Test Quest

2.7 (24)
15 MB
Age rating
Current version
Testing Mom
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
11.3 or later
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User Reviews for Test Quest

2.71 out of 5
24 Ratings
5 years ago, Mahaveer.kothari
Please provide option to disable undo
If answer is wrong, user can go back and correct the answer. Please provide option to disable this. Or do not count undo in the final score.
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5 years ago, veevahdhfj
Very good, but...
Everything is very good. Except the fact that it’s not called Testing Mom, even though it’s called that on the browser. Also you could implement the idea of selecting a child from the browser Testing Mom.
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4 years ago, SuperCurious1998
Do NOT pay for their membership
I didn’t do enough research before I signed up for the test mom membership. The only thing they have is a library of test questions but the both the website and the app are so poorly designed my kid can not use it at all. This is a home business scam with the least level of effort or labor. So disappointed.
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5 years ago, Bcsparkle
1. Cannot tap some answers 2. Even tapped the right answer, it kept saying incorrect 3. Once tried a few times, it went back to the beginning and start over again 4. Have read all the ratings, seller never improved or adjusted the complaints. Really disappointed with this app. They are not responsible.
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10 years ago, djPran
Great app, but doesn't work in iPad
This is a great app and works well on the iPhone. However the screen seems to go blank after a few minutes in the iPad. The iPad is preferable because it is larger and it is too difficult for my daughter (let alone me!) to see the symbols and shapes clearly on the iPhone. Please fix!!
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3 years ago, TXJ 15
Audio is far behind
It is a good apps but the audio is not playing or All of sudden, it plays multiple questions same time
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5 years ago, Expensiveh79
Enable testing mum app
Please can you kindly enable me to download testing mum app?
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5 years ago, jojojr#1
They are both horrible
Testing mom always glitches and throws me out so I lose my progress and u can cheat on test quest
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5 years ago, tezgjhjgyxz
Not having figure matrices
My son is having a test on figure matrices this Saturday , and testing mom is where I use figure matrices but it is not here very unhappy testingmom .
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6 years ago, MuhibM
Good app
Good app but put it on the Apple Watch
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9 years ago, amandolin
Disappointed is an understatement
Terrible app. The system does not have the correct questions assigned by grade and the kinder and 1st grade question appear to be that of 3rd, 4th maybe even 5th grade. Unless you expect a kindergartner to know, read and understand words like meager, nimble and mead in a multiple choice vocab question (NOT an appropriate kinder cogat sample question or format). I purchased a paid membership to the testing mom website in part so I could access this app and use it on the go. What a waste of money. The interface is nearly as disappointing with the a,b,c,d options misaligned to many of the questions causing the kid to answer wrong question when in fact they were correct. In other cases, the directions appear but no figure or picture - so the practice is futile and opportunity wasted. If you are considering the benefit of an app as part of your consideration for testing mom subscription, make sure there are other features you want as this portion is a complete waste of money.
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10 years ago, Kazy9742643
Needs improvement
Child can't click right on the answer. Has to select buttons that go with the correct answer but on my device the buttons do not sit right below the possible answers . Wrong answers produce a negative sound bite such as a bunch of children saying "aaaaw" sadly or one child saying "keep trying " very sadly as if disappointed in the child taking the test. A better response would be a positive sounding "try again!" Questions for Kindergarten sample start ridiculously easy and then move to ridiculously hard almost immediately. Graphical interface is monotone, not fun and colorful as you would expect for children. Would not buy. Try testprep-online. Due to negative feedback given to the child on a wrong answer, I won't use even the free questions.
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8 years ago, PenielM
Next question button doesn't work...
App is great and questions are great for my son.. But the next question button is not working, so my son just keeps refreshing question 1..
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8 years ago, Rowan ❤️💛
Great Resource For My Little One!
This app is exactly what I was looking for! It makes a great resource to help my child prepare for testing this spring. It is so well organized and keeps my little one engaged! Thrilled I found this. Thank You!
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7 years ago, keteracel
App still doesn't work
I log in (yes I have the $100+ membership) and go to the olsat test. Click 2nd grade and it says it need to download the questions. I click 'download' and a progress goes up to 100% then nothing. Try clicking 2nd grade over and over and nothing. The tests do not start. I can only do the sample 100 tests not the ones I paid a subscription for. Total rip off.
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8 years ago, Hunter man 077
My child loves it!
I love that we can download the questions while we're connected to wifi and then access the questions later without an internet connection. Great on-the-go test prep!
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7 years ago, transypodge
Practice makes gifted? ... NOT
There is nothing wrong with learning general test taking strategies and building academic skills. With that said, IQ assessment is another thing altogether. Your child is more than an IQ score. You child does not have to be "gifted" in order to be successful. Stop this nonsense! It is misleading and unethical to con parents into believing their children will become "smarter" by practicing IQ tests. This defeats the purpose and is highly unethical.
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9 years ago, M-20 guru
good for a free app
wanted to find something that was pretty easy and quick to use. Like that the questions are read for the child. Fun sounds. Kids like. Good supplement for the full testing moms online program
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9 years ago, Swati cvs
Need to test app before releasing it.
This is one of greatest examples why testing is required for the app. If you leave the screen for some time the screen gets blank. And then we have to delete the app and download the app again and again . I guess I did not pay 131$ discounted yearly fee for all these trauma. No thanks for people who referred me to this stupid site.
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9 years ago, R0n Swans0n
Terrible app.
We paid for the Testing Mom membership, and I'm not impressed with this app at all. We downloaded the appropriate question set for my child's age level, and now the app simply doesn't work. It shows a blank white screen. Closed out the app, same problem. Restarted the iPad, same problem. Deleted and reinstalled the app, same problem.
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8 years ago, MJ-teacher
As an educator, I have been asked to recommend learning aids. This is now my #1 favorite. Kids think they are just playing a fun game but they are really learning and improving their logic skills!!!!
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8 years ago, TexasMomOf2Kids
Our kids love Test Quest!!
Our kids play Test Quest every day!! It gives them great practice and it's very fun. Thank you for this app! We love it!
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8 years ago, stliferm
Perfect for gifted and talented test prep!
My kids absolutely love this app. The interactive practice questions were just what they needed to prepare for the gifted and talented tests. Highly recommend!
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8 years ago, Teacher4thTX
Great practice for the kids!
The kids love the fun and interactive questions. A great way for them to practice test questions in a very fun way.
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8 years ago, mytwokids94
Wrong answers
Missed spelled words and wrong answers...clicked on every answer and told me they were all incorrect. On another question the obvious wrong answer said was the correct answer. Website is better...
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10 years ago, Momfinn
Only able to get 5 of the "100 free test questions", info page won't close when I touch the "X", can't play if the info screen won't close... :(
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8 years ago, DirtyxMcCurdy
Great app to help the kids study!
Perfect additional app to have TestingMom test prep on the go.
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9 years ago, Clarkus007
Don't waste your time
The "100 questions" is for all grades all different tests. So some tests have no questions for a specific grade and when there are questions there are about 4 total.
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9 years ago, Supermom880
Needs work
When you click on app it doesn't open. It just goes to a blank screen.
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8 years ago, The Keanu's
This is a scam
They took my 30 dollars and all I got was a broken app with broken questions. Stay away from this app and this company.
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9 years ago, PreethiVeen
Can't login!
I gave my testingmom credentials and clicked login, but it just stays right there and doesn't login or progress!
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8 years ago, Manish Chhadua
Wrong answers and bad UI
This app could be so much better.
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8 years ago, LightBox22
Incorrect answers
The app consistently marking correct answers as incorrect.
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7 years ago, Awesomestarwarsgirl
The questions are boring and I can't do anything because I have to have a mom membership!!! DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS.IT IS A BIG WASTE OF TIME
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