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User Reviews for The Baltimore Sun

4.51 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
5 years ago, CatAtomic8
Great redesign, still want integrated weather
High quality local and national journalism. The recent design update is much cleaner, attractive and user friendly. Only dropping one star because the app still does not have an integrated weather forecast/radar. When you want to see weather you have to view the desktop site or use a mobile browser. App includes weather related news but not forecasts. Otherwise, this is an excellent news app and my primary source of news. Subscription for unlimited digital access is very reasonable and in the current climate of disinformation, supporting real journalism is tantamount to supporting democratic institutions.
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3 months ago, Jhdbutdxee
Portrait Only on iPad
Reading on a phone in portrait mode might be natural and preferred; not on an iPad though. Recently, the Baltimore Sun turned off the ability to view the app in landscape mode. The response I received from customer support was something along the lines of they couldn’t format the ads properly in landscape mode. In other words - they don’t want to invest in what it would take to accommodate their advertisers in both portrait and landscape - and/or they don’t care about the iPad user experience. Every app I use, including news platforms, can be viewed in landscape. If not, they get deleted. Can you imagine Kindle going portrait only on tablets??? They’d go out of business, no doubt. How arrogant is it of the powers that be at The Sun to think their readers are just going to roll over on this so that the advertisers can be accommodated?? I am canceling my subscription. This review is strictly on the app, not the content.
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11 months ago, Mark6011
Worst app and paper.
The subscribers receive a daily email but if you want to see more than headlines they mention in email you have to click on story which instead of it taking you to story in app — it takes you to a weird site of the paper that looks like old fashion micro fish…and all user id and info have to be entered to read a story that was linked! The app won’t even show some of these stories that are highlighted in the email. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. I wonder if the app and email from the paper are even run by same company. Also the app says my experience will improve if I allow adds. Come on…. I’m a subscriber so I don’t have to see adds. Please can we get this a little updated. I know it’s baltimore but come on. We are a coastal city - we should be able to do this.
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2 years ago, ducks 69
Baltimore Sun “App”
Who knows where the glitches come from: Is it the technology? Is it my phone? Is it just me? Whatever it is, I seem to have difficulty…I recall the days when I just read the PAPER. My eyes aren’t as good as they once were. But “I” can’t help but think that a a daily newspaper ought to be for ALL the eyes (& “I’s”) that read it…in all the ways (even TODAY) we are viewing it. …Even though I now live in the rural western suburbs, I recall, in the early ‘60’s …as a child, driving through Charm City. I sat in the back of my parents car as we drove from New England to DC. I recall LOVING going through Baltimore: Down I95; imagining the big incinerator stack as an Oriole’s baseball bat; and enjoying “looking into” the row-house streets and seeing humanity! THAT is what I like about the Baltimore Sun & it’s “new-age” App: It’s not about all the hand-held technology. …As I cruise through it, I get to see Good ol’ Baltimore, and all its self styled charactor!
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11 months ago, spreadsheetjockey
Just Baffled
I honestly cannot figure out what I’m paying for here. It feels like the same three ad-infested articles rearranged over and over under every category. One type of ad (seemingly, every third one) renders the article unreadable beyond the first paragraph. The free AP app provides a much less hostile environment for readers with most of the same content. Quite literally, the only thing I can see *anyone* getting from this app are the articles covering local sports… just cross your fingers those aren’t the ones you only get to read one paragraph of. I feel like I was suckered into a “premium” subscription for something I’d steer away from even if it were free. This app has all the aesthetic of a pirate streaming or AI-generated recipe website.
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2 years ago, Drew McMenamin
Not logged in when actually logged in
The Baltimore Sun is fine. The app, not so much. I am a paying subscriber and am logged in to the app. More than half of the time when I click on a notification to view a story, I get blasted with ads and login prompts. I am signed in, so why can I not just view the story? I will exit out of that story and click on another one and can view it no problem. The issue seems to stem from half of the stories being shown in an embedded web browser instead of the native app. I will not accept that I need to log in on these embedded web browser pages, it should always be the native page. It has been like this for years. The Sun needs to sort this out.
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4 years ago, SGTBS99
Scrolling issue - ver 5.5
Baltimore Sun App ver 5.5 on iOS devices - When using the app to read the paper in the full page view I cannot scroll down to the bottom of the page. This feature works when viewing in a web browser (I.e. Internet Explorer) but not in the app. Overall the app functions well.
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1 year ago, crosbystillsand nash
Sun Paper review
The Sun has been a wonderful part of my day as well as my wife’s since we could read ! We both grew up in Essex and now live in AA County . My wife and I went to high school with Mr. Mike Preston and always look forward to his great articles ! It makes both of us very proud to say “ we knew Mike Preston back in the day “ . As for the Sun it is our source for information both local and world news . Thanks to everyone at the Sun for doing such a great job . Donna & Paul Dancy
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9 months ago, grubu413
I cancelled subscription within introductory period. The 6 month mark hits and I am somehow billed against a closed card. I check with the bank and they sent it through as a “force post” that allows them to complete the transaction without authorization. It is against payment network rules and bank reimbursed me but I didn’t even know that was a thing. I should have learned my lesson with difficulty canceling years ago but never thought it would be to this extent. Oh, and they tell me know they can’t cancel subscription without paying the past due balance bc they have no record of me cancelling and won’t even look at my documentation from cancellation.
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1 week ago, a reader inthe tie
The latest redesign of the app is a keeper
Even though the app limits us to portrait mode on a iPad, scrolling has been greatly improved and is customizable. The ability to scroll through thumbnails of pages on the bottom menu works well. I would like to suggest being able to set the width of the column when zooming in on a single article, and expandable views of single comics, when using the iPad.
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4 years ago, David Alan 99
Still cant get it right
I count on the app working, I pay for an all digital and print subscription. For those days when my paper doesn’t arrive on time I try and use the app. The app is a total failure. Pages missing or out of order, either in landscape mode or full page mode. Please fix it. It’s been broken for over a year.
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3 years ago, LLbkt
Need more coverage of high school sports
I like the sun app, but you guys need to increase your high school sports section. High school sports is a big part of the Sun papers history, from box scores and summaries to interviews and weekly rankings. As you can see, I’m a child of the 70’s, but back then I couldn’t wait to read the sports section. Over the years your coverage has waned. Please cover and have more content with h.s. Sports and hopefully your subscription will pick up.
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4 years ago, Chaislip
New format
Although I am told otherwise I find it hard to believe Sun staff read the app version. Large pictures make it take a long time to navigate. The NYT allows me at a glance to see all the important articles if the day and the decide which to read. Articles are repeated as you scroll. Why are sports considered top stories when there is a sports section? Why are there articles in the middle of the obituary section. I could go on and on. I have been told that fixes are in the works but I am believing this less and less. I am a long time user of the app who is seriously considering cancelling.
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2 years ago, Cynthia Gamer
Horrible app
I have a subscription to the Sun and am logged in on the app but when it links to an article on the website it tracks me like I don’t have a subscription and cuts me off after so many “free” articles. I can login to the website and see the article but the links from the app don’t register as a subscriber. The articles will also jump around in the app when you are looking at them so you have to find what you were looking for again. I am just going to use the website going forward because the app is useless.
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1 month ago, App-preciation
Allow for rotation display on ipad
I read The Sun on my iPad, which most of the time I have my portfolio keyboard attached. I either have to go to the website to scroll/read landscape version. or detach my portfolio and rotate vertically. If i don't detach the portfolio, I have a keyboard thats sticking straight out to the right. if you could make it so when you rotate the screen you can still view the content, it would be helpful.
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1 year ago, eBureaucrat
Some Gems from the Baltimore Sun
I subscribe to four newspapers for digital distribution and get reading material from many other sources. The total must be about 400 hours per day. I enjoy reading occasional gems of particular importance to me in the Sun. It provides a necessary service to the community, writing the first draft of history.
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1 year ago, WxFan429
Buy a Subscription - Get Nothing In Return
While subscriber logins work on the Sun’s website, logins do not work on this app. When you login with your paid subscription, you get one free article, then you’re asked to re-enter your password only to be told your password is invalid. Then you change your password, log back in, read one article, asked again to re-enter your password only to be told again your password is invalid. A vicious cycle not worth your trouble until the issue is fixed.
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3 months ago, sad-versity
Bring back landscape viewing mode
As an older iPad user I prefer the landscape mode. One reason is the way the comics are presented. I love that you can tap the first comic and it fits the width of the screen and then you van arrow through the rest of the comics. However in portrait view the screen is not very wide and the single comic is hard to read. And you can’t pinch to make it wider in this situation. Please bring back the landscape view. If you don’t know how maybe you can reach out to the Washington Post’s IT dept.
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3 months ago, Gmd40187
Ruined iPad App and now Ruined iPhone App, too
The removal of landscape mode ruins the functionality of the iPad. Those of us with cases and keyboards cannot simply turn the iPad to view your app in Landscape mode. So, I went back to using the iPhone. There, I discovered annoying pop up ads in the midst of reading articles. Close the ad, and it pops right back up. What are we paying a subscription for? Are you actively trying to drive subscribers away? If so, you are doing an awesome job!
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1 year ago, Tiglandex
Inaccessible App, Poor Product and Poor Customer Support
An extremely unreliable and effectively inaccessible app for persons who use voiceover. Discussing the issue with the publisher of the Baltimore Sun newspaper has been unproductive, and has failed to provide any relief or meaningful support. And it is an expensive subscription. Trying to unsubscribe, after providing the newspaper with credit card billing information has been anything but straightforward. As poor a purchase as I’ve ever made.
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4 years ago, tytania891
Can’t find my subscription
Even though I’m logged into the app and Apple shows my subscription is paid up and active, the app constantly blocks my access to articles and asks me to subscribe. I give up. Guess I’ll just look at the Patch for free local news
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4 years ago, Pope.afp89
Can’t log in
My original sun account was through google. But the app won’t let me log in through google. When I try to log in with my email it tells me the account already exists through google and to press the google button to log in, but there is no google button to press. There are only buttons for Facebook and twitter. Not sure how to fix this.
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10 months ago, Bob of Americus
Work in progress
The much-diminished Baltimore Sun is still essential reading for good citizens. This app does not yet have the visual appeal or the depth of its bigger rivals (NY Times, Washington Post). But competition (from the online-only Baltimore Banner) has been good for the Sun’s app. If you care about the region, you’re going to need both.
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6 months ago, d.eley
The Baltimore Sun App
The enjoy accessing the news through The Baltimore Sun app. However, the ads in the articles often times block the report or make it difficult to read the report.
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8 months ago, ChrisWooley1
Constantly crashes on opening
It takes me 20 - 30 tries just to open this app. Constantly crashes multiple times, so frustrating.
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3 years ago, Nicknames All Taken!!!
Their sound jams your tunes
You can’t read the digital version of the paper and listen to your music because - like a lot of news - they jam your music for advertisements. It’s a shame because I often refuse to read their often high quality content because I almost always listen to music when I read anything. Not giving up music because some dip@ coder somewhere tries to kill my music.
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5 years ago, Ferndale Slim
The Sun is still a great paper
Today, newspapers face enormous challenges, but in spite of those challenges, these folks turn out a quality product every day. Their reporting is fact based and the opinions and editorials well thought out.
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3 months ago, 60tindud
Removed landscape view and e-newspaper link
Like others, I was told by The Baltimore Sun’s customer service rep that landscape view was removed from the iPad app so that ads would appear better in portrait mode. The user’s experience is clearly secondary to that of advertisers. No reason to use the app. The link to the e-newspaper was also removed for some unknown reason. Other news platforms don’t seem to have this problem.
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3 years ago, TunaFish#5
Local news!!!!!!!
Essential community service. Stable app, too. Worst part is the Orioles stories. Better luck next year... Update: actually the worst part is all the shootings. They make the Orioles problems look like a walk (BoB) in the park.
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8 months ago, Allan Dressel
Mt. Hebron/Marriott Ridge Field Hockey Regional Semi-final
Thorough, insightful, descriptive coverage with accompanying photos. The in depth report certainly captured the essence of the hard -fought game and brought it to life for the reader. This type of coverage is much appreciated. Thank you and keep up the great work. Allan Dressel Ellicott City
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2 years ago, jaggerhall6
Great paper
It’s a great part brings back great memories of a city I grew up in my youth - but the violence and crazy gun violence convinces me I will never return are squeegie “workers”, indesciminate shootings keep me away but the Baltimore Sun allows me to return to great memories thank you
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2 weeks ago, Sadiegirl1950
New Subscriber
I am really enjoying my new subscription to the Banner. I signed up for 6 months for $1 great deal right? I get to a certain point then I am cut off. Said I had reached my limit. Geez!!
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7 months ago, Fotgetthesun
Spotty online service
It’s the only local newspaper option so I am stuck with it. Today my digital edition won’t open. This is a frequent occurrence. One would think that for about $30 a month the service would be more reliable.
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4 weeks ago, GRD32113211
Constant video advertisements
This application constantly plays video adds. Can’t read more than paragraph in a news story before the screen is taken over by a video advertisement. If you’re able to get the advertisement to close just scrolling a little more down in the article will launch a new on. Not the way to treat paid subscribers.
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8 months ago, Onespeeddave
The Post doesn't cover Maryland
The amount of coverage the Post provides about Maryland consist mostly of Montgomery and PG county, crime and if they are doing well, U of Maryland sports. I live in Takoma and the Sun is the only aper that provides the big picture of what is going on-----
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3 years ago, akizora1
Waste of money
The app does not show the stories from today’s paper. It is just a small selection of stories that repeat in a loop, interspersed with multiple ads. There are constant pop up ads that aren’t easily dismissed. You cannot see today’s paper in it’s published format. One can imagine Tribune Media has created a substandard app on purpose to bury the news. Baltimore Brew and WaPo are better bets.
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4 years ago, Peeper43
Can’t synch across personal devices!
I take my subscription through iTunes, and it seems that I am limited to reading it on my phone. Is there a reason that I cannot read it on my iPad?
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3 years ago, Mdterps65
Our hometown newspaper
The only coverage and watchdog of the legislature, governor and state government and our hometown sports teams including the Terps. Wish they would include MoCo in their coverage. County council gets a free pass from the media.
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4 years ago, whatisiname
Hard to maneuver around
Look at Washington Post site as to how to do it right. The “Print Edition” is very easy to use and works great. Sun please take lessons from the Washington Post as to how to navigate around the site.
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6 months ago, duckpinner
Can no longer read current addition since it was updated. Reloads in the middle of reading. Very slow to move to next article because it’s fetching banner ads. Frustrating experience.
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2 years ago, notjayneproof
ARCHIVES_had wanted access to….
While researching the George Huguely case, I signed up for a sub to the Baltimore Sun - hoping to have access to all articles on this topic but….instead when using the app and searching “George Huguely” I get a smattering of articles some directly related, others not.
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4 years ago, AAA
Great app
I enjoy reading the sun through this app. Previous older version was terrible but this new redo is great. Easy to read articles, easy to stay logged in. The Sun is great journalism that I’m proud to support!
Show more
6 months ago, BMoreE
Update broke e paper
Things were fine until they forced an update. Now the eNewspaper feature won’t work, clicking it does nothing. That’s how I like to read my paper as a subscriber so… useless now. Keep in mind that only subscribers get full access to all articles.
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4 years ago, Nytraveler
Too much battery usage
The app uses a ridiculous amount of battery when just running in the background. For 1 minute in the foreground and 14 hours in the background, it accounted for 28% of my battery usage.
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3 years ago, Aykbdd
Support local journalism
One of the most important tasks for every resident of the City is to stay informed. The Sun keeps citizens informed and holds our corrupt politicians to task. The Sun’s writers are talented and thorough and survive on your subscriptions.
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5 years ago, ABJazz
Doesn’t show stories from today’s front page
This app constantly freezes with frequent pop-ups asking me to subscribe (even though I already do). Also, the app never shows the latest articles from the front page of the actual paper.
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2 years ago, swvaboy
Version 6.6.5 broken
The latest update doesn’t recognize my account after I login, doesn’t let me read the paper or even see the customer service page (you’ve reached your limit), the developers haven’t fixed it and customer service isn’t communicating at all.
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5 months ago, katwomansz
I’m back with recent promotion
There are plenty of National papers, but the Sum is Baltimore’s own. The best for Local news and Ravens coverage. The app is better than competitors.
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4 weeks ago, chashb
Dominated by Ads
The app (and the online site) are completely dominated by ads and pop-up advertisements. It seems to have become worse in the past year and is so annoying that I now spend little time using the app and are considering dropping the subscription.
Show more
5 months ago, Truly disgusted 2
It no work
This digital subscription is so unreliable. Sometimes I can read articles, most times not. The billing has been jacked up for over a year. When I called to rectify the situation, the person on the phone sounded bored and was not helpful. I thought I had a duplicate account and his response was quickly to dismiss the question. The rapidity of his response let me know he didn’t do any research. Can your web designers do some work on your website? I would like to continue my subscription but frankly it’s probably not worth it. Sincerely, Truly Disgusted
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