Telegraph Herald

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Telegraph Herald

4.59 out of 5
189 Ratings
4 years ago, GregCusack43
A wonderful app for a superb regional newspaper!
I lived in NE Iowa for ten years, which is how I became acquainted with this fine newspaper. Immediately after moving to Oregon I purchased a digital subscription so that I could keep in touch with my home state. This paper is attractively laid-out, does a great job covering the tri-state area, and its use of colorful graphics and beautiful photos enhances the information-delivering ability of this paper. Highly recommended!
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5 months ago, Pdeegee
TH Online is great!
The TH online is easy to navigate, easy to see for my aging eyes, consistently delivered on time, and no clutter when I’m finished reading it. Also, I can share articles or cartoons with friends, print out a copy of anything I want to keep, and go back into past issues at any time.
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4 years ago, Alex Brainerd
Emailing articles not allowed!
While there were some improvements with the new version (e.g., when it unexpectedly returns to the app home screen, it mostly remembers which page I had been reading and returns me there instead of making me scroll through every page to get back to the right place), the loss of ability to share articles by email is a *big problem. Why offer “share” when the methods (like the Notes app) are practically useless?
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3 years ago, jan/lynn
TH Review
As a 75 year old female it sometimes takes a few attempts to grasp new ventures. My husband and I sat in our comfy recliners and read and discussed the morning paper every day for years now! Well, imagine a change in plans led us to get on board with new habits - yes, reading Monday edition online. My word, the hubby only knew Candy Crush game on our desktop computer! Now the old “hog” can’t stop his daily routine SURFING - starting with the TH morning edition. Bless him for expanding his world - and then curses for making me buy a Samsung tablet so now I can enjoy my daily TH. Ain’t life great? Expand your world! P.S. our 10 yr old granddaughter helped us get all set up.
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2 years ago, Fall246
Love on-line viewing & opportunity to look back at editions, but would like to see those red circles covering article headlines reduced in size. Makes it very difficult to read article headlines. Maybe some other type of symbol
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2 years ago, EDBQ
App Review
Enjoy using the app, especially when we are out of town. The only criticism I dare mention is its inability to remain stationary if I have to leave the app. When I return, it resets. Probably cannot be helped, but somewhat annoying to have to search for the page where I was.
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1 month ago, BSZ123
Easy to use & glad because it’s part of my daily routine
Easy to navigate. I enjoy the various ways that the app allows me to view this important local content.
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3 years ago, Free777!!!
Washington Post west
It is to bad we can not get UNBIASED reporting. At one time newspapers provided that. But that was long ago! Almost without exception your articles reporting on issues in America and even around the world are directly from the Washington Post. I would ask that you begin or return to providing articles from both sides of the issues and allow your readers to make decisions on the proper course of action. Thank you
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1 year ago, Comics First Geezer
As a card carrying geezer I fear that even I may live to see the demise of print media we know it. I have begun to embrace reading the TH on my phone and hope that will endure. I have been reading the TH for 55+ years. Keep up the good work! Bruce Kraus Belmont, WI
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9 months ago, Artistic viewer
TH online
Love every morning checking in on my iPad or my cell phone. Sometimes I want to revisit an article or check a time when an event is happening. It is always at my fingertips.
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3 years ago, buqueboy
Keeping Up on KeepingUp
The TH Mobile app makes reading the new so easy and so fast. I don’t have to wait my turn to read the paper; I just have to open my iPad. I highly recommend the mobile TH! Jim Maddox
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3 years ago, JYDYDY
Easy to navigate
TH Online is easy to navigate. The navigation commands are somewhat different on an iPhone than on an iPad, but the site-helps are easy to figure out.
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4 years ago, I'm,monkey
Easy to navigate!
I enjoy how you have the two options of reading that he addition or just growing the most current news.
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3 years ago, cabinnutty
Crossword Puzzle
The only criticism I have of the puzzles is once you leave them to look at another site, you lose them and have to start over. I also do puzzles in USA Today and that doesn’t happen. If there is a way that you could fix that, please do.
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4 months ago, mardo29
Great paper on line
We love having the TH online because we can read it anywhere in the world at any time.
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4 years ago, Shop Ape
The Herald
All in all, the Telegraph Herald is one of the best newspapers In the upper Midwest. It has many fine columns and very good coverage of the region. I believe it’s fair and impartial. However, I’m a little disappointed that the house of the week has been taken away in the Sunday paper. My wife and I like to critique the designs, and if we like one, we would print it out for future consideration. We believe we have maybe one more house in us to build. Other than that, keep up the good work!
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3 weeks ago, dude8431
App has improved considerably
Like the app, dupaco pop up is still very annoying, but probably pays well.
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1 year ago, KB02!#
TH App
I love having the info on my phone! We get the paper each day, but it is nice to get current news as it happens! Thanks!
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3 years ago, Chief2013
Telegraph Herald
I enjoy this app reading the daily news. I find it convenient to use and easy to get around on the app.
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7 months ago, Frankatdbqcanvas
Some times it will not load a new edition
Sometimes it will not load the latest edition. It may be an hour or two behind its normal time.
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4 years ago, joanie from dubuque
TH Online
When away from Dubuque, TH Online allows me to keep tabs on my home community with the easy, user-friendly application. Thank You
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1 year ago, 41babe
I just enjoy having access to read my local newspaper wherever I am.
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3 years ago, Casita252
I touch
I live in the PNW and still don’t connect like I do to DBQ. My daughter lives in Peosta so I visit every year. I can follow what is happening and the articles are well written.
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4 years ago, Patsiejo
Easy to Use
The newspaper is easy to read even on my tablet or phone. I would not want to go back to a paper edition ever!
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4 years ago, luiowa
Read it everyday. My husband who has a eye problem. Likes to listen to the articles on your app.
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2 years ago, mdxchx
Just took the TH on a trip out to NY. Loved to stay informed about my city through you paper. It’s all I need.
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2 years ago, Bwoody3
Best way to stay informed
The go-to app for news in our community.
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3 years ago, bitsotb
First read in the AM
Really enjoy reading the TH first thing with my coffee. Great reporters, especially calling out the Governor’s office faulty COVID statistics.
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4 years ago, POSprogram
Local news
Formatting is a bit odd, but it works to deliver the news. Like the email updates.
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4 years ago, frentress
Sign in
Quite often we have to sign . My wife e mailed you and NO ONE took time to answer her concerns , WHY ??? Your response is like the pony express. Get with it and reply to her e mail of Sep 20 th . Very disappointed and the newspaper is getting thinner and thinner and we are paying the same HIGH price . Dennis Gansemer
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4 years ago, papken1
Home time news
It’s good to read about the home town
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4 months ago, Aswinwi
Great app
Easy to use. Great way to read online edition.
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4 years ago, S.Wooden
Full newspaper
A newspaper app that actually reprints the full paper, not a random smattering of articles and links.
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3 years ago, tai tai cookie mom
We enjoy the TH both hard copy and e copy Well done Easy to use
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3 years ago, Dbq dude
Best way to read the TH!
The eEdition on my tablet is my favorite way to read the TH.
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2 years ago, Ramjet40
TH app
Really enjoy reading the TH on my I pad.I still enjoy the paper but it’s great to have it on the iPad too.
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4 years ago, KMA19
Timely Local News
So nice to have a local paper with tri-state news. I love the app; no papers to recycle.
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4 years ago, JoBuggy
Love TH Digital
I love having access to the TH on my IPad, no paper to recycle and the update stories as needed
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2 years ago, Gep138
Very Happy
No glitches!
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3 years ago, Rudocat
Not easy
Great work providing sports coverage to the Tri-State area!
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4 years ago, nthiese
Telegraph Herald
Easy to use and works well
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1 year ago, Boxdodger
Enjoy reading at my leisure.
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5 years ago, ihtrux
What the hell is going on? Do U not test ap before U change from old 2 new! An email or some type of warning would have helped! It is 12:42 PM & I still don’t have it open! “HELP” Have a service Rep call me! Jay D Kolker
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3 years ago, Fuzzyone1234
TH paper
App is very easy to use
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3 years ago, Bumpandabeer
Good app
I like reading the E-edition.
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5 years ago, Finljj
App will not allow log in - states email already taken and does not recognize new password! A joke!
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5 years ago, Stockguru3
Beautiful icon but that’s all you get
My iPad screen fills up with the new icon frozen on the full screen. Not a very good or useful app!
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4 years ago, Adele'sDaughter
TH Online
Love hometown news!
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5 years ago, Mesanti
App won’t open.
Why can’t someone figure out what’s wrong with this app and FIX it?
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3 years ago, HRBR2
TH on line is wonderful
I love it — I can read the TH wherever I am! Keep up the good Work! Thanks, Jane Greenfield
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