The Daily Camera

1.3 (49)
32.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Prairie Mountain Publishing
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Daily Camera

1.29 out of 5
49 Ratings
1 year ago, UnhappyPuzzleSolver
Can’t print KENKEN or Cryptoquote puzzles
The KenKen and Cryptoquote puzzles are now completely useless, as there is no way to print them except as a tiny part of a whole page. That’s useless and takes away a key feature of the old app. I may have to cancel my subscription just because of the elimination of this feature.
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1 year ago, App analyzer
Just as bad as the journalism
The app is right on par with the lame journalism it attempts to report. Important facts are left out of articles, the grammar and spelling are on an 8th grade level, and the decisions of what news to cover is almost humorous. Does anyone even read these reviews. I’ve never seen so many 1-stars on anything.
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4 months ago, Filitonion
Hometown paper
With local news sources closing across the country, I’m happy to be able to read about my home town every day.
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6 months ago, Boulder1980
Do better
Just signed up for the Camera. If I knew how bad this app was I would of never done it. A lot of scrolling back and forth to read articles. There must be something better out there.
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9 months ago, Thatchman2
Daily Camera app has paywall, your browser does not
Why download an app that has a paywall when you can read the same lame local news reports (including typos) on your browser without a paywall?
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2 years ago, MLEB41
App worked fine until about a month ago. Now it’s worthless and won’t even open. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall and still nothing.
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2 years ago, Matata Hakuna
Won’t load
I’m a long time subscriber, but the app has gotten worse and worse. Now it won’t open. Come on, Camera. You are going to lose revenues big time if you don’t just fix the app!!!!
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1 year ago, Sir Lancelot of Camelot
Terrible app
The app used to display the e-edition on startup, but no more! Now I only see the digital version of some of the stories, not even all of them. No option to show e-edition. Sent a help request, no response.
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1 year ago, eeeeefffffthedc
Beyond frustrating!
I really miss having a real newspaper to read. But in addition to being cost prohibitive, the home delivery service was terrible! The digital edition is an exercise in frustration most days. 😡
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1 year ago, Art history lover
What happened?
Cannot see the pages of the paper any longer or highlight separate articles. This is no longer a paper! It’s a mess of confusion😔
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4 months ago, No luck with digital replica
No luck
I can’t open the link to an active window. I tried too many times and give up. We’re dropping the paper.
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1 year ago, Lowry2411
As if to prove a point that folks shouldn’t be on their phones so much, the Daily Camera App makes it nearly impossible. What a joke of an App.
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2 years ago, frustrated Mo
I pay for my subscription, but I can’t get the app to recognise me. If it occasionally does, it’s for one story, then asks me to sign in again. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, Jerseygirl49
Sign in
Then sign in again, and again. Every time. Then will show signed in, but hey…let’s need to sign in again. Frustrating.
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1 year ago, S L Herbruck
Lousy app.
Says to create an account after agreeing to pay monthly fee, then goes to a blank page. What?
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2 years ago, jrbuff1
This is perhaps the worst app I’ve ever used. Nearly impossible to Access the digital copy of the paper from an iPhone.
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1 year ago, Lech W
Not worth it
Directions provided to access digital paper doesn’t work. Attempts to reach help desk go into a black hole.
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2 years ago, Nowsue
No Camera
Can’t open it, but have paid for it.
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1 year ago, Kt5879
Really bad UX
In today’s day and age, it’s just not that hard to make a good app. C’mon Daily Camera — make this better.
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10 years ago, Lessofausernow
Horrible redesign
The design of this app is horrible in regards to getting a snapshot of news quickly. I see what they tried to do and appreciate the attempt, but I think they lost sight of the user experience. Really, the daily weather is "breaking news"? And who cares about seeing a large photo (stock sometimes) for every single article? Headlines are big, but get truncated so soon that the user has to waste time clicking to finish reading headline. And why did they choose Facebook blue instead of their signature green as their new color? FB owns that hue in users brains. If they removed wasteful imagery and allowed user to scan complete headlines before clicking, this would help tremendously. I didn't like the old app but at least you could get the news easily, which is the whole point.
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9 years ago, Blizzard1s2d
Terrible, deleting
It is too hard to read the news, I am just deleting this. I had it on my phone for a while, but it just doesn't get any more usable. The ads are too intrusive - they move around while you are scrolling, they pop up while you are reading, and they insert themselves in every page in a huge size that tries to look like content. Too many and too annoying. The iPhone screen is tiny already and there really is no room for ads. Also the scrolling is not smooth so that makes it hard to read. Plus some articles were the same as my Longmont paper. The Longmont paper newspaper is annoyingly covered with adds to to tune of 85% of mass weekly (a letter writer to the paper calculated it!) which is quite ridiculous considering how much I pay to have it delivered, but at least they don't move. This company makes 25 apps (!) for local papers and they all get terrible, terrible reviews.
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6 years ago, nott ok
Not ok
We bought an iPad to use rather than having the paper delivered every save paper. So far it’s taken 3 long phone calls with the tech dept at the Daily Camera to try to help open the digital app on the new iPad, to no avail.. nobody in the tech dept has yet known how to do this and it’s taken lots of time.. I paid for the subscription using my phone. It’s really frustrating that we can’t open the newspaper on the iPad other than the free version you get online which is littered with ads. Very frustrating and not solved yet.
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10 years ago, Chuck12345678
Now we have to pay for mobile subscription?!
I was content with banner ads. I suffered through annoying video ads as a necessary evil. Now you want me to pay for a subscription so I can view it on my mobile device? Sorry, you are not the New York Times, I'm not paying to see mostly fluff pieces with a couple articles on local politics. This is the downward spiral of print journalism, they expect the consumer to pay more and more for worse content. I'm done, the Boulder Weekly is a far superior generator of journalism anyways...
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3 years ago, Dwelve
Nearly unusable & expensive
I continue to pay for this thinking it will improve. Currently while logged into to the App it will not let me read a whole article without ordering the subscription that I already have & pay for. It gives no option to re-log in and says I am logged in. I cannot read the paper I pay for!
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12 years ago, Shehdudhehaiagau
Good app... When it works
I like having the camera on my phone, and the app does work reasonably well, sometimes. Unfortunately, I've found that this app, like the other news apps powered by Spreed (Denver Post, Hometown News), crashes once for roughly every three of my attempts to open it. Furthermore, many of the articles, when opened, simply direct the reader to a page wherein the headline is displayed above a text box indicating that the article is no-longer available.
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11 years ago, Mgreenbergco
School news?
There are tons of stories in the school news section that have nothing to do with kids or schools. The Camera needs to review how that designation is made and revise it. The Enterprise App has the opposite problem: little school news, missing stories that should be there. App getting better I guess. It's all about accessing the content.
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11 years ago, jmullins14
Excellent news app!
It's nice to have all of the current Boulder news at my fingertips. I never used to read the paper version, but I start my morning with this app every day! It's easy to use and has a pretty nice layout.
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7 years ago, Colo-in-NYC
Echoing the review about previous app...
Very odd that an app could be hijacked that way (showing content from a completely different news organization). New version of the app is not as graphically interesting or engaging as the previous app, and does not have navigation capabilities of the online version. Plus (and what really took off stars), the Buffzone is stuck on headlines from 2015!
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4 years ago, Monopod
Missing major articles
Daily Camera apparently has two apps with the same name. This one has a better format, but it’s missing the front page and most of the national news. The other one has everything but is in a horrible format that’s nearly impossible to navigate. Honestly how hard is it just to hire someone to write a usable app???
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5 years ago, Mmbck
Loud tacky video ads
Video ads, particularly with sound, are awful. Playing noise suddenly and unexpectedly on an app you have no expectation or intention to have sound from is a really bad idea. Moreover, when an ad displays an “X” to close it in the top left hand corner and then switches it to the right hand corner when the user pushes it, you’ve moved into the grim and desperate sleaze zone. It’s tacky; it’s low brow; it’s embarrassing.
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5 years ago, LsvlHooville
Why can’t they, or do they just not care?
Worst app ever. In this day and age, it’s shocking how poorly this app functions and that it has been this bad for so long. I’m a subscriber because I want and support the local news. But this is so aggravating and makes me wonder why I support this organization with my dollars. Usually a dollar is a vote of support and confidence. Not true in this case.
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11 years ago, Howling Monkey
Poor app
I have three newspaper apps. Of these three, only the Daily Camera app does not automatically update upon opening. It reports news from three days ago, or a month ago, whenever you last opened it. You have to close out and reopen several to Ed for the update to catch. It's also extremely poorly organized. Need a new DC app ASAP.
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11 years ago, WaldoRyan
I like it
Not sure why there are so many reviews. Easy to navigate and does what it is supposed...deliver the news. What's everyone expecting?
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5 years ago, Colo fan
Not a substitute for the print edition
Seems like, if you want to push customers toward a cheaper electronic edition, it would contain the same news as the print edition. No so with this app. The stories on the front page of print are not on the app. The link to “Local News” doesn’t work. It is among the worst apps I’ve used.
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11 years ago, rbnnb
Ok idea, bad implementation
OK concept, although I don't like one app per newspaper, but the bigger problem is it was thrown together and crashes (when new stories come it and you refresh, and the start reading those new stories, crash) and it always says "synchronizing" always.
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8 years ago, Daily camera customer
This is the buggiest app on my iPhone. It frequently closes on its own accord and it takes a very long time to load new content and updated daily articles. It's much faster to read the material via the Facebook page links.
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12 years ago, TaunTaunChewie
Missing important local news
This news app has potential, but I think that since the Camera is a local news paper it should focus on that. An expletive is that you cannot view high school sports stories through this app.
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11 years ago, george rager
Totally mediocre
You have to manually close the app in order for it to update the stories. Sure, it tells you it is up to date, but it isn't. Still better than getting Boulder news from afar than the DC's totally spammy and lackluster mobile site.
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11 years ago, Bubba333333
Getting spammy
The app used to be limited in content but an okay way to get the local news. Then, they started showing ad banners from local businesses, which was also fine with me. Now they've added spammy ads, like for adult chats, games, etc. That is NOT cool. Considering removing the app from my iPhone...
Show more
7 years ago, Doug Grinbergs
Redesigned app
Previous app version, at some point, went berserk and started showing news from Scotland! Forced to update to newer version. Don't like new design. Will probably use much less.
Show more
8 years ago, WoodyB303
Fonts need work
The headlines font on the main screen is far too small to be easily legible. It needs to be bigger, or adjustable. Also, the article main body font, while an acceptable size, is very thin and hard to read.
Show more
10 years ago, bilwein
Don’t waste your time
At one time this app was fine. But, for whatever reason, this app seldom can even be opened any longer. True for both iPad and iPhone versions. Maybe The Camera management now sees their paper (print) version as the future, instead of digital?
Show more
11 years ago, acacia123
App barely works
App is a mess. Articles often don't open. Click and get a blank screen. Updates of news are often days old! Ridiculous. Crashes also. Worst app I've downloaded, in fact. Deleting it today. DC: get a real tech to make an app that works!
Show more
10 years ago, dbavenger
Slow to load & crashes.
Takes several seconds to load then immediately crashes half the time. Embarrassing.
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11 years ago, Larry's Shuffle
Oh well...
Glitches/closes all the time. After sync with WiFi, it says Offline Ready but going to it later without WiFi and most articles won't open. Just generally unreliable right now.
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10 years ago, Bradford Squier
Terrible News App
Newly revised app is excruciatingly slow, even on Google Fiber. Scroll functionality is abysmal, with ads impairing your ability to quickly scroll down page. This is the only notable news app Boulder County has, and is an embarrassment to emerging technology & the area.
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11 years ago, Sue_grad
Horrible Update
This app has had issues crashing in the past but at least I could eventually access it. Since the most recent update I am unable to see any content as I'm continually rerouted to update the already updated app.
Show more
10 years ago, Cj5359
Would change to five if...
I loved this app, but the fact that you started having adds on it ruins it for me. My suggestion is offer a pro version that doesn't have adds for a dollar or more. I know I'd buy it and then I'd change my review.
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9 years ago, Boulder Cyclist
Doesn't work
The ap has not been consistently stable to begin with. Now when opening an article it automatically takes you back to the homepage. I'm officially deleting this and giving up. Poor coding and design.
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8 years ago, gabrtv
Used to be great, now has a paywall?
This app used to be part of my daily reading rotation. Now (after an update) any article I read prompts me to "Sign in using your Press+ account" which appears to be a paid subscription. Seriously? I guess I'll switch to the 9news app..
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