The Centre Daily Times News

4.2 (484)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Centre Daily Times News

4.16 out of 5
484 Ratings
7 years ago, sgcav
Totally don’t like this App
My wife and I have been reading the electronic version for several years and like the format (paid subscription). We don’t like the new app at all and are considering canceling our subscription. Stop trying to be like USA Today. Please change back before it’s too late. The rating of 1 is as low as the review would allow. The math doesn’t work on your overall rating of 3.9.
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7 years ago, LTC CHRIS
Lousy. Does not load e-edition. Slower than old went from ok to nonfunctional.
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2 years ago, Business Travler
Stories close by themselves while scrolling & SLOW
You’ll be in the middle of scrolling to read a story, and without your thumb/finger anywhere near the screen the story will suddenly close. Open again, scroll down to where you left off reading, and it does it again. Don’t have this problem with any other news apps (6 or more). Also, opening splash screen is longer than any other app on my phone.
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1 year ago, rg5
Connection sporadic
Every few days the app just won’t open. Very frustrating. I tried to access using iPhone and iPad and no luck. When I finally can have app open I have no clue what made that happen. When it is usable I like the format.
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4 years ago, Serious Railroader
This app is really poor
I finally gave up on home delivery because it was so outrageously expensive at $1200+/year. I've been trying to use this app for a few days now. It constantly shifts from the text of an article to the picture/video at the top. It is extremely slow on my iPad. I don't understand why there has to be ads on a service I am paying for. Still looking for an alternative.
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5 years ago, State College resident
I want to support our local paper. I’d like to keep up with local news. But using this app is totally frustrating: it is not user friendly and it’s so filled with ads that it’s hard to read articles. I access other papers online and have no problem reading them. CDT, if you expect to grow readership you’ve got work to do.
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3 years ago, Not happy with pd
used to be great, now won’t load at all
Not sure how I’m supposed to read the paper online when the app crashes and won’t start up at all. Initially it was intermittent, then I could get it to work by closing other apps, and now it doesn’t work at all. It’s been going on way too long…
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5 years ago, Bjmcnitt
Can’t log in since update
Trying to read e edition since the update I can’t get pass the screen that says sign in here to read e edition. I have emailed twice, made a post on Facebook page, no response....I have tried on two iPads and one iPhone using links provided on your site, and your email...poor app, poor customer service...
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1 month ago, pennst8karen
Impossible to navigate
This app is really hard to navigate. We pay for an electronic subscription but it is so hard to find what we want using the app, we are about to cancel that subscription. Seriously— it’s even hard to find obituaries! Who on earth designed this app??
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3 years ago, debtrumusic
The feature photos are just links to ads. I have to reset the font size daily to read the page version even though I set it in preferences. Many articles are yesterday’s news from The NY Times, Spotlight PA, and others. The comics are low resolution..
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5 years ago, CDTISAJOKE
What a joke!
This is absolutely the worst app ever developed. You have to pay for stories that read like they’ve been written by 10 year olds. Nearly every electronic major newspaper offer an electronic edition FREE of charge. I refuse to pay for stories that repeat themselves in nearly every section of the newspaper. Wake up CDT and look at what your competition is doing!
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3 years ago, FlowerDogGarden
This latest version of the App crashes at least once a week and the paper is not accessible!!! Aargh!!!
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5 years ago, Jackel906
Old News
If I could figure out how, I would cancel my subscription. The only news is about football. Very little local news. No local sports, except football. Obituaries are current.
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2 years ago, tzt110
Works well
Nice features, works well!
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3 years ago, musicaljean
Disappointed in new update
I have been using the CDT app for one reason only - the obituaries. I do not subscribe to the newspaper. Since the new update to the app I can no longer find a way to access the obituaries.
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5 years ago, adboal
New app is worthless
New format of app is lousy. Don't razzle dazzle me with videos, needless ads, and feature articles. I just want to read the eedition without having to go through your website!
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4 years ago, peachtree43
Dark mode needed for articles
The dark mode is only for the main feed... not so useful
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3 years ago, lmnbvcfty
Impossible to open!
The app has become impossible! It crashes 9 out of 10 times I try to open on my iPad!
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5 years ago, can't believe CDT's stupidity
Worst app ever
You can expand it large enough to read it and move the page from top to bottom. Q 1/3 of the screen is wasted on an add. We pay for this service so get rid of the add.
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5 years ago, H/bears
It’s a great app. Very informative and keeps me update.
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4 years ago, roy999
At first glance New app seems terrible
Get the ad off the bottom it covers things. I’m thinking about canceling my subscription.
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5 years ago, RPDPSU
Terrible new app
Previously enjoyed reading CDTon iPad. Now it is almost impossible with the revised app. What idiot approved this change!
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12 years ago, Sweets803
Needs work!
This app works great when it wants to. It has some bugs that need worked out. I would probably normally give it 4 stars but its not functioning correctly at the moment. Currently it's still stuck on 2/22 when it is now 2/26, in spite of it claiming to be 'up to date' as of the current date and time when I pull down to refresh. I have emailed support three times and nothing has happened. I can't be the only one! They also need to work on the categories. Breaking news shouldn't be anything new published in a day. At different times of the day you can open the app and have to scroll through a dozen sports scores just to find the actual stuff most newspapers and news shows would call 'breaking news'. The local tab is often the same news stories as are under Breaking News. I have seen other state news or world news filed there! I have seen other mixups under other tabs, too that it would be nice to see fixed. If those issues were addressed, the app would be wonderful!
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11 years ago, Aeselh
All of a sudden after over a year of using this app, now I have to pay for access to articles. Almost all the major paper are free (NYT, Wash Post, etc) and I now have to pay for this dinky, poorly written paper... No thanks! Uninstalled and canceling subscription. You guys are pretty dumb of you think people are going to pay for this app!
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10 years ago, Ebw867
Solid frequently updated news source
A must for anyone in centre county or surroundings.
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10 years ago, Kayble4
Why have the app when you cannot read the articles????
This app is horrible. Requires you to pay for an account just to view/read the articles? Why not just charge for the stupid app to begin with? New York Times doesn't even charge !!!!
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7 years ago, BibLady
Awful - go back to the old version!
This is not an improvement. All of the information is scattered in a helter shelter manner. There is no way to contact CDT as before. Why are you trying to fix something that was not broken?
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11 years ago, prettymadaboutthis
So now it won't even let me read articles. It says I have to sign up for a digital subscription! You must think I'm pretty stupid, considering I can use my app for the Internet and read your articles for FREE!! Screw you guys, you're just getting greedy!
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10 years ago, Banjero
Now I must subscribe?
After having this app for quite some time, now I can't access articles without a subscription? I'll get my vague local news elsewhere, thanks cdt...
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11 years ago, Jheebner
You think I'm going to pay you for the privilege of reading your poorly written articles?? Was a good source to keep up with hometown news but not worth paying for. Lost a follower and I will be sure to tell everyone I know.
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11 years ago, Boom?!?!?!
Paying for this app
Haha they thought they could make me pay for it I just uninstall and reinstall it and I can read ugh articles for 2 weeks for free then I just do it again when they try to make me pay... SCREW YOU CDT!!!!
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9 years ago, Dleit17
Great app
Easy to use and I like the e-edition of the paper.
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12 years ago, 9ogo
Will not even open.
Says, "registration error," which is ironic since I have not seen any registration page. In fact only a Nittany Lion photo. Message tells me to disengage fr the app switcher whatever that means.
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10 years ago, Dovboy
Just awful
Horrible. From the amazingly irritating as, to the font, to the idiosyncratic sections, it's the worst looking news source I've ever seen, easily. Just awful.
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11 years ago, Outbreak69
It was free, but now you can't read a single article unless you pay. It's getting uninstalled as soon as I'm done writing this.
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11 years ago, 1-cavediver
A "free" app that doesn't allow you to read a article unless you purchase a digital subscription.
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7 years ago, Tomltd
New app
Poor. Deleted app from one device . Getting ready to delete from another.
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7 years ago, 8BigDawg
How does this app not have a search feature?
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9 years ago, ChanceVau
Worst News App
This gets worse with every update. 1. Doesn't seem to have a way for digital only subscribers to sign in. Can't get full article as a result. 2. Print edition is useless even on an iPad Air. 3. Not a real iPad version and it is useless on a iPhone.
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8 years ago, News junkie 21
Not very user friendly
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10 years ago, Paga2000
Doesn't work
You can't review what doesn't work.
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11 years ago, p mush
Forced sign in to pay for subscription - greed is right. Erased app from phone. DON'T RECOMMEND!
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7 years ago, Jerry942
Thumbs down
Major mistake in changing!!!
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10 years ago, Junks1234
Why do I have to subscribe?????
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