Telemundo: Series y TV en vivo

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NBCUniversal Media, LLC
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Telemundo: Series y TV en vivo

4.63 out of 5
181.5K Ratings
5 years ago, Exatlon Fan
App & Video On Demand
I got the app to watch Exatlon because since you started Telemundo On Demand I can’t watch it on my laptop. I get a message that my TV subscription does not include this channel, note that Telemundo is a local channel. My provider is AT&T U-Verse. Sometimes, I can watch the program on my phone but other times I get the same message as for Telemundo On Demand. I deleted the app and installed it again and it worked until the next day when I have to repeat the same process.
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5 years ago, -K :)
Crashes, commercials, and oversights
I love Telemundo but this app has been nothing but a headache. The amount of commercials is annoying on its own but on top of that every time the app crashes I have to re watch all the commercials all over again. And it’s been crashing like every 4 episodes or so. This app also does a horrible job of keeping track of what episode I’m at and showing already watched episodes. It also doesn’t always give me the option to go to the next video after the video ends. Which means that I have to search in the library and pick one of the episodes and hope that I’m right or else I’m sitting through even more commercials. But one of the biggest annoyance of them all, aside from the commercials, is that in the final minutes of the episode, before it’s finished, the pop up to go to a different video comes up and not only does it not always ask to move to the next episode, but I miss out on the final moments. Sometimes when I hit the x on the top right the page goes down, but other times it takes me directly to the library. It’s so inconsistent and if I dare go back to the episode to see the final moments.... you guessed it - MORE COMMERCIALS.
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8 months ago, Smh bru
Please improve:(
I loved it so much although it had so much adds and it stresses me out because it be like 7 adds or 8 like I don’t care about it I care about my novelaaa!!! But I get it though there stuff has adds but I was fine I guess, I have Telemundo in my phone and on my TV with the same account so I can watch my novela in both. It wouldn’t be a problem to watch it in the TV but I don’t use it as much since there is 1 tv in the living room for 8 people so I go to my room wanting to watch it in my phone but when I want to watch it it said the video can’t play and that’s when I am disappointed because I’m young my parents won’t wanna pay cables and some other apps like Netflix etc since it has to pay unlike Telemundo but yeah that all I got to say I hope it improves. :(
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2 years ago, WishICouldGiveOneStar
Almost impossible for me to watch anything. Every iPhone that I try to watch with says the same thing….video playback failed. It does that for live or on demand. Had to turn off the app at least 15 times, restart my phone several times to get it to work but now I want to cast it!!!! This poses a whole new set of problems. If you have the slightest chance of casting it to the tv, whether it’s through airplay or chromecast, DO NOT TOUCH ANY BUTTONS because this stupid app freezes which requires a reset which means you are back to square one with the video playback failed notification. Btw it’s not my internet. That was the first thing I checked. This is so annoying as I am trying to watch something that is live and I’m missing every bit of it. Such a big corporation and the simplest app can’t even get maintained correctly.
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5 years ago, que idiotes
Loved it then.. Hate it now
I did love it until you guys added the carriers on the app. The reason i had the app is bc i do not have or want cable TV yet you guys are obligating me to get cable so that i can use the app which totally defeats the purpose of the App. And it’s ridiculous you guys do this being we are subjected to watch EVERY SINGLE COMERCIAL which should be paying you guys for broadcasting their commercials. You guys seem to be getting a bit greedy if you asked me. Perhaps you can do something like Univision that allows you to have access to the app and all the shows plus Live TV for a small $7 fee a month. That i would definitely do to continue watching Telemundo. However i refuse to get any type of cable TV for this purpose. Its also absolutely absurd that we must wait 5+ days to be able to watch an episode bc i dont have a cable company 🤦🏼‍♀️ I LOVE Telemundo but I HATE cable Tv
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4 years ago, Sad english person
English subtitles
I like all of the shows on this app and I have found my interest in these shows because of my dad who mainly speaks Spanish (but I don’t). And I don’t want to have my dad explaining everything that’s happening to me because it’s not convenient. I watch the shows on tv but I don’t entirely know what’s going on, I got this app assuming I would be able to watch the shows but with English subtitles because the shows are generally good and I’m interested, I just want to have a better understanding with what is going on because my Spanish isn’t very good. I think the app is efficient but I would be a lot happier and satisfied if there was English subtitles because I’d also like to enjoy this type of entertainment. <3
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3 years ago, Cafeconamor
Was excited about this app because I could watch telenovelas with English subtitles. I’m watching Cafe con aroma de mujer. The English subtitles started well, then they took a turn now they no longer work at all. However the episodes are being loaded they aren’t being loaded where the commercial breaks match which results in awkward breaks in a scene. Now they’ve loaded the same episode twice behind each other which means there is an episode missing. Seems the mess gets progressively worse. This is just one show. Close to deleting the app. Btw app won’t let you leave low rating.
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1 year ago, Giggles841
Freezes & Reboots a lot
The app freezes a lot prompting me to restart the app almost on every episode I am watching. When it does run continuously, the episode and title change but it shows the same episode over & over again making me restart the app once again. Also, it is full of commercials and is very annoying to see the same commercials over and over again. You restart the app, it starts with a commercial, you try to fast forward to catch up where you actually left off and it gives you a commercial on every fast forward you do plus the normal commercials within the episode. It is very frustrating!
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6 years ago, Quinoma
Can’t watch a full episode
Update: after removing the app for a few weeks and downloading it again the problem went away. Can’t watch anything! Every single show stops after a few minutes playing and start the countdown to the next episode, I had done everything posible even sending an email and the problem hasn’t been solved. It’s the only app with this issue In my Roku even with my new subscription to directv now the problem persists. A few moths ago was working fine, please fix it!
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5 years ago, lucylodvg
Not recommended
I started watching a Turkish series here because I missed it when it came out on tv. The app only let me watch 7 episodes, and then it would not let me watch anymore because I had to have a cable subscription. Then, it asked for my email so I could watch only 3 more episodes. I ended up the same series on Netflix! My advice? Don’t advertise something that’s not true! You don’t offer free streaming services!
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2 years ago, Duaghter with Authr
Unable to load Episodes
I started watching this series late. I wasn’t able to see the first 10 episodes because they had already expired. Now I’m up to episode 25 and none of the episodes from 25 forward will load. I have closed and opened the app multiple times and still it gives me an error message that video is unable to load the try again and if it continues to be an issue to contact the app here. Hopefully they can fix issue or create an update to resolve this ongoing issue.
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4 months ago, amazingsplashy
Good App But Too Many Ads
I enjoy watching the Telemundo app. My shows are there, although I do have to sign in with my TV provider. There are too many ads while watching. On thing I noticed this last week is that I was visiting another city in another state from my home state, and there were no ads in the different city from my city. I’m back home, and back to the multiple ads. Very sad to know that there are no ads in other places.
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5 years ago, Fiery pepper
I like the flexibility to watch my favorite shows on my time and the convenience of being able to move from room to room while following my program. I am glad that I downloaded the app on my IPad. I do have the option of watching on the television but prefer my iPad because of the options to pause, close and still find where I left off all at a touch of a button whenever I desire.
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4 years ago, BettyO83
Love my novelas
I enjoy that I am able watch my novelas. It’s user friendly and love that it automatically plays the next episode. However, there are so many commercials. I wish we would be able to skip the commercials. If not why not play commercial every few episodes because it’s the same darn commercials.
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2 years ago, sushiiiioooooo0
Too many commercial breaks, the subtitles are bad. I was looking around for a version where it might ask me to pay if it meant no more commercial breaks. It really beats the purpose of watching my novela on my phone, & it takes longer to even finish an episode due to the commercials and ads. Nothing chooses an app for rather but rather the opposite. Please do better, at least get rid of ads or get another version where you have to pay for no ads. Clearly not the first time someone has been complaining about it
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4 years ago, Ive caguas
I love and I liked all TELEMUNDO PROGRAMS, for me is one of the bests Chain in my Cable TV Company!!!! I like a lot the all “SERIES” they show everyday, the interesting and accurate everyday “NEWS AND WEATHER” and the “LAST MINUTE NOTIFICATIONS INTERRUPTIONS” about when something bad is happen between their live program!!!! If I have more space I can write a lot of positive commentaries about the most important and popular TV Channel like is “TELEMUNDO”!!!👍😊👏👏👏🌹🌹
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3 years ago, sandra.ddv
Really good app but need to fix some stuff
Lots of comercial, and the app has an error that every time you come back to see an episode it starts two times so you can hair two voices, like if it’s playing two times and it’s really difficult to put it normal you have to get out go to another app and come back and sometimes it doesn’t work also. Something is wrong with that.
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3 years ago, An2991208
I haven’t found no where else to watch my favorite tv show , so I have to deal with this crappy app , that has nothing , but commercials . It’s supper annoying , cause to top it off , it doesn’t let me know where I left off so I have to look through the episodes and hoping I choose the right one otherwise I have to go through so many COMMERCIALS. I understand we would have to deal with that if we were watching regular television , but we’re not ! That’s the biggest issue with this , and y’all need to do something about it . No wonder it’s free , who would pay for a bunch of ads .
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2 years ago, mam1967
Content not authorized
I always have problems with the app in all devices. Usually I can re link tv provider and will work but before this I had an outage for the whole month now it’s been a week. I am subscribed to this channel from tv provider and the other NBC apps work except this one. It is on all my devices no matter what I have done everything they recommend and still not working. And why do we have to have a tv provider to view this app when it’s supposed to be free.
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3 years ago, Flawlessbby
Too many add, crashes, and charges us
At the beginning I liked the app but after a while it started asking me for my carrier. I don’t understand why Telemundo advertises that the app is free but then tries to work only with a carrier. What is the whole purpose of the app then if we are obligated to have a TV carrier. We are forced to watch all these advertisements which should already be free to watch since they pay you guys for putting them there. I don’t like the app after all and I will try to find another way to watch my telenovela because Telemundo is not it.
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4 years ago, Masiel collado🇩🇴❤️
I think that telemundo is a very good application because that way it informs you about the things that happen in the world not only that they also tell you the days that the temperature will be good or bad, also about the novels that are very good all that they give in telemundo is very important I think, thanks telemundo for helping people who need it ...❤️
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2 months ago, Bianca2908
The app is amazing, the soap opera, the live news, as well as the movies that they have are excellent. I guess the only downfall I have with the application is that there is no subscription I can buy to skip through the commercials/ads. Adding that feature would be a win-win, I’d say.
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1 year ago, 73MVP
Unable open
We love to watch my novelas, etc using the app, but that’s only when I have the luck to be able to open it on my Samsung Smart TV. It is frustrating and disappointing. Hopefully it’s something that’ll be resolved in the near future.
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2 years ago, BrinaRomo
Need to login with provider multiple times a day!!!!
My mom loves watching her shows on this app. The problem is that she can hardly ever get through a full episode of something before being prompted to login with the tv provider again. This happens multiple times a day! I go to re login and my provider is still connected so I have to disconnect it then reconnect. Then watch and episode or sometimes half of one before being printed to do the process all over again! It’s annoying fix it please!!!
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3 years ago, Imwritingalotdy
Too many ads
there are way too many ads that play every 10 minutes and I wish there was an option to at least pay to remove the ads. But i’ve searched all over the app and internet and have not found any way to pay so I can watch ad-free. The app is also very glitchy and will close out of nowhere. It also never saves the episode I am on so I have to always search what episode I am on. I also go to resume to the episode and sometimes it restarts the whole episode so i have to rewatch all the ads again🤢 NOT WORTH IT AT ALL UNTIL THEY FIX THIS!!!
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7 years ago, Alexis-Miami, FL
Love it... Don't like
I watch Telemundo at home via AT&T U-verse, and have an online account, however when prompted to enter the carrier, then user email and password... it doesn't work. So I went in withe three shows to watch. Will delete app afterwards as I find it not very customer friendly. Suggest fixing the carrier interface or better test allow all to watch your channel through the app as we still have to watch all the commercials. Thanks!
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2 years ago, boujeee74299263
App crashes
I have recently found an interest in a series that requires me to use this app but the amount of time this all crashes is ridiculous. I have downloaded it in every device in my home and it crashes a lot in my laptop, iPad, iPhone, and my Samsung TV. Even when I airplay it to my tv or screen mirror it it crashes every 5 minutes. My family has the same problem we all using it and is bad. I hope they fixed this problem and make it better for every user.
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8 months ago, Joshua Q.
Nothing worked to allow me watch games live (open air)
They have had some open air games in Telemundo and for some reason I used an account plus link my provider to the app and still doesn’t let me watch the games and as I said not premium content, just open air games in Telemundo. It worked in the TV of my home, but not my phone, it’s annoying because you can’t be home all the time to watch the games you want.
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5 years ago, Spot232!!
I really enjoyed this app
I think this app its pretty cool except for all the commercials, it has only 10 episodes, and and they don’t keep the series / episodes for long . Other new shows replace them. Instead of still keeping them and adding new ones. But the app it’s good. Except for the commercial and advertisement but, that’s how they make they make their money.
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4 months ago, 47 #1 fan
Can’t watch on my mobile phone app
You let people download your app but when it’s time to watch something it doesn’t allowed me because I don’t have a cable provider bug this channel doesn’t needs cable what’s the deal?
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2 years ago, berebooboo
No stars .
Every since they’ve updated the software on the app. The app crashes like crazy. It states I’m not authorized to watch the tv show I want to see bc I don’t have the network in my tv plan. Which is boogers bc I’ve contact my tv provider and they stated the opposite. I’ve contact Telemundo but they give me the run around. Stating to troubleshot. Restart app. Reinstall the app. All of this has been done. I’ve done my HW before contacting the company but of course I don’t get a response back. Telemundo just fix the app itself.
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2 years ago, Lenny1888
Bad loading
They have good show but is really difficult to watch because take a lot time loading, sometimes i have whac a whole episode again to continue. No matter what platform (iPhone, smart tv, tablet) please fix it.
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5 years ago, Bloop(:^_^
Love love love the app!!! Thank you so much Telemundo for putting this together! Love the fact that I can watch my novela when I can! Love that I don’t have to be stuck in front of a tv for an hour and I can watch it on the go or when I’m available and have time to watch and enjoy! Keep up the great work! Thank you!!!
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3 years ago, onecopy
Love your Chanel,we love it just the way it’s free to Watch
Spanish movie because some of us love your language and want to learn it so by we watching your movie going to make us lean and start speaking it. Your please update more as many movies for us.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Mexico
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4 years ago, aesnau1
Apple tv app crashing every 10 minutes
Can you guys please update you apple tv app? I have this problem where the app crashes every 5 to 7 minutes in both of my apple tvs (different locations). I have deleted the app several times and even reset the devices to factory defaults and still the same problem. Hope you can fix it. It works perfectly fine in my rokus. Thanks.
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6 years ago, JuanOregonDucks
Needs English subtitle option!!!!!
I don’t really speak or read Spanish but I’m addicted to El Señor de los Cielos and Señora Acero! I’ve been watching all the seasons on Netflix which has English subtitles, but now that I’m done with season 3 of Senora acero and download this app to watch the 4th season it’s available but I don’t understand anything! Basically, I will rate 5 stars when you add an option for English subtitles!
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3 years ago, simolylatin
Millions of ads and interruptions
Be prepared to watch ads and more ads, a true exaggeration on the number of ads. Grateful there are other options for latin shows; a shame that Telemundo is still on the 70s and has not been able to figure out other sources of revenue surely asking to pay a bit extra is worth for many of us to remove all the unwanted ads. Please modernize or offer options. Not for me, it is hard to tolerate so many ads. Will remove!
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3 years ago, Booapao
Yo soy Betty La Fea
Avecez no se deja empezar los episodios. Cuando estamos mirando si para y se quita diciendo wue “no se puede ver en este momento” y se traba o se queda loading. Y despues se congela la tele oh cualquier dispositivo en cual intento ver la novela. La novela esta muy buena pero la applicacion es muy debil y tiene problemas. When we’re watching an episode it completely stops and freezes. The screen turns gray and it says that it cant be seen at the moment. Then, it freezes whichever device we are trying to watch on. The novela is good, but the Telemundo app runs weak.
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5 years ago, Ikillu28
I love the app really hate the amount of commercials; unfortunately, that is how it is kept to be free for us. Business is business, set aside from that, it is great. Wifi is required so internet accessibility is a must. None the less, always good to watch the most current episodes of the Latin shows we want & enjoy watching.
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5 years ago, Miri73
If I could give this App a minus one star I would!
This App has got to be THE worst App known to mankind! I’m not sure what’s worse, the same terrible comercial with the absolute worst version of that “Gente de Zona” song that has been ridiculously overplayed, or the fact that it stops playing every 2 minutes for no logical reason! It is SHOCKING that Telemundo couldn’t do a little better, the only reason I continue to use it is because of La Reina Del Sur Season 2, but I’m about to wait until Netflix picks it up because it’s just so painful to use!!
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3 years ago, oh kjhgfdss
It’s asking me to add my cable provider, however it doesn’t allow to do so. I’ve been trying to add it for the last 3 days and I can’t! It’s pretty aggravating that I haven’t been able to watch my novela
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4 years ago, gabbrrril
Good and bad
I love Telemundo app it lets me watch the telenovelas I’m current watching. However I have a few complaints about the app. It blocks the episode we need to have a tv provider in order to watch your telenovelas and does not show other telenovela like “ la patrona or “ al otro lado del muro” among other things 😡
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3 months ago, cuttiebrowneyez
Doesn’t load. And if it does it won’t show the picture just the sound. Half the time it can’t connect even though the internet and other apps are fine. This app is a piece of garbage. A huge corporation like this should be on top of this. It’s embarrassingly terrible how glitchy it constantly is that I have to adjust it for my elderly family and they can’t enjoy their shows. Get your lives together this app is a disgrace
Show more
3 years ago, iitssval
Please put less ads
I actually enjoy this app, but there’s one thing that drives me crazy. You guys add so many ads. I literally have to watch like TEN ads in order to continue watching the show. It would be a lot easier if you added maximum, three ads whenever it’s time to play ads. Hopefully this is changed because i love this app. I don’t mind watching ads, however it would mean a lot if you don’t put so much.
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5 years ago, gemini618
Great app...but disappointing
This app is great, many Telemundo shows, past and presently being broadcasted are there so you can go directly to what you want to watch, any time anywhere, any device but if I am forced to watch undesirable commercials, which I assume pay to broadcast programs, why am I required to have a cable company?
Show more
5 years ago, Nikkibokes
Cut off last 2 minutes...
App was doing well until it cut off in episode 3 for the last 2 minutes and it didn’t show who the contestant chose or the previews of the next week. Please fix before the next episode airs. Other than that the app was working great. Going into week 5 of La Voz and still the app cuts off. This time it was the last 5 minutes. How hard can it be to correct this? I tried it on my phone, my iPad, deleted app and reinstalled and nothing. Please fix.
Show more
12 months ago, YisusBread
Multiple Login - Nightmare
Hi. I would like to know why if I am using my TV subscription to have access to Telemundo content I need to make a login for every single chapter for example if I am watching a serie. Could you update your app ro work in a way that if I make a login to the app I can enjoy the content without having to make a login multiple times? This is a nightmare. Doing a login any time I access the app make a very bad user experience.
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6 months ago, melekbrod
Telemundo, what happened?
I have had good experiences in the past streaming my novelas. So far, it just freezes on the first commercial making it impossible to continue watching Amor y Traicon. I have tried for a whole week. Please Telemundo fix your streaming issues so I can cast and finish this amazing show. Thank you
Show more
2 years ago, Pamela Rotalde
Problems with app
Is always giving an error message, not able to watch the episodes
Show more
3 years ago, Josepj James
Todo por mi hija
What a soap opera I’ve been watching it since the beginning and I am so happy that I was able to continue watching it on my vacation I want to thank Telemundo for being able to have able to see this one there app Please continue serving it Truly yours Joseph James
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