Tennessee DMV - TN Permit test

4.4 (582)
32.7 MB
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Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tennessee DMV - TN Permit test

4.39 out of 5
582 Ratings
1 week ago, Vlajdx
same as test,but still I give it 4 star because in exam
I like this app, it helps a lot question are same as test,but still I give it 4 star because in exam the is different type of question like road signs 25% then alcohol 25% but in app there is just a random question
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3 years ago, OMG Im Back at It Again 😁
I like this app
I like this app as a study guide. It is definitely questions from the official DMV test. It will not let you go pass 24 questions because that’s the amount of questions you need to pass the real test at 80% . So get 24 right and you’re done. One thing that could be better with the app is the ad content... but I do understand the need
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2 years ago, clubsupastar
Good way to prepare
it’s a good way to get ready for your permit test, but there are some ads that get annoying, definitely in the middle of the test… the app also isn’t really optimized for iPhones with notches.
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2 years ago, Dsofield01
Doesn’t cover material well
Would not recommend. The app has several ways to study, but none of them have a good way to learn. The practice tests cover very little on the actual test, and the flash cards just cover the same thing. By far the best thing in it was a pdf of the book, but that is about it.
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5 years ago, nickname1233355291947381
It seemed good at first, and it still is. It just won’t let me get past 24 on the test, even if I’ve only missed one out of the 30. Plus, the ads!!! Oh my gosh, the ads!! So annoying, they pop up nearly every 7 questions and makes me frustrated. I’m just trying to study for my permit test, not buy things!
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2 years ago, Cocoy23482737492
Very helpful
Thanks for this app. This is a brilliant reviewer. Free and you can apply all your knowledge from the book that you’ve learned. Also, it is easy to use. More power and Godbless.
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2 years ago, 11H-death wire
Not correct information so I failed
I failed my test I used this to study and a lot of the cards didn’t line up with the actual questions. Some of the questions and answers weren’t even correct(I know this bc 1) people who I know that drive said that it’s not correct and 2)the people at the dmv told me don’t use the apps that it’s not correct information)
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2 years ago, Sammmmmmmy B
It’s good
It’s very helpful but there are quite a few ads however most are short and playable so it’s basically just a brain break.
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6 years ago, emmaaaa:)
I love this app but....
I love this app but make sure you study with other tools as well!! I didn’t pass my permit because I only studied with this app. So just make sure you use other things as well :)
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6 months ago, dvgbhhtedg
Permit test
I am studying for my permit test and I have learned this information quickly and keeled it in my mind. This app REALLY does help! The only down falls is the more you use the app the more the ads
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4 years ago, audumbr
A lot of ads
The app is a good learning tool, but there’s far too many ads. And why would I want to pay to remove the ads when I’ll only really have to use the app once.
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4 years ago, MIKENN&
It’s okay
It’s a good app it has everything but 2 of the questions had the wrong answers. But using the app I’m pretty confident that I will pass my permit test. Also too many adds
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4 months ago, sudie26
A lot of grammatical mistakes and/or typos in the wording of questions. Read and reread slowly. Don’t think if you’re a speed reader you can take the practice test quickly due to errors.
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2 years ago, Jonah the Fortnite PRO!!!
Overall, well done.
Handy and helpful but too easy in situations and poor formatting in some areas. Otherwise, very good app.
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7 years ago, Matthew from the 215
It asks all the right questions. It makes it easy to learn and gives you all the tools to do your best on the real deal test.
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3 weeks ago, GoodRivewCrews
Helped me FAIL my learners permit test
I used this as my main source for my learners permit test. I even used their marathon and flash cards as a source but it did NOT help. The questions on here are too easy, and will mostly NOT be on your knowledge test! I would recommend using another resource instead!
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7 years ago, Mooretimothy9915
Good driver
This app is amazing and I like how it has the manual on it. Being my age getting a permit, this is really helpful and I like how it does not need Wi-Fi to use the app at all.
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2 years ago, Jeff502153
Not Great
I have studied this app for a very long time and when I took my permit, a failed half way through. Nearly nothing that it teaches you is on the real TN Permit test. Highly suggest you to get a book from one of the testing locations so you k ow for sure that it will be the real deal.
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4 years ago, savi k
This app is so convenient and easy to hop on. I get on every night to study, prayers that I pass my permit test! This app makes it super easy to study and I love that the manual is on the app.
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3 years ago, midififmevfyzkdksosks
Very helpful app but the ads are really annoying
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2 years ago, Cece 😗
Love it !
It’s has tests, flash cards and so much other things !
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3 years ago, ollyollyolly
Nothing like the real thing
After doing months of practice tests, I go to the DMV and there was ONE question that I’d seen before on this app regarding the effects of alcohol. Do not rely on this for your test, the questions are no where near similar.
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4 years ago, DMRLMT
Not a good study guide!
My 15 yr old just took the permit test and failed she used these questions and not a single one was on there! These questions were easy compared to the ones on there which was more alcohol questions ... this app needs revised!
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4 years ago, honestlyreveiwing
Not a great app. The flash cards didn’t show the answers sometimes and some of them weren’t even correct. There were too many adds and it was hard to read some questions due to spelling errors.
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2 years ago, jonny b jonny
I’ve been studying with this for only 2 days and PASSED
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7 months ago, WPP9927
Not like actual test
Only 3-4 questions were even similar not worth studying
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6 years ago, akelley004
helpful app
very convenient, helpful app. questions are accurate and helped me pass my permit test. 10/10 would recommend
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1 year ago, monkey d dj
It hurts when I pee
Why does it hurt 🤔
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4 years ago, chrdxfguy
You all set up people to fail I missed my permit test by one and I had to wing it because I bet 15 of the questions where about alcohol and this app barely lets you study the alcohol part DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE APP
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5 years ago, Jojo Coleoptera
Best app to help ever
Prayers for if I pass I think I will with God and this app!!!!
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2 years ago, nascar9car
WAY to many, made me extremely frustrated and I wasn’t able to focus well
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6 years ago, KK studio
It seemed like this would help me out a lot to study for the test, however it contained none of the actual information that is tested on. DMV workers said do not use it.
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4 years ago, Queenbrooke280
Literally the worst app you can study I studied this for 4 months took my test today and failed NOTHING from this app was on the test don’t download this app terrible
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3 years ago, dhhdtyugfdvb
Bruh it good!!!
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5 years ago, )@(&;9;&(9
Incomplete questions
In the flash cards and lost options, some of the questions are incomplete.
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2 years ago, PabloE123
Doesn’t properly prepare you.
Don’t download this. Go to your driver center and get the book.
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4 months ago, ZeroIsFusion
I didn’t receive a free gift card.
You guys promised me a free gift card if I completed the test
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3 years ago, goodygoodgoodgoody
The answer make no sense
The answers to the questions make no sense in any way, shap, or form
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6 years ago, chloecgrace
i used this app to study and i got none of these questions on the actual test! the worker told me that i’d app is useless and don’t study it!!!
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4 years ago, 11111111yes
Does not help with the test at all
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3 years ago, svdgwurhbwjrh
I failed...
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2 years ago, kxtie1bug
Balls 👍👍👍
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11 months ago, Tom Liub
Очень плохо что нет на русском или Украинском языке. Потому что когда приезжаешь нужна машина чтобы решать все вопросы которые нужны для дальнейшего проживание. Английский к сожалению не все сразу могут выучить но водить нужно сразу!!!
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