The Bellingham Herald News

4.3 (568)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Bellingham Herald News

4.25 out of 5
568 Ratings
5 years ago, aboutfacesoldier oy
Better than delivered
My husband reads the print edition...I like the online edition best !
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4 years ago, brianbgw
Poorly managed
Get rid of the pay wall! The Herald has questionable journalistic integrity as-is, there is no way a significant number of people are going to start paying $13/month for a subscription. Competing area news outlets are still free. Revamp your advertising strategy and keep the news available to the whole population, not just people that can afford $150/year for the local paper.
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6 years ago, Mommybear77
My hometown
The app is super easy to use, nothing complicated about it and have had no issues so far.
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2 years ago, sam46213
Bellingham Herald app
This app is frustrating. I’ve paid for a digital edition, but frequently while I’m reading an article, the page zips to the right and is gone. Then I have to hunt for the article again, and then the same thing happens. I tried clearing my cache and that didn’t help.
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3 years ago, NKCochran
New App doesn’t work!
I loved the previous app! This new version freezes up constantly & I don’t like the layout at all. The previous version was much easier to go from story to story in the list on the left. Definitely NOT an improvement at all!!!
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3 years ago, Wormranch
freezing, minimal content
I miss reading the "real" newspaper. The critical difference is the old print paper perhaps 50 articles a day, weather, obituaries, births, local news. The new Herald has perhaps 1 local, new, article a day.
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6 years ago, local steven
More local stories
I know national news is important, but there are plenty of other places where someone can get that. BH I feels needs to have more local news on a daily basis.
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1 year ago, magpie 44
Bham herald website app
I thought my older iPhone was the problem. I have new phone iOS 16 now & if anything the stories load slower than before. The website is clunky and difficult to use compared to my NYT app. Why?!
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3 years ago, 5891Jonathan
App requires frequent logins while I am trying to read articles.
Once I am logged in the app frequently logs me off when I switch articles. Annoying.
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3 years ago, dsienko
No search function
Like they want you to search through old archives and resent issues to find an article from last week. This app wastes your time and raises your blood pressure.
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5 years ago, conk4
Need help
My subscription does not end until June. I keep getting msg saying my free time is up. I have reported this before and it stops for a short time only. It's a pain Trying to report this is even a bigger pain and very time consuming
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4 years ago, Quickjd
Very buggy
This latest is version is impossible to use. It doesn’t work like an e-edition of the newspaper. More ads. Once you pinch open an article you can’t get back to the full page.
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3 years ago, Gerrythek
No search functionality apparent. Poor design if you have to search for “search”.
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5 years ago, smp43
To glitchy compared to old app
The new app is not as user friendly as the old app was, I see no real improvement and would rather have the old one back.
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7 years ago, BDApod
Big change
I now like the APP. I finally found what I was looking for but only by luck. I wanted to read the actual paper and found your other APP the bellingham herald that goes direct to the e-print edition. Disregard, I'm on a tablet. The view pane can't be resized. The settings do not work. Option to read the actual paper is gone. Looks like your trying to compete mor with larger news outlets which is saturated. Hope you get this more local.
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3 years ago, Bellinghamster2021
New app is terrible!
This redesigned app is terrible. There’s also less current articles. I’m going to unsubscribe to this useless “news” app.
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2 years ago, ShutYourAppTrap
New App is Terrible
Help me find the search function before I cancel my subscription!
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5 years ago, tjyzfr1
Articles aren’t free
For some reason I try to open an article and it’s prompting me to pay for a subscription. It was free yesterday
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5 years ago, unhappy subscriber 1000
Poor App
Seems like my view of the paper is different every time I log on. Poor local coverage.
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4 years ago, aaymee2
Paywall lifted for COVID-19, not
If you’re saying you’ve lifted the paywall but can’t deliver on that promise then you should remove your editor's note saying so.
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4 years ago, JST Northwest
Like the Herald. Hate the Ap
Suddenly I can no longer read the daily BH on my iPad. It opens but only as a narrow side bar. Irritating.
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5 years ago, Memphis19311498
What happened? Now you have to pay for the app content... no warning?
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4 years ago, Moonscream
Looks like the new update borked the app! I cannot even get it to fully download. 😾
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10 years ago, Newsies12345
Works well and is fairly user friendly.
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12 years ago, Julie Shirley
Bellingham Herald executive editor
We're excited to offer this app and hope you find it useful. If you are having trouble seeing content after our Summer redesign, you may need to reset your cache. In the app, click on More, Settings, Reset and Reset all settings and cache.
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10 years ago, Jakemeoff
Job search and classifieds
I love looking at this app almost everyday, BUT the newest update took away job listings and classifieds from being able to obtain. Please bring them back to the app. I don't have problems with crashing or request to login to anything. It's a solid app, I felt like the update was made to be like the Seattle times app, but it should stick with its own style.
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8 years ago, P&Juanderers
Not user friendly
I find it difficult to get the proper view on my screen iPhone 6s. Especially annoying is the comics section where I cannot turn the phone sideways and see the whole strip. Also have been unable to print the crossword puzzle. News stories or not shown in their entire day and make it difficult to move to the part that is not on the front page. :-((
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11 years ago, AlittleOFeveryThing
Now I have to pay?????
I've been using this app for months, now suddenly in the middle of reading stories I'm told I have to have a paid subscription to read anything. Most of the time I only get one new story a day anyway. This app is a joke! Don't bother downloading this app. If this app isn't fixed back to. A FREE app very, very quickly I'm going to delete it and not look back. You guys should be offering at least basic news to locals. That why you exist, isn't it? GET IT FIXED ASAP, OR LIKE YOUR PRINT PAPAER IT WILL FAIL TOO.
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11 years ago, Cmw671
Stick to the mobile site
Not very useful and the edit function does not work. Elections are finished so take it off. Also I'm unable to locate an option to view northwest or national news. Ill uninstall and stick to the mobile site which is better but not by much.
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7 years ago, Pennym1875
Missing the replica e-edition
Finding digital replica was difficult. I'd like it to be one of the first options available. To find it now, you have to go to "obituaries and more" I still like viewing the replica paper. I like to see the layout.
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10 years ago, Chemlad
Local news
Great for local news that I can't get anywhere else.
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9 years ago, Thannak
Money Grubbing
Used this app for almost a year, found it satisfactory until now. Constant add popups started a while ago, but now in addition to that you are required to pay for a subscription and log in. Going back to buying the paper on Sundays and leaving it at that.
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9 years ago, Alicia Dauber
Great for anyone who lives in Bellingham or whatcom county, quick easy access
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13 years ago, I love pizza, but not this app
Wonderful app!
This is amazing and a great way for Whatcom County residents to get local news. Matt needs a raise!
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7 years ago, coppertea
Great New Look
Fantastic app for local news.
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11 years ago, scottyo3921
was useful, but…
As of a day or two ago, it's started asking me to log in after I tap on an article. don't know if this is a bug or what but I guess I'll have to trash it, because I'm not going to log in.
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11 years ago, SmilinMegs
Will not pay!
I think its stupid i have to pay to read most of the articles now, and i will not do that, i will get my news else where if this is going to be permanent!! Way stupid!
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10 years ago, BroHamDaBoss
Lately the app has been crashing whenever I try to open it. I have tried closing all other apps and resetting wifi and that didn't help.
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13 years ago, One4Mandy
Easy to use. Nice.
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10 years ago, Silveradotel
decent start
Good start, needs iPad version.
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10 years ago, mmillercole
Pay for news?
Ok app until it starts asking you to pay for a subscription to continue viewing content. ANNOYING!
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13 years ago, groovyjeff
Nice app, easy and convenient. Thanks!
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11 years ago, babajsksnd
Paid subscription??
Not happy that the app went from a free one to a paid one to read local stories. Deleted this app from my phone.
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10 years ago, Barcott
Can't even check it out
Will not go past opening Herald sign page. Crashes
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10 years ago, catiac
Keeps requesting login
Have to delete and reinstall to get around random request to login with press+ account
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11 years ago, deannak360
App is free to download, but useless unless you pay $69/year for subscription. Not my news source anymore. Goodbye.
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10 years ago, scmurphy13
Won't open
The app won't even get past the loading splash screen.
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7 years ago, Tenchibmw
Great look...when it works
App keeps freezing and is sluggish other times
Show more
10 years ago, Mmmmmm, ya
It use to work
Your latest io7 update is a complete fail, please fix.
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7 years ago, bham reader
No print edition option
This is not a good change... where's the print edition??
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