app that actually saves the information somewhere other than just on the phone itself. In hindsight, an old fashion paper and pen would’ve been a better idea.
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3 years ago, CafeMujere
3 Children DONE with Driver’s Ed!!!
This App was very useful to conveniently and easily track the driving hours for all 3 children Very user-friendly. Yes, I did forget to stop the timer a few drives - but easily input the correct info. Most often, we just went back and manually input drive time rather than using the timer. Highly recommend
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3 years ago, WendySueU
This app is fantastic. Yes…. Sometimes you forget to turn it off after driving, but there is a very easy editing tool to correct when that happens (and keep in mind that is USER error). I’m now using this with my youngest son after using it with his older brother and I highly recommend this app. Really simplified the process for me.
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5 years ago, Cagey49
Great way to log driving time, excellent customer support
My son and I love using this user-friendly app to track his time logged behind the wheel. I initially had issues exporting the data (didn’t realize my email account was not linking). I sent an email to customer service and they responded within minutes with step by step instructions. Very impressed!!
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5 years ago, Scrappermomtg
Great App
I was a little skeptical about the app, but it truly is an awesome app. The reason that I haven’t given it 5 stars is because I (for some reason) am not getting the emails with my sons driving log. We back it up ever so often to make sure we don’t loose the info, but when you try to email the info, it doesn’t. The app is honestly a 5 star app. This is my only concern for not giving it the last star.
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5 years ago, Julianna0415
Wish it did more
I like the fact that you can track so many driving details. And I was excited you send a log to yourself. Except, I just discovered after 10 days of tracking, it only sends you the number of hours and minutes your teen has driven! That does us zero good because Texas requires we log all the details of how he meets all the requirements. So now I have to transfer all my individual drive time details we tracked into the paper, which was exactly what I was trying to avoid by purchasing this app.
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3 years ago, creedavis
Good just one issue
The app is very good at keeping track of your time. I just don’t think it is worth $2 for this app. The way to program this app is extremely simple and could be done in under 30 mins. But if you don’t care about the cost then you should get the app.
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4 years ago, pluthb0321
Overall This is a perfect app for logging kids hours. The only thing I wish is that we could separate into 2 different drivers and also share our app information with another phone. My hubby and I share driving time and I end up having to go back in and log her hours she’s had with him.
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6 years ago, AmericanGirl1977
Should automatically map route and give distance
So, three stars… I like everything about this app except the fact that it does not automatically calculate distance and there is no map to show where we went during our lessons. I am having to use two separate apps. Not fun! The only reason I continue to use this app to log driving time is because I paid for it. If it were free I would’ve deleted it.
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7 years ago, Slawson66
Great app for parents of learners!
I haven't found anything about this app that I don't like. If I could have anything I want it would be like Udrive where it knew when you started and when you stopped and then graded your driving as well as keeping up with miles and time. But I just use both and it works well.
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4 years ago, XExiledStormX
Literally the best spent few bucks in my life. Makes logging driving hours a breeze! App allows you to edit the time you drove, passenger, weather, skills practiced, road conditions, and distance traveled. As a plus, you can backup your log to your email in a spreadsheet format. No doubt, this app is a must have!
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5 years ago, mcsjean
New update ruined it.
The app was exactly what I needed for logging my daughter’s drive times, and I was really happy with it. Unfortunately, there was an update, and now everything is invisible in the log. I can’t edit, add, or specify road conditions, etc. because everything is either grayed out or just... not there. I tried deleting the app and downloading it again, but it deleted the entire log. Luckily I had exported the info to an email, so I still have a record, but it didn’t fix the problem. It’s awful. Please fix!
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5 years ago, ChouForNow
Great for logging trips!
Being a student driver at the time of writing this, this app is helpful for me. Instead of writing it down, I can enter in seconds my time, what I practiced, and how far I traveled all in under 30 seconds. I also love the timer feature, so you can log the most accurate trip.
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7 years ago, devinhedge
Pretty decent app for the money
The app navigation is a little dated and clunky. It does a good job with the options in helping me the parent remember all the things I need to train my student driver on that I take for granted. I love the timer and notes sections, too. App needs to be updated to use latest versions of the Apple SDK. It would be great if I could sync across devices. The date feature request has been addressed in another post.
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5 years ago, !!yes!!
Can’t print driving log or submit an email about it
When I started using the app, I thought it was perfect until after several logged drives I found out that the state of Washington requires a hard copy of the log. There is no print or email option that I can find in the app so now all drives have to be transferred to paper. I also tried to submit feedback which was having issues, so here I am. Good app if you do not have to turn in a hard copy to DOL. Can’t recommend for drivers in Washington state.
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6 years ago, Fitkat3120
Love it!!!!
I love this app. It made it so easy to keep track of my daughter's driving hours. We didn't have to record any hand written entries and everything is downloaded right to my email on a spreadsheet so I could sent it directly to her driver's Ed teacher. Thank you so much!!! So worth the $1.99 I paid and more.
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6 years ago, DOB1829
Good App
Easy to use but comprehensive. I would really love an upgrade that enables us to copy a previous log. For instance, my son drives us to his school every day. It would make it so much easier if I could just copy the previous day’s log instead of doing each one from scratch. Just a suggestion.
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5 years ago, Chrisb121
Good app BUT
The backup feature is not working for me. This would be fine if I didn’t have to send my data to my drivers ed teacher through email. I enter my email address and then press back now, but it doesn’t work when I check my email.
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6 years ago, Bgarduno358
Great app
The app makes my logs super easy to complete and allows me to put in any kind of driving I completed in a certain session. The support for the app is amazing and super helpful. Everything is easy to log and I definitely recommend this app for logging your driving!
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6 years ago, nebraskamom
Great Driving App
I used this for my son when he needed 50 hours driving time in order to get his license, and I’ll use it with my other kids. It’s easy to use and makes it convenient to keep track of driving. I highly recommend this.
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6 years ago, Dustyn99
Easy to use
This app was awesome for us. I like the easy to use tabs, and being able to make notes of things for the kids to work on. We will definitely use this for the rest of the kids as they get older.
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5 years ago, gdhdjfkisjsjdjaijshdhj
Pretty good
I think it’s a good app, I just think there should be a way to put in amount of time instead of, or as well as start and end time, for time that has already been logged.
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5 years ago, 4 see
Excellent and easy to use
Simple and straight forward, yet sufficient. Tried a few others, this one is best. We all forgot to start or stop logging, but it is super simple to edit. Easy to print and take to DMV as a record.
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7 years ago, Kennyx242
Makes tracking your time so much easier than trying to remember and writing it down on a piece of paper. Just copy and paste it to your paper after you're done driving
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4 years ago, crystall baby
Really good to track types of driving and weather. A notification or a lockscreen reminder to turn it off would be nice. I have left it running for a looong time. The summary is nice also. Over all ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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6 years ago, GER1303
Worth every penny
Worth the money. The condition and skills tracking is worthwhile. It automatically created a log entry with a start/stop button and the log can be exported to an .xls file for submission to driver's Ed.
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6 years ago, 63203957
Does not total the hours properly
The app seems to log the individual trips properly but the summary does not add up properly. Every one of the trips we have logged is in 5 minute increments yet the total time somehow shows the total hours and 16 minutes. Doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to have that add up correctly before charging someone for an app.
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6 years ago, icecube565
Not Modern or Up to Date
This app is good and all, but it looks like it was made during iOS6 and never got updated. I was just expecting more from an app in which I paid $2 for.
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5 years ago, Roady'o
All you need
Easy to track hours and monitor the basic records needed for your young driver. Computes your times and does a nice job of organizing data. Accountability.
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7 years ago, Mom5469
This was awesome and easy to track drive time. When we walked in to get the license with our excel spreadsheet detailing all of the practice hours, the DMV employee was impressed with the detail.
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6 years ago, Readrc
Need to be able to track more than one driver.
I like this app, but have twins and they are both learning to drive.
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5 years ago, Reviewed By Paul
Review Notes
Installed on an Iphone 11 pro - ios 13.1.3 - No gps auto tracking but allows you to track the details of each drive once you complete a drive - developer stated it won’t have the gps feature - in order to use the email backup feature you must have an email in the iPhone mail app
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6 years ago, Curlyyyma
Love it
I love the app. Definitely worth the money. The only thing I would say is spicy up the look of the app.
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7 years ago, Cinbad61
Easy to use
This app is super easy. Highly recommend.
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7 years ago, JDMJesdav26
Perfect way to track the hours!
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5 years ago, BoMan99
Needs updates
Great BUT, need to add functionality for selectable drivers, automatically recording map and miles and ability to stop recording automatically
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6 years ago, TexanKR
Disappointed on one function
Can’t tune total number of hours down to the hour... only 5 hr increments. Texas only requires 32 Daytime hours, but can’t adjust.
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6 years ago, arcticblast66
No gps. It’s a stopwatch with features.
No Gps. This does not track the miles driven or map where you drive. You have to record the miles using your odometer. Essentials this is a stopwatch.
Show more
5 years ago, Mstori880
Thank you for fixing
Working great again!!
Show more
7 years ago, M932011
Needs mile log!!
I like the time track and all but mileage log needs to be a thing
Show more
6 years ago, Sharijoy7
Lost several entries
I have no idea how much driving my son had done. Several very detailed entries just disappeared. Back to using a paper log. :(
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