The Dayton Daily News ePaper

4.4 (2.2K)
98.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ohio Newspapers, Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Dayton Daily News ePaper

4.37 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
3 years ago, OakwoodTj
Less buggy but not great
Biggest annoyance is when you are in article read mode, if you side swipe left-right even the slightest when you intend to scroll up-down, the article reloads and you start at the top. I also don’t like that the page swipe to next page completely locks until the ad loads at the bottom. On some days that can take several seconds.
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8 months ago, Dayton Family of Four
Interface is problematic
First, when using the “paper” interface and I inadvertently touch the screen it brings up a poor excuse for the page. I have a browser — if I want to read the paper in that manner I’d choose to. The team should allow the user to opt-out of this “feature”. Second, when a customer, who pays real money, chooses to select the “paper” mode every time he opens the app and leaves it in that mode when he exits the app, shouldn’t have to select it each time he opens the app. Remember the state. Third, I would like the local content to be front and center. I know how to subscribe to the NYT, I don’t need their content in the local paper. I know how to access AP news, I don’t need it in my local paper, especially when it’s placed haphazardly throughout. I realize we’re a small town but it’d be great to see all the non locally-sourced news at the back of the paper. The paper is The DAYTON Daily News. Show me news pertinent to the greater Dayton area. Finally, don’t randomly log paying subscribers out of the app. This isn’t hard.
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6 years ago, MissleBird
Worst iPad App - Ever
Many people have already shared my problems with this version of the app - it crashes every time I use it, especially on certain sections. And today I tried downloading the paper to try and prevent the crash but to no avail - the app crashed on both the same pages from when I was accessing the paper on-line. And to make matters worse, I have contacted the customer (no-)service department several times to report this problem, and after ignoring me the first two times, they finally reported “we have reported the problem to our developers” but to date nothing has changed. This is almost made me cancel the paper altogether since the ePaper app is my only option several days a week.
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5 years ago, Straightshooter415
Not bad but very inconsistent
I like reading the paper in real newspaper format rather than loading article after article. This app allows that. However, it has a habit of unexpectedly closing itself. When you reopen the app it may or may not be where you left off, so you may have to find your place again. Another annoying trait is that the next 1-5 pages might be spinning as if they are loading, but if you skip ahead, beyond those pages the following pages are ready to read. Overall, I enjoy using my iPad to read the DDN.
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6 years ago, swikebike
Terrible app
Why they put this app out is beyond me. Crash, crash, crash, it just does not work. Take it down till it is fixed.
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6 years ago, Tkambitsch
Continuously crashes
Since their new version came out this past year the app crashes. It most happens when trying to load the comics. But recently it has crashed only after a page or two and you have to re-start from the from page only to have it crash again.
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6 years ago, Mike in Springboro
Paper crashes every time!
My iPad has an 11.4 operating system that doesn’t like this app a bit. It continually crashes...every time I read the paper online. I am considering just getting the Sunday paper that’s printed and forgetting the news the other six days a week. It usually crashes when I go to the next section. I had to give it a rating in order to post the review. Otherwise, it would have gotten zero stars.
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3 years ago, htewsd
On-Line newspaper is best
I did not think I would like an On-Line Newspaper but, because of its cheaper price, I subscribed to the DDN. Reading it for the last month I find it much more convenient, easier to read on my I-pad, and it is always with you assuming you carry a cell phone.
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5 years ago, TomKat6922
DDN Website
Paper is very professional. Great writers and great stories. Papers like this are usually found in larger cities where “journalists” tend to gather. Dayton is lucky to have such a paper in their hometown. As a Native Daytonian, who now lives in Tennessee, I still subscribe to my hometown paper. Keep up the good work.
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6 years ago, Steve from Centerville
Bad App
This is the worst App I have on my iPad. It constantly disappears and I have to restart it. The ads across the bottom make my reading the paper very annoying. I had to put black tape at the bottom of my iPad to cover it up. I can’t get thru the paper without it dying. Ridiculous for a paid service. I cancel the real paper because I couldn’t get the paper consistently in the morning. Now I get it when I want but can’t read the whole thing. Better fix this DDN or I’m gone as a customer.
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5 years ago, Toni Vest
Too frustrating
This app is awful. The pages hang up when you try to advance to the next page so it takes forever to get through even one section. Then, when they do finally advance they are blurry for a good 30 seconds before they finally become readable. No matter what I try nothing helps. I have not made it through the paper in weeks. Don't have 3 hours to spend every morning. I read the Washington Post now instead.
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6 years ago, feelslikedialup
Updated app not good
I don’t like the changes to the look and functionality of the new version. The constant ad across the bottom of my screen is irritating. I think you’ve taken a step backwards on this one.
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4 years ago, DontheEnforcer
App crashing in iOS 14
Since I pay for a subscription to read the epaper I expect it to work consistently. Since the Apple iOS 14 release this app crashes and freezes regularly. Three notifications to Customer Service through the settings page have not produced any improvement. It is becoming as unreliable as home delivery.
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3 years ago, BuckyTube
OMG—even worse
it’s now July 2021 and another dreadful update just landed. Now, there’s no way to resize a page to fit. And crappy ads covering the bottom of the screen, even tho I already pay for a paper with its own ads on every page. How in the world can you manage to cheapen the user experience even more every goddam time you make an “update”?
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2 years ago, kdlfgpe
Suddenly awful
The DDN app used to work great. Now it’s terrible. Every time you scroll down through articles, it glitches and sends you back to the top. Not just once. Every time you scroll! It’s probably related to the ridiculous amount of ads inserted between stories. It gets so bad you won’t want to put up with it anymore.
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5 years ago, Zaertrox
There Is A Fix
This app is subject to constant crashes that make it impossible to read the newspaper. I was ready to give up and just cancel my subscription, but then a possible fix occurred to me. I tried it and it works. Download the current edition, then totally disconnect from the Internet. As long as the app can’t get on line it’s stable.
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4 years ago, GaryP48
Concise and Comprehensive
I like the breadth of articles included in the news section and coverage of local sports. I also appreciate the coverage of key national stories.
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6 years ago, JF129604
App keeps dying!
I much preferred the old app to this one. Why does the app just close down. Every time I try to read the paper, the app closes completely. I tried reading the ema8l version, also...couldn’t even get into the paper. With the exorbitant prices, you should be able to keep the electronic versions running smoothly. The app is poor!
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3 years ago, Katrinadoug
Small viewing area
With the latest download the reading area is hard to read with the add space and the reading options. I find the latest download very frustrating!
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6 years ago, PBRSR
I have given you a one star because I couldn’t give you a zero. In the years that I have used the ePaper (I cancelled for a year or two) the issues remain the same. It clocks out on you at will. For me it seems related to expanding the article on the iPad when reading. I have heard that it is across all of the formats. Good luck!
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6 years ago, Tinman2222
Crashes frequently
I prefer the electronic version of the newspaper and the visuals of this latest remodeling of the app are adequate, but the frequent crashes are unacceptable. Cox has been steadily losing it’s newsprint customers, and it is on the way to seeing their digital customers disappear also.
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11 years ago, Tranfairborn
App works fine
The app works fine as expected. To read the electronic version of today's paper you must subscribe to the paper version. Fair enough, I subscribed to the hardcopy Sunday newspaper. A few annoying things: the electronic today version not always shows on the same day and sometime the app challenges you for username/password again and sometime caught in a loop. The only to get around the looping issue is to delete the app and reinstall it back. A few good things: the electronic version of today's paper works great just like you would flipping through a hardcopy, you can also view previous days of the newspaper and the customer support is knowledgeable and friendly.
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7 months ago, DSuth
Click the “share” button at your own risk
Instead of just copying the link and perhaps the headline, it provides a bunch of unnecessary information and provides a second link to subscribe to the paper. Simple = better
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6 years ago, the big dog barks
Keeps crashing
App used to work fine but now crashes constantly and must be restarted. Then I have to page through beginning from page one each time. I’m paying for a subscription that I can’t use if the app doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, sdungan
Needs some work.
This app is very inconsistent. When it works the app is useful. Today not so much. In fact it is unresponsive and will not load the current daily addiction. Too many bugs.
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5 years ago, jbjrad
I was always a newsPAPER person, but now I thoroughly enjoy having my DDN digital version first thing in the morning.
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4 years ago, WP211
Excellent paper
It has all the elements and range that could be expected for a reader in the Greater Dayton area:
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4 years ago, John in Tipp
Update Killed it
The app was working OK for me but I did a dumb thing. I downloaded the latest update and now it doesn't work at all.
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12 months ago, Shigatze
No longer works
Went to read the paper online this morning and the app will not allow the paper to be read. Fix this!
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5 years ago, Lesabre3
Keeps shutting down
When the app doesn’t crash it’s great. But it keeps crashing after I flip through a few pages and have to restart and reload.
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5 years ago, Scoum2
Another Cox media fail
This only works slightly better than the WHIO app Hey cox media instead of littering our neighborhoods each and every week throwing your unwanted "free" ads onto our property maybe you should put that money into improving these so called apps
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6 years ago, Blubberies
Cox you have to fix this Ap
This is the worst. Can only get thru about 20 pages before it crashes. Have deleted and reloaded and the same. It only gets one star because there was no way to give it a zero star rating.
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4 years ago, sjl-dayton
Great Newspaper
Nice to have the news in a “paper” layout delivered everyday. DDN does a great job covering the area.
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3 years ago, toa75
I hated when the update started to have advertisements showing covering the bottom of the paper. No need for that if I am paying for the paper!
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6 years ago, Piqua OHIO
Constant crashing
I can never read the DDN ePaper without having several app crashes and getting kicked out of the paper. FIX IT PLEASE. You charge enough even for the ePaper edition so you need to take care of the problem.
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4 years ago, yfsefgdef
Does not display full page, as it once did.
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3 years ago, dman5998
Can't log in
After installing version 11.0, I can't log in. I get invalid email and invalid password errors. Changing my password did not help.
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4 years ago, RGE57
Poor app
Constantly freezes on pages. Halfway through it will just crash. Tried reloading, updating, etc.
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4 years ago, A850B
App closes on iPad
I read DDN for years on my iPad but for the last 6 months he app closes before I can read 2 pages. It continually does it until I give up.
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6 years ago, FrustratedSubscriberToo
Zero Stars #ConstantCrash
So frustrating. Pay monthly for an app that crashes repeatedly daily and has a banner of ads that take up space on the tablet.
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4 years ago, otto5309
Good when it works
Constantly crashing.
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5 years ago, streakintom
Yesterdays news tomorrow
It’s sad when a newspaper presents news that’s 2 days old like it’s all new and happening. That’s the Dayton Daily News. Their slogan should be Yesterday’s news tomorrow.
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5 years ago, Jujusnini
Price keeps rising for less Miss the USA Today supplement and also The NY Times supplement on Sunday No notice ever given, these features just disappeared..
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3 years ago, Gran Cam
Not able to read comics on iPhone-disappointing,
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5 years ago, CindyZzzz2055
Keeps crashing!
Keeps crashing. When are you going to fix it?
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4 years ago, rickgro
Less functionality than epaper
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3 years ago, Morganovich
Your coverage of the Masters golf tournament stinks. One of the 4 major golf tournaments and all you can publish is one small article? Ridiculous!
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3 years ago, onlyaDAreadsthisstupdi thing
Dislike Intensely Reading Newspaper on a Screen
I don’t like this.
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4 years ago, Reggut4422
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11 years ago, Steve Beard
Login inapplicable
I had no problems with the DDN site until the computers decided I needed to log in. What a disaster! First, it is not clear just where you are logging in -- through iTunes or through a proprietary DDN site. I called the customer service number, and on the third try was connected to a guy who directed me to an iTunes,login area. Dutifully logging in through iTunes, however, did not work, so the guy sent me a link to the DDN website (which I could have easily gone to by myself) which connected me to the premium version of the paper. I could read the first and sometimes the second paragraph of the story before running into the pay wall. And here I thought I'd already paid, for the electronic version of the paper! I like the app version and don't want the hassle of dealing with the actual paper of a full subscription, but I'm feeling awfully locked out by a confusing and seemingly irrational login system. Please, DDN, fix this, the sooner the better.
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