The Buffalo News App

1.5 (221)
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The Buffalo News
Last update
10 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Buffalo News App

1.5 out of 5
221 Ratings
1 year ago, darijwash
Lack of bug fixes make this a terrible app.
Very unstable app. Crashes if there are a lot of photos or if I scroll down browsing through the articles. Very frustrating and should be updated often. **update** it’s actually gotten worse since the previous day, now I can’t look at any photos or open sports story’s. If this is a ploy to push paper sales you may be on to something because this is trash. **another update** this app is awful. Basically if I don’t read the E-edition, I can’t read anything at all. Now I get the headlines and when I click on it, it’s just a black screen with ads. I’m hoping it’s because no one is working due to corona! ***third update*** took some time off, come back a few months later and it’s even worse. Before the app would crash but now I can’t find any sections. And I want to read the news but man this app is awful. ****lets go do a forth update**** they changed the platform of the app to make it like a feed. Ok, maybe some progress. The update signed me out, I forgot my password ana what do you know, there’s no option to reset the password smh. Idk why I bother after all these years.
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2 weeks ago, Billiam0764
News E Edition.
In the past year, edition has gone from bad to worse. Almost immediately, proofreading seemed to go by the wayside, with numerous spelling and grammatical errors daily, which continues to this day. Then, the comic section was decimated, offering up a poor selection , which to me, looked like those that no one wanted to read. Then, they switched to a different advice columnist, one whose advice is so ludicrous, it’s laughable. Obituary Directly was done away with, while death listings are in random order, rather than alphabetically (Maybe your listing them in order of how deaths occurred?). In the sports section, to read a recap of current teams game results, you have to wait two days to read it, which is totally unacceptable. Now, you’ve done away with TV listings in the sports section completely. I struggle to give a one star rating, but I figure if I don’t, it won’t register.
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3 years ago, Eric290
Don’t use -Read online instead
This app is very unfriendly on a tablet, and impossible to use on a phone. Advertisements covering the entire page appear without an exit button causing you to stop the app and then re-enter it. Even without this, the app often knocks you out of it and you have to re-login. If you want to read the news online, it’s better to do so through a web browser. Repeated contacts with subscriber services get apologies but nothing is ever done to change the app. I just tried the updated app. Now as I’m reading the letters to the editor, the letter disappears then flashes back and disappears. Is it that hard to get this right? Or is it that the news doesn’t want to invest any money in it?
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5 years ago, rav buff
One of the worst apps ever
I have barley used the BN app on my iPhone as the app would crash whenever I opened it, without selecting an article. Now, the app says I have to login in and counts down the number of “free” articles I have left, even though I’m an online subscriber (no longer worth it to get a physical Buffalo News, especially after the cuts and the reductions in sections). So, when I attempt to login again, the app shows that I am already logged in to the app. You would think that they would add some funding to work with their app vendor due to all of the technical issues. Nope... still some poor product. Wish things would change, but I doubt they will.
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4 years ago, Betsyc1045
No feedback link and newest version really bad
I would love to do this via feedback but Buffalo News app has no way to provide feedback prior to cancelling subscription. So here it goes new app is highlighting stories that happened over 60 days ago and it is hard to see the “latest news”. App always way very confusing but it is is worse now. Always relied on edition to see all the current news but it no longer works at all. Comeondo you all test at all? This has to be the single worse upgrade of my life.
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4 years ago, Gskmfk
It doesn’t work. Call center useless!
I’ve been a subscriber for 30 years, and I have the same problems as another reviewer. All I receive in the E Edition or BN Blitz when I click on a headline, is a photo and a black background with ads! It rarely worked in years previous, and now it is useless. I called and was told to delete and re-install Apps. I did. Nothing. I informed the operator that it still didn’t work. Operator then asked for my password, I reluctantly gave it to her. She then told me my login was fine. That I needed to change permissions to allow cookies on my I-Phone. I wasn’t sure where that was in my settings, but she was NO help. Said it must be “my phone”, and that she couldn’t spend anymore time helping me, as she had 33 people waiting in her queue! UNRESOLVED! It hasn’t worked properly since before the NFL draft. I am going to ask for a credit. New ownership; poor service and quality.
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1 year ago, Wood John
E-edition is much improved
The app interface os OK, not great. But the e-edition is now perfect! When they recently changed the format, it was extremely slow and unresponsive. But apparently they listened to their readers, because it very quickly improved and is now a pleasure to read the news on my iPad! Edit: changed to 2 stars. When the e-edition works, it’s ok but way too often it does not work. Tapping on an article does nothing. Repeated emails to support get no response. And yet the price keeps going up.
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4 years ago, chanceyb
Miss the e edition
This new version is a major step back! It looks like an app for a tv station, not a newspaper. We want to read the articles not look at the pictures. Stories from 60 days ago? We want current news, not from 2 months ago. Did you ask subscribers if they wanted changes? You boost prices, people move to the online version and then we are greeted by pictures. Do you think we are stupid? I would not give it one star but you can’t get it posted without giving it a star. Maybe you add this to the list of things to get fixed.
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3 years ago, BC Buz
Scrolling Never Stops
If you want to read the Buffalo News you better stick with the paper version. The digital version is the worst news source I have ever seen. You can be reading an article and all of a sudden for no reason the page will scroll somewhere else and you will be looking, “where’s my article?” You’ll never be able to finish reading an article on this app. You could read all day and you would never be able to read a full story, just when you get to the heart of a story it scrolls and you are lost again.
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12 months ago, Circus fan
Update - the app just reverted to the old version? I was actually liking the newer version, but now I have the old version again which is terrible and extremely slow. I can’t believe I still pay for this new subscription. I’m getting very frustrated with this app. Earlier in the week the E-edition started on page 2 - no front page. Then today (Sunday) there’s no paper, just the comics and parade magazine. What am I paying for if I can’t get a full paper everyday?
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5 months ago, bman22118
It seems when there’s an update on the app I can not get past the first page of the E-edition. I have to delete the app every single time and reinstall, then sign in to my account to be able to continue with the on line paper. I’ve tried to use “already subscriber” but it won’t allow me to sign in. This also happens on my iPad. Very annoying!!
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4 years ago, Dr..Mike
Bad app made terrible
The BN app was never very good but there were ways to manage around the deficiencies. This newest update makes this app worse and now total garbage. The fact that I subscribe to a daily newspaper but can’t access a daily edition of the paper is laughable. Apparently I can’t get a refund on my subscription fee already paid so I’ll be cancelling now and letting the rest of my subscription ride out. It’s a shame because the last thing a newspaper needs is a reason for anyone to cancel their subscription.
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4 years ago, bufnyrick
Huge step backwards
Welcome to Lee Enterprise! I had to live with this while in Davenport, now they have destroyed the BN app. While the old BN app had its issues, the user interface was very good. The right mix of latest news as well popular older content. Easy to quickly scan. None of that can be said about the Lee version. And no iPad version?? Really, in 2020?? Put some serious investment in your digital experience, beyond just a marketing platform. Design with the user in mind, not your advertisers.
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2 years ago, BillsBacker
Great Paper, worlds worst app
The Buffalo News mobile app for iPhones is simply unusable. Articles inexplicably go back to the top over and over again while scrolling. Video popups won’t close without 3 clicks. My only explanation is they are trying to artificially get more hits on their ads and popups per reader. Great sports writers and columnists, too bad it’s unreadable. Advertisers be aware, you are getting fleeced. Use the app before buying an add.
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2 years ago, living life better
Enjoyable if…….
I truly enjoy this App but I hat having to open the app 10+ times to read the stories. It keeps crashing as soon as I start to read a story. It’s really frustrating since I do pay to read this newspaper. Fix it please.
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4 years ago, subscriber 2373
Horrible App
Unstable app that crashes often. Doesn’t function properly with display set to Dark. It only shows the pictures and no text. Before I use app I have to change my display settings. I don’t have to do that for any of my other apps. That is extremely disappointing that a subscription service has such a poorly functioning app. The content is good but the app is unacceptable.
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6 years ago, Toch44
Garbage App
Good thing it’s free, well, free to download. Opening the app is always fun because sometimes it gets stuck on the main screen. When the app does open, you scroll down the screen and it reverses you back to the top of the page again. Photos are not formatted properly, so when you click on a picture the head is cut off, or the caption does not open. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
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4 years ago, bflolover
App doesn’t load content / constant errors
The app stopped working days ago. I cannot read any content. When it did work, the search feature brought iOS no articles from years ago before more current articles. All around disappointing - thinking of canceling my entire subscription to the News.
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4 years ago, YankeesBillsFan
Latest update/UI
I think the new app is ok - not great, but you can sort of find most stuff you’re looking for. Just not on par with the big guys. For those looking for more of a paper like experience, go to the website instead. More easier to navigate and flows more like a paper.
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4 years ago, JARPD
Yes I do use this app all the time. I use it mostly for the e edition. But the latest version does not do profile on my iPad, and the e-edition is broken. So for this version a single star, however, since I never submitted a review before, 4 stars for an overall review.
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2 years ago, Bobcandi
New update
Since the last update, my IPad no longer works to read the paper. It is an older 3rd Gen but has always worked when going through Safari. Now I have a boat anchor because I only used it to read the paper. I now have to wait for my wife to finish reading the paper on her newer IPad.
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4 years ago, Jill24601
I use the Buffalo News app to see headlines, and to read the obits (occupational hazard). The changes you’ve made to the app make both impossible. The obit listing is no longer by date, rather it’s just a mish mash of obits from the last week, and they’re often repeated. You can’t contact anyone to complain directly from the app. Please change it back.
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4 years ago, 619Peter
Bad Update
Since the update, the app doesn’t work when iPhone is in dark mode. Everything is dark and there is no text. App only works in non-dark mode on iPhone. And there is a ridiculous game advertisement that won’t go away when switching between screens. Why am I subjected to annoying game ads for a paid subscription? And why can’t I “x” out of the ad?
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4 years ago, DeborahScott@RealtyUSA
Terrible App
BN needs to hire some true professionals to start from scratch and build an app that is worth the cost. This one is terrible! Something as simple as providing more than one viewing mode has been taken away. E-Editions are non-existent. Join the current era, BN. Look at your reviews and be embarrassed at the lack of service to your customers. Can I give negative stars?
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7 months ago, Nex12444
Worst News app ever
The Buffalo News should be ashamed - the app is absolutely terrible, it logs out subscribers all the time, blocks articles for subscribers, these are people actually paying for mediocre news coverage and can’t even read it. The entire log-in/subscription needs to be redone.
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4 months ago, wozbrvsfan10
Notifications are…gone??
This app used to be great about giving you notifications, now they’re gone?? Even after you opt in for them? What happened?
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6 months ago, Buffalo subscriber
Terrible terrible terrible
App keeps telling to subscribe and I am already subscribed. This screen pops up over all the articles with no way to remove it. How am I supposed to read the E-edition in the app?? Maybe it’s time Buffalo just gave up on having a local paper if we can’t read it thru the app
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4 years ago, Beffalo Springer
Zero Stars
The latest update is a hot mess. Was expecting an improved user experience with new ownership but it has gotten much worse. Stories in the scroll are months old and now populated with liberal, anti-Trump screed from CNN and AP. The mobile app will now be deleted and if the content does not improve I will cancel my subscription. What a shame for news coverage in WNY.
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12 months ago, rmwhite
Not sure if there was a recent update but all of a sudden I’m logged out of the app everyday. Very annoying to login constantly. Need to fix the bug and/or adopt faceid to quick login
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4 years ago, Bon19041
Update to app
I don’t remember receiving any notice of this app change. It is awful. I’m paying for the newspaper. I want it to look like a newspaper. The articles are old. I want to read today’s news! Time for a complete cancelation of the subscription as I can get everything you are posting for free elsewhere and it’s current!
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2 years ago, Cheekguy14215
Is it possible to give a zero?
Once again, cannot open my e-edition. Have tried to be supportive of a local paper, but the app is one of the worse, if not the worse, I have ever encountered. Seriously considering saving my money on the local and going to one of the national papers.
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4 years ago, Smitch83
Terrible app
I’ve had this app for over 5 years and infant time the News has made no investment in this app or the rest of their digital platform. Links are constantly broken or are unavailable to click on within the articles themselves. It’s by far the worst news app I’ve ever used.
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4 years ago, GregC916
Great Content Lousy App
The writing and editing of The Buffalo News has maintained a standard of consistency and excellence for decades. It is why it is so disappointing that the app on the iPhone is so subpar. The app has continued to retain the air of an amateurish production. Wrong links and non-existent links consistently litter this app. Needs to allow dark display mode on iPhone. I don’t mind paying a subscription for excellent content, but a professional presentation isn’t asking too much as well.
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4 months ago, Mabel's Hiking Buddy
App continues to log me off
Every time I reopen app I have to log back in but it doesn’t recognize me. Keep getting trouble notice. The only thing that works is deleting and reloading. Frustrating
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4 years ago, metal989
Doesn’t Work, most likely abandoned
I am a subscriber and got the app to read the digital paper and check out a few articles. My issues are: - The main page doesn’t properly load and article text can’t be seen - The app isn’t optimized for larger size iPads - The digital newspaper has bugs and must be restarted to read and navigate I would not recommend this app until many of the issues are addressed. My impression is that development has been abandoned and the app isn’t compatible for the newer article formats.
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4 years ago, Clam gas
Cannot log in ever
I have tried so many times using this app,. It says my password is invalid, then I reset my password, which it accepts, and then when I go back to login with my new password it says my password is invalid, this has happened every month for years, the app is pretty much useless.
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4 years ago, RClay66
Horrible Update
The latest update is horrible. Where are the death notices? I can no longer easily see the latest local news and sports. Why are so many old articles being highlighted? Please go back to the old version. It wasn’t great but it worked.
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4 years ago, JohnJKelly
Where is the e-edition?
I used the Buffalo News app to read articles from the e-editing every day. Now I can’t access the e-edition at all. Most highlighted articles are weeks old. Terrible upgrade, were any actual users involved in testing this ‘upgrade’ before it was released?!
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4 years ago, Bianca JB
Recent Update is Horrible
Would like to give zero stars. The layout of this recent update is HORRIBLE. Articles on main page are months old. I’m unable to locate the digital version- please advise. Suggest you update again to another reader friendly version!
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1 year ago, Pablo14304
The app is terrible and you can read the newspaper without paying for it. I will be reading the Niagara gazette online and the USA today today online at least it you can pay for it on the app. You lost a customer
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8 months ago, hoytstreet
Try the e-edition!
Just like reading the paper version on my iPad.
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5 years ago, Kevin from Buffalo
E-edition iffy
Each morning I try to log onto the e-edition. Sometimes I get in. On weekends I have problems. It just won’t open. I suspect it can’t handle the traffic. Maybe if I waited until the afternoon, but I have better things to do then. Not getting what I’m paying for. Subscription won’t be renewed.
Show more
9 months ago, CHCash$
Poor at best
One of the worst news apps I’ve used. For the amount they charge for a subscription you’d think they could program an app. Hard to use, hard to search. Font is too small.
Show more
4 years ago, CaveStoryAwesomeness
Newest Update is Terrible
There’s no electronic edition and it’s confusing to navigate. I wonder if they didn’t have beta users prior to the update, and if they did, if it was the app developers themselves, instead of their target audience. I will probably cancel my subscription if this isn’t rectified soon.
Show more
4 years ago, Ardvark20
Latest update terrible
I opened app to read the digital edition and found it is no longer available on iPad. I got this Portrait only mode scrolling thing like Yahoo News which I can get free. No comics, no Ann Landers, no Paeoples Pharmacy or Letters. This thing stinks and I am canceling the Buffalo News. You need a negative star rating!
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4 years ago, mjstocks
Articles won’t open
App has not worked since upgrading to iOS 14. Get error “Your request cannot be processed at this time. No content available.” when tapping to open an article. Tried to uninstall and reinstall app, to no avail.
Show more
4 years ago, STPNAT
Very Poor
Stories in the app view are often old. Select Bills or Sabres and you get one story. Desktop looks much more like a proper news site. Agreed a complete non upgrade. The app has been changed not improved. How is this supposed to help a struggling paper?
Show more
3 years ago, feumaidh mi
Not working
I’ve had the app for a while. But recently you can see the mail page but if you click on a story it says request cannot be processed at this time no content available.
Show more
1 year ago, buckweat1521
Lousy website
The Buffalo news has been tanking for years. They’ve been pushing their app but at least 50% of the time it doesn’t function as it should
Show more
6 years ago, SYL2012
What happened to the menu
When you click on the menu nothing is there. Even though I’m subscriber & am logged in I get a message I only have 5 free articles left.
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