1.6 (79)
2.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pearson Education, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for TestNav

1.65 out of 5
79 Ratings
10 months ago, GFishSHS
Permission Required
We have several iPads with TestNav but some will throw an error message stating it needs permission for speech, mic, etc. When you hit go to settings all those options are selected but we cannot use it. It’s happening only on a few of the iPads but not all. I have attempted to uninstall, change content and privacy settings and more with the same results.
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1 year ago, L. X. D. Auther
Accessibility needs to be improved
I give this 3 stars for just being available for iPad, but the accessibility needs to be inproved, like an actual Dark Mode or allowing me to access my Accessibility Shortcuts menu during testing. I understand the wanting to block all ways of cheating, but not allowing me to adjust my device brightness, enable or disable inverted colors, zoom, or VoiceOver is very very annoying and frustrating.
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3 years ago, xoxo.bilen
This app is good and bad because the good news is that if you get a bad score it won’t go in the grade book. The bad news is that I never works😭.
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6 months ago, -MILKDUDS😋-
Every thing is good, it’s just that can their be a way to lower the brightness down? That would help a lot!
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1 year ago, Oaisjksjahns
Giving it a mixed rating so I can be the only person having given it this rating
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4 years ago, emma2789027
It’s a school app so so people aren’t gonna like it but it is a good app
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3 years ago, jteng05
I’m just here for school
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4 years ago, misnsdd
This app is garbage
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4 years ago, ssswolfiess
So good
Love it easy to use best app erver
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10 years ago, TestNavSucks
Best app ever!
This app is sooooo much fun, everyone at my school loves it, if I could marry it I would. The app is soo good, I'd like to take the time to thank god, for making this app possible, second, I'd like to thank my parents for taking me to this wonderful school, thirdly id like to thank my teachers, for showing me this wonderfully awesome app, fourth, I'd like to thank my fellow students for guiding me to getting this app, I'd like to thank who made the iPad so I could be the app, I'd also like to thank President Obama, oh wait, never mind, I'd like to thank the government for not banning iPads and guns, I'd like to thank walmart for selling me this beautiful creation called an iPad, and I could say sooo much more, but that would take forever, so lastly I'd like to thank Pearson Education for making this app and making this app a very wonderful and enjoy full experience.
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9 years ago, Gaben Minion
Not 8/8
This app makes snoop dog sad! Gaben would not approve and potato conisious would grind the developers meat! Worst battlefield game ever! There are too many five year old trying to be swag and #REK me. This game is ultra glitchy Gaben would not approve! I had to go to MLG DORITOS HQ and see Gaben himself to revive me of the scrub this app have me. FaZe doesn't even play this game because it's bad. People spawn behind me try to kill me like its halo. But being the MLG NO SCOPER LORD that I am I Shreked them it the face! Shrek isn't even in this game. I downloaded the app thinking I was going to get it from Shrek. I never did get it from him. Shrek is love Shrek is Lyfe! Shrek would not approve. This game was made by scrublords! Don't get this game spare your MLG Swag. There aren't even any MLG trick shot lobbies where I can pull of MLG 720 Triple Flip oculus no scopes. Shrek and Gaben would not approve.
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9 years ago, Epichoboe
Swaggy P
This app does not comply with the necessary components of students at junior high schools. Every time a student presses the button with the thing on it, the thing does the other thing leading to the eventual collapse of the thing. Also, I noticed there are no dancing GIFs of Nick Young, the most inspirational NBA player of all time, in the sidebar while I am testing. I believe adding Swaggy P into this equation would severely benefit this app. If there were an addition of mini games with golf balls and levels, this would be complete. Yes, you know what I mean. Flappy golf extreme. So, do those things and this app will be five stars.
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9 years ago, Xxxx_BlazeItMichel_xxxxX
Gaben wouldn't r8 8/8 m8
This app makes small children cri I can even 360 no scope nōōbs and use my lag switch. This app makes me rage and break my Alienware computer. I had to contact snoop dog to try to get rid of this app. If is app had Doritos and mountain de maybe I would like comment and subskrieb. This app is for fedora wearing scrub lords and makes spooderman want to stab people. Plz lord gaben stop the 5 year olds playing call of duty and fix this crappy text app. In gaben we trust in Karambit fade we must. All I want is a timbersaw ladder stall xx yy xx yy lt rt no scope. If this app had cross map tomahawks it would maybe be good. Thank you in gaben we trust.
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9 years ago, Seconded ok
Test Nav is Illuminati Confirmed.
Before reading this, make sure you have a pencil because things are about to get sketchy. Test Nav. Test Nav is an app. App has the letter "p" in it two times. Do you know what else has the letter "p" in it two times? That's right. Paedophage. A paedophage is someone who eats children. Does the creator of Test Nav eat children? Let's find out. If using Test Nav is supposed to develop your brain and zombies eat brains and Minecraft has zombies and there are compasses to navigate around in Minecraft and kids who use Test Nav play Minecraft, then Test Nav is Illuminati Confirmed.
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8 years ago, Zcvw
Ok at best, like me
Honestly, whenever I take the test, the Open response boxes NEVER and I mean NEEVVVVER work properly. I spent 10 extra minutes on a question for a TIMED TEST just because the answer box didn't function correctly. My friends have also told me that they had to skip questions that they knew the answer to because the drag and drop wasn't working. The test otherwise has mediocre questions, and an okay time limit, so it's ok at best, kinda like me! 😂😂😂😭😭😭
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7 years ago, Jarjarblob
Behind the meme
This app is more normie than behind the meme. I’m going to eat myself some tide pods so I don’t have to finna take any tests. This app was the little kid who went into harambes inclosure. This one appy boi is more cancerous than the undertale fandom, and that’s really saying something. This app is harder than dark souls, 10/7 IGN kill me all my memes are cries for help UUH
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7 years ago, GickRrimes
Best Cooking App
This helped me enhance my ability to calculate how much it cost to buy 38 watermelons and 7 pineapples for my kins in the area. Even though I am homeless now, at least the knows that I can find the hypotenuse of a triangle.
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9 years ago, revǝɹsal
9/11 did Bush
My friend Riley, the leader of the Hentai club, is 8 years into TestNav rehab. He abused the Hentai feature of the app and became a full-blown weeb. It is all ogre now. Please report Gaben for making this app. 9/11 readers will be offended by this review.
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9 years ago, stingray404
Spies on you
This app takes complete control of your device and collects your personal data as well as uses your front facing camera and microphone to provide a live feed of you and transmitting it back to the company. Seriously just opt out. Do not take this test.
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6 years ago, Heyoitsbrooke
This app could not be more helpful! It helped me achieve nothing in life and now I live at home by myself with 5 cats.
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6 years ago, jeffcaplen
This is a phenomenal experience I rate it a 0 star it helps me with my problems with things by now for 8.999 coolers. It also tastes really good
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7 years ago, Ronaldgetsthe_succ
A new Reich
This app helped me to improve my German Engineering and count how many children are locked in my basement.
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9 years ago, LancerGuy4
You can kill it
Just through spiders and watch...
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6 years ago, LilRocketMan
I need to know why the school system is so corrupt... Oh... I just found out... Pearson is funded by Kim Jong-un and the North Korean government to improve relations between the DPRK and the United States. No wonder it is a low quality pile of hyena poo! P.S. Testing takes away class time and learning time, making tests a pile of fresh elephant dung.
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6 years ago, MyHairHurts27
Legitimate “Real” review
Yeah let’s see, lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, an app that wastes everyone’s time and money while making them hate themselves. And on the side can I get a feature that renders me incapable of leaving the app? Oh I can? Wow what a wonderful feature! Does this app know da wæ? Apparently not.
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6 years ago, Slabsgdas
So useful
While using this app I got peed on while peeing on some one else
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7 years ago, R.I.P NFS
My Favorite Anime!
I really love this anime, it taught me how to calculate costs of the bombs for Hiroshima! I can now figure out the cost to bomb Japan a third time with this new Anime, but I haven't found the manga for it yet. I was fired from my job for watching Roblox pr0n, but at least I can calculate square roots.
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6 years ago, [Troz]
I am now dead because of this app
After I was done taking my test I went into a Great Depression. I failed school and had no job. I am now homeless because of this app. After that I am dead. All because I got a question wrong.
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9 years ago, 85775845487874748
Ur mom
This app doesn't show you ur mom memes at anytime. Wether it is during the survey or after you answers a question. This app doesn't not meet middle school and Junior High school students. I would give it a zero star but Apple won't let me do that. One star!
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9 years ago, Lisajiao
My school is a leading dank memes school and has asked all students to download this app with. My friend Riley who is also the Hentai club leader and made us take a test on this app. We watched Boku no pics on this app and saw 3 dudes get together. This thing is confirmed illuminati. We all got violated please help Pepe.
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9 years ago, 😖no nicknames
The app has many errors, is stupid, everyone failed the test, and it is probably stalking everyone even as I write this it knows what I'm saying and what my house looks like. Did you hear about Pearson looking at people's social media? Creepy....
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7 years ago, It is bad🦍
I hate this app with a burning passion
This app is ruining my life!!! It makes me feel like I am a sloppy, good at nothing, never gonna amount to anything 12 year old! I bet there have been tons of suicides because of this app. Pls maker of this app, STOP 🛑 PLEASE YOU WILL RUIN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!
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7 years ago, MonkeyandBannas
So when I first downloaded this app I was expecting to get a hack tool and a short cut guide on the game Standardized TEST, but then it just taught me Math and ELA and brainwashed all the teachers in the school to force us to use this app on certain days. Now I can't ever beat me game.
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9 years ago, Dan is gay
Garbage app
This app was a complete waist of space. The app had constant crashes and bugs. It was absolute hell trying to solve the problems so I could take a test. Don't install this app if you have the choice.
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9 years ago, NathenHilly
I identify as an attack helicopter. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over deserts and dropping hot sticky loads on disgusting foreigners. I am currently undergoing surgery to have machine guns attached to my arms and a propeller on my back. Please respect my right to kill from above needlessly!
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6 years ago, ThePlagueDoctoe
Don’t be such a hypocrite Jarjarblob, Tide pods have been a dead meme ever since they started.
Show more
9 years ago, Fuzzydongs21
This app gave me diabetes
This app was terrible, if I could eat the amount I want to throw up I would be 675 pounds. The inventor of this app needs to be exposed to the street justice that all its unhappy downloaders would be happy to give.
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6 years ago, I just wrote a review!!!!☺️
It made me give a star which if given the option to not put a star, I would do said action
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9 years ago, 😭😨😱😢😞😩
Worst app
This app would make Elmo cry honestly if there in an option to opt out do it if not run and never come back and come and join me and Elmo to help us take down this monster.
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8 years ago, JoeCool7653421
This app is 5 stars like ur mom
I love this app it hates your mom
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9 years ago, Infinite negative stars
Joyful guy
Please Lord, give this mentally unstable, phony, idiot a good idea. I used it 100 times and all I could see was the loading page. My dog made a better decision eating poison ivy and throwing it up on my sister.
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7 years ago, Louis_Buo
Three stars
There are not enough three stars, so i rate 3 stars
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9 years ago, Pckfjfjf
Don't work
This app doesn't work and will not let people test. It says it need update. Why it need update. It can't update . I don't update now. Fix now. Please now. Thanks please.
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8 years ago, Sydhoneybee
My name is standardized testing and this is my app. I work here with my friend School and my dad the state. One thing I've learned after these years, everyone hates us
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7 years ago, ReginaPhalange978🦍
This app does not let you take the test. It is not good. They need to hire a new software designer.
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9 years ago, Fma92357
Broken app
This app is broken, this is not real, it crashes all the time and you can't actually do anything. It's not fair the app owner gets away with this, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!
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7 years ago, -Fuzzy_death-
Best app to get Cancer :)
My favorite part about this app is all the story problems. Jimmy has 20 cookies. He gets 10 more. What does Jimmy have? -obesity
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7 years ago, Nwea is trash
Dusty and salty memes I'm harambae
Them memeays are dead like harambae u like my memeays now skrub 🖕🏻
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6 years ago, nicknamesno
I hate the aspire tests we have to take but this app is good
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6 years ago, hsmv,hisvgmjsvhmjs
Get this now
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