The Bulletin - Norwich, CT

4.5 (35)
188.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for The Bulletin - Norwich, CT

4.49 out of 5
35 Ratings
11 years ago, Deedeediane
We moved to Florida 10 years ago and I really enjoy keeping up with the news - good and bad - in Norwich...I can see more on the web site but having the app on my iPad is very good...keep up the good work...
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6 months ago, gatait
The new app version is lousy
Go back to the old version. The new version locks up frequently, is harder to view individual articles, and does not allow you to view a single complete page without scrolling through the page. Old version allowed yo to see a readable entire page at one time and then select a specific article for further analysis.
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10 years ago, Me0606
Content is not kept up to date. In a world where most news is accessible as it happens and is up to date the bulletin's online articles are not kept up to date. The articles are also not kept in order of when put up and have no rhyme or reason. No way to refresh the page or see slightly older articles.
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11 years ago, Tagorin
Waste of time
If you like news that's over 11 hours old then get this app. The news isn't updated and its a waste of time to download this app and think you will get any useful info from it. The paper is delivered before 6:00 am, surely the news in this app could be updated by them. If you must read the Bulletin then bookmark the full site on your phone or iPad, that's the only chance you will have of getting somewhat timely news.
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10 years ago, JASM74
More disappointed every day
First the news was old, then tons of ads, even when reading the obits. Now the breaking news section is full of articles from other sources, including heavy use of TV Guide. This app gets worse each time I open it. I keep hoping it will get better and have local, relevant breaking news. It's pretty sad when TV news stations in Hartford and New Haven have breaking news for Eastern CT long before the Bulletin.
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7 years ago, maggyjames
On top of things
I think this app is pretty good. I get breaking news notifications as things occur and every article is time stamped so I am aware of its origins. All in all pretty well satisfied with the app.
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11 years ago, The Gardenator
Not Bad
Moved to Florida April of 2013. Like to keep up with the CT news and most of what I read confirms how glad I am that I left CT. The Bulletin is not an outstanding newspaper but they do a good job with the resources they have. I wish there were more stories and updated more often but it's okay for my purposes.
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10 years ago, Jsad
Just one thing... Or two
Since last update, articles I have not read dim indicating I have and some I have read do not dim. Also, the articles are not in order anymore and where is the real news? I want local news not sports and entertainment news! Now there are pop-up ads!!
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10 years ago, YN3SSJCL
Good enough
Simple to use. Easy to read. Wish they would time/date stamp on the tittle screens so we could see how old the info was. Other than that it is very good.
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8 years ago, yooperinct
Better app then trying to mess with the day. Com website
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9 years ago, Suedotw
I wish I could get more actual news instead of local sports. I do get to see the obituaries and after living and working in the area, I like to keep up to date.
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12 years ago, Wesley Eaton
I enjoy the speed reading option in addition to a very nice app.
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13 years ago, redsoxfan1956
Works great for me
Glad to see the Norwich Bulletin did it right. At least for me, no problems with the app. Pleasantly surprised so far.
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10 years ago, Hollym78
Don't waste your time or memory...
Don't waste your time w this Worthless app. Subscribers are not able to login to view the electronic version of the paper. Skip this app and instead download The Day's app. Much better, especially if you are a Subscriber, as you are able to view the e-version of the paper. STEP UP YOUR GAME NORWICH BULLETIN!!!
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6 years ago, FWRogers
Good app
The App is user friendly allows you to read at your leisure use it everyday
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11 years ago, mkk in ct
Disappointed with pop-up ads
Up until a few weeks ago, I would've given 5 stars. The addition of the pop-up ad window with no way of closing it has become a nuisance.
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8 years ago, USN Retired
Great way to get local news!
Pop ups are timely and relevant.
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9 years ago, Fyrftr19
Good for local news, but...
Too often the links open a different article than the heading shows
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8 years ago, maprph
Much better than the Day
This & WTNH 8 are my go to apps for local news.
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10 years ago, dtruncer
This app just gets worse and worse. Don't bother. .....This app is very basic. I've seen and used other news apps that were much more user friendly. The addition of pop up ads really makes this app a 1 star product.
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7 years ago, GeezLouise860
News never easier
Love this app. I enjoy reading Norwich Bulletin stories. Never disappoints
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11 years ago, Bobbkln
Old stuff
They need to make a better effort at getting current news posted. Doesn't help that they stockpile local news and then release it a drop at a time. By the time it's published it 's old hat. Weekend postings are pathe
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11 years ago, Lindyf
Great app!
Love the convenience of reading today's updated stories!
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8 years ago, AlphaLimaHotel
Well organized
I found the app to be easy to navigate, and the various topics displayed cleanly. I only wish the comics were included in the download.
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6 years ago, StepAtATime2016
Very biased and slanted
Ok for some local news but sooooo biased against Republican anything. Don’t give the whole story or facts- just accentuating negatives against anything conservative, while painting rosy view of anything liberal or Democrat. Disappointing and unreliable!
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11 years ago, Heathe811981
Bring back the old version
I rarely use this version now. Stories I never read are shown read. They are old and aren't up to date. I'll stick to using wfsb until its fixed, they have alot newer stories.
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11 years ago, Someone who don't care
Not reliable
App is slower than ever and is constantly crashing. Plus the pop ups are worse each day. News stories are not updated but once in a while.
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11 years ago, Blackwellstout
The news is barely updated and it is constantly crashing. They have recently added pop ups. Very annoying.
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10 years ago, Jbholstrom
News is never updated. No breaking news
There's never new news for days. Not even breaking news. I mean I'd like this app to work like wfsb or any other news app.
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11 years ago, Lifehappensct
Stories I haven't read are shown that I have. Info seems to be old news at times. Obits are not new first thing in the morning when I need to review them. It is nice to have local news at my fingertips though.
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10 years ago, Mike Smith
Very good
Keeps me updated on all local events daily.
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10 years ago, NormaJean65
Just Fine
This app does what we need in NC. Thanks NB.
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11 years ago, Ex Ct'er
App. Help
Needs work since latest update. Put pics back with the obituaries!!!
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6 years ago, SaCobb
Max Cobb
Great app,always reliable. I read this everyday! Love it!
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10 years ago, Jberg235
I don't care for this app. A few ok features. All too often the titles do not have the correct stories attached to them. Kind of aggravating.
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10 years ago, Yankees51
When the app does open it's full of ads and articles about pop culture. No real news located in the app. Don't waste your time. Very disappointing.
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10 years ago, Ddefrph
Used to be good
When I first got the app, it was great. Then an update, and it was all fluff, no news, ads everywhere. Now it won't even open. I guess I'll be deleting it!
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11 years ago, Jlisee88
Local news coverage. Love it
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6 years ago, wil2018
Great App
Great app never any problems
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13 years ago, Zzzzzzxxxxxxxxrrthbvg
App does not work!!! Can't read the articles says there not available!! Needs an update then would work!! The Hartford current Works good.
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11 years ago, MamaBurke
Needs work
No way to look up an article that's 2 days old; not intuitive to use
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11 years ago, Billrsoxfan
Ads and old news
Pop up ads and old news are the norm for this
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12 years ago, x10rose725
More sections
Can we see more sections added? Police and fire?
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10 years ago, Jkon1970
Norwich bulletin app
It will not open always reads network error try again
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11 years ago, GBYME
I just downloaded newer version, EVERYTHING SO FAR HAS BEEN VERY GOOD TY!!🎈🎈👍
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12 years ago, TrishL63
Bulletin app
Yes, why can't u post the police fire and arrest reports?
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8 years ago, WarpDrive72
Great app!
Best app for news in CT!
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