Texas Lottery Official App

4.6 (47.2K)
47.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
IGT Global Solutions Corporation
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Texas Lottery Official App

4.57 out of 5
47.2K Ratings
1 year ago, PMac1933
It’s been great until the last 3 days…
Love this app! It’s been great for checking my lottery scratch off tickets, scanning and uploading the ones into the second chance drawings , keeping up with the newly released tickets and which scratchers are coming to an end of game close…. But 3 days ago the app was “closed for a scheduled maintenance and would be back shortly” … im disappointed because I have more “second chance drawing” tickets to add to the drawing for what I hope (and pray) to eventually be my time to shine (in other words for my chance to actually win big for once) and change mine and my sons life… can’t have the opportunity/chance if I’m not able to upload tickets that I have purchased within that specific time frame the lotto has put out there for the games…. I’m hopeful that the Texas lottery commission gets this maintenance finished soon so that I may one day have my chance at changing mine and my sons life!!
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2 years ago, Cobelltx
Able to scan tickets again
App is great for it’s purpose but after a recent update I had the same issue scanning tickets that someone else recently posted about on Dec 20, 2021. I also had an issue with “Win at Gifting”, which is an add line at the bottom of the app, taking up half the screen. Decided to delete the app and all it’s data then reinstall. It’s back to normal. Scanner works great again. Unsure why an update would do this and a reinstall fixed it but tends to work on other apps too. Having these problems? Try what I did… I hope this post helps some people as I usually don’t post reviews.
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1 year ago, Joe100213
Completely Worthless!!!
Can’t check anything! Can’t access old app! Only get a pic of a hand saying be back later-only later never comes. Only ways to remove it is to turn off phone or delete app which says this new app IS a bug!!! I guess that’s one way to avoid paying folks!!!No stars isn’t an option but should be! Meanwhile, all my entries are gone with the old app that I can’t access! Utterly ridiculous!!! I’ ve downloadEd this crap 5 times since last night and deleted it four! Can’t even check a scratch ticket! This is the sixth time I’m reporting it and nobody even cares that it’s worthless!!! Honestly I think it’s intentional!!! They just keep sending out the same message while doing nothing about the problem!!! The same hand is locked on my iPhone saying be back soon while it has Never worked & I can no longer access the previous app that did work!! If we check our tickets, we don’t Know we’ve won, and they don’t have to pay us!!! Nice scam!!!
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2 years ago, SpamDavid
UPDATE: Lost Ticket Scanner FOUND
Update: They added a shortcut bar at the bottom of the main screen. Swipe up to reveal the ticket scanner and other items. The ticket scanner got moved from the main page of the app to being hidden behind the menu. It takes two hands to find and open the scanner function. Not good. It should be prominently displayed on the main page.
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2 months ago, Smasj8
Latest Update Has Issues:
5 Star app until we started having issues after the latest update. It takes forever to load, doesn’t load at all, crashes, and we’ve been getting ‘system unavailable’ messages. Before you can get the scanner completely over the barcode to read your ticket it starts scanning. Also, I tried to use the app to redeem a win (discovered this feature a few months ago), but I no longer have this option?? I didn’t think it was a “You can only use this feature one time” rule. Thought it was an isolated event, but my wife has it on her phone and has the same issues. Not sure what’s going on, but we’ve used this app for years and loved it. Please, correct the issue so I can come back and update my review.
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2 years ago, upset wasted my last $
0 Stars if possible- new update is awful!
It won’t scan tickets. When it does, it is wrong. You may possibly be throwing away more money but they don’t care they have your money and get to keep your if you win by the looks of the same amount of complains for a long time now! The new format is nice but it cannot keep up w interactivity for the scanner! Mine went from scanning, to not scanning, to saying my brand new phone I received as a gift that is the latest model doesn’t have the capability to scan, to now saying unable to scan see retailer. When I went to several different retailers when they Two Step was high. So, it is all the application. Not that many cashiers and retail places could make the same mistake!
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2 years ago, Calamity Coyote
Fix settings for sound
Overall I am fine with the app. I mainly only use it to scan tickets. However, one key feature really annoys me. I do not want the stupid “beep” sound when I scan. Even though I have gone in to the settings to turn off sound and automation, it still beeps every scan. On previous version, it would beep loud until I scan a winner and then it would beep slightly lower but still beeped. This version beeps full volume every time. I have to switch my phone to “silent” to stop this noise. Please fix this.
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2 years ago, nbriza
Feb 2022 update
I play three games twice a week. In the previous version this created one barcode for a retailer to scan for all three games. Now, the retail associate has to swipe my phone through three barcodes, one for each game or they have to hand it back and forth for all three games. This is already a burden because I find less then half of them even know what the app is all about. Often, they even try to scan it using the point of sale scanner. This is absurd. And as mentioned before, scanning tickets is hard to do. The scanner in app is very rudimentary and creates many error scans. The beep is also unnecessarily loud.
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8 months ago, MMCXII
Operational issues
Works well to scan your tickets, check numbers, etc., but frequently freezes up, or the “X” (close) button stops working. Just needs a little attention to some bugs. Also, it’s hard to believe there’s no option to buy draw game tickets from the app. I understand Apple’s “vig” is exorbitant (30% last I checked) and this drives businesses away from their pay platform, but even an integration that sent your ticket request to an external web site would be helpful.
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3 months ago, hope six
Sad and lonely world
I like the lottery but I have never win nothing I wonder how long can we play without getting anything it’s too many millions for one people it should be divided at least in 100 people or more we leave and expend our money for and endless hope Many of us do not need a lot of money like me I’ll be OK with 100,000 to be out of Debt help me God. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Disappointed lottery app user
New version…. Throw OUT team that worked on this version
I noticed a new Texas Lottery icon on my Home Screen, new blue colored icon. I touched ion to launch app. I have several scratch off tickets to check A long 5 minutes no app selections, nothing . Looked DOL-dead on launch. Went to APP Store it see about downloading again. All I could do was OPEN app within APP Store. Even after eating dinner, 30+ minutes later app still had a white screen, no Texas Lottery app functionality. Bring back previous version, fire new version app team, save money, and have all end users happy! WHAT!!! I can’t give a half star!!! here’s a forced 1.
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4 weeks ago, Rattlergrl
I use to love this app!
It is so annoying that since the update I have to verify my email every single time I want to log into my account. I understand the first time but every time after is dumb. I’m the only one checking from my phone. Please fix this so I can give a 5 star review. Why is this app getting worse?! It’s asking to update my password. I did and it says I can’t use my old password. I’m not!!!! This app keeps getting worse after updates. Please fix it!!!!
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4 years ago, Ginnagan
Scanning the tickets
Just letting everyone know that this scanner is the bomb. You can scan your tickets and if you have kids that like to scratch your tickets you can leave the losers tickets for them to scratch. If you little kids are like mine. Little kids like to scratch until there are no numbers on it anymore so I just let them scratch till their hearts are content then when they bring it to me I say oooh look you won a dollar and they are so happy.
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6 years ago, CaliforniaJordan
App not working now
The app isn’t working now at all . It was working fine just a few days ago everything is up-to-date on my phone. I tried to open the app to scan a few tickets right now and nothing in the app is working it just ask like it is trying to open and load but nothing pops up and then when I go to the options and hit scan tickets nothing happens it doesn’t pull up the camera like it usually does. I tried deleting the app and then re-downloading it and it still doesn’t work please fix this ASAP this is very irritating
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1 year ago, Mr get it together
Me Smith
Every time you all do an update we have to suffer while you play with the app. This app has been down for the last three or four days. Ridiculous with the amount of money player spend with you guys. Poor poor customer service. Ridiculous. You probably the worst state ever when it comes to the Lotto.
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3 years ago, JudyJetsonHooka
Nice App, but..
This app is good overall. It’s so convenient that you can scan your tickets using the app and instantly find out if it’s a winner or not. Also. I like the fact that it shows the dates of the drawings and the numbers from the most recent game. I do wish there was a way once you scan a winning ticket it saved the ticket information and the amount you won. Maybe once you scan a ticket it can track how much you spent vs how you’ve won overall based on the tickets you scan with the app.
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3 years ago, Writebrotp
Unable to scan my tickets
I’ve had the app for years and always loved it. It seems that recently it may have been updated because I noticed the scanner is different on the app now. The scanner is horrible. I have to try numerous times to get it to scan a ticket. Sometimes I give up and just go to the website and look at the winning numbers. But before this update, the scanner always worked perfectly. I love the app but they got to do something about the scanner. 🤔
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3 years ago, Dug117
What once was good is no more
The barcode scanner used to be on target until the last two updates. Now it barely works and when it does you have to stand in a corner with one leg up, holding your mouth just right while juggling oranges. Quit fiddling with a good app. Why programmers think they have to constantly improve on something is beyond me. If it works efficiently, leave it alone. The rest of the app is fine but the scanner is useless. Hope they fix it soon. Otherwise I’ll have to keep driving to a retailer to check the tickets.
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7 years ago, Astepbackwards
Updates needed
The app doesn’t support IPhone 8... The phone has been on the market for over a month now and your app has yet to evolve. Maybe the app developer needs to pay attention to technology changes if they want to play in the technology business. While you work to allow your app to work on the IPhone 8 why don’t you also take away the annoying automatic wheel spinning menu when we first open the app. I open the app to check my tickets, but your spinning menu makes me wait for the wheel to stop spinning before I can make my selection. The options menu needs to be static and not dynamic.
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1 year ago, AuraOfTheAngels
Please come back 🙏
I have been doing scratchers every day for quite some time, and have had to rely on the scanners to help me. There’s no telling how many winning tickets I’ve tossed on accident before I was aware of the app. Please come back soon or at least launch the scanner. I am holding on to all of my scratched tickets.
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1 year ago, Joshua101979
App refuses to work
Got a new iPhone download the new version of the app on my phone and the last three days have not been able to use it saying app is under maintenance. Please try again later I’ve tried at all different times during the day and evening and it’s starting to get on my nerves. you cannot get the digital coupon that’s available you can’t check any tickets and I believe that is the main reason why you have the app please do a better job and make it work.
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3 years ago, Usmc7676
Ticket scam ! DOESNT SCAN !
Enjoy the app but lately it’s been horrible ! The ticket scanner was working fine then a new update and now the app is bugged out. DOESNT load then when it does the ticket scanner doesn’t work ? Don’t fox things that are not broken ! Ps. Your new ticket 50x ? I get a 5x symbol on the ticket so I’m thinking cool at least a $25 winner because it’s a $5 scratcher. I scratch and it’s $2 under the 5x ? There are no $2 prizes so why is there one under the 5x ! Hope the sales on these are way down. I’ve been letting every one I know and customers in stores that these new tickets are scams !
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9 months ago, Shinny Kid
Scan my tickets does not work
The scan my tickets feature is terrible, only works about 5% of the tome. LSt year this feature worked perfectly, but the latest updates managed to progressively work less & less to where it is today. I guess it is really hard for the lottery management company to keep updates for largest lottery jackpot drawings.
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1 year ago, Kahn Man
The only one that works
This app is currently down, I’ve been looking for another one to check my tickets, none of them scan barcodes some try to scan the whole ticket and it doesn’t work this is the only app that works well, the rest are trash
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2 years ago, JaeDee501
This app is ok but certainly nothing to write home to momma about… the only thing it’s really good for is to scan your tickets to see if they are winners. I’ve lived in a few other states with state lottery apps that are 10x better than this one. Would be nice if you could actually purchase the lottery/powerball tickets from the app as well as given the option to save your winning ticket funds to the site (to purchase more tickets)
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8 months ago, Specific78
Last update killed scanner
The last update, this app makes it excruciatingly hard to scan your tickets. 9 times out of 10 you look like a fool adjusting your camera & ticket to just the right angle for it to scan. Even if it does scan, it takes forever for the results to come in, and half the time it’s a message saying the server is busy, try again later.
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2 years ago, lunatix4
Doesn’t work
Application doesn’t work for scanning or other functions. Have tried over the last day and uninstalled and reinstalled and the app just does not work. Have tried a few things, would not recommend this app to anyone until the engineers figure out how to patch and fix the app. There are other apps that do a much better job, this one just constantly gives a server not available issue or a “this function is not currently available”. Look elsewhere for a working app.
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1 year ago, T.A❣️Jones
This app has gone bad
I been trying to get in this app for a week now. I uninstalled it and installed it back, it act like it was going to work but went back to the same screen, Texas lotto app is currently unavailable at the moment for maintenance, will be back soon. Well when is soon?
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8 months ago, J-Dub-Ya82
Lotto Texas
I’m not sure what’s happened to the app but it will not load results for Lotto Texas. Also, it won’t load my saved numbers for just that game. It’s been like this for about a week now. All other games load just fine. I really like this app being how easy it is to use.
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2 months ago, Choicey08
Texas Is the Bexas
Thanks for allowing a consistent lottery/lotto player such as myself to check, my scratch offs, see your new available tickets, and also get my lotto numbers for quick play at a retailer. This app is awesome and I appreciate for for the extra things that I could benefit from the Texas lottery app ❤️
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9 months ago, byamo
Scanning of tickets is difficult now
I buy tickets when the jackpots get large. In the past, no issues scanning bar codes and verifying results. So, I hadn’t played since early August. App has updated since then and now scanning bar codes and getting results takes 10-12 tries. I did upgrade to iOS 17 and 17.0.1 in the last couple days, so maybe that is part of the issue.
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10 months ago, Colie M.
Ticket Scanner Has Stopped Working
The ticket scanner no longer works. I have deleted and reinstalled the app hoping that might fix it but it did not. My friends and family are all having the same issue. There are also a number other recent reviews advising the same. Can you please look into the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. Thanks!
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2 years ago, awkward_chick
App is now completely useless
I have used the previous version of this app many times in the past without issue - yes it might’ve looked a little outdated, but it scanned all lottery tickets successfully and quickly which is what I am guessing 95% of users download this to do. The new updated version of this app might visually look more modern, but that doesn’t even matter since the app takes 10 minutes to load even one screen and the scanner doesn’t work. Completely useless.
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10 months ago, Mega223556
App either works or it doesn’t
There’s days where the app works perfectly fine but more times than not it doesn’t work at all. You open up the app and only a white screen appears, when you manage to get through that when you try to randomize numbers a message will pop up “system error please try again” or it will show all the games for half a second and then they’ll dissapear.
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2 months ago, Nemitzdrums
Always winning!
No matter where I buy I always look at my odds first and this website always has the latest results giving me the choice on what best to buy next and it helps me win whether on scratch offs or other lottery choices.
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12 months ago, Tyler Cheney
I’ve used the Wyoming & California lotto apps. Both are soooo much better than this one. This one has no way of saving your tickets you scan. Other state lotto apps you scan the ticket and then it loads it into your app, saves the numbers & plays AND notified you if you win. For a state as big as Texas I figured they would have a functional app. It is basically useless. The scanner almost never works. I don’t even trust that it would tell me if I had a winning ticket, it’s that unreliable.
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1 year ago, Kolmadmaddox
Apps been under maintenance for a week !
What’s up with maintenance! It’s been unavailable for maintenance for literally 6 days! I deleted and reloaded the app, agreed to all terms and conditions, for it to say the say under maintenance it’s been saying. I had my teenage son download it to see if it was my phone (not sure why I thought it’d be different) but he got the same results. My husband and sister, same thing. What’s up guys!? 6 days???? Most apps shut it down at like 2 am for an hour if they can’t avoid it. 6 days?
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5 years ago, (GreenViper)
To scan or not to scan that is the question?
Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know I just downloaded this and the scan ticket option isn’t working for me the app just freezes? I tried other apps and they all work fine. Is this a bug and if so is it going to be resolved. The look of the app is nice and fun and easy to use. But currently the scan a ticket is unavailable at the moment. Such a bummer.
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1 month ago, pooooooooooooooooooooooo0p
Texas lottery app review
I've been using the Texas Lottery app for a while now, and while it has potential, there are a few issues that need addressing. First, the ticket scanning feature is inconsistent. There are times when the app won't scan tickets properly, which can be frustrating. A smoother and more reliable scanning function would greatly enhance the user experience. Secondly, the two-step verification process for the Lucky Second Chance entries feels cumbersome. It's an unnecessary hassle that could be streamlined for better user convenience. Overall, while the app is useful, these kinks need to be worked out to make it truly efficient and user-friendly.
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1 month ago, Jackieg1112
All or nothing game
Please get rid of this game only a few times has it hit big and the lottery making a lot of money on this game …plus get rid of this fireball and go back to sum it up number least we can see a few $$$$ back go back to SUM IT UP NUMBER
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2 months ago, CMA312
All Lotteries
YALL have gotten greedy on Prize winners, on both the draws and scratch tickets!!! We all know that this is the biggest scam of all times,, because y'all know or dictate when or where tickets are winners by batch scratch ticket placement, or draws on ur Algorithmic system, it’s all done by a computer ran by the States, I truly wish the news or a news reporter would report on the lottery systems, because we all know it’s not as transparent as y’all make it to be!! I’m going to keep pushing news stations to investigate y’all!!!
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2 years ago, Heather's Choice
A case for “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
The newest update changed the icon to solid blue; and the other icon was so easy to find, with a glance. The worst thing, though, is that the scanner is malfunctioning. It still scans scratch off tickets most of the time; but it is not recognizing printed tickets. The unreliability of the scanner is rather annoying. I like the website a lot better; and I only used the app for scanning tickets as a double verification.
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3 years ago, Bacaloc
Not Available when Needed
WHEN! It works it’s good. After a drawing it’s useless. Obviously your bandwidth can’t handle Texas! Do something about that. Tweek this app and make it better. Just might be that your IT lack the ability to make this a great app. It’s been operative too long for it to have a 3 star rating. I’m sure you have the funds to hire top notch programmers. Got to spend money to make money.
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3 years ago, Oldman543
Still buggy
Parts of the app don’t load. It may take a long time to just load the main page. The scan function which is the only reason I downloaded it is not currently working , at least on iOS. It looks like it tries to access the camera but fails after a few minutes. I have used it once in the past when the scan function worked which was nice but the app appears to not be well maintained.
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2 years ago, Kjv Truth
App feature
I really like the app it does log me out every time I close it and have to log back in but it would be wonderful to be able to buy tickets in this app instead of trusting third-party apps, which I don’t do.
Show more
5 years ago, Crawfishtex
Sort results are cleared...
Great app but wished the sort/filtered results and criteria stayed applied on the scratch tickets when going back to the list. For example, sorting the scratch tickets to only show $20 or higher tickets, once you click to go back, it just shows all tickets instead of the previous filtered ones that are $20 and higher.
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2 years ago, LSU_tigerTX
3.0.4 fixed it from not working at all
App used to work fine to scan tickets. But now it’s slow to load and then just shows a white screen. Tried reinstalling but same issue. Update: 3.0.4 came out and fixed the app from not working at all. It’s still slow and laggy but at least can scan tickets now.
Show more
3 years ago, luis aldaz
Scanner not working
For the last few weeks, this app hasn’t been able to detect bar codes in the tickets. Maybe once every 10 scans it works but not reliable. Shame because it use to work just fine before. Something got broke on one of the latest updates. I hope it gets fixed.
Show more
3 years ago, Jparke5
Scanner doesn’t work
With the most recent update (supposedly to make the scanner better) the scanner has stopped working. Freezes up or takes five minutes to scan and then says invalid barcode. Might actually scan once out of every 10 times. Worked much better before this recent update. Tried deleting app and re-installing and now the app times out (sits and spins) on the terms and conditions page. Can’t get past this page rendering the app completely useless.
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1 year ago, jayyyeee
Why no response from the developer of this app!
App has been “unavailable for maintenance and will be back shortly”…So when exactly is shortly??? This app is useless right now and no answer as to what’s going on and when it will be back up and running again. Just curious how long shortly is to yall? And maybe if yall could communicate and let us know what’s going on and when it will be back up and running again that would be lovely. But still nothing! SMDH!
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