Test Prep for ALEKS® Math

4.4 (450)
14.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Test Prep for ALEKS® Math

4.42 out of 5
450 Ratings
1 year ago, EMISquire
Great lessons, but app navigation could be refined
This is a straight forward tool I am using to reeducate my and prepare for the test. I would add being able to swipe between videos and being able to touch the answer instead of the letters at the bottom. The instruction is great and I love how the videos cover one concept per video. I have had some freezing and restarting issues but the quality of the lessons far outweigh the glitches or shortfalls of the app.
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3 years ago, MHM47
Took the ALEKS test prep and tested into the class I was looking to test into.
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2 years ago, shdisishsbdhdjjf
Subscription error
I loved the app for the few lessons I was about to get out of it. I really needed it to get into the class I need for college but when it came time for another lesson it suggests to subscribe and without hesitation I was all for it. I went to click the button but kept saying that it was invalid thus, the app is now useless to me as I can’t practice or take test to know if I am doing anything right. If the developers could fix this issue asap, it would benefits many.
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1 year ago, nippleboner
App doesn’t load lessons
I signed up for the free trial and at first it was very helpful and easy to use but after day one I had to cancel it my subscription because the app won’t load the lessons every time I open it the shows the lessons for a split second and then it shows just a blank white page with the banner on top I have tried closing it an opening it multiple times and it continues to tweak
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1 year ago, CW_2018
Great at first
I used the app for the first few lessons and was genuinely finding it useful until I ran into what seems to be a chronic issue - the subscription button doesn’t work and there is no way to create an account or sign up. Not sure if there is a parent company or companion web portal since no information exists in the app so there isn’t a work around for this issue. Disappointed.
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4 months ago, Etamina360
It won’t let me continue using the app
I love the app and wish it was still working but once I decided to start the three day free trial a day later I can’t use the app when I go to use the app it just shows me a blank white screen very disappointed because I was fully committed to continue paying the subscription and using the app. Please fix this!!!!
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5 months ago, Ricky Rick Reviews
Needs a little work
A placement test would be great, the web version is pretty much perfect but this is a bit to simple, I need something more usable on my phone, this is the only reason I’m not paying the subscription
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2 years ago, kells2323
Subscription button issues
I believe this app is very helpful for anyone who wanting to practice and place into the desired college course. However, the subscription button doesn’t work at all. It would be nice if that could be corrected.
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6 months ago, IamSakendraK
App Keeps Crashing
The app itself is good but it keeps buffering and crashing which is very frustrating. I also paid for the subscription. Please fix - Thank you
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1 month ago, _Benny__
Why… just, why
This is an app for practicing a math placement test. It’s for college, why should the students have to pay? We already have enough to pay for, we don’t need ANOTHER thing baiting us in promising to help and then smacking another price in our face. The subscription upsets me greatly, and I’m disgusted and disappointed.
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6 months ago, MOOSEisWowzoyo
This application is not ready for Apple. The videos are not ADA compatible, there is no adjustments, and the videos are not in ASL. For a quick study guide, it’s okay. It’s not close to the real program yet. I would recommend an update. ASL on the video screen, and the TTY accommodations with captions and subtitles. APP NEEDS DEVELOPMENT.
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1 year ago, OwlSearcher
Used to work
Paid for subscription and now can’t access any of the lessons - just blank screen
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2 years ago, only1.ss
Subscription button
The app is very helpful, but when I was trying to subscribe the subscription button does not work.
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3 years ago, why28464827473
It’s kinda confusing when you start also is there a login. And I don’t think it’s part of the website.
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2 years ago, mndmaria
It was good until I tried to subscribe and it says there’s an error with the link. I’m literally trying to give them money and it’s just not working.
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1 year ago, bellarerat
App contents disappeared!!
This app was amazing until I took the first review then all the content disappeared. Now when I open the app all I see is the header and nothing else
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3 years ago, Jacobele
Not working well
Keeps freezing anytime I click grade report. Annoying.
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2 years ago, erikac_
Nothing will load
One subscription was purchased nothing began to load and started became really buggy.
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10 months ago, MKK55
Cannot Login
I can’t use this through my actual ALEKS account Very annoying because the ALEKS website on Safari doesn’t let me use my iPad for graphing. Should really be fixed.
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9 months ago, Nutcracker0703
So I can’t write the answer I need a sign in password but now I don’t?
I can’t put the answer and at school I need a sign in password but now I don’t?
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2 years ago, sdhmbbcjydbrtiu
I took 3 little sessions then it’s making me subscribe, I go to subscribe and it tells me the purchase identifier was invalid and won’t let me subscribe
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1 year ago, NeedsToStudy
Subscribe issue
Love the app and the way its set up. Unable to utilize it any further due to not being able to subscribe or utilize the 3 day free trial.
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2 years ago, krystal milliner
Cannot create account
Subscription button doesn’t work
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3 years ago, amb725
Can’t take tests?
The lessons are amazing but I paid $10 for the full experience and I can’t take the reviews or practice tests?!?
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4 years ago, seriuoslythough
I’m glad I found this app
I cannot say enough good things about this program in preparing me for the ALEKS exam. I’m glad I found this app. -dtmatty
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11 months ago, Marshmellozzzz
No sound
I don’t need to update the app but I don’t have any sound for the lessons. Please help
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3 years ago, jfisisud
Will not allow me to take the advance to next lesson
App will not allow me to advance to next lesson by taking the test
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3 years ago, frorax
crashes a lot
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4 years ago, Alysa_12xx_
Great app, terrible layout
The math in this application is very informative and definitely helps prepare you. $10 a month seems a bit much, especially since they will charge your card again for the next month even when you choose not to renew it. (They give you an option when your purchase the subscription.) This is terrible as there is no settings in the app or any way to unsubscribe. Please consider...
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Take the test first
The app does not prepare you for the test. It is all multiple choice and the actual test is free response. After you take the ALEKS test the first time it opens a free practice website that allows you to focus on the topics you missed. The app is great on the go to refresh on math topics and to watch instructional videos. If you do end up buying this app you have to go into your phone settings and unsubscribe or you’ll be paying for it the rest of your life.
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4 years ago, mobleyfam
Super fun and educating
It is one very fun math game! And it’s super educational, I have to do school on here and I love when it’s time to do it!
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4 years ago, juicy durr burger
I have to do school work on this which whatever, but if you don’t log in for 2 weeks you must do a long knowledge check that is annoying.
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4 years ago, billy the butten
Bad delete this
Delete this
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4 years ago, liltato!
Worst app ever
This is the worst app ever. You might think in exaggerating and trying to get the app off the App Store but I’m not and this is coming from a student. The layout of the app is horrible and it don’t even make sense how they grade your work. You would do a question right and it would say try again but when you see the example it’s the same thing what you had. Then it makes the simplest thing so hard. Example 1 + 2= 3 that’s what they teach in school how it is shown on ALEKS- 1 +1 - 1 -(1 +2). Then it makes no sense it it makes the students stress about their grades it’s worst then actual math and I’m really good at math.
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