The ASL App

3.5 (789)
162.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
DeafDigits Inc
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The ASL App

3.53 out of 5
789 Ratings
6 years ago, paepstein
Educational and fun
This app isn’t perfect, but I love how much the signers clearly enjoyed making it. They make learning the language so much more interesting and even a bit silly (in a totally good way). Just as importantly, I feel like I’m really retaining all the signs they teach. Like someone else said, it’d be great to be able to turn off the written translation so I could get used to practicing without the help, but ultimately I still think this is a fantastic learning tool and certainly one of the best ASL online/app resources I’ve seen. Also, I kinda want to be friends with Bobbie Jo, Matt, Nyle, and Kriston; they seem like very cool people in addition to being great teachers. And Nyle, you look beautiful too. I’d love to be your Valentine. 🙂
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3 years ago, Apples!=Oranges
Great for daily practice!
It’s really hard to find places that consistently and effectively help learn sign language. This app is good for beginners as the words only appear as the signer says them, so you don’t have to guess what each word is. I haven’t gotten far enough to see how well grammar is incorporated. Once you know the alphabet, the app organizes signs such that all of the categories build on the previous lessons, so you learn important signs like “I” “me” “you” very early, then they show you “learn” then they add onto that by showing you “I learn signs” and before you know it you can remember how to sign “I learned how to sign when I was young” and make full sentences. If you know the alphabet and want to start learning with light exposure to the language over time, this app is fantastic. Not to mention you have access to the entire app’s content forever after paying a single fee. I’d highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, HQNikki
scroll to bottom to rest0re purch4se
tried to write this three times but because i keep mentioning this 🅱️ug with “res0re purch4se” button, i think it just gets removed … but I’m not trashing the app rofl!! i love it! i love the actors, the content, the features (especially pause, slow down, and “favorites” which you can use to make your own flashcards since they shuffle favorites when you select them, very neat!) for the 🅱️ug: don’t go to “i” then “app info” then “rest0re purch4se” because it doesn't work. instead scroll to the bottom of the home/main screen where the topics are and there is the same button. that one worked for me after redownloading! btw i’m happy my $10 went to paying these actors and designers, would happily pay more for future bundles because at least its not another su🅱️scription!!
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6 years ago, Sawyer Lay
No religion category but helpful when they rarely do have the sign you’re looking for.
I can’t really pull myself to understand why this app doesn’t take its time to have at least a religious category. Signs like “Jesus” and “God” are essential for a $10 in app purchase. The app tools it’s time to make an LGBTQ category because the ASL app wants to teach us that equality is only necessary when convenient to them. It is not that hard to expand the dictionary that you’re app has by adding signs like God, Buddha, Islam, Koran, Bible, gospel, and covenant. Things like that will be worth you’re wile. Overall this is a helpful app but not helpful when you might as well look up most things on google. I would like to have my learning in one place. Thank You the ASL app for taking my opinion into consideration!
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5 years ago, DamienMcKenna
Good signers, mediocre app
The signers do a good job. However, the app itself is dot very well organized and makes it hard to learn from. I’m just starting to learn and there are lots of pieces here that would be useful, ABCs, for example. There are even different ways of viewing the ABCs - just the hand, the hand with the person’s shoulder (to see more of the arm movement for certain letters), or the hand and the face. The problem is that they go through the entire alphabet in one go, you can’t pick a single letter to practice. Furthermore, if you want to have it repeat a certain letter it repeats the entire scene, back to A again. And there’s no “pause” button. This makes learning very frustrating. The topic based sections are also well signed, but again suffer from navigation problems - there’s no way of seeing a list of all phrases in a section, you have to page through each one at a time. I do like the fact there’s a turtle / slow mode which affects all videos, but it isn’t clear that when you play a video and want to replay it that you must then click the turtle button, not the regular repeat button. In short, the UI needs a lot of work to be usable, and I hope some day it will be. Until then, I’ll be looking for another app.
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6 years ago, Mutant-robot
I love that this app has Deaf creators. There are a variety of lessons for conversational ASL on different subjects. The app is easily searchable and has different Deaf people presenting the ASL lessons that help students see a variety & nuance of ASL. Presenters are engaging & help students understand ASL is more than just what hands are doing. Phrases are translated to English captions as they are signed so that differences in grammar & sentence structure can be understood. They also have an excellent Instagram account for receptivity practice that goes beyond what is taught in the app. Excellent start for those beginning ASL or looking to brush up if you are out of practice. I found the $10 to be more than reasonable especially as more units get added.
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4 years ago, 3rdwomanproductions
I love, LOVE, LOVE this app! I appreciate that there are members of the Deaf community and hearing allies teaching the material and that I have a chance to learn idiomatic phrases and slang as well as basic signs. Bonus: Nyles DiMarco, from America’s Top Model teaches some of the signs! That alone, makes it worth the in-app purchases, in my opinion. Getting all the bundles is only $9.99, which for all that information, great videos, and easy accessibility makes it a steal! I like that you can buy everything up front and are not being drained by a subscription. I am a real person, not affiliated with the app ;) I am excited to use these signs with my teenage son, who has autism and my step-dad, who is HOH.
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5 years ago, murrat bikes
$10 is relative.
How can you people complain about $10 for knowledge. I always wanted to learn ASL but never made it a priority. When I found out I had to have a medical procedure that laid me up for a week, I said what a great opportunity. I went to five used book stores and bought all I could on ASL. Then a new book store and bought one more. I was looking forward to my week of learning. I am a mechanic and work on Deaf people’s car from time to time. I can’t wait to surprise them. My weekly tool bill for the personal tools I buy is $130. That’s every WEEK. $10 is relatively cheap for me. I got my monies worth from the free stuff before I bought the extra.
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6 years ago, taggedbythuy
Great leaping point
One app alone, no matter how great, will never be able to teach all the complexities and nuances of a language and it's culture. But this is a great tool to add on my journey towards mastery. $10 is worth it seeing that I still haven't been able to get through learning all the videos yet after 4 months but I can always go back too look again. I also spent $10 on chipotle the other day so I figure a learning app is more useful and long lasting. Also need to point out, out of the multitudes of videos teaching hundreds of signs, the people who decided of focus on the single foul sign or the occasional "useful" fun signs need to take a chill pill.
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7 years ago, full_absolution
Excellent App
I’ve recently lost the use of my voice, and I’m trying to teach myself some basic ASL. The videos are wonderful, informative and educational. I’ve read a lot of reviews for this app, and the biggest complaint seems to be single use of profanity. The app teaches you the sign for “eff you” (which was surprising, I thought that was just The Finger, but I was wrong?), and some parents were upset about that. Personally, while I’d never use that sign, I’m still glad the app showed me what it means so I can recognize it. No speech-impaired people are going to cuss me out now, at least not without me knowing it! This is an educational app, so I’m glad this was in here.
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3 years ago, Victim of Trolling
This is the best ASL app I could find!
I took a year of ASL and forgot most of it, and searching through all the ASL apps I could, this one is my favorite so far. I actually just bought the full version because I liked the layout so much. The order of learning things is intuitive and I really like that you can see which signs are in each group with the index button. The only thing I’d really want is a written explanation of ASL sentence structure (which I admittedly may have missed), though every sentence signed is an example of that. Thank you all for the work you put into this app!
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6 years ago, This guy talking
Just wanted to learn
I picked this up about a month ago, and was surprised how easy it is to get in to. I have no speech issues, just figured I’d learn ASL. I practice for about 5 Days a week and have been slowly going through each section- currently up to Life of The Party. I enjoy being able to slow the videos so that I can mimic more precisely the gesture. Thank you guys so much for a great app! ***** A few suggestions, if you’re cool with that: -Saving your place when you check out the full roster of each section. It always throws me back up top and I have to scroll back down to my place. -Rearrangement of the sections. It might be personal preference, but learning colors and types of foods first would make more sense than partying and flirting. Haha -Flashcards! I would love to put what you’ve taught me to the test in an easier fashion than just looking at each section’s roster. -More words! I know there’s a lot here already, but I’m looking forward to even more! Maybe parts of the body, general medical terms, animals, etc. Thank you again, guys! Great work.
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7 years ago, Morionis
Great app!!! Just needs 1 thing.
I love this app, it's very informative, I'm learning sign language very quickly with it, I also love how it's laid out, it shows the Signs and the meaning of them in a great way. IT JUST NEEDS ONE THING. There needs to be an option to turn off the English words and just see them signing, so that way I could get practice with visually seeing the signs and putting it together in my head, rather than seeing the words along with the signs. And then after I see the signs then have a quick button that shows what the signs were to check if I were correct. I gave it 4 stars without that option, if that option was added I would happily rate 5 stars!
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6 years ago, PayHere
Service industry and emergencies
I’m in the restaurant and bar industry, so I would like to see an expansion in your service industry related content. Dialogue for handling or relating issues would be great. More terms like: manager, raw, medium rare, well done, food allergies etc. And like: your card is declined, i can’t break a hundred dollar bill, he tried to hit me, you can’t do that here, smoking outside, can you call me a cab. And most importantly dialogue and terms for emergencies like: where does it hurt? pain, medication, heart, lungs, broken bones, epipen, is it hard to breath, and so on. Thanks for helping me be able to better help my guests and be a help to strangers in need.
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7 years ago, Nickname taken 123456789012334
No explanation of facial expressions?
So in general I like this app. I have been looking for one to share with hearing friends so they can learn. It’s more clear than others and the signs are mostly the ones we see/use. But there are a couple things I feel need to be added. 1) facial expressions section to explain why and how to use them so that we don’t see SEE from what’s learned. 2)classifiers section and a full explanation of them 3) a disclaimer when you start the app letting gearing know up front that the English interpretation you read is not exactly the same. Words are added for their understanding and what they are seeing is not word for word translation. Other than that so for I like the app. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Gaufrier150
Could use some improvements
I will start with the good things about this app: The interface is very intuitive and clean. I like how professional it looks. It also has the “slow down” feature, which is great. I’ve learned a good amount from this app, which I really appreciate. But after about a month or two of learning, I feel like I’ve already outgrown it. I’m in the market for another ASL app with more words. Cons: I’m hoping to see more content in the future. For $10 for all packages, I feel like there just isn’t enough. (I’m also not partial to some of the packages that focus on silly things [there is a package about celebrities where half of the phrases are things like “Have my baby” and “let me see your abs”.]). There is a search feature, but it’s lacking. If the list is too long, it won’t always let you scroll all the way to see all of the options. Also, certain words are in their database differently (example: some phrases say “dont” and some “don’t”)
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4 years ago, Elbigpoppy
Not enough basic signs
It’s a great app, but doesn’t really touch into facial expression, doesn’t include enough basic terms like friendship terms like “best friend”, the states and providences of the US and Canada, names of animals, months of the year, vehicle terms like “car” “truck” “motorcycle”, it just feels lacking for an app with dictionary in the name. Idk if maybe they need like a kick starter or something to really get some more meat in the app for people to learn with and use a resource or what That would be something I’d be willing to support. Maybe even making the app totally free through the Kickstarter funds would be cool.
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4 years ago, Gary Bogle
Lack of Customization and Emphasis on Parts of Speech
To whom it may concern, First and foremost let me say that I would have rated this app 5 stars, considering it is the best media resource I have found for learning American Sign Language. However it does not allow users to create playlists, or folders, to store and sort their vocabulary words or phrases that they learn while using the app. Customization is important so we can review the signs that we are learning. Additionally, I think it would be very helpful to make content in regards to different parts of speech, especially verbs, prepositions, and adjectives. This way learners can learn more basic signs as we create new sentences, or rather as we learn how to sign. As a purchased pack customer I hope that you are already working on making the app more personal by allowing users to create playlists, or folders, to store their signs. Thank you for your time, and amazing product, Hopeful customer
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3 months ago, JLLOS
Good but could be better
I’ve learned a lot. $10 isn’t much for help learning a new language. Demonstrations are well done. Found this app recommended by an national ASL organization so I got it to use. Really cool that the developers are deaf. My biggest struggle is they use multiple signs for the same word. My new deaf friend tells me some of them are old signs and don’t use those use the new signs. Would be nice to have consistency. A religious category would be amazing. I have a hard time with the slow motion feature. You have to start video then hit Turtle each time if you replay video it goes back to full speed even though the Turtle it still highlighted. Also the option for a more flash card style review would be very helpful! Keep working on improvements and it can be amazing.
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6 years ago, Alexandria lee
Quick Learning
This app is fantastic! It’s so easy and quick to learn many phrases. Love the videos the videos and the expressions. I would recommend it to anyone and I ended up paying for the full app. I am so glad there’s a slow motion button for longer more difficult phrases. The only suggestion I would add is that I really want there to be a romance category. I think this would be fun to use with my boyfriend. Maybe it can be added in the next update? Thank you for helping me learn sign language! :)
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4 years ago, Enyan617
Great tool for beginning and intermediate learners
I love this app! I have been working on ASL for eight months now, and started using this app right near the start. The app helped me learn to fingerspelling and quickly learn a few phrases I could use right away. Now that I’m taking ASL classes, and have the basics of fingerspelling, numbers, greetings, etc down, I use the app frequently as a dictionary, to search a word or phrase I’ve forgotten or haven’t learned. I have the add on packs. Definitely worth it. Hope to see more added too!
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4 months ago, The Illustrious Flying Jay
Listen to the people who need this and want to learn please I am doing sign language because of this
Ok so for the people who’s device isn’t working specifically on a tablet delete the app and re-download it I had the same problem if that doesn’t work I don’t know what to tell you now developers listen up If you want people to use this app deaf and hearing alike do not scam do not cheat this app has great potential please listen, pun unintentional.👌🏻👌🏻 shoot for five stars🏁🏁
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3 years ago, kmccffrty
Love this app
I’ve had this app for a few years now, and I love it. They keep adding more content- which is always appreciated! It’s a super simple app, but gives you so many topics with tons of different sayings. I really like how they sign while the words appear in the corner of the screen. It’s an effective way to understand the grammar of ASL. There is also an “info” feature for certain signs that may vary slightly from other signs. It’s great because it makes you aware of slight differences in hand placement, or even how facial expressions are important. I love the new additions to the app, such as the search feature, and the ability to star and save sayings or words to come back to later. I still have a lot to learn with what’s already provided, but I hope they add even more words & sayings soon!
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5 years ago, EsotericProse
Inclusive Excellence
Thank you to the developers and individuals who did the videos. I was so relieved to see a range of individual identities (race, gender, ethnicity, signing style, speed, etc.) throughout the videos and a range of skin tones in the new alphabet and number sections. The developers are responsive to feedback (thank you) and as a hearing person, I have appreciated the learning approach of the videos (the 🐢 especially!), and the time spent making this accessible for others. I recommend purchasing the expansion pack too! 💜
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5 years ago, Rufus Piedmont
Great for beginners buts needs extra features
It’s a great app for anyone is trying to learn a little sign language for fun but it needs more. Some way of testing the signs you’ve been practicing would be very helpful for retention. There is definitely room for more categories of signs as well. If it’s feasible maybe even taking the total signs in all categories and making a search feature that’s alphabetically organized. It would help a lot of with looking up a sign you’re trying to find.
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4 years ago, ganahjw
Great just need more
The signers are amazing. Easy to understand and they rarely need slowed down. The only problem is that I think some things are missing. Under the “Voting” section, President and Secretary of State are listed but not Vice President. You could probably finger spell VP but I don’t think that is the normal way. Also I don’t think emergencies should be paid for in case you are in a real emergency. All in all, it’s a well designed app that just needs a little more.
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6 years ago, Lacemaker 427
I've done the first group, and it was fine, except for...
Who on Earth thought it was necessary or appropriate to teach brand new ASL users how to cuss?! "Eff you" is inappropriate and a totally unnecessary term to learn, especially in the very first lesson and for young people! Does the next set include something even worse!? I had planned to use this app to teach ASL to my little girl, but I can no longer trust it to teach her anything. You should be teaching appropriate and necessary language, not filth. There is more than enough of that trash on TV. I am sorry I had to award this app even the one star, but it won't save a comment without at least one! You could have and should have done much better. SHAME ON YOU!!!
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7 years ago, NickWestHollywood
This app is really great
I love the ASL app for several reasons. 1. Content is interesting, fun, and is neatly categorized. 2. The signers they feature come across as friendly and engaging and they sign clearly. 3. The signing is very contemporary, covering new vocab and usage from technology and pop culture. 4. The "slow" feature is useful to see a sign slowly. 5. If features single words as well as complete phrases. 6. The search feature is easy to use. Two criticisms: 1. They are very slow to add new bundles. Only one was added in 2017. I paid for the package that included all future bundles at no extra charge. :( 2. After each sign, it goes to a screen with 4 buttons: replay, slow, favorite, and info. The app promises to provide extra info on the various signs, but none of the signs have any content in the "info." Kinda disappointing.
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1 year ago, 🐯 The White Tiger
no landscape
i love the information in this app—have used it semi-regularly throughout the years—but the one thing that continues to frustrate me is that there is STILL no landscape implementation. i was so excited when the app finally got an update a few months ago (after there were no updates for a couple years) and another one a few weeks ago, but i seriously got my hopes up for nothing…
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6 years ago, NASAgurl
Pause Button
This app is amazing, and I am really enjoying learning sign language. The only thing I would suggest is that there be a pause button when watching videos, because it would help me learn a lot better, and I wouldn’t have to restart the whole video just to make sure I got a little gesture right. I also like practicing the gesture after it is shown, because it helps me remember it more. Love this app, great job!!
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6 years ago, ZoeIsPrettyFriggingCool
It’s good, but there are changes to be made.
Why do I need to pay for the rest of the signs? I am very serious about learning ASL, and I have wanted to for quite some time. It makes me upset that I can’t learn everything from your app, and I don’t want to pay money to unlock more. I understand you need money and all, but people want to learn and, if they’re like me, they don’t want to have to pay on a supposedly free app. Please let us use the rest of them for free, even if it means more adds I don’t mind. Thank you very much. Other than that, good app.
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6 years ago, Yuppy Yup Yup Yup
Amazing app
I am re-learning ASL basics because I work with two deaf people and a hard-of-hearing person, and I feel we would could improve communication and more importantly draw us closer as a team. The signs are clear and at a pace that makes it easy to keep up. I give 5 stars because the app goes through the basics which is exactly what I need for now and for $10 to get some refresher content isn’t bad at all.
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6 years ago, Joehgv
I love this app! So helpful!
I’m hearing and a brand new learner to ASL - taking a college class at our local junior college. This has been so helpful to watch these people do the signs & I love the “turtle” button that slows it down because everything looks so fast when you are just starting to learn it. Thank you to everyone who put in all the work to make this happen! Love it! I appreciate the help learning this beautiful language.
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6 years ago, 808mkwng
5 Stars!
I love this app! Easy to learn from, especially with the slow motion function. Very clear movements. Great variety & updates. Whenever I’m commuting or have down time, I learn so many new signs! The only downside is that the full version doesn’t transfer between family sharing plans, so each of my family had to get the full version on their account. But so worth it!
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6 years ago, Uscklydbfjcdtsf
Missing common words
Pretty good app, but it is missing quite a few pretty common words such as phone/cell phone, shut, under, basic, common, and many more that I’ve tried to use in a normal conversation and couldn’t find in the app. It would be an awesome idea if you would add a menu item where you could submit words that aren’t on the app that we want to have added. Then it would allow you to see what words we want to learn and would allow us to help the app grow! Please add this!
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6 years ago, ant.johnson
Like it a lot
I really do like the app. I have been wanting to learn sign language for our church. I upgraded and purchased all the packs but I was disappointed that there aren’t any signs for words you might hear in church or during praise and worship songs or hymns. I was specifically looking for signs for Christmas Carols. I’ll still use the app because I like the way the signs are taught but it would be nice if you included signs for Biblical text as well as worship songs. Thanks for considering adding this information.
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5 years ago, MPL96
Decent conversationalist in ASL, but thought I would like an on the go refresher and to learn new signs through an easy and accessible app, silly me I didn’t look at all the negative comments before purchasing. I may not be apart of the deaf community, but I have been taking ASL long enough to know some of their BASIC signs are wrong. If this app was created by the deaf community they would never include incorrect signs and when I tried to look for their contact information it’s empty and then I read that people have been emailing and they don’t even get a response. Super unhappy. Can anyone give me their contact information?
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4 years ago, pbj mastah
Not that great
As an ASL major I wanna say this app is garbage. Even if you look past the fact that you have to buy the full thing, it is grammatically incorrect. Granted a lot of it is just teaching you one word at a time, but when ever there is a complete sentence it is clear that a “deaf” person, as the developers claim, did not help with the making of this at all. When signing “What is your name” the singer uses typical speaking sentence structure. To a deaf individual it would be as if Yoda were talking to them. The words would be all over the place. Better off buying a book or actually taking a class.
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5 years ago, Mixxie67
Only 3 stars because I purchased...
I purchased this app for something like $8.99 a year or so ago and after forgetting about it for awhile, I decided to make more of an effort to use it. Now I’m seeing almost all the content has “but” buttons and there is a google banner at the bottom. What gives? I’ll upgrade my review if I get a reasonable answer. The only content I have access to is numbers, ABC, one set of very basic basics, and some hand exercises. Not worth nearly $10 bucks.
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6 years ago, :D me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This app is great!
Keep in mind i have not bought the full app for all the bundles but as soon as i get the money to I am defiantly going to purchase this full ASL app because even the free version is amazingly helpful! The one thing i wish it did was turn horizontally so i can look at it all on my IPad Pro in all ways. But other then that this is still an amazing app!
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7 years ago, coolgamevampman
Can you add more?
I really love this app, I got the bundle, I am already learning, using, and teaching signs to my friends but I want to know if more could be added. For example, strong feelings like love, hate, really and more like that. I know like, don’t, won’t, and more are in the app, but I hope more can be added. Is there anyway you could also add pets? Thank you for reading this.
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5 years ago, JENNYADDY
It doesn’t download!!
What is wrong with this app!??? I downloaded the free version and thought I had to buy it to get even the basic info and since I really liked the concept I did pay for the entire app! Now the videos still do not download!! I’ve spent the entire night waiting for them to load and the little wheel just kept spinning I went to sleep thinking it’ll be done by the time I woke up but lo and behold I have to download them again!!! I’ve been through the process before with the free version!!! WHY ISNT DOWNLOADING!!!!
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5 years ago, jalfr
Thanks Inksalt!!
Well organized, easy to use, so helpful to be able to slow down and repeat. We have a newly deaf adult family member. Could you please make some short stories/dialogues that we could watch/slow down/repeat? Everything we’ve found is either really old, poorly done, or aimed at children.
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6 years ago, WRS15743
This Newbie Is Impressed!
I just started using this app, and I’m surprised by how much I’m learning and retaining. It’s very well designed. Being able to slow and pause is super helpful because I need time to analyze the movements. I never knew any ASL before now. I’m losing my hearing somewhat, so I’m wanting to learn both for myself and to help others in the future. This app is a great place to start and a great reference to have with you. I’m glad you include slang and even a little strong language (and you do it tastefully). These are things a person needs to know in case they are encountered. Oh, and the models aren’t hard on the eyes, either! ;-) Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, Kikishanuss
Worst customer service
It’s been almost a month ago since I purchased the bundle pack and have only received an error message when attempting to install. I’ve reached out 3 times now and have gotten no response at all and the app continues to not work. I doubt I’ll even get a refund because no one has responded to my emails asking for help. I was recommended this app by friends and I will definitely not be recommending it to anyone and will make sure to tell my friends to also stop recommending it.
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4 months ago, Isabela 876
Won’t Work
I learned basic things on here like ABCs, numbers, and the colors of the rainbow. I didn’t use this app for a year and I want to learn more now but it keeps kicking me out of the app. My wifi is good the app doesn’t need to be updated. I bought something from the app ($10) to learn more a while ago so I would like to keep using this app. Why isn’t it working please help me thank you
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4 years ago, Anil Amuluru
It was okay
Overall the app was okay... Most of the subjects you had to purchase which I didn’t like because there are plenty of other ASL apps and videos that don’t need to be paid for, but other than that the signers were pretty funny and it was nice to see that they actually looked like they cared about the signs and had fun instead of looking bored and being half hearted when making these.
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5 years ago, Sunnydays9
Good for beginners. Has slow motion option. Well done.
Great for beginners. Me. Has a slow motion demonstration mode. Person displays the sign and you practice it. Then click to move forward or backward. Modules are grouped by similar subject. Very practical subjects to use in a given situation. Very worth the $ to purchase all modules ad free. Simple to use.
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6 months ago, CellularDoor80
Essential App
I love this app. It is as essential as any app can be. I wanted to suggest something. Do you have a gun safety section of sign language to include in some place? This is an excellent way to help possible victims communicate with each other. Just a thought. Happy Holidays to you all.
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4 years ago, allamagusalem
Crash, crash, crash
Your app keeps crashing. I’ve turned my iPad off then again and your app keeps crashing. I’m having no problems with any of my other apps, just yours. I clicked on app support it took me to the ‘404’ page which tells me the page does not exist. It is suggested to click on the home page where there is no way to reach customer support. I paid for several packages within your app that I can’t reach and you have taken down your support page. How should I view this situation?
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