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User Reviews for The Arizona Republic eEdition

4.59 out of 5
642 Ratings
3 years ago, LOFISES
The news allows me to peer into our world
I loved newspapers; tuning those big pages, moving my head up, down and side to side. I thought I would never read the news on the screen but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only do I turn pages with a click. I enlarge the font to read easier. I click the photos to see more detail and when I read about a place I’m unfamiliar with, I open another window in Google maps, zoom out to see where this place is in the world and try to surmise why it’s happening from a geographical perspective. My knowledge grows as I address my curiosity triggered by reading the Arizona Republic on a lit screen.
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1 year ago, Lennie V
Importance of local newspaper
I depend on the reporting of local news and in-depth investigative stories to keep me informed or at least aware of what is happening in the legislature and business. Using the APP for digital copy is easiest for me to read but I take the print edition twice a week. I think I know the answer but ask why don’t local TV channels use the resources and stories done by Az Republic and pay as a source of information? Reporters are doing great work that, at times, put their lives at risk. In part, I buy the paper to pay their salaries. I encourage everyone to support our local newspaper. Love the comics and puzzles.
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1 year ago, Deanie's
So todays Wordless answer is Happy (3rd try) so I thought I’d use that. Read the Republic everyday which is how I start my day off. I was a paper boy for the Republic in the mid 70’s and have been hooked since. I read the sports section first then whatever suites my mood. I really enjoy reading Somers, McManaman and even Moore (liked his family article a few months ago with no mention of racism). I wish I could get the paper copy but it was late for 2 months in a row so I went digital and have found that very accessible. Yes I’m thankful for your articles, variety and convenience. I will be a subscriber for a Looong time.
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1 year ago, RazzinAz
Better than Paper
It took awhile to come to this opinion but now I much prefer the online version. I just learned the navigation feature for articles continued on another page. It’s been there all along, I just didn’t realize it. And, you can touch a link to another story or website and be transferred within the app. And then, there is the bonus of enlarging print or pictures for us chronologically gifted readers! Did I mention it’s cheaper?
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3 years ago, why will this not let me send
Too one sided
Recently, I have seen several articles and editorials bemoaning the fact that fewer and fewer people are reading and subscribing to the paper. When I first moved to the valley it used to take me about an hour or more to read the paper. Anymore it takes me about 20 minutes, Roberts, Montini, Moore, Diaz, etc., the entire lineup leans very far to the left. As this community is very much split between liberal and conservative viewpoints, I would think it would benefit the paper to be less biased and more fact based. I understand that the above were hired for their opinions and commentary, but throughout the rest of the paper, the rest of the stories should be fact based without any sort of political slant or bias. Thank you for your time. Bill C.
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2 years ago, PeaceLoveHappiness&Joy
AZ Rep has its pros and cons
I read the AZ Republic every morning. I have read it for 20 years. The paper is not what it was but what paper is in this social media/digital age. The AZ Rep seems conservative, with an obvious bend towards the GOP but since the GOP has continually moved further to the right, the AZ Rep has stayed where they were. There are great articles on pressing issues that make reading the paper worth it. Recently, there was a series of articles on the audit of the presidential election in Maricopa County that was well written and extremely informative. They put all the pieces together. That is why I will continue to read the AZ Republic.
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3 years ago, Vinmoore
Mixed Bag
I have had my digital subscription for a couple of months now. I enjoy a number of sections of the paper very much. The extreme liberal bias of the news reporting is disturbing and will probably result in my non-renewal at the end of my subscription term. In particular, the reporting and opinions of Monti and Laurie Roberts are so distorted and biased as to raise serious questions as to why a paper purporting to represent the Phoenix and Arizona area continues to even publish either of them. Additionally, the local editorials published are again predominately liberal opinions with almost no conservative viewpoints published. I find this biased reporting and presentation disturbing and offensive in its extreme liberal bent. Please eliminate the biased reporters from the paper and begin to report a far more balanced perspective for ALL your readers.
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3 years ago, Sarah R T
Loved the news but........
I love the news. And the app layout is nice. However; when I created my account with the newspaper edition, I shortly noticed some problems. I made the account with the newspaper online using my phone but I can’t login on my Kindle. I don’t only use my phone for the news. I also get text notifications when there is something new to report. But if I click the link in the text, I cannot view the article. When I click on the box to restore subscription (which was the only option instead of having an option to log in to account) the app freezes.
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2 years ago, Momto2GirlsGramto3Boys
Have enjoyed the Republic and Gazette in the afternoon since I was a little girl in ShowLow. Moved there in 1944 then back to the Valleyin 1954. No radio, TV. BUT A SMALL MOVIE HOUSE :.With news reels. So since I could read…I had the Funnies. Stories about lands I’d never even heard. Crosswords. The 8 room schoolhouse was a wonderful beginning of my education. My Perry family was really big on education. And the Republic has been a daily addition to mine…except the 4 years my husband and I spent in the Air Force…in Tucson. Go Devils! Sharon Bassett Farr
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4 months ago, month601
Great way to start the day
I really liked having the newspaper in print…I’m old school…but I like how easy it is to click on a story and see the entire article together. One can navigate to a particular section if desired. You can also read the paper anywhere you have an internet connection -I like to keep up with the hometown news while out of town. I can also read my mom’s hometown paper! This app is easy to use.
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1 year ago, Rose-Mesa
AZ Republic online
We switched from paper delivery each day to totally online and we LOVE the savings as well as the additional info available to us. The online version lets us easily select which page we want, we can magnify anything on that page, jump around from comics to sports to local news with a tap. So glad we had to save $$ and finally made the switch to your digital version!!
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3 years ago, dogs r love
A Critical Tool in times of crisis
The Arizona Republic is an absolute critical tool during these troubling times. From water resource management to keeping close tabs of our politicians to the reporting of those among us who are so desperately in need of assistance - I say ‘Thank You’ for all you do. Our community would sorely miss your valuable contribution to ensure we are well-informed. Keep up the good work, and congratulations to all your incredibly knowledgeable reporters. Al Rash. Litchfield Park
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3 months ago,
Read the paper
Great way to get the newspaper experience and read up on local news. The only drawback is in the last few weeks a persistent request to download their other app that has way more ads. it claims you can read the newspaper on that app as well but the experience is not the same as this one this one is way better.
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2 years ago, 03111149
Easy access
The online access to the Arizona Republic is easy and extensive. No more going out for the paper. One click and I have access to the paper and more. The bonus sections are great. Now I can take the paper on the road with me and never miss a day. I done have to worry about a vacation hold. I wish I had started the online access years ago.
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3 years ago, memahof6
Enjoyable way to read the paper
When the ability to read the paper on our computer or other devices first became available, I tried it out. Clumsy and clunky is a generous description of the ease and enjoyment of using that service. After several years of avoiding another try at reading the paper online, I finally broke down and gave it a whirl. I must say I am now addicted.
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3 years ago, AZWANNABE
Just like the hard copy
I hesitated to use the online version when I was on vacation for a month but since I was interested in AZ news I did. I was surprised. I hadn’t realized that it was just like the paper copy in layout and form. Enjoyed it thoroughly. In fact, in some cases it was better as you could zero down on articles. Only hard part was doing the crossword and jumble. Lol.
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2 years ago, mwslsay
Good app with one problem
This is a good app and I enjoy reading the print addition on-line. When I first downloaded it, I could use the trackpad on my iPad but am no longer able to do that. It did not seem to work as smoothly as it works for other publications but now it does not work at all. Wish they would fix that. Because of that I give it only 4 stars.
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10 months ago, WAB+
The Republic
We love the digital version of The Republic because we know that we will get the same news coverage wherever we are. When we moved to Phoenix in 1974 we subscribed to The Gazette which we got until it no longer existed, then we moved to The Republic. We also like not having so much paper to dispose of.
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3 years ago, Asmorian
This app is unreliable and frustrating. The newest one has lots of bugs that many times prevents you from reading text or items such as comics or text under photos. It's supposed to allow you to select the article and then render it in larger font to read....don't count on it. I changed to fully online due to a move. If they don't fix these issues, I may just forgo renewing my subscription.
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3 years ago, Ken in Arizona
Digital Vers is Great!
Even though I still read the hard copy paper version, it is so convenient to use the digital version if I am awake before paper delivery. It is also handy when I want to share an article with others as I can email anything in the digital version or to myself to conveniently save an article.
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3 years ago, PeterJ1010
Great News Paper app!
I use this daily and really appreciate! I don’t get the print version anymore so I relay on this app to get my news. I would give 5 stars but with this latest edition it will not read read long stories. It goes so far and starts over. If I’m busy I like to hear some longer stories as I work, but I can no longer do that.
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2 years ago, Beemer7450
Perfect way to get your news!
I enjoy reading my newspaper on my iPad. I can increase the size of the font with my fingers. Makes reading the paper so much easier. I only have monovision. I read with my left eye and see distance with my right. Viewings the paper this way, is perfect for me!
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3 months ago, Luck#Ras
New eNewspaper Version is Horrible
The new update has made the app borderline unusable. Fonts have been changed, much smaller as well. Very difficult to read. Any sentence now starting with an “F” requires a guess. “Finally” is now a box symbol followed by “nally”. Very poor quality control. And now those annoying video ads that pop up over the article you are reading. You have to wait until the ad finishes playing before the “x” pops up so you can cancel it. There are ads in the newspaper I am reading. Why do you have to do this? What was an enjoyable daily experience reading The Arizona Republic is now a pain and quite frankly not worth it. Will cancel my long time subscription and get my news elsewhere if it doesn’t improve soon. Thanks for fixing something that wasn’t broke. VERY disappointing…
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2 years ago, jean85023
Five stars
We get the print version which my husband reads, but I have moved from only reading the online digital while travel to online daily. Cleaner and easier than the handling the print version. Only exceptions are the supermarket ads in the Wednesday paper.
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3 years ago, Patsey B
App for Arizona Republic
Reading the daily newspaper on my ipad costs half than home delivery, leaves my hands clean, eliminates disposal issues, and allows me to print articles or the crossword puzzle on clean white paper. It is also available earlier in the morning when many of us awake. Why in the world would anyone want home delivery???
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2 years ago, Beavis Cornholio
Terrible loading delays
Whenever you reopen your iPad to view the newspaper, it takes 30 seconds to reload, opens up to a different page in your reading, and tries to force you to open the most recent addition. Take a clue from the hundreds of other newspapers apps that allow you to instantly open any article on any page without delay. And keeps your reading spot saved from previous viewings.
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3 months ago, Penguin lord
Get rid of advertisement for other app
I love this app. I so much prefer reading a real newspaper and this is just like that experience. There is now a splash screen that I must dismiss telling me to use the other app. I tried that app and I don’t like it! Please make that advertisement go away!
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8 months ago, Walworth16
Easy to Use with Expected Results
The Republic’s app takes you directly to where you want to go and the subcategories are easy to understand and navigate. If you value simplicity along with comprehensive coverage, you’ll appreciate this app.
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3 years ago, colindfs
Az Republic App
I use the App to read the newspaper all days except Wednesday and Sunday and it is cleaner, I don’t get ink on my hands, more comfortable as I don’t have to stretch out my arms and I can access a back copy after the paper is binned. I am also able to read USA Today as a bonus especially its wider sports coverage as I am from England.
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3 years ago, wont send a bad review
Better than it was
I was having a problem with disappearing text as I went through pages - pictures appeared but no text appeared. I had to tap on all the blank areas to see the stories. New format shows all text and pictures with only occasional problems with sudden enlargement or miniaturizing of text. You’re getting there!
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3 years ago, AJS Professor
Timely. Convenient.
After using the printed publications of both the Arizona Republic and USA Today I was dubious about switching to the full digital versions. However I wouldn’t want to return to printed now. I like the convenience of accessing the app wherever I am, and the full USA version is truly a bonus. All that and a significant reduction in the monthly subscription fee make it all more enjoyable.
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2 months ago, QCTina
Print edition of the e-AZ Republic
This version is so much easier to navigate then the eversion within the standard easy central app. You would think they would be identical, but they are definitely not. I hope they don’t do away with this app.
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3 years ago, Hold a tune
Az republic reader
I have been a subscriber for a long time 1st in paper and now in digital. Sure is nice. Even when I travel I can still get the news from home. Easy and convenient. I wish the news was always happy but what can you say about the times we live in.
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1 year ago, Old Dinkum
Not consistent in download
Have read The Republic online for more than 8 years. My observation is that the correct edition does not always show up. Links are iffy frequently not getting the information wanted. Insider seems to have gone away...that is good rarely worked for me. As far as the actual paper, no complaints.
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2 years ago, Violette 113
EAsy way to get the news
A digital subscription is an easy way to get the news. A you can easily access any section, adjust the size of the print and even download a crossword puzzle.
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2 years ago, OldZard
Good app
I’m very happy seeing the whole paper, page by page copied in the newspaper app , plus all the extra sections that are offered. It is very easy to copy an article and share it by email or text with a friend/ family member.
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1 year ago, Krabbyman
Great way to get the news!
I started reading the e-news in Denver and when I moved to the valley I signed up for the AZC electronic edition. I really like this paper. And they do not back off of sensitive issues. The political commentary is spot on, sports coverage is great, and the online news is sooo convenient. Highly recommend.
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2 years ago, OggieD0g
Old school format on a phone
I love seeing the news paper in it’s print format and then being able to read each article in a format suitable for a mobile phone. This is great!
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2 years ago, MRF-G
Changes are working
After 3 months of crashing when you opened a story, they finally fixed the problem! Now it almost perfect and it is what you expect. Good work
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2 years ago, Joaneeee
Arizona Republic
You have so many liberal columnists, but no conservative ones. This has been very disturbing for years. Bias media has been rampant and often quite disgusting. Why not level for playing field for once. Let’s play fair!
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3 months ago, no name aj
Competent, professional journalism!
This newspaper has changed a lot over the 20 years I’ve seen it. I’m very impressed with the broad range of opinions but there is still reliance on fact and objectivity for the news.
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2 years ago, Carol2151
Arizona Republic upgraded app
Definitely some issues with this upgrade. Constantly updating the app while I,m reading it even though I have it set to offline. Pictures are often fuzzy and words illegible. I do love that I can easily access the USA Today but also have difficulty sharing or saving stories now.
Show more
2 years ago, Michael Jonas, Scottsdale AZ
Great Way to Read the Republic.
Easy to navigate, with the "look and feel" of a print edition without the newsprint ink stains. While I may usually disagree with the editorials (except for Montini and Roberts withwhom I virtually always agree), I really appreciate how the paper is presented.
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2 years ago, Trevor's Post
Great way to read the daily newspaper !
Easy, able to make print bigger, no leftover paper, and available anywhere, anytime, even when traveling. A life changer instead of paper!
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3 years ago, Irph
Local news when I want it
I’ve been reading newspapers for 60 years and the switch to digital was a little jarring at first but now I love it. The latest digital improvements are welcome too.
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2 years ago, Yellowroseaz
News anytime and anywhere
I have this app on all my devices and I can access today’s news or pick up an article from weeks past.
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3 months ago, Briester
It has gotten better.....
But there are days when parts of the paper do not download completely. I do get a warning in the right hand corner of each page saying this. Seems to happen daily.
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3 years ago, Leadoffcf
So Enjoyable
I can read the newspaper with the HTML font or the newsprint look. I can see all the pages just like paper. The quick indexing and navigation are so helpful. And, the “robot” will even read the paper to me. Awesome!
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1 year ago, minmesa
Nice app — with local news
Really appreciate the AZ Republic online. While the content is sometimes annoying with their traditional ties to the GOP, at least we have access to local news.
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1 year ago, baileyno6
Efficient read, works well
I have used the app for more than a year now and enjoy catching up on the news in the valley of the sun each morning.
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