Tennessee Lottery Official App

4.6 (34.1K)
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Current version
Tennessee Educational Lottery
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Tennessee Lottery Official App

4.62 out of 5
34.1K Ratings
4 years ago, nlahblahnlah
I genuinely don’t understand why upgrading the app or consolidating the amps would’ve caused such degradation in functionality. Either your IT staff is incompetent or you genuinely appreciate the lack of functionality with your app. For you to accept five minutes or greater for points to add to a balance is unacceptable. Your old app was better and actually applied points in an acceptable manner. If your goal is to cause frustration to the point patrons will not scam tickets then your well in your way to success. At this point it wouldn’t hurt you as an organization to consult the Virginia lottery and see who they hired to create and maintain their app. I’d also like to thank you for not responding to my email regarding my concerns. Times like this I wish there was a 0 star option but looks like many folks like the 1 star......
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2 years ago, DawnSch
Scratch off tickets
This lottery in Tennessee used to be a lot of fun for a lot of years. But the tickets don’t win nowhere as often as they used to. This is becoming a problem with a lot of people who are giving their last dollars in hopes of getting back something that they used to get. It’s creating a lot of poor people and making some of the college kids happier. Why can’t the lottery pay out more and take a percentage of the win to education. At Least they’d stop being so broke. If this was meant to pay for education , people would be much happier to just do that and then hope to get a lucky ticket to help pay unexpected bills with. They are still going to gamble so why not allow them to win more instead of loosing everything they have? ??
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11 months ago, Fix bug now
Horrible APP management.
The app would be great if it were properly managed. The app is constantly crashing or filled with bugs. The customer service is a joke. When asking for help, it’s like a game for them to see how many things they can get you to send them. Sometimes they ask for the same thing multiple times and when they get bored they say the problem has been fixed when it wasn’t. They won’t respond back after they said it was fixed. I took a survey once for 50 VIP points and after proving I actually took it and emailing them multiple confirmations they said my account had been credited but they never showed up nor responded to further inquiries. I have had a few other similar encounters and now I just tell them all the technical data up front and tell them to fix it and I won’t respond to any further questions because I know they won’t fix it anyway and I won’t play their office games.
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3 years ago, Tnfishingal
TN Lottery App
Scan ticket can take 5-6 times, IF it works at all. Entering tix for 2nd Chance drawing routes you out of simple scan and takes several clicks to get back to scan another ticket. Finding way to enter your points in the drawings also takes several clicks just to get to screen. Scanning ticket should only be one click. Once inside VIP Suite to enter tix and apply your points to a drawing should only be one click to: Scan ticket; one click to scan another ticket; one click to enter drawing; and only one click to play. If your looking for a program to compare to, try the Ohio Lottery program. You’d see the easily understandable directions, fewer redirections to enter and apply points to games. Thanks!
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3 weeks ago, StooksC
Bingo and crosswords!!
I’m Gambling wasn’t something we grew up doing as kids(young adults rather) but I remember it being sort of a privilege to get a scrap tcher in the college days; after doing something wuell. A good report card, winning awards in different classes and others things that made it worth while to scratch a ticket all. I loved the big money tickets(30$, 50$) but for practicality I started getting 3 dollar crosswords and 3 dollar bingo! I would love to see a 5 dollars bingo. Also I have a personal goal of winning 500 or more on a 3 dollar jumbo bingo! I once cashed out a 500 dollar 3 dollar bingo when I worked at a convenience store!
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4 years ago, Smokymtnmiles
No Scanner with Upgrade
The new app is a great idea with some nice features. However, the scanner feature does not work at all. I am using my Ipad Pro for scanning which is the way I did before the app change. All I keep getting is an error message to try later. That does’t work either. I have about 75 instant tickets to scan but they will not scan for VIP credit. I’m at a loss as to what to do other than manually enter the tickets. That’s a big no. Looks like this merge is a bust for us scanners.
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10 months ago, James L L
Not a Big winner yet but still playing
Really enjoy being able to keep up with all the Lottery daily/weekly winning numbers within a single click of the app. I didn’t give this sight five stars because I found a Powerball ticket in my glovebox. My car was in the shop for over a month and when I checked the date(per back of ticket I have 180 days to claim any prizes) the app section for PowerBall didn’t go back for the ticket date and there is no way on the app to just search for a date. It does have the scan option and I trust that it was telling me correctly. (Again , not a winner). To all that read this , Please, play responsibly!!
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3 years ago, chels112319
Very unimpressed
Downloaded the app just yesterday because I have many saved tickets to scan for “Play it again”. Right off the bat I noticed scanning tickets was a pain. It takes you away from the page after scanning one and you have to click a couple things to get back to scanning. But even then, after scanning a few, I went to look at my “activity” and nothing was logged. Came back to try again today and now I’m not even able to login to my account. The app is just frozen on the “login” page and no activity no matter how many times I type in my info, click the login button, or close and reopen the app. From reading recent reviews this all seem to be reoccurring problems. What a terrible app.
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1 year ago, Bev_TN
!!!!Very frustrating!!!!
This latest update seems to be even worse than the one it replaced. Please tell me WHY I have to scan a ticket 20 or more times (EVERY TIME!) to get a result other than “OOPS! Unable to verify ticket information”? However if I am scanning for VIP rewards it reads it first time every time. What is the reasoning for this? It’s very frustrating!!! If it can read for the VIP rewards why can’t it scan to check successfully? Your IT staff need to do better.
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4 years ago, Mighty polecat
Complete Failure of an App
Scanning tickets hasn’t worked since day one of the July launch. Most of the time manual enter doesn’t work either, and when it does, it doesn’t immediately add the bonus points. Manual entries also fail on the website, so the Tennessee Lottery basically crapped its pants. I emailed them shortly after new launch with specifics about phone version, etc., and they never responded, not even with an automated response. I feel unappreciated as a loyal customer.
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3 months ago, Teelynn79
I really enjoy using the website for the TN Lottery VIP Suite! The website is very helpful and easy for anyone to use. It’s very fun & user friendly! The lottery App is very convenient to submit Second Chance Drawings and Play It Again Drawings! I enjoy using the app to view remaining prizes available, games to play, new tickets to play & the winners who won & their location. The lottery app is easy to use and very resourceful! I would give it 10 Stars if I could! I really enjoy using the app!
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9 months ago, Ricky917663
I don’t know why this app exists. It never works!
I have tried several times in more than 4 years. It worked for me a couple times 4 years ago. I’m an iPhone user. Is it a trick? People in charge aren’t serious? Are they expecting you won’t know if you win? What’s the purpose of this persistent and unfortunate failure? I put 5 stars for you to read this, but the app has -5 stars or less.
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7 months ago, RoseMahon
I’ve almost quit playing at all.
Heck I’ve been putting tickets in on here since it started. I’ve not ever won anything. Even worse, I’ve been buy tickets almost everyday for years and haven’t won nothing more than an occasional ticket or 1.00. When you consider the amount of tickets I bought I’ve lost everything. It’s not worth wasting money on cause you ain’t never gonna win anything. It’s all a scam I believe they say there is tickets that you can win certain amounts but there actually isn’t any tickets with more tan 5 to 20 dollars. I’m mean I’ve been playing the lottery for 15 to 20 years and the most I’ve ever won was 2 dollars. That is really messed up.
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2 years ago, R_Rudd
Ticket scanner never works
The reason I downloaded the app was to scan tickets to see if they were winners. The scanner works maybe 25% of the time (being generous there). First issue is that it doesnt let you line up the scanner, you click that button and scan happens, ready or not. So after a few warm up fails to get it lined up, it then takes 10 more scans for it to work. I just scan and scan and scan holding the phone in the same spot over and over again. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Got it! Next ticket… same thing. So frustrating. And all that is assuming the scanner even opens from the start. Good luck.
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1 year ago, Mimi’s savings
I think maybe you should go through your system and try and clean it out I have a Lotta trouble when I go to check my Tickets it’s saying not able to verify as well as make it more self-explanatory on how you can redeem your points and so forth just make it easier for someone to understand. I have so many points and don’t know what to do with him.
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2 years ago, Patty1397
Second chance
I love the second chance option on losing scratchers. The people that have thousands of points is because of them being on social media with other people contributing money to them for scratchers. It’s not fair if they win. So please find a way for others, that actually spend their own money, to win.
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3 years ago, winsum44
Worse lottery scan app ever
The ticket scan on this app is the worse I’ve ever used. It takes several clicks to actually scan and the last two clicks are on opposite corners of the screen. Can’t reach without changing grip and I have large hands. If you have multiple tickets, you must repeat the several clicks for each ticket. When you do finally scan, as soon as the app sees a hint of a barcode, it stops reading and starts processing resulting in errors and many scans before you can actually line up to read the whole barcode. Keep in mind having to change grip each time. This app is awful.
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1 year ago, Mysta2k
Won’t read tickets
Why do y’all keep changing things? It gets worse every update. Already takes a thousand clicks to enter a ticket. Now it won’t tell me if I’m a winner or not. I buy way too many tickets to scratch each and every one just to see what’s on it. The season tickets already enter for points whether they’re winners or losers. Now can’t even scan them to see if they’re winners. I have to scratch each and every one. Now have to scratch every single one cause y’all done updated and messed the app up again. Y’all make too much money off of us to have this may flaws over and over.
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1 year ago, azpeep
Worse than ever
They fixed a couple of things but I just entered a bunch of tickets and my points aren’t showing up. I’ve waited a while and logged in and out and closed the app and opened it back up. Still no points!!! Used to get them immediately on the old app. Update! It’s still taking forever for my points to show up. It’s funny as soon as you enter a game your points disappear immediately. But, when you scan tickets they take forever to show up. Also, why don’t they show the winners of the draw games anymore?
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4 years ago, B031209
Terrible app.
Honestly, I wouldn’t even give it one star, but you have to give something. Tickets scan occasionally, however, points are never added. Once you scan them, you can’t scan them again. I have so many tickets that have been wasted because it says it was scanned but in actuality nothing even happened. I’ve been scanning tickets for years and never had a problem until now. Logging in sometimes take numerous tries before you can even get to your account. I’m completely disappointed in this new app. Like everyone has said before pretty much applies. I hope this is fixed soon. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING THIS APP.
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4 years ago, Kyle_Gott
VIP ticket scan doesn’t work on iPhone
Downloaded the new app today. Looks awesome. Actually shows the drawing numbers and way more info that the old app. However the main reason for the app is for the play it again VIP awards, which doesn’t work. When I click the barcode button to scan the tickets it shows 3 dots bouncing like its thinking but it never opens the camera to scan the tickets. I have an iPhone 11. Once this is fixed this is easily a 5 star app because the old one was terrible and this has all the info for all the different games. But until the VIP ticket scan feature is fixed this is useless.
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3 years ago, should test before release
3 Days still unable to login
3 days since problem started and still unable to login to account. Just freezes at the login screen. Doesn’t add much credibility to someone running a digital lottery. When is does work it needs a scan another ticket and a fingerprint login, but for now just see if you can get what is there to work.....
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1 year ago, branSmelcer
Bran Smelcer future winner
Yeah, it makes it so easy when I already have to get to the store to get my tickets anyways now I don’t have to work as hard to check them at least and I get to see what the new ones are coming out without having to search the stores for them!! what can I say I’m a gambling man lol. Love and respect to all my fellow gamblers peace love and rock ‘n’ roll.💪🏼😎✌🏼🤟🏼🤘🏼!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Madmilleryo
App doesn’t scan tickets missing the old app fix it!!
Application doesn’t scan on iPhone it scans then says there is a error. I have tried it different days deleting and reinstalling the app etc etc. the other app was old but it worked also have they done away with bonus points usually when you enter second chance every now and then you will get extra points.... also the giveaways or draws have went down significantly. Please fix the scan issues typing in tickets manually is already old and it’s only been a few days.
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4 years ago, DalenM
Cant earn points anymore
I am not able to enter my tickets for points or second chance anymore. Not buying anymore tickets until this is fixed. Very frustrating to take 2 apps that work fine and combine them for one that doesnt work. Fix this issue or consider me no longer playing the lottery
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1 year ago, ccfez
Multiple tickets
Why do I have to click so many buttons to scan another ticket? I would think that a lot of people check multiple tickets at one time, so after I scan a ticket and it tells me the results why does it have to close out and then I have to re-open the scan a ticket window? That is too many clicks for such a simple task. Can you not just display the results and then I touch OK and it’s ready to scan another ticket. Sometimes it’s easier just to keep it simple.
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1 year ago, Nadeem Hemani
Bug fix
Developers, please provide an app update to use the appropriate camera lens for iPhone 14 pro. Currently, it uses the wrong lens and struggles to get the camera to focus on the barcode making it almost impossible to scan the barcodes. The only way to make it work is to move it far away from the camera such that the image would not be blurry and takes a few minutes to get the app to read the barcode when it is further away from the camera. It fails to focus on the barcode when the barcode is close to the camera
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3 years ago, Kewlbreezy
Consistently Bad
The scanner function is horrible and pretty much worthless at this point. The thing I’m wondering is, do the developers even care that it’s this bad? Apparently not because you can go back a couple of years and see the exact same complaints in the reviews as you do now yet they’ve done NOTHING to improve it…as a matter of fact, it’s gotten worse. Also, it would be a good idea if they actually showed winning tickets and amounts and where jackpot winners are located. I would say to the developers “you can do better than this.” But I’m not so sure.
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2 years ago, AceCeeDee
Mr Mr
Lots of tickets for sale but there are not enough winnings for the amount of ticket throughout Tennessee! Make the games enjoyable putting more winning tickets in the sales. Most tickets it take 8-10 just to get a win of a free ticket… That is very sad considering millions of dollars are made a day selling scratch off tickets. Get up to Texas and Oklahoma standards putting more winnings in the tickets
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5 years ago, RemyMay1
Scanner no longer works since last update!
I have been using this app every week for a few years. Other than the occasional ticket, I had no problems with the scanner. But since the last update, I haven't been able to scan another ticket. I even had my husband try. Still no luck. Otherwise it's a good app. I notice most of the recent reviews mention the same problem. If the scanner is fixed, I will give your app a 5. But unfortunately, if this continues, I will have to give it a 1 and then delete the app.
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12 months ago, BadBoyToy1
Not a winner
The TN Lottery app is poorly structured, difficult to navigate, confusing to operate, and unreliable. To simply check a ticket, it takes several steps. This app needs to be totally overhauled and redone. I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro Max with latest iOS update. When I try to check tickets, I constantly get a messages saying ticket can not be checked at this time. My record is 34 times before it finally said not a winner. This app needs many fixes.
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4 years ago, New TN Guy
What a piece of crap
It’s amazing that someone could create such a horrible user experience with a single app. Scanner takes multiple tries before it’ll scan a ticket. Want to scan more than one ticket?Start all the way at the beginning - no “scan another ticket” option. Want to sign into your VIP account? Better remember the password - FaceID isn’t an option. It works for ApplePay, Bank logins and other sensitive info, but not the #%^*! Lottery app. And of course, start at the beginning again to scan more than one ticket. Too many clicks to do basic stuff. Too little thought by the designer.
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2 years ago, golfing trucker
The new platform for entering tickets for points is so much slower than before. On the site you could enter tickets one after the other without having to check your activity. The new platform is slower at adding new points. Liked it better before you changed things.
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2 years ago, 2 yrs & no wins
What’s the chance
I like the app but few bug issues like my points not showing up after scanning a huge stack I hate the I can’t rescan to be sure cuz after 5 I get locked out when your in a hurry it’s kinda hard to look in activity to see all the scans or like me a huge stack only once did I get points for a winner ticket not sure if that was corrected it was like a dollar or 2bux and I’m so upset I haven’t won in 2 yrs of scanning in is it just my luck or am I playing wrong anybody got pointers let me know
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3 months ago, themurphdirty
Check My Ticket Broke
The check my ticket feature of this app is the worst of any lottery app I’ve ever used. The developers really need to fix this part of the app. Sometimes you can scan your ticket 20 times and it will never work. You can reset the app and it will never work, unable to scan, unable to scan unable to scan. I can use other lottery scanners, and it will work on the first try every single time I’ve been using the Tennessee lottery app for years and it has been an issue for years come on developers get it together!!!!
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2 years ago, WP49er
Good but can improve
I wish we had continuous scan like we had previously. If you wanted to scan multiple tickets it would ask you scan another. When you scan a winning instant ticket into play it again. I wish the alert could say in red color see retailer. Thanks
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2 weeks ago, enzomatrx
Ease of use
I’ve been using this app for a couple years and it’s so easy to check my tickets no matter where I’m at and to load my tickets into the VIP rewards. I would highly recommend this for people that don’t have the app you would not believe how simple it is to use.
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2 years ago, braillereader
App is Horrible Since Last Update
The app is pretty much useless as far as I'm concerned. Prior to the last update, I had no problems at all with the app. Now every time I scan my ticket to see if it's a winner, I get an error message. It will scan my ticket for VIP rewards with no problem but I have literally had to scan tickets upwards of 30 or 40 times before it will read it to see if it is a winning ticket. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, but no dice. It still won't read my ticket. I never had this problem before the update.
Show more
2 years ago, Carter7829693
Bafflingly Bad
Checking winning numbers is a terrible process and I would think that is the function most people use. I have an iPhone and Pixel and it does the same thing on both. It immediately “reads” the barcode whether centered, still or even in frame and of course it gives some random message that doesn’t make sense. It reads it successfully about 1 out of 10 tries. Ironically, it works every time when entering vip tickets. Who knows. It has been this way for years and there seems to be no desire to fix it
Show more
1 year ago, Grams2the3rdpower
Scanning tickets
I used to enter manually…scanning tickets in is so much easier and faster, especially if you have a few to put in. So even your “loosing” ticket may still make you a winner…don’t throw it away…enter it in for a second chance, play it again or just for points 🏆🥇🤑💲💰💸💵
Show more
2 years ago, kkaysmith2242
Entering multiple tickets
I wish it was easier to enter multiple tickets for Play It Again. Years ago, the app had an easier way. I believe it was just one click versus 2. I do like how the camera finds the barcode a lot faster than it used to.
Show more
2 years ago, Millerboatin
Needs work on ticket reading
The only reason I have this app is to be able to check my tickets, to check the ticket you must have the ticket placed perfectly under the camera before pressing the scan button, there is no preview. A preview needs to be added where you can see the ticket to center it. It takes multiple attempts to scan the ticket.
Show more
2 years ago, Leftygurl61
Just awful can’t scan tickets and when you keep trying the app will knock you off!! And it’s their fault ! 🤦‍♀️ my tickets 🎫 are new nothing wrong with them but keep getting errors when you try to scan them.. bad app not even worth it .. And they make all that money but can’t afford to fix their app So it will work for their customers 🤦‍♀️ Tenn lottery and you don’t reply to complaints about the app here I don’t see any replies on here where you tried to help or fix an issue. Shame on you!!!! 😡 👻
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4 years ago, twistae
Glad the scanner is fixed
Took long enough to fix this bug, but I kind of miss back when submitting tickets for second chance would give you bonus points. Guess it just means more work to reach the limit every month
Show more
1 year ago, ladyluck50/50
Awesome app!
I Love the fact you can enter in for second chance or other exciting games. I hope to be a big winner off any game that’s from my loosing tickets! That would be great! The app is super easy and fun to use. I’m a new to it still and still learning more. Thanks Tennessee lottery for having me.
Show more
2 years ago, hcstrebd
Online purchase.
I am used to being able to find mine through the app online. Unfortunately TN doesn’t allow thisBut it does make it easier for me as I might not be out and about running around the night of the drawing . The three rating is due to the inconvenience not necessarily the app. Although it always takes a while for the app to recognize my barcode.
Show more
3 years ago, Donavonknight
Enven more annoying
How do you make a barely working feature worse by adding an annoying tone every time you use it. The “check your ticket” feature has never worked well. So instead of fixing it they added an annoying tone every time you try to scan a ticket. The sound cannot be turned off and not matter how much you turn your phone down it still beeps. A nice example of why Apple should allow users the option to turn off all sound on the app like notification settings.
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4 years ago, O33!
My scanner wasn’t working as well, while holding my phone upright. So decided to scan tickets by turning my phone sideways and it works. Only while holding my phone to the side though. Where as before I could hold my phone upright and scan my tickets just fine. I have an iPhone.
Show more
12 months ago, Captain atoll
Terrible app - read the reviews despite the star rating
Not sure what’s happening with the star rating here but this app is terrible. It’s slower than ever. Has a horrible time scanning draw game tickets. Does okay with scratch offs. Read the reviews. They are terrible. People are either scoring it incorrectly with the stars or it’s getting changed afterwards. See how many 4-5 star reviews are out there only to read the comments and see that they are unhappy with the app. I guess it’s better than not having an app.
Show more
1 year ago, 754 Tenn
Sad Odds
Tennessee Lottery odds of winning anything have drastically dropped in the last few years. Others stated odds are better than Tennessee sad to say. Used to at least win every now & then on instant & drawings. It’s gotten very frustrating. I know Tennessee could do better!! It’s not just me. I’m the voice of many. I researched and found out that Tennessee is in the bottom four. You can do better !!
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