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User Reviews for The Daily Caller

4.5 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Mexzaefhu
Great alternative to lying mainstream news
Considering we are constantly fed information from our mainstream media that is biased, erroneous, and self-serving, thank God we have an option to read a site that reports the info, then lets the reader do their own thinking. My main issue? The attractive banners and notifications that pop up on my phone, when clicked, never seem to take me to the accompanying article they’re promoting. Instead, it dumps me onto a generic home page. As a result, i don’t click on the stories anymore and am forced to get my news elsewhere
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5 years ago, damonty862
It was great until...
The news items are great and not just a reiteration of the same contrite storyline. If I could rate them outside of the app I would give them 5 stars. However, over the past couple of months I had to report glitches through the online email address because I couldn’t find a way through the app. First, the search function wasn’t functioning. It would time out. Then state File Unable To Load. Server Error. I never received an automatic reply email. I suppose they received many emails because the problem was resolved. Second, is the same complaint as many others have written about. You get a couple of sentences and it says Read More. You tap on it and it brings you to another page with the exact same thing. Lastly, I’m don’t like all of the advertising either as so many others have written in their reviews. I noticed that the ads became very intrusive once The Daily Caller News Foundation began to a subscription based service. I feel like it’s a punishment to those of us who have been reading their articles since Tucker Carlson days and helped make them popular. I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription. I understand that they need to make money but the amount of ads are obnoxious. It’s for all of these reasons why I gave the app a one star rating.
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5 years ago, Bobnardo
New pop up ads and “fee-to-read” articles wreck the app
UPDATE: I have deleted the Daily Caller app. Although the information on it is very good, my complaints below continue, and I have another complaint large enough to delete the app. For the past months Daily Caller has had certain articles, many per day, that you are unallowed to read unless you pay them a hefty monthly fee. If Daily Caller truly wanted the dissemination of this very important information one would not force someone to pay for it. Also, there is no ability before clicking on an article to know if it is one you have to watch an ad to read, or if you cannot read the article at all due to it being only for pay members. Some of these “pay articles“ have seemed important to disseminate to all without having to pay for them. I would suggest deleting this pay-to-read app and get the “BreitHedge” or the “Report” app instead. You get more information without the ads or the “pay-to-read” crap. UPDATE END This app has been a spectacular source for conservative-leaning articles and continues to be through today. Unfortunately they have decided to insert pop-up ads about 75% of the time when clicking on a link to an article. They are the kind of ads you have to wait a few seconds before you are able to X off the ad. Having to deal with this hassle 3 out of four clicks kind of wrecks the app for me. I would love to rate this app 5 stars, but the new ads bump it down to 2...
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5 months ago, K 007
Messed Up!
I love the content, but the app is completely screwed up. Just very buggy. The back button will not work most of the time. There are ultra annoying, pop-up videos, which are very loud. They override the Apple settings that stop sound from playing automatically. This is a huge problem if you are looking at the app late at night or in a setting where sound may disturb other people. FIX YOUR PROGRAMMING AND STOP THESE ANNOYING ADS FROM PLAYING THIS ULTRA LOUD SOUND AUTOMATICALLY!! I might actually want to see the ads, but I never get to do so, because I have to shut them down so quickly. You and your advertisers are defeating yourselves with your shifty tactics. Use a little common sense! UPDATE (Jan 26, 2024): Still no response from the developer, and still no fix for their buggy app or the pop-ups. It is a shame that they have ruined their app, but it is a nonsensical business strategy that they have alienated customers from their advertisers. DELETING!
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2 years ago, NYC-JD
I like to keep up with real not fake news and don’t think my day is complete without Tucker Carlson’s take - that’s not narrative but truth backed up with proof and very thoughtful presentation. Thank you for this new way of keeping current with lots that fake news doesn’t disclose or doesn’t know or seeks to hide. This app is so much easier and with far less extra stuff to wade through than formerly was required to get through. It’s a great time saver that keeps us current. THANK YOU!
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3 years ago, Fidgit33
Used to five stars but I see what’s happing here.
I used to be a big fan of the daily caller but I’m seeing what happens at Fox news starting to happen here. It used to be a fair and balanced news outlet but I can see the narrative they are starting to push. I just can’t in good conscious give us a five star rating anymore. I’ve had your app on my phone for Years. I would read your scroll every morning in the past three or four months I don’t even open it anymore. I just hope if I delete it I don’t get updates like Fox News as well. I can’t for the life of me to stop the notifications from fox even though I don’t have it. Please don’t send me notifications. Good luck but I see this heading away of the drudge report at the bottom of the ocean.
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6 years ago, Friscobill
It was frustrating but now a very good read
For a long time I went to The Daily Caller for objective reporting. However, for some reason the app simply failed to work most of the time. Headlines appeared but the stories didn’t follow. I begged “Please get it fixed” UPDATE Well, someone was paying attention and made the necessary fixes and improvements. A nice piece of work. Thank you. I enjoy my DC news now. Best wishes to all.
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6 years ago, PlanoJoe
Finally got it right
I’ve been a big fan of The Daily Caller for years. Until this recent update I have struggled using the app for a variety of user-unfriendly reasons. Often I would be frustrated and forced to close the app and go to the website to finish reading a story. Other times I would just close and go to another of my favorite news apps. I don’t know if you changed app developers or looked at it from a user experience perspective but it’s better and I’m glad.
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5 years ago, Txgunguy
The app that seldom works
The Daily caller corrected most of the problems in their ap & it worked great for a while, now they’ve screwed it up again. Video content has no sound & the popup ads are so frequent & obtrusive that it makes the user experience terrible. I just deleted it again & have decided that I’m done with The Daily Caller. I love the content, HATE the app, it closes by itself, 80% of the time it won’t render the content at all & when it does it’s not formatted properly to view on my iPhone; if I were looking for an example of how NOT to create an app, this would be exhibit #1!
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5 years ago, OZ a13Banger
But report: Broken Buttons & Contact form
First bug: Any article that presents a “read more” button is broken. Once read more is tapped, the page refreshes but no new content is displayed. It merely refreshes the current page and presents the read more button again, an infinite loop. Second Bug: Once the contact form within the app is filled out and the submit button is pressed, it fails and presents a dialog box that says,”the resource could not be loaded because the app transport security policy requires the use of a secure connection”
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6 years ago, Vani415
Solid app with interesting articles
I like the Daily Caller a lot. I only have two news oriented apps on my phone and the Daily Caller is one of them. There are so many supposedly “news” outlets these days that gather articles that aim to trigger or just get clicks. The Daily Caller focuses on interesting, informative articles and the overall feel of the app is informative.
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5 years ago, qwe098poi123lkj-/:mnb.,?ghf
Great content - poor adventure
I fully understand the need for ads. That being said, the new ads are ridiculous. I READ the daily caller articles. To have video with loud audio ads makes it impossible for me to use this ap (I.e. read the articles) in public or at work. Please change the new advertising platforms. The content is great and I love reading the stories. But I cannot do so if the current advertising platform stays in place.
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6 years ago, Ejaazi
Middle Ground.....
Not a fan of the right nor the left, but this app seems to have a good balance of both. Articles that are pro-right are not bad but just have a different perspective. But there are other articles that are not really slanted either way. The UI of the DC is one of the best so far plus it is smooth and easy to use. Nice job.
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3 years ago, Bubba mom
No response
While I love to read the articles on this app I don’t always have time and want to save it for when I can. However when I go to the flagged articles the app ALWAYS crashes. I have written several times about this but have NEVER received a response and the problem still exists. I rarely use this app anymore and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.
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5 years ago, Ylinks
Important content - Terrible App
For such an important opinion source the App format is terrible. Chopping headlines to the point that you have no idea what the article is about to make room for an image? The app jumps and you lose you place when the ads reload? I’m sure you paid dearly to create this app. You could have done better with a free template. Professional content with Amateur presentation.
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6 years ago, d_canyon
Getting better but not great
Journalistically 5 Star, but the App is slow to load and crashes. On the start up spinning white wheel on white background (how stupid is that?). Needs work on stability and memory management to prevent the app from crashing (iPhone 7)
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5 years ago, KapulenaD
Very buggy, and the editors of the content are non-existent
1. Selecting an article often takes one to the opening paragraph, which is then followed by a “read on” link. Selecting that “read on” link takes one to the opening paragraph followed by a “read on” link. Selecting that “read on” link takes one to the opening paragraph followed by a “read on” link . . . 2. Scrolling through the articles can trigger a violent loading of more articles, “jumping” the reference point past the article to which one scrolled. 3. Once in the articles editing is atrocious. Slang, fragments, and cliches abound. Wrong word choice is rampant (e.g., “he through a Molotov cocktail,” when threw would be correct) I am generally of a conservative bent, and I unfortunately find this app so bad as to be distracting.
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5 years ago, Shushing Shang
Despise the video takeovers
I would love this sight if it didn’t kick on horrifying video ads that blast loud music and sometimes I can’t even find a way to x them out. Infuriating. LOVE THE CONTENT. Usually don’t have the stomach to open the app. Also, as I scroll down, the app will suddenly jump several articles and I have a hard time finding my place again. I even looked to see if there was a purchase app that wouldn’t torment me by taking my phone over with loud ads. Didn’t find one.
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4 years ago, UKDNA
Dumb premium content and Disqus comments
It’s instantly clear that their restricted premium articles are simply worthless rambling opinion pieces - just look at the titles/content. Also, they lazily use Disqus for comments which is know to constantly flag new users’ comments as spam and is otherwise the opposite of concerned with anyone’s privacy It’s a money juicer and you’re the halved orange.
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5 years ago, junkmail4gra
Big brother controls the volume in this app
I thought conservatives were for freedom to choose, minimal big brother? So why then when I set my phone to silence with volume on minimum does the TDC app then take control of the volume as it splashes a video add in your face. Fine you need to make money but you turn the volume up, and to an obnoxious level. How dare you do this. Your app is now history to me. What a shame. Why do this. Why ruin a 5 star news app?
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6 years ago, 123 Skidoo
Daily Caller Works For Me
The news I read must be fair and accurate. The Daily Caller meets both of those standards. I also enjoy the background and the depth the Daily Caller goes into to give me a fuller picture of the news story. My app works great.
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6 years ago, Ggolka
Great writing mediocre app
I love the writing and stories on the DC. I don't like the scrolling on the new app of a few select pieces and then having to wadi into other sections and see them again. Wouldn't mind the scrolling for everything new that was added in the last 48 hours. Liked the old app better when it worked right.
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5 years ago, Cheerful2mara
Ditto for KapulenaD
PLEASE fix this app. The “read on” prompt will not take you to the full article. Scrolling causes jumping ahead, not scrolling ahead, making finding your former reading spot difficult to find. I prefer The Daily Caller for my news, but too many unfixed (the jumping while trying to scroll has been going on for a long time without improvement) problems leads the reader to believe that TDC doesn’t care about the app at all.
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6 years ago, jeffocamera
Daily Caller needs work on there app.
Two generation ago their app worked fine. The last two version of their app turn off radio audio from steaming apps. Also I just want the most important timely stories listed. If I want opinion or sports I will search farther into your menu for it! I think each of the last two versions of this app have gotten it wrong.
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5 years ago, Midnight67
Get rid of these Loud Popup Adds
Love the site and the former app. Please get rid of your new popup adds. If you want to embed them in your news feeds, that’s fine. Just not popups which contain the whole screen for 5 seconds. I end up closing the app and going somewhere else for my news rather than wait. I will not use the app in public because I don’t want a loud video to begin playing.
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5 years ago, SomeYahoo2674477432226646
Love the app: hate the video ads
I spent an hour plus on this app every morning, but now I am removing it because of the ads that blast audio at 4am while the rest of the family is asleep. Auto play ads with sound are a dealbreaker for me full stop. Such a shame since the Gateway Pundit can’t seem to proofread their articles.
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6 years ago, 706rrh
To the point reading
Quick read and interesting information! Always up to date as well!!
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3 years ago, CA_123456
Horrible log in
This app is beyond frustrating with its login from email to app to browser for me. Beyond that, the news is great!
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6 years ago, MJS_Choose Life
My Go To News Source
The Daily Caller is my “go to” morning read for relevant, factual and breaking news. Their articles always interesting, informative and newsworthy! ( a rarity these days). Like that cup of morning coffee - it is a daily must!
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5 years ago, Bird man ^2
Better, needs help on scrolling through stories.
The app is much better now that it is rewritten. One issue I have with it is it is constantly updating while I scroll through the stories. It makes it hard to find what I want to look at. Content is excellent as always.
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5 years ago, Ncraximus
Latest Update Broken
The latest update is apparently broken. When I open the app up, it is only showing stories from back in March of 2018. It will not allow me to login on main screen. WTH??? UPDATE: I was now able to log in and get updated stories but now it says I am “offline” when I am using cellular data and not WiFi. Why is that?
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5 years ago, N2A N1A
New ads are terrible
I love the daily caller content but the new full screen 30 second video ads with no exit and loud sound are terrible. If the next update doesn’t change them to something a bit less loud and intrusive, I’ll go back to a web browser with an ad blocker. I don’t mind ads that are in-line and seamless but these are obnoxious.
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6 years ago, pf10015
D.C. Observations
My main concern is the mobile interface. In a word, it's horrible. The button on the subject headers never works & half the time the subject articles won't load. It is one of the most frustrating websites I deal with. If I didn't like the contents I wouldn't bother! Additionally, there is nobody at website to call
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5 years ago, TedG_IN
I’ve had enough and am moving on....
I’ve been a Daily Caller fan for years. This latest updates is cause for uninstalling and moving on. So many ads many of which are forced redirects to game app download pages and video ads with audio. It’s ridiculous that I could click on an article and immediately be redirected to a video advertisement with audio. So annoying!
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5 months ago, app_police999
Just installed this app as it was recommended to me. However, there’s a glitch where you go into an article but it won’t let you back out again when tapping that white arrow so I have to close the app and start all over again. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Jelutz77
Unable to comment
I like the news, but with my paid subscription and while logged in, commenting does not detect my login. Also, support link goes to the front page, so there is no support.
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4 years ago, j0hn217
Great content, terrible app
Everything about this app is garbage. It crashes constantly, the embedded videos often don’t work, the layout isn’t user friendly, etc. I can’t understand how a popular publication such as this one can’t burn through some cash and develop an app worthy enough of the group’s reporting.
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3 weeks ago, Sol1942
Second to none
Truth matters on this app. Love it. However it keeps knocking me off. I think the left is creating a bug.
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11 months ago, BarrelProof75
Ads are horrible
The ads in this app ruin it! They take up the whole screen and are annoying. Also, the drop down for different sections that take up half the screen is just as annoying. Fire the person who has ruined this app. It’s a shame because the daily caller is great, but not the app.
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1 year ago, Headhunter64
Ads take over the app
I deleted the app. The advertisements take over the entire program and are LOUD. I can’t get through 2 articles without having to terminate the program and restart. Lord help me if I’m in a quiet room and forget the volume on my device is up.
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2 years ago, jnikoley
Top third of your screen is blocked by garbage.
Title. You have the site name, the search bar and the options blocking top 1/3 of your viewing screen. Why is this even a thing? Give me an option to hide it or just get rid of it. Either way it blocks the content you are trying to actually see.
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5 years ago, feelin'irie
Annoying “features”
Four stars for content, minus two for: Intrusive pop up ads, “read more” links that go nowhere, annoying auto-load of new articles when scrolling thru main screen (screen jumps to new articles so you lose your place).
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4 years ago, Votr Frod 2020
Why I deleted this app.
I was looking for a conservative news source, hoping to find one in Daily Caller. It was good for a while, being generally accurate and clear. This was until the election fraud of 2020 where they refused to cover it fairly and they abandoned Trump in a flat second. This is why I a deleting this app and writing a bad review. So if somehow “Mr. Daily Caller” sees this, get your act together and be a patriot.
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6 years ago, Keith Longmore
Can't Do Without Daily Caller
For accurate, honest and thoughtful news, I check the Daily Caller several times a day. You should too.
Show more
5 years ago, Chapa1001
Aggressive Advertising
I understand the need to make a profit. The latest iteration of this app has aggressive pop-ups that do not allow you to exit even after the pop-up has run in order to get to the story. The only option left in several cases is to just exit the app and go to a different website or use a different app
Show more
4 months ago, fredandjack
Locked adds
Twice now I accidentally touched an add, it happens, but I can’t close the add. Closing the app doesn’t get rid of it, it seems you are being forced to buy or download the product. The only way to get rid of it is to delete the app. If it happens a third time I’m deleting the app and won’t reinstall it.
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5 years ago, Blex 42
Thank you
This latest update is a game changer. Good job. Daily caller is back on my daily read list again.
Show more
6 years ago, maynard bibbins
Love daily caller
Seems to be honest news with even more honest reviews after the articles
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4 years ago, AZ ILL
Ads,ads,ads, ad nauseous
I’d just rather access the site (iPad) with safari and the built-in reader app than put up with the constant barrage of ads. It’s really ridiculous and totally unnecessary. I didn’t even check to see if there was any way to disable them, although I’m sure it involves your credit card number. Screw this app.
Show more
6 years ago, Burt Reynoldz
Terrible design
You can't read the headline without clicking on the link. When will the DC app designers understand that people want to scan the headlines to decide which story to read. Every other news app has figured this out! The current DC app makes this impossible and thus completely pointless and unusable.
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