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User Reviews for The Daily Beast App

4.81 out of 5
5.2K Ratings
12 months ago, Cooper McKay
I Read Everything
I can get my hands (iPad) on, from the sublime to the outer limits of ridiculous. That means I spend a lot on subscriptions, tho I (my wife) set limits, therefore I am forced to choose (cue sounds of quiet sobbing). The BEAST is near the tippy top of my list of favorites. One of the first I scan in the morning, then fill my time with during my very barely busy day. Oh, and just so you don’t get the wrong idea, I play lots of tennis too. What a lucky bastard I am! Please keep up the good work with your very gifted writers. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Hall family CLT
Just became a member
Have enjoyed The Beast for a long time but the dynamic duo of Jong and Wilson made me want to read and hear more and (most of all) support all The Beast stands for. The fact that Molly and Rick (who would have been oil and water in the past) mix so well to make the perfect cocktail antidote to the times we are working through gives me strength and hope and (just as important) makes me laugh when there is so little of that about. Keep up the fight—it ain’t over yet!
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8 months ago, meltmade
It's alright
I mostly like it. I'm a subscriber, but sometimes the app won't show me a story and have to go read it on the web anyway. In the story's place is a form to sign up for email newsletters. It doesn't make any difference if I sign up for the newsletter or not, it just doesn't show the story. It's kind of pointless. Now that I'm here complaining about stuff, also I really don't like that I can't use my password manager to log in. They have some kind of weird form controls that aren't really username/password text boxes in the normal sense. They can't be auto filled and must always be pasted into.
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4 years ago, Tom Swift
Great journalism- terrible App organization
I am a subscriber; an “Insider”. There must be a better way to organize the stories on this App. Just today (15. Nov. 2020) I’m trying to find the podcast featuring Marsha Gessen for members only. Impossible for me to find it scrolling around endlessly. Finally found it, but it’s locked! Oh, must have be accidentally logged out. I again scroll around endlessly until I finally find the login page within the “Subscribe Now” page. Log in, try to go to the Gessen podcast page, F**K. Can’t find it again? Please. - Please do a nice redo of the Beast app. I also subscribe to the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal. Sorry, but the organization of their apps are light years better!
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2 years ago, Billious One
Daily Beast is my default news read every day.
Between the Los Angeles times, New York Times, Washington Post, Yahoo! News, Apple news, etc., I select my DailyBeast app first every time I open my phone to read about the day’s events, the latest political apocalypse, movies, hot new TV streaming shows, etc. I even pay attention to their ad-sponsored stories. The only problem with my DailyBeast app? It’s addictive.
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3 years ago, Astormflocetc
OBNOXIOUS ads and glitches
I like their reporting and they had a good deal for an annual subscription, so I doled out the $35… But when I pay for news I don’t expect to be bombarded with advertisements and glitchy apps. Frequently when I open the app all of the frames where there would be news stories are occupied by obnoxious repeated advertisements for the same product (likely a high-end source of revenue for the beast). After struggling to get the app to finally show the actual news, often times news stories will open to broken links. I shouldn’t have to struggle this much for something that I’m paying for. I think I’m gonna ask for my money back.
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1 year ago, AirstreamMoho
Dark Mode anyone?
I keep checking Settings to see if/when Daily Beast might possibly offer Dark Mode. Realize there are those who don’t care for or even want a Dark Mode, I love it for two reasons. Lower battery usage while viewing Daily Beast, and much, much easier for my eyes. Practically any App I have on my device that offers dark mode, I’ve chosen that selection
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4 years ago, Shednoaf
I love DailyBeast!!!
DailyBeast is simply the best news outlet there in this country at this critical time in our country. I learn so much from DailyBeast that I could not have found from any other source. I absolutely love DailyBeast, and the best part of all is that I can count on DailyBeast for the truth all the time. Thanks to all the hard working reporters there for their diligent and valuable work. Sincerely, Grady Ned Shoaf
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3 years ago, Katzenboots
You will never be able to contact customer service
I read the DailyBeast only through my browser. I already rage quit once last year, but I downloaded it again and have had the same problem. I cannot access my account password page to change my password. The app keeps telling me I need to reset my password because it is expired. They send me emails that sends me to a page with FAQs. I have not been able to change my password and this app is useless to me. If I get on the app to read anything, there is a big subscription, login banner at the top that I cannot get rid of.
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4 years ago, Kakaboi Prez
I read The Daily Beast as one of many national news sources for current events. Their staff does careful diligence when reporting on news of the moment, constructs concise narratives that inform and on occasion entertain without sacrificing accuracy. I am a Beast Insider (subscriber) to support online news vehicles. The New Abnormal podcast, hosted by Molly Jong Fast and Rick Wilson is an additional draw, I recommend giving a listen! - c
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12 months ago, JackieBlueluck
Why is this app so highly rated?
For a change of scenery, I surrendered a cherry, $3/mo subscription to Washington Post and forked over a year's subscription to Daily Beast. At MINIMUM, the ads should have been removed. Where photos relating to the articles should be, there are ads instead – like 3 or 4 ads per page. The photos related to the articles are small, and it is not possible to enlarge them. There are no "account" features that I consider pretty basic, like the ability to save articles, comment on articles, set up notifications, etc. Also, there is no way to search for articles or subjects. What I am paying for should have been completely free. At LEAST remove the ads.
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5 months ago, MsValLondoner1968
The latest news
I love The Daily Beast because it’s got the latest news with intelligent commentary and I appreciate its type of content, which takes a dim view of Trumpian antics. But the Beast covers news of all sorts and is not limited to that and they do it well.
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1 year ago, Bunyflufy
I used to use this App daily, no more
I actually downloaded an app that let me see exactly what app’s completely disregard privacy requests on my iPhone and this app was the #1 offender and sold or shared my data repeatedly even when I specified not to by engaging with their less than premium ad content. I literally said no personalization with the Google ad. And the very next ad the setting was on and of course the garbage ad followed. So, bye Beast, I love your content. I pay you and you still abuse my good will. I will be canceling.
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4 years ago, ilovetulsa
Not Filled With Hubris
Good solid reporting, not full of flowery words. The main reason I bought a subscription is that I can adjust the font size. Easy on these old eyes. Why can’t every news app do this?
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2 months ago, The wolf 18
Got app because…
… the Beast Website doesn’t play well with iOS browsers. It was always resetting mid read, or bouncing around as new ads were loaded. And yes, I am a paid subscriber. That said, the app is hard for me to navigate being so used to website. I do like the feature the “checks” read stories.
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2 months ago, ElainePeake247
Outstanding go to publication! The Daily Beast!
The Daily Beast values an inclusive culture, committed to the public good. A core part of their mission is to confront bullies, bigots and hypocrites. They believe that skepticism is a virtue and cynicism is a vice. Above all, their goal is to tell the truth — and, with Ben Sherwood now helming the ship 🚢 readers are in great hands! Bravo!
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5 years ago, mrsasia
Subscription signup page “Unsecure”, some links don’t work
I got this so I could read Betsey Woodruff Swan and other great political investigative journalists. Paid for $1/mo/30 days. But cannot manage topics due to unlinked links today. If you fix this, I’ll renew & update review. So far, not as much fun as I thought w cheat sheets, etc. due to links!
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4 years ago, Jimmy2869
Through It All
Muddling through a pandemic and a surreal presidency, the one thing solid and dependable is The Daily Beast. The level headed, progressive perspective makes the news bearable and provides hope. Through all of this nightmare, I treasure The Beast.
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4 years ago, Scotwa
Infuriating app I regret getting
Aside from every third piece being a bizarre profile of a random bartender as if he was some kind of celebrity, or a review of some cocktail recipe or liquor label, most of the good content is "inside" and requires an additional subscription charge. Worse, the app has SO many (and such obnoxious) ads and pop-ups that the app crashes my phone nearly every time. The app also wont run if you have pop-up blockers running.
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4 years ago, Greg in Myrtle Beach
Terrific Stuff
I thoroughly enjoy reading most of your articles. Especially now with the election 2 months away. Keep them coming! Looking forward to celebrating VT Day!
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3 years ago, L1351
Needs a search function
The app is very nice but needs a search function. I frequently find articles on the website (on iPhone) but can’t find them in the app
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3 years ago, manster07
Great news
Enjoy the point of view! News that keep Trumpian Zealots honest. Keep digging for truth and not give in to fantastic lying! Where is the America I once knew? The cockroaches are coming out of the woods!
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5 years ago, bugagagashenki1990
More better than web version.
for me it is much more convenient to read content from the application than from the site.
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2 years ago, Arthousemuse
Reality will win!
I’m proud of this fine resource and share the articles often.
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3 months ago, suneaterb
V9.0.0 update broken
V9.0.0 did nothing but crash after the update. Had to fully remove and reinstall to get it working again — at least it worked until the iOS 17.4.1 update then it crashed and wouldn’t open again. Did another full remove and reinstall to get it the app to run again. When is 9.0.1 coming out?
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3 years ago, elly b444
Enjoying the subscription... mostly
The articles are good and most of them very thorough. I’m not a fan of the tabloid style headlines and layout though. Too foxy for my taste! I also don’t feel the “insider” subscription is worth it.
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1 year ago, Excellent714
I have repeatedly contacted their support because they took my $35 and they won’t let me on the website to download the app again it doesn’t work it doesn’t work just doesn’t work there thieves These thieves, thieves, thieves, thieves Do not give these people any money They’re thieves I’m not sure the Better Business Bureau and then to Apple I guess
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4 years ago, Poop brethren
Stories could be shorter
I love your reporting, but I keep thinking that you use 5 words instead of 1. Please learn to say the same thing with more concise words,
Show more
5 years ago, purienne
No problems so far
App runs smoothly and delivers the great journalism they are known for!! No problems with bad connectivity either.
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2 years ago, Prejteach2
Lena Dunham
That article was so disgusting. Once again we go after people who want to help and get attacked.
Show more
2 years ago, Sholderissues
Good Opinion Site
Besides Matt Lewis the site is great, LOL! The red tag lines are a bit annoying, you get stuck on their intention and relevance before clicking. Nice variety of stories and odd news.
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3 months ago, Elibu8
App Crashes
For the last five days or so, the app has started crashing and then will not reopen. If I delete the app and download it again, it will work for short periods of time, but then will crash again. Delete and redownload seems to be the only fix and that’s temporary.
Show more
2 months ago, HMorefield
Logging in, and logging in
I’ve been a subscriber (2nd time) for 45-60 days and I’ve had to log in many times. Why can’t it save my credentials? Also really annoying that when I click on a link to a DB article in Threads I have to log in to read it, but that might be Threads’ problem.
Show more
12 months ago, johnfharrisjr
Strange name; great coverage
Reportage is in a natural voice, as people talk. Irreverent. Some good scoops, as well, credited on other service. Thanks, Delta Bravo. And that’s the way it is…
Show more
5 years ago, MRTeach1010
Love the content but
Dear god the ads! I’m a paid subscriber and I enjoy listening to music while reading and your ads consistently take over my device while scrolling an article. It’s frustrating
Show more
1 year ago, BertieYoo23
Love the content but the ads are too much!
Every scroll is met with an accidental click on an ad! I can’t scroll without playing hopscotch over the ads. The advertisers are likely seeing an incredibly high CTR as a result but there’s no question these are accidental engagements. Very frustrating experience!
Show more
3 months ago, knicjake
It used to be great
My app just started to act up a couple days ago, crashing and stuff. Can't even open it up at this point. Hopefully they fix it, there's no point in having it like this.
Show more
1 year ago, SphinxGuya
Every day
Wouldn’t be a complete day without at least a portion of the Beast…
Show more
3 years ago, Joel Jenny
It is so hard to figure I out how t LISTEN to.
I love the new abnormal and want to listen to the bonus issues. I can always READ it but the site is difficult for me to figure out how to listen. I’m going to stop paying for the bonus issues it frustrates me too much.
Show more
5 years ago, sgibson5150
Ads with sub?
Reporting is top notch, app seems fine, but am I supposed to be seeing advertisements when I’m logged in and I have a subscription?
Show more
3 years ago, Dr.dore
Not a news junky
But these reporters and writers are quite talented. Thanks to them for all of their hard work. I’m very happy to be a subscriber.
Show more
3 years ago, enjoybikes
Harder to log into than my bank
Joined Beast Inside, but hard to use on the app, which constantly tries to resell beast inside. Log into the app, takes you out of the app to your email to a login link, back to the app where it doesn’t recognize me. My bank is easier to log into.
Show more
4 years ago, this us nuts all names taken‼️
76 yr old female • no party affiliation •from the south
The Beast Inside is the only digital subscription for which I have paid. Keep Going!
Show more
3 years ago, ollie.otis
Pay for advertising?
I subscribed thinking this news group would provide interesting and useful content. Nope. Disappointing. And then, they have ‘stories’ that are just stupid ads. What a total waste of everything.
Show more
3 years ago, Keepiru
No Search Function?
It seems there’s no search function, which really lowers the usefulness.
Show more
4 years ago, anon5591
New Layout - not great
I don’t care for the new layout. I liked the Cheat Sheet having the column of headlines on the left and articles on the right. Same for the home page - though the layout there is a little better than the cheat sheet.
Show more
4 years ago, j-caddell
Fixed article sidebar
There is no option to hide the sidebar that has the list of article in it. As a result, you can not read articles in fullscreen. Nearly half of the screen is devoted to this sidebar. It’s extremely obnoxious.
Show more
4 years ago, Apple IOS User (Verified)
Login button doesn’t work
Bought a one year subscription and I think they are trying to drive business away. The account login button doesn’t work on the iPad app. Nor does the login button work on the Safari or Firefox iOS apps for the iPad.
Show more
3 years ago, Generaljen
Distracting ads
The app is COVERED in those animated ads for casinos and credit score offerings. It is so distracting that is almost impossible to use. I read it through my browser now.
Show more
4 years ago, FmrPio
Search Function
Why doesn’t this app have a search function? I like reading Rick’s & Molly’s columns but they are hard to find. Seems like a simple fix since DB charges for subscriptions. I’m thinking about canceling since the app and website lack a search capability.
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