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User Reviews for The Charlotte Observer News

4.22 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Lgh98t
Good navigation. Useful variety of news content.
This is the easiest newspaper app to navigate that I have encountered. I especially appreciate the variety of options I have available to help me choose what I want to read—many ways to interface. Another plus is that not only is this a local paper, but also includes important state news, national news, and international news. I live in far western North Carolina, and this type of news, whether in print, online or broadcast simply isn’t available there. With this app, I can keep informed about my wider world, especially in regards to North Carolina’s state situations and politics. My only suggestion would be: make it possible to use the up & down arrows on my iPad’s Bluetooth keyboard in order to be able to scroll down the screen. Having to use the touch screen so often, as I do now, is hard on my arthritic thumbs.
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3 years ago, Myownnicknamethatnoonecanhave
Now crashes
The latest update is now crashing on my iPad. I’m going to reinstall it. My wife reinstalled it and it worked for two uses. The update to 9.1.1 fixed my issues. Lots of complaints about not finding formats users were familiar with; I had to try the new controls at bottom of the screen to find what I was looking for. I’m not sure the developers were using Agile management for this app. If so they didn’t get enough user input.
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3 years ago, Red socks the grey
Took away full paper read
The latest update took away the option to read the paper outside the app in the browser, which was the only way to actually see what would have been printed on Saturday. Now this awful app is forcing you to open the paper in app and is putting banner ads on top, shrinking further what you can see. This paper already has ads to the point of a 2 page spread giving you 1/4 page of actual news. Why must we have a stupid banner ad on top of the other ads, when I AM PAYING FOR THIS. I AM A PAID SUBSCRIBER. I support local news and have to argue bill cycle after cycle that it is worth the money, when it goes up and up. But I am losing my patience. I am close to killing this and sending the money to NPR. Fix the app or I am done.
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5 years ago, E-Worthy
Father new Eedition
Well; you guys have done it. Inthe words of Minnie Pearl, youve “fixed something that wasn’t betokened”. And in so doing, you have succeeded in removing me and mine from the Eedition readership. I happen to be computer savvy, but it now takes me longer to find today’s Edition than it does to read it. Gone are the days when I could take my IPad to the beach with me and have full assurance that I wouldn’t miss a thing from back home nor elsewhere. It was so simple to look over the previous two or so weeks. I’m sure this was a business decision. But, brothers you have certainly given your Eedition readers the “business”. Enjoy your money, McClatchy....and please think of me when you spend it. BillB Branner, Charlotte
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4 years ago, frustrated and irate customer
Charlotte Observer Poor Service
I have been a loyal subscriber of the Charlotte Observer for over 20 years. However I am now so frustrated with the observer that I am going to have to find another news source. I subscribe to the paper delivery and have tried to move to the online version but their app does not work with my iPad. The paper delivery of the news paper has been gradually diminishing week after week. Despite my constant complaining I am now only receiving the Sunday paper and have been forced to the online version for all the other days. The online version works on my iPhone but it is difficult to read the entire paper on my I either continue as is and go blind or I find another news source that is comparable with my iPad.
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3 years ago, stannc
Killed the app with a refresh
Their latest refresh of the app made it useless. Pages don’t load and when they do, the front pages of the app has stories that are months old. It’s like they forgot that the app exists. Update: clear browser cache, they said. Installed on a brand new iPhone, cleared the cache, and I got “error fetching feed”. Everything else on the internet works fine. As far as old articles, whatever is being used as a date index isn’t working. Some of the articles seem to be undated in the database, so they never age off. A clear sign of that is articles that say “0 months ago” in the caption. Phone models: iPhone XS with iOS 14.8, iPhone 13 with iOS 15.
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4 years ago, Kayaking gal
Unstable, hard to navigate, so frustrating....
I’ve been an Observer e-edition reader for years and no longer get the physical paper delivered because the former “Olive” software worked great. This new software is HORRIBLE. As a paying subscriber the sign in process is clumsy and doesn’t keep you signed in. There are frequent screen freezes. Printing the daily crosswords (you HAVE to print it to work the puzzle) is about a 6 step process. About half the time I can’t even get signed in and I cannot read the e-edition at all. I loathe reading the paper now because this software is a MISERABLE experience. Many of my neighbors are having similar experiences. I’m using a new iPad so it seem unlikely it’s a device/browser problem.
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2 years ago, JuggDj
Thank you! Update!
The new app looks incredible! The layout, the colors, excellent. Us old folks that have IPhone 8 running iOS 15.5 still can’t load the feed. But it’s all good! Thank You for all that you do! Thank you for the new update! Apple’s Private Relay(Beta)Fix! I appreciate you!!!
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3 years ago, uncertainage
2007 called — they want their app back
Absolutely mystified by this “update”! The best access to articles (and obits!) is the *e-edition* — AKA a big ol’ image file. 🤯 You can’t scroll the news; you must manually select sections (from a pretty limited set of options) to access that section’s articles. 😧 And search is… well, I don’t see search anywhere. 😲 This app is so alarmingly bad that I’m pretty sure it was developed by a committee of suits who are still figuring out email, talking about the interwebs, and insisting app customers want to read “the paper.” Upside: your fingers will get plenty of exercise pinching & expanding 89 pictures of a newspaper page. I keep thinking I’m missing something. Sadly, 99% sure I’m not. This is about frustrating you so badly you give up on that nasty old interweb & subscribe to the *real* paper. If you’ve ever wondered what gaslighting looks like when it’s done with an app, this is the download for you. Rest assured: you’re not the crazy one.
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5 years ago, JahWade
Replica Version Still Not Good
I still prefer to read the replica version. However I’m about done. The new app is horrible. The time it takes to focus the content is very distracting. The loss of the old app was unfortunate. The old app was much better in two ways...First the screen real estate for the actual content was significantly diminished. Second, the big ad border at the bottom of the screen eats up more screen real estate and is, at times, animated with rolling ads. The animation is very distracting. If I stop reading the replica I will likely cancel as news comes from everywhere nowadays. Thx....
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5 years ago, NCNana54321
Terrible update for e-edition replica paper
The e-edition replica paper update renders the replica paper almost unreadable. It is very small on the iPad screen and does not include the option of a single tap to make the print a little larger. The digest view with articles listed on the left doesn’t include the complete contents and leaves out the local obituaries and comics. This is already a weak paper that is down to the size of a large leaflet. After 35 years as subscribers we are discussing whether to cancel due to this user unfriendly update to the replica edition online which is what we like to read daily. What a sorry update to an already sorry paper. One star is too many.
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3 years ago, Charlotte Pelican
App Doesn’t Work
Recent upgrade was either slow to load are would crash constantly; rarely could work. Uninstalled and reinstalled and worked a bit better. But got notice today that I needed to download new version. Well…did but app only pulls up with message that says I need to download the new update. Uninstall and reinstalled again but no go. Can’t get screen to anything else but “upgrade screen”. As to new format, not really sure what all the blue icons that categorize the segments…looks like a 5th grader web design. The embedded ads also look cheap. Y’all can do better.
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2 years ago, death by papercut
Error fetching feeds
This is easily the worst app I have ever tried to use. Sure, it’s swell to get news notifications on my phone, but when I click them to read I get nothing but spinning. Home feed doesn’t work and never has. Have tried clearing cache, deleting the app and reinstalling, praying to the Spaghetti Monster…you name it. I just want to read the f’n news. I’m going to delete the app again and rely on WCNC notifications for local news, because this is pointless. Get a grip, Mcclatchy - when even the Gaston Gazette can put out a better app than you can, you’ve got issues!
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3 years ago, Pen Wine
Good content. Terrible App
Given the challenges of local journalism in the digital age, I really enjoy the content of the Observer and feel Charlotte is lucky to have it. But speaking of the digital age, the app itself is very poor. Half of the time it goes into an “infinite load”, just sitting there spinning. About one out of four times it hangs up. Notifications of new articles arrive before they are even loaded in the app. Beta versions of apps generally are better than the execution of this app. If McClatchy wants to survive in the digital age, it better deliver a better app. (Note: I am a paying subscriber.)
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4 years ago, fjihbfdcyh
Frustrating difficult app
Your "improvements" to your app now make it very difficult to get into the app (password required every time I want to read the paper) and once in, I can't click on an article and right scroll to the next article as I could do with your prior Olive software. Your improvement went backwards, making the paper harder to read and navigate. Even your review star system is backwards. I select one star, and it accepts the selection as five star! Selecting the star on the right side would normally be the starting place, the unit column, in case you forgot your elementary education.
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5 years ago, DVS8989
Lost the nice “replica” full page newspaper view
I used to enjoy the full page replica view. Now to try to duplicate that view, it forces the reader to safari, where the viewable area is limited by the browser at the top. Also, it no longer allows one to select a permanent full page view, rather you have to pinch each page after turning. That old feature was differentiated from competing papers, and was excellent. I guess those with a strong desire for local CLT news will make the switch, but for me there are other avenues to find this rather than continue to pay for the Observer on line.
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5 years ago, Tr1858
Newspaper replica is atrocious
Now that the newspaper replica is no longer available for the old eEdition app, we are required to use this app. This app works very poorly with the newspaper replica on a mobile device such as an iPad. If you hold the device horizontally, the entire left half of the screen is used to show targeted ads. If you hold the device vertically, the target ads cover the newspaper article text at the bottom of the screen. It seems that the primary reason for this new app is to promote targets ads. And why am I required to put up with all these targeted ads when I’m paying for my subscription.
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5 years ago, Gram4kids
Hate the changes
Really does not deserve a star at all 0 stars!!! Why did you change the delivery format. Much harder to read and navigate. Why can’t I get my paper in newspaper form today. It just goes to a blank page. This new format is so much worse than the previous one. I like to read a paper that looks like a paper and when I use that option it takes forever to show clear print when you turn the page. But today I can’t get the newspaper form at all. Please go back to the old form or improve this one so it is user friendly. Very disappointed.
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1 year ago, oldbro2
Notifications often go nowhere!
When a breaking news or time sensitive alert pops up on my iPhone, I’m often eager to read the content. Sometimes I’m just of luck. Please link to article referenced! Sometimes the content is visible off the top level page, and sometimes, well I am out of luck. Sad that the Observer is only a backup for local news instead of my first choice like back in the day. Small things matter.
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5 years ago, Cdl13
Electronic bust
There are 2 new versions on the Observer in this app and the electronic edition which takes you to a website providing a replica of the “print “ version is a very poor replacement for the old app. The print blurs every time an ad banner at the bottom changes which is frequently. You can’t easily print certain features as you could previously and it skips to a different page when you try to resize an article to read because it keeps blurring.
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2 years ago, aaronatl
Horrible Update
Update: Still the worst news app I have. I get popups with “breaking news,” click on the popup, and then it slowly loads the app homepage. Never goes to said article. Edit: Still one star. I reinstalled as requested, and it’s still horrible. I was also asked to contact them, which I did not do. Not sure how any outreach would fix a bad app. Pop ups do not open when tapped on. App freezes for no reason. I appreciate the need for updates, but this was not tested well before rollout.
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4 years ago, Billinalbemarle
One Star is One Star Too Many
This app for the respected and widely read “Charlotte Observer” is a disgrace to the newspaper. It is cumbersome, difficult to use, frustrating and reason enough to drop my subscription. From the other comments currently listed on this page, it seems that you have to go back over a year to find a positive evaluation. Since that time, every rating is similar to mine. Why are these problems not being addressed? My recommendation: Simply go back to the original Olive worked perfectly.
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5 years ago, dicussted
Mr unimpressed
For those who want to read a newspaper this is one bad app! It is frustrating to try to move through the sections as you get the same stories multiple times with no clear picture of where you are in the days edition. As for the comics you have to individually select the comic one wants to see and wait for it to load. This doesn’t even mention all the ads on every page that you have to put up with. Takes twice maybe three times as long to get through the reading process
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5 years ago, dougdawson
What happen to Olivesoftware app? Now I have to go to the observer to start eEditions requiring me to sign in. The navigation to sections of the paper are gone. Google ads take up a 1/3 of the left side and are the most obnoxious ads, nothing of interest to me. And actually if you touch one off we go to the ad itself and have to fight our way back to the paper. I will not be renewing my paper at the end of October. Done with this incompetent paper. I just wanted news and now I am fighting ads, signing in all the time and no navigations. What croc!
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3 years ago, Becca Reads
I’m delighted with navigation on this app as well as the content provided. I moved to Charlotte last month and subscribed to CO this past week. I’m pleased with the local, state, national and international news coverage that’s provided plus the extra sports coverage - NFL, college, PGA and more.
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3 years ago, Obadiah Jones
Not Working
I am having issues with the “new, easier” Observer app. It used to be a breeze to print my puzzles, etc. but not now. Oftentimes the app doesn’t stay up when I touch it on my iPad. It disappears. I have to use Safari or Google to try to access/print puzzles and even then the whole game(s) does not entirely print. Very frustrating!
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6 years ago, Bogeyfreenc424
Maybe it’s Just Me
I actually loved the first version and it was just simple to read like the paper itself. Then I changed iPads and had to upgrade. If I wanted to read yesterday’s news I would read that paper again. I guess it’s the settings but it’s not fun anymore to read and I get frustrated and shut it down. Can’t make everyone happy I guess but it’s nice to have the app version.
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7 years ago, JSB_CPA
Got rid of newspaper replica and now can't get info
I subscribed to the newspaper to see the version as issued. That works beautifully. However every few months, it requires me to login and will not take my documented credentials and the “contact us” doesn’t go anywhere. The forget password option never sends me an email. It is very inconvenient to manage the call in password reset.
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5 years ago, Rodney Edwards
Password problems
Every time I open the app it ask for me to enter my password. I enter my password and it says “ email- password combination not valid” Every thought the combination is correct, the app requires me to enter a new password .I’m so frustrated with this app
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4 years ago, Charlotte news junkie
Hard to find stories that you know exist
Stories on the main website and in the printed paper don’t show up on the mobile version. Eg The news obit on Polly Paddock. Just one example among many. Is someone not tagging stories correctly? Or is someone curating (not especially well) what shows up on the app?
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5 years ago, TommyTempo
New version (late ‘19)
The “new” Version of this app, that came out late ‘19, is terrible. It works slow and stutters when advancing to the next “print replica” page. And same thing applies to maneuvering around on a single page. This problem is present on both my iPad and my MacBook Air and is not a problem with my home WiFi, because it behaves the same when I log onto any WiFi, anywhere. The old version wasn’t great, but it surpassed what I am getting out of the new one.
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2 years ago, Papaboohboohbabypoohpooh
Badly needs updating
The app is pretty clunky. Is seems like anytime I click a link in any article to read another article that it is referring to I am always asked to sign up for a subscription or continue to log in. The thing is that I am already a paid subscriber and obviously logged in. Also they repeat the same article over and over to inflate the appearance of their reporting. Come on gang, get it together.
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3 years ago, 51FCC
Version 9.0 is a fail
New app crashes every time I try to open it, even after multiple deletes and reinstalls. Worse than worthless. After posting the review above, I installed Version 9.1.1 as instructed by the developer. The app worked twice, but now crashes every time I try to open it. If you want news from Charlotte on your IPad, find another app. I will probably cancel my subscription.
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5 years ago, 7576happy
Old version was better
If you like to read a newspaper this new version is not for you. It is not user friendly. I read it on my iPad and like to read it as a newspaper. It is fuzzy and takes time to focus. It is not enjoyable to read. If you want quick news you can get it on tv or other apps the newspaper is not the place. I always look forward to reading the Observer and the new changes has taken that away.
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5 years ago, ncstreetphotographer
Anything less than one star.
When we first started using this app at least two years ago it worked. Now I can tap on it and I get a blank page. Now two of us read this on our iPad at breakfast. Lately my wife can get the paper while I get a blank page. Last week it was my paper that came in but my wife received a blank page. We read the Washington Post and NY Times, they always work, but not the Observer.
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5 years ago, Glad to use it!
New version downloaded today
I hate to say this but this new version is not user friendly or intuitive. The old version was much easier to use and was just like having the hard copy in your hand and made it very easy to print or email an article. If your intent with this update is to move people back to the hard copy it will only serve to make people simply cancel their subscription all together!
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3 years ago, zswdz
Poor upgrade notice.
Tried to open app and a notice appeared indicating there was an updated version. Clicked on the upgrade button and was taken to a page where the Island Packet of Hilton Head could be downloaded. No new app for the Charlotte Observer in app store. No way at this point to open the Charlotte Observer app or to upgrade the app. Don’t you developers test these changes before they go live?
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6 years ago, Mert_63
It's okay
For what it is, the content is great, the news stories are really good as well. But the intrusive ads near the bottom of the screen really degrade the app and what it could be. I know most apps have ads now a days, but maybe there is another way to implement them without ruining the experience..... Three Stars 🌟🌟🌟
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5 years ago, Rickelbob
Horrible Update
Not much more to say that hasn’t already been said. The old eEdition was very user-friendly. The new version is almost unusable. Waited over 30 seconds this morning on a fast connection just to get an in focus page. Can’t zoom easily. The pages are off center. If this isn’t fixed soon we’ll delete this app and cancel our subscription. As is it is frustrating and awful.
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3 years ago, UCCWizard
Poor changes to app
We hate the permanent advertising ribbon at the bottom of the screen. We hate the pop up which increases the size of the article by barely touching it. We hate the page down then page to right to move from page to page. We used to love the PDF equivalent. Be nice to add some setting options to turn some of this stuff off. You really messed up the old excellent app.
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3 years ago, phprof
Crashes every 2 days
The new apps home feed is inefficiently laid out compared to the old edition, but the eedition layout is much improved. Signing in as a subscribed is buried under contacting customer service. Biggest issue… it crashes about every 2 days and only uninstall/reinstall ‘fixes’ the problem.
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5 years ago, Slaven, J
Replica Version is Awful, if you can even find it
This new app is awful, can’t find anything without digging. And I can’t get the replica version to load most of the time. If I am lucky enough to to find and load it, the content gets very blurry when you click on it and takes a long time to focus. THIS IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT! Please go back to the previous replica version which at least worked!!
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3 years ago, wardenerd
Stupid app stupid delivery
Did not receive my paper today 7/4. Tried to use contact links in APP. None are working. I am logged in but it keeps making me religion. I wanted my paper delivered not the account credit but the box to choose that option is the only option allowed. The app is cumbersome and pretty much useless. It is a holiday today but APP doesn’t know that
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5 years ago, vdvmd
Poorly done
The prior version (olivesoft) worked well. In the current version the print is so blurry that unless you are willing to watch a 20 sec add, you can not open a story . I do not get the print version because the price for such a left slant on all news is so dense that i would only read the sports section anyway. The only thing “big “ about the articles is the picture of the writer.
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5 years ago, michaelin man
Inconceivably Bad
Most newspaper apps do a good job of capturing the newspaper reading experience. This app does not. Worst feature is the relentless blending of old and new stories in every Section, as well as in Top Stories. Typically, the top five stories of any section will consist of one from four days ago (!!), one from two days ago, two from yesterday and one from an hour ago. And this is not explained by story importance. Just a sloppy and lazy app.
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3 years ago, donmiguel1957
Keeps Crashing
I’ve been using the latest version of the ap. During the past week, the ap crashes when opening up. I’ve tried over and over to open ( as I am a digital subscriber) and it still crashes. As a result, I’m not reading the news and are using another website until this is fixed
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5 years ago, bkbenson
This version so much worse than last
The CLT Observer app keep getting worse. I like to download the paper to read on my frequent flights. With the latest, I can even open the downloaded version without a WiFi connection. I also can’t zoom in on an article. The last version had some issues, but much preferred it over this one. Please bring that one back!
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5 years ago, sschwarznyc
E-edition full of glitches/won’t load properly
This new e-edition link does not function properly. Initially, the pages had trouble focusing and the page would freeze when you zoomed in. Now, the pages won’t load at all and a blank screen comes up. Occasionally the front page will load, but when you try to turn the page it goes blank. Terrible.
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4 years ago, BearDogk9
I can’t read the paper anymore. When I open the app two panes come up and I can’t close either one. Im Forced to read the articles that show to the left and can’t read the paper as if I were holding it. I am very tech savvy and this has me screaming at the screen. God help my husband . He just quit trying and goes to Facebook for news. We will cancel after this renewal ends.
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5 years ago, Likes to read content
El crappo
Second Third and Fourth previous comments on recent sucko upgrade. E-edition moves to a browser and is slow to load, appears to load each page as your turn the page and often hangs up and gives an error message. If you don’t fix this soon you will start losing your online customers business because it is unusable.
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