TextingStory Chat Story Maker

4.7 (59.2K)
48.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Yvz Digital Lab
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for TextingStory Chat Story Maker

4.67 out of 5
59.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Kkgdsaqyibcrewqashlu
Fantastic app – Honestly no complaints at all
For the first time in a VERY long time, I am writing a genuine 5-star review. This app is exactly what I was looking for. I tried at least 3 other “fake messages” apps, but none of them lets you send more than 2 texts before asking for money, let alone add more than two people in a chat! Then I found this app, and knew it was the one. I can create endless fake chats, add as many people as I want, and change the text bubble color, all for free. Switching between different people is a breeze, and I like the “comment line” option. I use that for dates and times to make the conversations look more real! I actually find myself looking forward to writing text conversations in my fanfictions thanks to this app. I did pay .99¢ to be able to change the text tone sound, but honestly, that isn’t bad at all. Also, you can ‘send’ pictures (without having to pay.) All in all, this app is great, and I offers far more than what I was even looking for – all for the price of being free or up to a few dollars. I do, however, have 3 suggestions for future updates – 1. Syncing across multiple devices. I started this on my phone, and I would great appreciate being able to sync and continue chats on my iPad! 2. Add more text tone sound options. Like animal sounds, different kinds of dings, taps, pops sound effects, etc. 3. Add an option to access and choose text tone sounds from the phone’s settings.
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3 years ago, Mamamoods
great! But…
This app is amazing for my Gacha life videos! Except… the option to buy all of the above (all fo the features) and a commercial license, is a little on the pricey side, so I feel like it should be $15 or a little less. Also, another bad thing, is that sometimes, when the other person, (the person that’s not my character) types a long message, the sound are off, for example, when I save the video, and the other person types a long message, the sending sound comes too early, so then all the audio is off timing. So I would like it if you could fix that, if not, I understand! If it happens I just remove the audio of the video in editing, but sometimes when I want the audio in the video and the timing is off, it can be irritating. But yeah, those are my onky problems, and overall this is a great app! I almost forgot to mention, is that if you could do an update where you make the app look a little more like the actual texting app that comes with devices. That way it would look like actual texting. If you can’t, like I said with the other things, it’s alright. But that’s about it, thank you!
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2 weeks ago, J Extraordinary
Excellent but with one issue
I love this app and have been using it for many years, they fix problem and actually read the reviews so I’m here to report a issue. When you start writing and press the deliver, the screen pushes over to the right side slowly with the right side developing a different shade of grey and shows evidence of it sorta pushing through towards the other side and the bottom bar is shown more if the left side continues to push the right further more. Also, when you exit of the app and go back in it restarts and goes to normal but I don’t want to keep doing that everytime I have a problem. Also sometimes another problems occurs, the bottom bar below just shrinks so bad, I can still right but to press send and to add a photo is a problem because those bottoms for it also shrinks to where it’s unseeable or unavailable. Hope you fix these problem quickly, this is the only app I use and it’s a perfect one.
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4 years ago, ice cream piggy skins
I love texting story is the best app I’ve ever had I use it for my gotcha I use it for other things too it’s the best app that I’ve ever had please write many reviews about how good it is a rated five stars you should too it’s the best app ever you can chat with your friends but you can actually type what your friend says you can make more catches with the legs of the catch of people are like talking to each other I just use it for coaches and other things to also make it so it’s like that I’m talking with my friend for a TikTok or something different and hopefully you read it five stars like I do I love this app please make other apps like this please do. Read that I love us as a single team practice typing your word you can do everything that you want to you can do anything you want you can make gutters you can put some photos on PicsArt you can make a TickTock with a Likee if you don’t have TikTok but you have Likee. That’s all I have to say bye.
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5 years ago, uwudjdkws
Making stories as actual texting is pretty fun if I do say so myself. The only thing keeping me back from giving this rating a 5 star review is the glitching and payments. I do like how fast and responsive it is compared to other apps I have experienced before but there are times when I either make a new story or change the names and it just crashes and brings me back the the home screen. I also wish we can get more options to like having profile pictures and different fonts, but I need money for that. Personally I won’t complain about that because I’m still able to text with no issues, but I dislike the fact that I’m constantly being glitched out of the app...However I’m mainly relieved that it doesn’t erase my progress. I hope the creators can fix this glitch because it’s starting to get in my way of entertainment, Other than that, it’s probably one of the best texting games I’ve ever tried (which aren’t many in general) Everything is quick and responsive, not difficult to understand and use, and it’s a great way to put your creativity to the test.
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2 months ago, Stayathomequeen
Yay,! I finally know how to write a review. Anyways- I would like to write this review because I think this game is really good but the thing is you have to switch it switch it switch and I don’t like how it says my photos and sometimes I don’t want to. It’s a glitches out and I don’t really like it on how it glitches out and how it always deeds to log me out of a search app I think this has too many gigabytes or something like that. Maybe it’s because my device but if it’s a hack or a glitch, please fix it with the reason why I gave it a four star, is because; I have been looking at reviews of this app and I’m like oh my gosh this is so cool then as soon as I download it as soon as I download it, it’s like I can’t. It’s like I can’t try to even text on there because alphabets my keyboard or something like that on my device, but I would like you guys or the creators or creator to fix this glitch or if it’s not a glitch, you guys have experience with this app beforemy device thank you
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3 years ago, maryanne784
This game is super fun!!! I can’t stop playing it in my free time! You can be creative and I love that!! Please download this game if your feeling bored or mad it will help a lot!!! But I do think I have some ideas about how to make it even better! And a little story that made me very happy. I was reading through the reviews to find one Wich the person was saying that why can’t everything be free and the person that made the app told them it was because they didn’t want to put adds in the game🙂 I thought that was super nice ok here are some suggestions I have 1. There is this thing that id you make your story too long they say” don’t make it too long” that’s really bugs me 2. Maybe add more slots for group chats 3. This one is partly from another person but could you add calls with voice changers? Thanks!! And most of these ideas are from a different person
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2 years ago, The Real Nugget :)
I recommend! 💗
Ok this game is SUPER fun I think it’s really fun and when your finished and make it a video I love how you can skip though or just wait and hear typing sounds (I think typing sounds are Satisfy) but there’s something wrong to. So I know I’ve only been playing for 2-3 days now but the thing is when I’m done with a texting story I go up to delete some of my characters since I don’t need them anymore and save only two but I can’t delete them but what STUPID is that when I go and click new character which is always Steve I can delete him but not the others! So what I’m trying to say is that there should be every time you go into the Edit Names you can delete them (except two of corse) and the little red x button to delete them is just there but of corse you have to save two of them hopefully you understand and thanks!
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6 years ago, iconickidd.cici_
AMAZING APP! Although it does have a few features that need to be corrected!
Ok , This Is An Amazing App With Many Amazing Features ! Although, There Are Many Things I Think Could Be Corrected . When I Do Stories That Are A Little Long The Sound Goes Out , And The App Starts To Glitch ! I Think That’s My Only Major Problem . Other Then That , I Think You Guys Should Take The Prices Off Of The Other Things Like Pictures For The Person And The Different Color Text Messages ! That’s Also Something I Don’t Appreciate Because Everyone Doesn’t Have Money On Their Phone . Other Then This, The App Is Amazing With Many Different Things To Do ! But I Hope You Read This And Put It To Mind On What You Would Do To Improve This ! LOVE THE APP ! (except for its glitch’s and payments)! I Also Really Love The Way The Things We Have To Play For Aren’t Out Rages Like Unable To Be Paid ! But Other Then That, THXX hope you take this into consideration ! XOXO !
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4 years ago, leahbooh
I like it but I dont like how it says I don’t have storage twice
I had TextingStory for 200 years and I had a few friends who played it and I liked how u could make ur own story and dark mode and stuff but, me and my friends had problems me and them didn’t like how it was going the sign that says i don’t have storage sign and it shows up twice even when I try to type something or swipe the names and stuff but I didn’t like how when you type it takes down ur storage faster then ever I deleted some of my pics and apps and music and unneeded stuff and I still didn’t have any storage and it isn’t about my storage it’s about the app so pls have it set up as one little sign that says my storage is low 🥺🥺🥺 And I know it’s a lot of people who had the problem with it to that’s why there commenting it too when I first tired it was good so I downloaded on my moms phone and started playing and starting the story 💕💕💕💕 pls fix and I’m also gonna give this 3 stars ✨
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6 years ago, Famegirl101
It's nice but...
This app is great how you can just write any story and your only limit is your imagination but here are the bad things,let's start with the obvious,sometimes when we type stuff it goes blank and also when your in the middle of a story it says“don't make your story too long!😏“ and it does this constantly on every story you go on and it's so annoying so I would appreciate it if you removed that. Now,here are some ideas you should add in calls and how to call is a call button and they say calling (other person) and how to switch voices is just switching like switching names when they text. And also you should add in more people in text so we could do group texts I know we can do that already but it could be easier by just adding in more people so you wouldn't have to always change it. Also do you have to pay for everything like pictures you have settings for it why can't it just be free? I hope you can do this soon and make these changes soon. Thank you!!!😀😀😀😀😀
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4 years ago, ok sooo amkng us idea
It’s so awesome worth every penny
So I really like this app! I use PowerDirector and I put the video in it for some of my Gacha story’s! I still don’t post em tho... anyways it’s a really good app and I even went ahead and just made one with no Gacha in it! Just something to watch and have fun on it! Download this app I really think I will be good for everything! And here’s the thing story time! When I frist got the app I was really excited I went on and I saw the frist thing Alex and John I dident know how to change the names so I kept it and just called the “John” hmmm I forgot but let’s say Sara and I made a story watched it and I was very poroud of it! Now if you want to make one I really I want you to it’s so awesome! Have a nice day and think about it 🤔 💭! It might just make thing more interesting 🤔 🧐please get it! Bye!!!!!! From:Lilly To: whoever reads this XD Ps. Person who made this please thank me for getting this app it wloud make my day interly!
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7 months ago, loverriley11 my username
Overall a great app, but..
I have been using TextingStory for around 6 years now and I love it. The problem is with the new update, I am not able to process my stories. It doesn’t add them to my phone. I do not understand as to why, but, I use TextingStory for various things and the only thing stopping me is this glitch in the system. Can you please get this fixed? Thank you! (P.S, I do recommend this app for content creators or just people who love making stories!) Re-Edit: The app is much better now! I can have my stories on my phone now! So glad that the glitch is fixed! The only thing that is missing is the chat bubbles back to normal. If I chat on one side and then switch the side of where it’s at, the story looks weird. That is my only problem, great app though! Thank you for updating! 😁
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6 months ago, GACHAPEROSN
Best texting video app ever! But…
I love texting story it’s so easy to use it’s fun and checks out almost everything! Let’s first talk about what could be improved or removed, first of all every update makes things more confusing and hard for people who are newer to the app. Second of all there isn’t enough customization for “free to play players” as one myself this is only my opinion but we cannot customize the colors background or even get rid of the keyboard sound. Let’s talk about what is good about the app. There are many good features of the app I love that we can go back and delete messages and edit them I like that we can export/import and share the videos we make instead of having to screen record. I like that nothing hashtags and your free to say whatever whenever. I honestly like a lot of the features in the app, and I don’t think they are necessarily bad. Again this is my opinion, you do not need to agree.
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3 months ago, xxxrichtygirlyxx
I hate this app. if i could give a 0 i so would, you shouldn’t have updated this app. This texting app used to be tolerable, but after the recent update, it has become a complete nightmare to use. The new features are clunky and confusing, making simple tasks like sending a message feel like solving a Rubik's cube blindfolded. The app now crashes more often than a demolition derby, leaving me frustrated and stranded without access to my messages. The user interface looks like it was designed by a toddler with a crayon, and the overall user experience is about as pleasant as a root canal. Save yourself the headache and avoid this app like the plague. No one should be allowed to use this app anymore, it’s ruined. I wish i could sue but that would be silly, GO BACK TO THE OLD TEXTING STORY. Never playing again this app has more stupidity then Robert Kirby. This app is horrific, no one should be able to play this and they literally need a warning to see a dumb stupid app that looks like it was made by a newborn. Fix it! Hate this app, never playing it again.
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3 years ago, CherryDaBerry
LOVE YOUR APP! ❤️ Texting stories I have made:
1. A girl with bright blue eyes that look like the ocean, with dark brown hair, has said, “Hello!” Talking to her friend. Her friend has responded with a wave, then looked back at her phone. Her friend was named, “Natalie” while her name is, “Bailey”. Bailey ignored the fact that Natalie didn’t say hello back and walked away. The bell rings for after school and some random girl with dirty blonde hair and green eyes came up to Bailey. “Are you new here?” She said carrying her dark blue backpack with a red ribbon on it. “Actually no, I have been here for about 1-2 years or so.” Said Bailey staring at the girl’s red ribbon on her backpack. “You have? Huh, I haven’t seen you around.” She said with a friendly voice. “Right..” “Well I’m going to uh go..” Said Bailey trying not to make things awkward. The girl waved goodbye at Bailey, Bailey waved goodbye back. (PART TWO COMING)
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1 year ago, Justmejacid
Love it but…
I love this app, I’ve used it for a few months and made many stories in it. But I had experienced a glitch that made it super slow and difficult to use, it only lasted maybe a week then disappeared. The glitch made everything, editing, loading, “sending” slower, at times I had to close the app for it to load. Another problem is that you can’t save your stories to your drive. If you get a new phone and can’t transfer progress you have to type it all over again. I know you can pay for it, but 30 USD a year for it? I am not one to use this as my main entertainment source so seems a little bit of a waste. Despite its problems, I love it for when I am extremely bored and offline. A good game for children but making people pay to save an editable copy? Everything, like profile pictures, text color changing, and TURNING OFF THE TYPING SOUND costs. (I’m sorry if this comes off rude)
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6 months ago, da noodlehead
Just a few questions
Hey I know this isn’t a place to put in questions but I really don’t know where else to go. I just have a few questions. Like how do I make duplicates of certain stories? I rely on them a lot to make multiple of the same stories to I can play around with how I want a story to go. On another note is there a way to mass delete texts? Sometimes I want to delete an event I put in the story but I have to individually delete each one. Is there a way I can do that? And is there a way to adjust the settings so it isn’t so I have to click on the name every single time I want to make a conversation between two people? I tend to have up to 50+ characters in every story and it’s a little hard to keep scrolling down a lot just for a single statement. That’s it though. I’m fine with all the other changes you made.
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4 years ago, ZGDfounder12
It’s a great app and all but usually people who read the reviews are looking for if there are any problems and what they are so I’m gonna jump in. But let me just say I wouldn’t call these problems just recommendations. 1. I was trying to prank my friend with this app. It ended up working really well. But before I could actually do it I spent 25 minutes trying to match up the colors of the TextingStory messages to the colors of the iMessage messages so she would actually fall for it. Maybe you could have an option where you could change the colors automatically to match iMessage colors. 2. For the videos I also think it would be good if you could choose a main person and in the video you could see them typing but just see the three dots for everyone else. 3. I just thought it would be really cool if you could connect with someone else who has the app and s/he could play some people too. Having multiple people join would be even more awesome. You could take each character in the group message and in the setting you would choose which person they are controlled by. Thank you!! Again not really problems just ideas on how to improve the app. Recommended!!!
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6 years ago, ItzKookiez
It’s great! But it takes up to much space
I have had this app for about 2 years now, and I love it! I used this all the time, it was one of my most used apps! I stopped playing it all the time, like maybe 4 days and that’s all, and I have seen the updates, there great! But one thing that has been bugging me ever since I started using this app, is how much space it takes up, not the app it’s self, but the videos! I have removed over hundreds of pictures, and 50 or more videos, that’s a big reason why I don’t use it as much, it’s still a great app in general! Also I have a problem with how time it takes to download it onto my IPad, my IPad was at 20 and when it was done loading, it was at 5! This app is great, the prices are ok, but the downloading and space it takes is the only bad thing about this app.
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9 months ago, Great app good and fun
Super fun!! Love creating stories 💕😍
So I had the free version for a while and it’s so amazing!! I upgraded it and it was even better! Totally recommend if you really like the app! Anyway, with the free version it’s really fun! It’s very easy to make your stories and after you can view them or export them! Overall this is a really fun app. With the paid version, you can change the colors, put profile pics, send photos and not just texts, and make sounds while with the free version you just write things and change names! Still it’s super fun free, or not free! Depends on what kind of person you are. Like I said I totally Regiment the paid version but if you can’t, or don’t want to, free is great to! Thank you for listening and god bless all! Have a sweet and nice day! 🍭☀️
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4 years ago, Roblox/Gachaverse/Food L0v3r
Suggestions and some questions.
Hi, I like this app a lot, but I have a couple suggestions and questions. 1. Is the color changing REALLY free? It says the color changing is free, but it used to be if you download a certain app you’ll get the color change, now you just have to click a button and type in your password. I’m afraid that it’s a trick and it’ll make me pay or something like that. 2. Make things cheaper Another thing is that you could make things cheaper. Or make the whole app free, it doesn’t make sense we have to pay $5-$30 just for this, and you could definitely lower the prices at least. I understand if you made it free that you’d have to put ads, but why not just keep it free with no ads? Surely you’ve made enough money now, with how long it’s been an app. Not hating. 3. If you could make another thing free also, could you do like profile pictures free? It’d be cool. 4. Can you make the color change free thing just download that app again instead of use a password? I feel unsure about it and if you did the app it’d be way easier and better. Anyway, thanks for listening to me complain, if you could respond that’d be great, anyway I’d like to see these things, so yeah. Anyway, great app, love it, but those are the reasons I gave it 4 not 5 stars. Stay cool.
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4 years ago, AmandaSithLord
Awsome! But...
This app is awsome! I use it for Undertale for my YT Channel, it’s a awesome app for anyone who need to make a story of texting! The only problem is it takes to much room from my phone and had to delete some apps and there is a glitch for when changing the names the screen goes whatever color the color of the name you had, You have to turn off and on your phone and close the app to get it back to working order. So if you could fix that glitch it might only be for me I don’t know but, Over from that glitch this is a awesome app and highly recommended it for anyone who wants to make a texting story of any short of fandom or Gachalife or anything! ( Sorry about bad grammar I am from Japan and am still learning a bit of English | (• ◡•)| )
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1 year ago, SerJ 1
I love this app but…
I love this app would totally use it it’s fun to use and simple to use as well. You can make as many characters as you want too. But there is one problem the editing the story button… so I was writing a texting story I had been working on for days when I was about to click save all my changes when, my dog touched my phone and deleted all my hard work. And this happened just because they clicked the button called “erase story” I worked so hard on that texting story! The button should be changed to erase all changes you do not delete all my story! I was so sad I cried for a week straight. Creators I need you to change that button to erase all my changes not delete all my story! Please I’m begging!
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3 years ago, AmongUsFonts
AMAZING! but some improvements maybe
this app is amazing! i use it for funny miraculous texting stories and much more! but sometimes when i type like ‘oh hey adrien how are you?’ then i type something else like ‘oh, wait brb!’ but then the first message becomes o, this is a strange glitch and i don’t really like that. i also really want to change the color of my text because it looked amazing! but why does it have to be money? i think there should be an ad watcher that gives the user the custom colors, profile pics, ect for free, but only for about 30 minuets or 1 hour! but besides that, like i said before, this app is so good for roleplaying! i give it a 4.7, thank you! - sincerely, your miraculous person ;)
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2 years ago, 💕💖🌸❤️💜💙
Good app, please read.
Hello! Hope your having a wonderful day. So apparently I saw people was using this app for roleplays and stuff. I wanted to figure out what it was, I finally found it! It’s AMAZING. Though I did see people was making more realistic “Fake Texting Story Apps/Games.” Now of course this is a bit better than some. Plus with this Texting App you can add more than 2 characters to chat with. I am still looking for a more realistic Texting Story games at the moment. This app does have in game purchases (Basically means you pay for stuff in the app) However this is not my problem it may be to some people though. Anyways I will still keep this app even if I find a better one. Now of course I am very picky so it’s just an opinion. Overall an amazing app! Especially for Roleplays!
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3 years ago, shiro is lame
The only reason I gave it 3 stars
This is a great app and I mean very good but there is one thing it’s that sometimes out of the blue my sentence or paragraph comes out as one letter which I didn’t do I know this is not a super big deal as you can always go back and edit it it’s just that this has been happening a lot recently and it’s starting to get pretty annoying when this happens every like 3-5 texts especially if I’m doing a longer TextingStory but if that doesn’t matter to you then this is a very very good app it’s just this has been happening a lot please do not think I’m writing this review to say this app is bad also I understand if you do not fix this because if you fixed every little thing you would have to add ads and people may not like that if you see this and have the time please try to fix it thank you for reading this (if you even saw it) have a great day and bye.
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4 years ago, Primaniuo
Every single time I try to screen record to add for my gacha life stories, it keeps asking to access photos, or name my stories in the middle of screen recording! So i have to keep ending my screen record. Clear the story. Restart. That process got so frustrating I tried to find another app! It kinda makes my mood swings kick in. I keep getting so angry that i type mean things in the chat bar. All of the stuff has pricing accept change colors. The colors are fun, but i want to add pictures, and other things! I want to be creative but i can only do that with colors. Some people dont have any cash in there apple pay. I really hope you can fix it this frustrating madhouse situation! So sorry to bother you during anything whatsoever, but it’s irritating. Not sending any hate, or anything to the people who actually like the app. Please fix this problem! Sincerely, Texting App Blues.
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5 years ago, Shoraga
Meh, it’s okay.
Okay, I have used this app before. It’s pretty amazing! But, I’m pretty ticked about having to buy things in this app. I’m pretty sad that you have to pay for the background to change. I really like this app, and I would like to use it for videos (for example). The reason it’s not a 5-star review, is because that I don’t really want to pay for something I’m gonna use for just a while. But, still. This app is better than the apps I tried. It has good quality and I know how to use it very well! If you could just make this a free game, my rating would be better. I’m not hating or anything like that, it’s just I want these problems to be fixed so I could play this without using money. This is an awesome game, and I would totally recommend other people playing this! Once again, I’m not hating. I just don’t want to pay for anything. I hope you see this. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Harmoni$er^-^
This app used to be one of my favorites. But when it got the update, eh.. okay first of all, all of it used to be free /: even the profile pictures! My favorite! And you could change the color of the background but now we have to pay for it?? I don’t have the money for it and these are one of my favorite TextingStory apps!! Now I have to use a cheapy one, not as good as this one but it gets a point because EVERYTHING IS FREE.. you can change the picture, change the color of the background, and another thing you can change the color of the chat bubble! Okay I get it ya’ll need money but guys, at least don’t be abusive with money?? Why don’t you add more features in the app that are really cool and then you can put price tags on it?? That’ll be better. Okay you responded to somebody saying that if you didn’t make it cost money you’ll have to put loads of ads on it mk I get it but that much?come on! I want to be able to use this app??
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3 years ago, Random Typer...
Amazing. Just one thing….
So I use this like for tiktok/YouTube to make videos. I rlly would love it if the like….like what I mean is like making it look more like your in messages. And I used to use it SO MUCH for my gacha life videos. Honestly, thanks for this. And when I was writing this I was like, “Well…what do I type? I rlly don’t have any more to write. This is a great app! It’s so useful!” And I’m not even kidding, it is! Thanks for making this. It deserves a 5/5 stars. I didn’t make it 5/5 bc I just want 1 thing to be fixed. Please read this, I would love it. I just want someone to talk to out here in this lonely world! LOL. it’s not even funny tho…I’m my own audience, honestly. Okay I better let you go, this is getting pretty boring I’m guessing. By bye! I hope to make more ratings for more apps u guys make!
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4 months ago, Cherry Chrimsion
This game is fun and so addicting but I think we could have more! I think there should be a face time one, zoom call, and a stream one. I think we need these too so we can have many more fun and extreme ideas. So we can do so many different things and have more fun than just using this one app alone. That is all that I think can be changed and added. But besides that I think this app is really fun and I think that everyone should download this and give it a try even if you don’t like texting story’s I think this could make many and possibly everyone happy with this app alone I just think it could have a little more but it’s fine how it is.
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4 years ago, cat cafe lovey
Almost perfect
Alright I’ll admit this is like my most used app for making Texting storys for my gacha videos, i love it a lot! But I wish that when you save the story and make scenes in between it would only put the new things that you added in the story instead of the whole story over again but that’s just my opinion. Also I hate how you have to buy the privilege to send pics make the people’s profile pictures and to change the font and that the only free in app purchase is the color change 😭😭. But then again it’s my opinion and apps have to make money. All I’m saying is that this app is almost perfect. If I could I’d give it 4.5 stars believe me. But like I said I don’t like how you have to pay for the pictures and fonts. It makes sense I just personally don’t like it.
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6 years ago, ARandomN00b
Love it, but one small addition
Hi there, this app is really great and I love everything about it, and this might just be because I use it fairly infrequently, but I've never encountered any of the glitches people say they have. I do have a small feature addition to suggest, though. I've found it would be very very useful if I were able to go back and add in new messages within the story, between messages I already have. I know you can edit ones you already have, but sometimes they get too long, and sometimes it would just look and read better if something was in its own individual message. For all I know, there's a way to do this already and everything I've tried is simply the wrong way to do it, but I would really appreciate being able to do this. Thanks!
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2 weeks ago, astri shop
Great but.....
I have seen this application in several videos and it caught my attention and I decided to install it on my phone, everything was going well, I loved the application because I could make a video pretending to talk to another person and do too many other things but in the corner of the screen there is like a camera, I pressed the button and you have to pay to be able to show a photo and it doesn't seem very fair to me since in the videos I saw how others put photos and how you could put a profile photo that would give you more personality and that was the reason why I installed it but I think I don't want this application anymore because I'm not going to use it since it's not free what I said I wanted it to be free I feel a little disappointed 😔
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3 years ago, Strangerwolf ♾
A few suggestions for TextingStory 2(if you can make it)😊
Hay there!i was wondering for a sequel or an update what if we where able to read other peoples story’s?and maybe if we don’t know what to Wright It could generate what it’ll say for you?.also I’m 10 and I would love to use the profile pictures and sending photos😊And maybe we den points for each story and how long it is to earn the profiles and pictures and daily we get free points and watch adds to get points. Just some suggestions that I would love especially ones who can’t afford the Purchases, but I know you can do what you can for now okay now I’m heading to bed sooooo yeah just some suggestions, Bye😊
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6 months ago, Jessicafw
I miss the old texting story
I grew up writing stories on this app it has been absolutely amazing I love it so much but th new updates that have been popping up randomly ehhh not so much normally I could write stories with the same characters I could start a new story and the characters names will still be there but now not anymore this is only my third time writing a new story since the update and it's already getting tiring writing the same character names continuously I have always had a 5 star rating on this app but I can't say so much anymore I also have a keyboard and I can't type with that because it glitches in the app but works everywhere else but I don't really care about that I just really miss the old texting story if anyone knows a way to change it and get the old one before all the updates will be appreciated 😁
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4 years ago, ReveiwBYdemons123
Good app
So great app few suggestions tho. 1 make pictures free. A lot of people complain about this don’t make everything free just the pictures. 2 voice messages. It would add a completely different way of creating story’s! 3 character voices. So there’s like a display and you can pick a voice for the character and when they send a text I does it in that voice. This can cost money cuz it’s a huge thing. 4 sound effects like crying laughing and stuff like that. again it can cost money. 5 so if you do the voices you could add a thing where you pick the gender for the voices. Well those are my suggestions. I still love this app but these could really improve it
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4 years ago, Jeddiah AkA swele67
I only have one complaint
The game itself is awesome and I did compare it to other apps but I like this one other than that I have one tiny complaint and that is the keyboard it right abound the other options. This was not a problem before but now every time I type it would open one of the other options like they I would go to press space it would create a story for me when I didn’t want to and that gets annoying from time to time so every time I press a button it opens an option I didn’t want to go into the settings edit anything and it gets annoying. Other than that I’m completely fine with how the game is ^w^
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7 months ago, kendra munoz
I love this app so much you can write lots of stories and then if you have any accounts on social media, you can post them and you can get a lot of likes. I love this game so much I always play when I’m bored. You should play because well it’s also good and it keeps my mind from being bored because I can make up stories that I could. The others never thought it like if you watch Demon slayer Nezuko x zenitsu and you can make them like a day or maybe getting married or get out until the other ships from Naruto or anime or anything or maybe even like a life story or a random story of a girl getting kidnapped or whatever it’s possible in this game
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4 years ago, bahahahaha..nah periodt
This is amazing.. but..
This app is amazing. The only thing though is that I am a really fast Tyler and Ik that others are too. So when we want to type something right after we just did that, the last message will go blank and only say one letter (whatever letter that is first of your new sentence) and it gets kinda annoying. But it’s an amazing app. I was also wondering why pictures cost money. I like how the colors don’t have to have u pay for it though. Thank u for not having us pay for that. But the pictures for profiles add a lot to things and kinda burst our creativity. But, I will still give this a 5 outta 5 stars though because it’s an amazing app overall. Thank u!
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2 years ago, E4pres
One Suggestion!
This app is incredible. I love the freedom that I have with this creative space without needing to pay—I’m so grateful for it, and I’m so excited for the new updates coming. However, I have a suggestion—and I know this is quite a big suggestion—but wouldn’t it be cool if we could submit our stories on a safe, public space within the app with other users? Of course, there would have to be a good moderation system in place, but I love the stories I create—yet I have a hard time trying to find like-minded people who are interested in reading chat stories. It’s a big ask, but if you could consider it, then I believe all of us would appreciate it very much! ❤️ Thank you, and keep up the great work!
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11 months ago, catdog1003
I love this app! A couple suggestions though
Hi! I personally love this app. Most other ones require money after like 10 texts. It’s boring and useless. But this one lets you send unlimited text! And it lets you do lots of different stories! But I do have a few suggestions. 1. Maybe make some more things free. It’s kinda boring how I can’t change the color or picture. 2. Maybe let us have more than two people in the chat at once. Maybe three or four people can? For like a group chat. Please take these into consideration if the developer sees this, I know this app was hard work and it’s truly the best fake text app. 😁
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6 months ago, I CANT DELETE THE ALL
Love the new 4.0 update! but….
I don’t like how you made the Color palette to change colours of messages HARDER because you cannot change different shades and it’s really difficult and annoying now that you only have to stick to certain colours. And another issue: even when I change the names, it still has Jessie on top of it and I don’t LIKE IT, it’s distracting. And also, I miss when you’d exit out of a certain story and when you make a new one the characters you made in the previous one were already right there. Now, you have to remake them over and over again. Those 3 things are the only issues I have with the update. Sincerely, your addicted fan.
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2 months ago, Kgoebel23
So fun
I love how you get to like do screenshots like pretend to do games you can make stories so fun. I just love how you can take like videos and you can play Toca Boca that’s my favorite part and I do this after this but I feel like it’s like if you’re playing Minecraft or like if you’re playing Roblox if you’re playing PKXD if you’re playing Toca like I mentioned, you can pretend texting and like it’s so fun like cannot stay fun anyone just give me a two star review or one star review of it if you think I wouldn’t call either I’ll just call it like a prank or something although I kind of call though I kinda call it a game
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5 years ago, karanichols
It’s good, except.....
I love this game, and when I say love I mean love it! I love how I get to use my creativity, and imagination to make a story! I was in this app almost everyday, but then I took a break, because life was crazy. Once everything calmed back down I decided to write a story using the app. Once I finished I tried downloading it to my photos album, but it would always crash. I was so bummed out, because I liked the story, but I couldn’t see it play out in front of me. I thought maybe it was just a one time thing, until it done it every time I tried downloading it to my photo album! This game is great, but I’m considering deleting it. It’s not worth having an app on my phone that doesn’t even do what it is suppose to do. I hope you see this and take my review into consideration, thank you!
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6 years ago, Zoe 401
It’s great but I have some suggestions
This app is cool and a lot of fun. I like making stories and putting them on facebook. If you’re interested and would like to see them, search for ‘Zoe Strope’ on facebook and you’ll find the album. Anyway, I have a few suggestions. I recently got an iPad Pro for Christmas and a Smart Keyboard which I am using to write this review right now. But there’s one problem. The Smart Keyboard hooks onto the iPad with magnets so no charging or plugs are required. But the app doesn’t change when I turn the iPad to use my keyboard. Do you think you could fix it so it does. It’s hard to do things when everything’s sideways. One more thing As a blind person I use voiceover to work my IOS devices. This app works amazingly well with it, but once the video’s made I don’t know what the messages say. Do you think that maybe you could add in a feature that reads the messages with text to speech during the video? It can be in the settings list and people can turn it off if they don’t want it. That’s everything. Thanks for reading and I hope you can add these things in. Zoe
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3 years ago, jdhewvhwhe
Please read
So I love this app its reallyyyyy good but one problem when you call someone you can’t use a voice. What if I wanted to prank my family friends and strangers(not really).and another thing is there is to many things you have to pay for here are the things I don’t want to pay for “images icons for the people (if you understand)” like that just makes that unfair and make actually where you can change it to blue if it’s yellow or if it’s yellow(example) oh I don’t want this color i wanna switch it to blue or yellow and make more stuff realistic because it’s not fair if you do fix that I’ll rate a 5/5
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5 years ago, Daphne my Puppy
I can’t say much about this app, on the bright side.. I have to admit that I like how there isn’t a story limit but I just don’t like how you need to download another app just to get different text colors! Why is that? ( That’s really the only question I’d like answered. ) Imagination can go far here, yes, but still.. I don’t quite how you need to pay for things. Now, I’ll be nice here, I really enjoy all the hard work put into this for people to enjoy and meet their expectations, now THATS what I, I like to see! That’s really what pushed my rating to a three. I rarely hop onto the app anymore, but when I do, I read my old stories and think ‘ Man, the developers really did all they could to make this, one of my dreams, come true.. ‘ That’s what I put respect for! Have a wonderful day and\or evening!
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1 year ago, awhite434
so I had this app for a really long time and I really enjoyed it. I made a bunch of my own different stories with it, and I used some of the features with it, along with buying all of the upgrades. There have been times where I deleted the app and didn’t come back to it for a couple months, but then I decide to come back to it, and I get all the upgrades for free because I bought them. I decided to come back to it again today, and I was very disappointed in when I saw. I no longer have the upgrades, and the only way to get all of them back is with a free trial. I was very disappointed, so since I don’t have the upgrades anymore and I have to buy them again with a monthly payment, I am not coming back to this app again until you change it back to what it was before
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