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User Reviews for The Advocate

4.67 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
4 years ago, 1960 Tiger
Advocate Rating
As a 1960 LSU Alumni, and current resident of Spanish Fort, Alabama, due to displacement by Hurricane Katrina, I very much enjoy screening the Baton Rouge Advocate digital summary edition each morning. I feel confident when newsworthy events happen in the BR area or on the LSU Campus I can follow it closely in that summary. I also forward certain items on along to interested friends and family. I am always impressed with the authenticity displayed by Advocate staff writers. I am also proud to mention that during my Junior and Senior years at LSU I proudly served as a part time Sports Reporter for the then BR Morning Advocate, covering high school football on Friday nights. That was a truly rewarding experience (in more ways than one!). In summary, as shown above, I do not hesitate to give the Baton Rouge Advocate a 5 Star Rating. Geaux Advocate, Walter Fulton
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2 years ago, SkylerNine
The E-Version is what every online newspaper should be like
I have stayed away from News Apps because they are only selling ads that you MUST watch interspersed with the news content I was looking for. The Advocate’s E-Version gives me the newspaper in the same format at the printed edition delivered to my home, and I pinch-and-zoom or select the articles I want to read. It’s like a paper edition, only it’s an image (like a pdf). It’s great. The ads are on the pages, just like the printed copy, but the ads don’t fill the page and require you to hunt for the X to close the ad. I have a paid subscription to the printed edition, and I don’t recall whether it requires my subscription Login info to allow me to access the e-edition.
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3 years ago, oldern17
Love the Advocate online
It took me nearly a year to get used to reading the “paper” on my phone but now I love it. I really like seeing the layout just like a well done print Ed. and I like being able to print or post a story on social media. My biggest gripe is enlarging a print page for easier reading and have it snap back in place with just a slight touch. This is aggravating. I see this problem has been mostly corrected but not entirely. Also there is a problem sometimes with the margins not fitting correctly within the corners of the screen when I enlarge something. I absolutely love the creation of the investigative journalism project. You will have more to cover than you can handle. Thank you Advocate. I have been a regular reader for nearly 45 yrs.
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12 months ago, Northeast LA
I live in Northeast Louisiana and reading the Baton Rouge Advocate by App is an absolute joy for me. Baton Rouge is the Capital of Louisiana and the current news that this App provides is so beneficial because I love to read current, up to date information regarding the state of Louisiana. The App is very easy to navigate and find information regarding different topics and the daily print version is just as beneficial as the digital content App. This App is just overall a great format to read and I thoroughly enjoying using it each day..
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4 years ago, Ron Crum
Excellent, well-designed App.
Great app. Excellent for reading the articles on my IPad. I can make the text as large as I want for reading because I read almost every article every day and need a slightly large font. I use both the subscription version and the free version and like both. The app has a slew of navigational aides allowing the user to find any article quickly. It also has a slew of sharing features so I can send articles to friends or post them on-line easily. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, DannyBah
ExPats love The Advocate News App
Living away from home year after year means we need this app. It’s the main way we stay connected. The coverage is tilted right and respectful of the left - like many people who claim to be fiscally responsible / conservative and socially moderate / liberal. Love the LSU coverage but wish they would cover more than fat-man-in-the-stands sporting news. More and more women and no traditional (football, basketball, and baseball) sports are important- at least online. Lead. Don’t follow if you’re a college town with national roots.
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2 years ago, tjplauche'
Advocate online edition
I have been using it for a few years now and it comes in very handy when l am out of town. I normally spend about five months at my camp in Grand Isle and about a month at my daughter house in Montana. When l am in BR l receive the paper addition. To avoid touching extra surfaces during CV outbreak l have started back with the e-edition while at home. I have been reading the Advocate daily for 60 years.
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7 months ago, La Lady MD
Advocate annoyance
The paper is great- current news, love The editorials and letters still available( USA Today papers no longer allow any). Even enjoy the comics and puzzles. Only downside and reason I didn’t give 5 stars, is the annoying Lee Michael’s add pop-up every time I open it. We live out of town and don’t even have that store in our community. There is plenty of advertising space inside The paper and I find it intrusive and obnoxious to have it in my face every time Inpull up the paper.
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4 years ago, Cajun TarHeel
Keeping Up
The Advocate app is a great asset to me. I grew up in Baton Rouge and Zachary but have lived all over the country and have been settled in NC since 2001. The app allows me to keep up with my LSU Tigers and other things in the area and the state. I also follow my current news paper’s app and I must say the Advocate’s app is much better. I do have one issue, the Advocate app has quit loading on my IPhone altogether. Thankfully I can still read it on my IPad.
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3 years ago, Needs a better nickname!
GREAT e-edition
I’ve subscribed to the Advocate for forty years because it’s an outstanding, locally owned paper. A few years ago I added the e-edition to my print paper but then dropped the print because the e-edition is so much easier to read on an iPad. The e-edition requires a subscription which is well worth the money! I’m not as happy with the visual layout of the app for updated breaking news, but that’s a relatively minor quibble.
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1 year ago, Retiredwnothingtodo
Great reading in the morning
As I cannot have the Advocate delivered daily in Mississippi, so it is a great pleasure to read on the app in the morning with my coffee. I can get the latest news from New Orleans and from Baton Rouge and my husband gets to keep up with the latest sports news.
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4 years ago, across_mountains
Was a good app. Now trash.
Whoever is in charge of the appears to be not up to task. A while back, the app would just spin its wheels instead of opening up, because of which I deleted the app. Not long ago, I decided to install the app again. Although the app itself now opens up, what comes next indicates that The Advocate does not understand the concept of an app. After tapping on a story, what is almost always shown is the headline only. Even the teasers don't show. If The Advocate is not going to have a proper app, it should be removed from the app store. As soon as I finish this, I will delete the app.
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1 year ago, fatmanadt
Easy reading
We do quite a bit of traveling. Having the E edition is wonderful. We can always read our local paper each morning with our coffee. Plus when we are home, never have to go to the curb to get the paper. In addition, never have newspaper trash. The only time we miss the paper copy is during crawfish season. Lol
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2 years ago, Kofi73
E edition
I prefer reading the edition because it’s easier to read articles. End of clumsy handling of pages to read articles. Stop killing trees which makes it more ecologically friendly and I don’t have to worry about receiving a wet newspaper when it has rained heavily.
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3 years ago, bobbye sue
The advocate
Johnny and I have been married for almost 55 years and we always subscribed to The Advocate and the state Times until the state times went away for the 55 years as well as many other people subscribed. As habit plays it I can’t get anything done UNTIL I get the paper. Thanks Barbara LUNEAU
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3 years ago, Dragons6462
Great app!
It is great but wish you could fix the app. When a user is reading the obituaries, the app takes you out of that section after reading just one and brings you back to the home page, thus making the user go back manually to the obituaries section making it time consuming, does that make sense?
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1 year ago, Ladytracknmr
Great paper
We really enjoy the Advocate. On a sad note, I was disappointed to receive the note that there would be a cost increase. The Acadiana edition is great for our local news and national. I hope we can continue to have the digital edition.
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1 year ago, Tan$4536
Online paper
Love being able to read it online, but would have preferred to have my hands on a piece of paper. But it too expensive and I don’t go to library every day, so online will have to do Thanks
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2 years ago, rondazzle
Like the app
Am traveling and have used the app to stay in touch. Also like the notifications, and the ability to go to the section of the paper I want to go to, without going thru the whole paper.
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4 years ago, Justjohnmc
The Advocate
I have been reading the “State Times”, “Morning Advocate”, “Sunday Advocate” my whole life. I am glad that you still have the Advocate left. I am glad that evolution did not take it from us. I read it everyday even though it is from my phone. Thanks for keeping it up.
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4 years ago, Baker Resident
Long Time User
I appreciate the effort they put into providing local news to those of us living, working and/or traveling out of the area. I find the app crashes. The select all option fails during seven out of ten attempts. The read rate is painfully slow, I have to set the Speaking Rate to max in order to tolerate the slow speed. Finding the new article announced by the icon is trying.
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3 years ago, Food Princess
I hate the Lee Michael’s ad
I hate having to stare at the Lee Michael’s logo EVERY TIME, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I open the app. If it were an instant, that would be fine. But it lasts WAY to long. Instead of reminding me to shop & enticing me with suggestions at Lee Michael’s like the print ads in The Advocate do, this makes me hate Lee Michael’s & never want to set foot in the shop or purchase anything again from there ever. Also, I hate the formatting of the news items.
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4 years ago, Tara_LSU
Great start to my day
Checking in on the Advocate app catches me up on the news around Baton Rouge each and every day. I live out of state now but can feel like I’m right back at home in Louisiana by reading the Advocate app as though I was still a local newspaper subscriber. Very thankful for it!
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4 months ago, Ace4767
Never miss a day!
I love being able to read the newspaper at anytime and anywhere! The ability to go back several week is a great feature!
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2 years ago, MKMurphy, Esq.
So glad I switched to e-dition
I thought I’d miss the paper portion of the paper; I don’t It’s the same new, opinions, and comics...the electronic layout is easy to use; in fact, easier than flipping and snapping the old style paper into submission!
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2 years ago, MLTDude
Not Easy to get to e-edition
I like to read the e-edition. You have to open the menu and scroll down to the very bottom to open it. At least, give me a button at the main screen to directly go to the e-edition. Better yet provide a setting so that my device goes to the e-edition when I open the app
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2 years ago, vp fon
Reading advocate on the app
Thanks for allowing reading news on app. It’s easier and more accessible to read on my phone or ipad. I’m reading more than I’ve read in a long time.
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2 years ago, jim@thehill
Hard to Beat Reading News Print, But!
The APP is a great way to read and enjoy your newspaper when on the go or out of town. Also better than some apps used by other newspapers .
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3 years ago, Nannie & Bubba
The Advocate newspaper
My wife and I admire the well-rounded presentations of pictures, opinion articles, news stories, comics and sports by The Advocate. Newspapers are under-appreciated for the deep impact they have on our societies. Newspapers are much more than just another business.
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4 years ago, Jean V
Very poor design in classifieds
After clicking through screen after screen to get to rentals and set up my search criteria, if I click through to any rental in the search results, to see details, there is NO WAY BACK to the search results! I have to start all over from the beginning! The search results don’t give any contact info, so I had to start over forty times!!! This is user torture. 🤬
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4 years ago, birdingchef
Better information, better sports!
I live in Shreveport put our nationally owned Times is pitiful. I get all the information I need on state issues and of course all things LSU sports and New Orleans Saints and Pelicans. Nice lifestyle section as well. Glad they got the New Orleans paper.
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1 year ago, I am Dumplin
I like the electronic version of this newspaper, the only problem I have is all the crap you have to do to get it there. I should be able to open the app and go straight to it. I would give it five stars if it would work that way. But I’m only giving it three.
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11 months ago, RabRikus
Great newspaper app
I’ll be traveling out of state today, leaving my home in Denham. It comforts me to know that I can rely in this app to keep up with local news, especially with the approaching hurricane Delta. Kudos to The Advocate!
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1 year ago, guskatt17
I have been out of town, and I have been able to keep up to date with my local news via the application
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3 years ago, apari41
Television section
We enjoy receiving The Advocate every day& our delivery person(Andre) is always right on time. I do have a question:Is the television section going to return ? We really liked seeing what would be on that evening. Thanks, S. Aparicio
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9 months ago, rlhno
App problems
App works but when it doesn’t it happens every couple of months then I have to delete and reinstall.
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2 years ago, lmumdu
Love it!!
I use this app daily. It gives you the entire paper at a glance and updates you when new news is available. My new favorite app!
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3 years ago, Mcado
A 5 rating the look forward to this app when traveling at home I purchase a paper every day
Enjoy your when traveling purchase a paper everyday I’m home
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3 years ago, first cup and paper
Needed changes
Need proof readers! Obits should all be together, at least quit splitting individual obits to different pages, or worse to different sections. When listing parishes covered add Pointe Coupee, we do have people who still read the Advocate and a few who work in the B R area. Thanks form a devoted reader of 68 years.
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1 year ago, satc2
Enjoy reading local news
Wish there were more local articles in the news. Love the stories that make me "feel good" and positive about the day. Fewer stories about the government.
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2 months ago, Nola knows
E edition
Being out of town for the summer, we love having the ability to keep up with the news from home using the Advocate e-edition. It’s perfect!
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6 months ago, Sanders - First Time
Newspaper - The Advocate
Great way to view the daily newspaper. I occasionally have difficulty loading; however, for the most part works great.
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1 year ago, johnnycajun
Much improved
The app is 1000% better. Faster loading, stable while using.
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4 years ago, NoMoreNextdoor
Needs a lot of work
Should be 0 stars! What good is an app that doesn’t work? Should rename to “No News” because that is a more accurate description of what you get. Open the app and . . . nothing. Should be pulled off the App Store until a working replacement is ready. Oh and by the way, these jokers just announced a 100% price increase for regular newspaper subscriptions blaming it on increased cost of newsprint paper. Totally outrageous.
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2 years ago, ironmd2
Timely news!
Alerts keep me updated with informative articles.
Show more
3 years ago, MardiGrasFun
The Advocate App
I have found that the Advocate App allows me to read the entire daily newspaper! It’s perfect for when I travel and miss my daily paper! I highly recommend the app!
Show more
4 years ago, Bunkieite
My only Baton Rouge Connect !!!
This is the only way to get State news because we are only privileged to receive a hard copy paper 3 days a week and it is a Lafayette paper .
Show more
4 years ago, Billiamus
Was Good For a While
About a year or so ago this app was unusable due to endless ads & pop-ups. It was eventually fixed and worked great. Now it looks like the ads are coming back. Videos pop up at random when I try to read an article. This is obviously extremely distracting and discourages me to use the app.
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3 years ago, Kagoo43
Always current
Clear and up to date news.
Show more
8 months ago, Gdizzlemynizzle
The Advocate
My go-to app when keeping up with all the happenings in my home town. User-friendly, and most of all Free!
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