The Desert Sun

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10 months ago
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User Reviews for The Desert Sun

4.46 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, dyyvfyhfd
Best desert news media in the valley
I love the Desert Sun. It’s very well written and informative - much better than most Coachella Valley news media. My only complaint is trying to login after I bought a subscription- it really should be quite simple, but someone has managed to make it so bad that I may not renew my subscription.
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4 months ago, oberly
Awful news app!
I have been a subscriber for nearly 25 years, but I am beginning to rethink that. Recently, The Desert Sun eliminated the print edition on Saturdays, and I’m ‘old school’ and prefer my news in PRINT. So I got used to the ‘print edition’ app for my Saturday edition. Then you announced that the app will be eliminated, and I can use the other digital app for my e-newspaper. IT IS AWFUL. It doesn’t allow me to use my tablet in horizontal view (which I prefer because it stands on its own that way) so I have to hold it or prop it up. OK. But the app behaves much differently from the previous one. Being able to see the spreads as they are laid out in the print edition is part of the experience. That’s gone now. I am now also subjected to pop-up ads, which is insulting given what my subscription costs. Besides which, the app is ‘buggy’ and balky, with ghosting links, and all sorts of other garbage. It’s almost unusable. Clearly its only a matter of time before the print edition is discontinued completely, and I will, sadly, get my local news elsewhere.
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5 months ago, Cwps
Bring Back e-edition app
I read the paper newspaper daily -but delivery has become unreliable. On the days when the paper isn’t delivered, I am forced to read the e-edition. Now, you have taken away the e-edition app and replaced it with this monstrosity. Single tap, double tap, articles don’t resize. Ads float down over articles and then you can’t get back to the article. Additionally, I read the e-edition in landscape mode on an iPad. The new app does not allow the double page spread to fill the screen. It is a tiny representation—almost unreadable— of the double spread centered on the screen. If your readers are opting for the e-edition rather than your other format, wouldn’t you think that they would want to read the paper as a double spread in landscape format? You complain that you are losing readers?! This app makes the paper almost unreadable. I used to look forward to reading the paper with my coffee in the morning….now reading the Desert Sun has turned into a nightmare.
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2 years ago, BrennanPardee
Decent app, but journalism needs improvement
The app is intuitive and useful. However, The Desert Sun’s journalist writing style is occasionally grammatically incorrect, and articles that provide updates to oft-covered topics never include a backstory paragraph to help the reader understand context and history. And, the photos and videos placed at the top of each article often have nothing to do with the article’s content; in some cases, it has been seriously misleading and irresponsible. For example, when a restaurant in Palm Springs closed suddenly, the photo was of a completely different restaurant. I have complained to the Desert Sun repeatedly about this and have never received any response.
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1 year ago, lqrwg
Tech Problems
I get the paper copy of the newspaper and I also primarily read the electronic copy on my iPad. I have been doing this for a number of years. Last week when logging on to the electronic copy I got a warning saying it appeared I did not have a subscription. after trying to get logged on for several minutes I got disgusted and read my paper copy of the newspaper. I then went to my computer and logged onto the website and logged on to the Desert Sun and after that was able to get it on my iPad for several days. Now again todayI logged on and got a message saying I did not have aSubscription. This is very frustrating what’s wrong with your website and what do I have to do to be able to read the electronic copy.
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2 years ago, MHumphries
Everything that Going On
The Desert Sun app is like reading the paper version but better. No paper to manage. Better photos. Access to much more than the paper copy can provide. The Desert Sun staff covers all aspects of life in the desert, not just current news. A guide to living in the desert you don’t want to be without.
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2 months ago, amylyin
Great App
Lots of different ways to read the publication. Sometimes I like to see the paper with the ads and other times just focus on the articles. The option to sign up for newsletters for specific cities and topics is useful as is the daily briefing.
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4 years ago, Not the news
This app used to be a 5 because it was a very easy to read e edition of the paper. NOW you can’t find the most basic of stories from today’s news. No national stories. No national sports. What happened in college football games yesterday. This is November 24. On the Top Stories page, there’s a MLB score from October 30. Did you change the app and put no one in charge of making sure all the news is there? HELP
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4 years ago, CoconBuba
Desert Sun
Great local paper. Keep up with all the news in the Valley. I would prefer to have a “view print edition” like others.
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2 months ago, Desert Noni
The Desert Sun says it All
I love it because of the great focus on local CV news and happenings…restaurants, activities, community services…it has it all for the desert; you can also find general national sports and news as well and international highlights.
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10 months ago, MuslKink
Lousy news source
There is little local news coverage. Instead coverage and notification settings default to USA Today and sports 80% of the time. If you’re hyper focused on high school and professional sports, you’ll be happy with frequent notifications for every little thing. Even if you turn off sports notifications, it’s mostly what you get. And they do not respond to help requests. Waste of a subscription.
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1 year ago, Branni5
Desert Sun e news format
The new e news format for the Desert Sun is very disappointing. We use to read it almost like a real news paper. Now, there are just highlights with lots of pictures; sort of like a tabloid. Multiple requests for better options or how to direct me back to the old format (if it exists) resulted in no response. I have now canceled my subscription effective at the end of this month.
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1 month ago, PSBeach
Worst app ever!
I have used other newspaper apps, and this one is the worst! It keeps freezing up and skipping pages. It’s very slow to open up, and then they throw ads in once in a while so that you can’t progress until they think you have looked at the ad long enough. Usually, I never finish the whole paper because I get too disgusted with it freezing up, so that I give up entirely.
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1 year ago, DEW—1
Nearly unusable app
I have a very fast internet connection and using an iPhone 13……. This app tries to constantly display nearly full screen ads while scrolling through articles and constantly throws you back to the top of the list. So frustrating to use. Why am I paying for a subscription and not able to reasonably scroll through the content?
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4 years ago, Spinit
Just OK
It’s like reading the Associated Press ap. What would be ideal, and keep me as a subscriber, is if this Ap had a version that looked just like the printed newspaper. You would just flip the page on the screen to read the next page, just as if you were holding an actual copy of the Desert Sun in your hands. The LA Times has this and its super cool.
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5 months ago, Sacoopster
Desert Sun app update
I’m so extremely sorry I updated to this new version. It’s been a disaster. I start the app and an add pops up. Not the ad in the paper but a separate pop up. Then as I go through reading more pop up adds appear. I’m letting others know to NOT update this app. There are too many problems to explain here but it is awful. I’m just about ready to cancel the whole thing.
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6 years ago, annefj
One small issue
There doesn’t seem to be a place to sign on if already a subscriber, which I am. It did appear a couple of times, but all I see now is a request to subscribe.
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4 months ago, passwood dude
Scroll with finger drag needs work
The app is great with content and good with presentation, however the finger drag to scroll is does not work all the time. I have a 10th gen iPad with magic keyboard that works on every other app but this one. Fix it and the App would be 5 star
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1 year ago, rabe1102
Republican-controlled News Organization
The Desert Sun endorsed Greg Wallis over Christy Holstege. Wallis went on to win by 85 votes. Would he have won had the Desert Sun not endorsed him? The Desert Sun is controlled by a national organization that doesn’t care about our community, and are happy to endorse candidates that want to take away our civil liberties. Therefore I’ve cancelled my subscription. I will get my local news from the Palm Springs Post instead.
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1 year ago, Starlakesummer
Hard to get to
Every time I open this app, it tells me that I need to pay for a subscription to the sun. I already do and there’s no place to login. And then when I go to settings to login, I have to click on pictures of motorcycles or cars or bicycles are traffic lights it’s ridiculous.
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5 years ago, 767Flyer
App doesn’t allow subscriber access to content
I am continually frustrated by being blocked from viewing/reading content - despite being logged onto my account I keep getting pages that say I must be a subscriber to read the rest of the article.
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2 years ago, jim10s
App is way behind
Why doesn’t someone clean out the old articles in the listings? After 3 days, it’s old, way too old. And the caps and punctuations are terrible. Many of the headlines are poorly written. All it takes is someone to pay attention. Why is App not updated? Turned on at 7:15 AM and still have Sunday’s stories. How much sleep is needed?
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3 months ago, pktravel007
Don’t like it!
Somewhat clunky now and I hate the pop up ads. The newspapers have regular ads and the pop ups are really annoying It is hard to swipe and adjust the screen when enlarged.
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6 years ago, memeyer
Good basic app
It’s a pretty good app, but annoying that they leave items for weeks at the top of the section as opposed to putting latest news on the top of each section. Makes you feel like nobody has anything new to report.
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4 years ago, Stefruns
Update alerts
I appreciate the current and accurate updates and alerts. Easy viewing and can chose what to read. Thanks Desert Sun!
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6 months ago, Philliefanatic 235
Great for local news
Quality reporting on local area news
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3 years ago, deannajm
Great updates!
I enjoy the updates each morning.
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2 years ago, Sharon ODonnell
Easy read
I am a snowbird in this area and finding all sorts of activities to connect to in my winter home!
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2 years ago, SoCal K&M
Stay up on local news.
Desert Star keeps me up to date on local happenings.
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6 months ago, Low vision reader
Problem with format change
The presentation format has changed so that I can no longer swipe pages side to side and cannot spread the text large enough for me to read with limited vision.
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4 years ago, 73 and still going
Winter visitor
Love the paper. We subscribe for the 5 months we spend in our winter home. Much better paper than in our summer home.
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3 years ago, Mambo Chicken
Great Local News
It’s nice to read a paper with local Reporting. News not news entertainment. Except in the entertainment section.
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5 years ago, Parker1948
There are too many ads connected to stories. If you accidentally click on an ad it is almost impossible to get out of it.
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3 months ago, cathycats4
Love the local news!
Like reading local news.
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2 years ago, SkipTV
Great local news.
I can’t find these good local stories on the local TV stations.
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3 years ago, Edjericho
Excellent read
Keep up to date on all of the local news!
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4 years ago, Leendawoman
My go to for valley news
Everything I need to know locally in one place. Always informative AND I am supporting local journalism. Win Win
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5 months ago, CeeStor
“updated” app is terrible
Since we have to use the app at a minimum on Saturday and on other days when our delivery may not show until 10, please fix this supposed “updated” app. It’s buggy, hard to navigate. Awful!
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3 years ago, homeredy
The Sun
I keep up with all that is happening in the Palm Springs area. Especially the weather.
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3 years ago, Markus99122
Stay in top of Coachella valley news
Easy to navigate. Frequently updated. Worth subscribing to.
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7 years ago, Weaverbird9
Nice way to keep in touch
Keeps us connected while we're up north for the summer
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4 months ago, Shakey1238
No more pop up ads please
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5 months ago, rockinkel
Desert Sun
Great local paper. Should publish more to counter the plans of MAGA Republicans to overthrow the Constitution in order to save US Democracy
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4 years ago, Holly of the desert
Great local paper
Always informative
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2 years ago, fernzhrt
I hate the ads, I’m a subscriber and the online Desert Sun is terrible!
If I don’t get the newspaper print version, I don’t read it online because there are too too many ads that aren’t relevant for me.
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5 years ago, Worldmoneyman
Great Palm Springs area paper
Always great articles, covering topics of interest for those living in the area - permanent or snowbirds. Factual, well written and a great read. Thanks Desert Sun!
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4 years ago, Newshog1
Retired journalist
If you want to know what is going on in your neck of the world, read your local newspaper! In this case: The Desert Sun!
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6 years ago, 96v
Wish all newspapers we're this easy, if your into the valley and Palm Springs this app is a must have.
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3 years ago, Hatschima
Erin Rode on PS Ruth Hardy Park 4th of July
I am disappointed by the writer Reporting false facts And giving negative comments the stage Saying most people did not like it Few who brought their dogs liked it 150 people attended B most B of them were disappointed None sense It was packed People recite her phrases and false facts to put down Palm Springs As a desert newspaper you should support the City, Safety and a more integrated future Selling fireworks to the public is still legal in the desert Your writer glorifies roudy and irresponsible practices Rosemarie Andrews
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4 years ago, lthrcwby
Great news
My new go to news platform
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