The Erie Times-News

4.5 (179)
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Last update
1 year ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for The Erie Times-News

4.46 out of 5
179 Ratings
2 months ago, joecoolstatenisland
Great Erie app
Best way to stay informed of local news and events. My child attends school in Erie and it’s nice know what is going on. It would be nice to have more free, non-subscription articles available.
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3 years ago, VERY unhappy subsctiber
Horrible since selling out to Gannett
I have had NOTHING but problems accessing my e-edition/GoErie since the Erie Times News sold its soul to Gannett/USA Today. I pay for a Sunday paper subscription & am supposed to be able to access EVERYTHING on GoErie because of that but CANNOT! Have called Customer Service (which is now some Gannett national call center many times. They always say that I’ll get an email in a few days which will allow me to have full access again. I sometimes get that email but NEVER get the full access that I’m paying for. Going to do what others have suggested - start emailing the ‘local’ ETN Executive Editor DAILY until the problem is resolved. Encourage others having the same problem to also do this. Maybe once he sees how many ‘subscribers’ are being denied the access they’re paying for, he’ll realize just how BIG of a problem he has!
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3 months ago, Matt.bk
The only way to see the full paper is by using the E-newspaper view, which is possibly the least user friendly thing imaginable. There needs to be a complete list of articles in each section page so that the app easily provides access to the full paper’s contents in a fashion that makes sense for phone viewing. Combine all that with the ETN’s skeleton crew of journalists, and I’m not really sure what I’m paying for here.
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3 years ago, thfdxhtdchyy
New site is no good
Difficult to view articles not a good design
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3 months ago, Italian****
Really this is a piece of junk!!!!! I can’t get the newspaper in landscape mode, they deleted the newspaper app that’s better than this thing and I’ve called over and over and they said they’d get back to me to help correct things and of course they HAVE NOT. If it weren’t for a very few items I find necessary I'd quit this rag😡
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5 months ago, Dog News
Poor at best
Try to open, doesn't work. At times, need to login, doesn't always work. Should be able to login once and stay that way. Stories stay on way too long, sometimes causing confusion as to timing of events.
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2 years ago, Los1 the fro
A Real Source of Information
It’s where I go first to know what’s going on locally.
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2 years ago, bamker
Bad App
It constantly locks you out and for a paid subscription you should not see ads. The only answer I got to fix this every time I’m blocked is to uninstall the app and reinstall it from customer service!
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1 month ago, Dolupduk
app is not user friendly and for paid subscription, pop up ads that need removed in order to read paper are unacceptable. Will not renew at twice the cost!
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9 months ago, mbrex
Too hard to use buttons, hard to resize pages
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3 years ago, tedcharles
Good eNewspaper
Love keeping in touch with news from my hometown. This paper does exactly that. Great reporting.
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6 months ago, Wishicouldreadthepaper
It never recognizes my subscription. You click on the “restore my subscription “ link and it doesn’t work.
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8 months ago, Older is best
New App is terrible
I hate this new app. It freezes and has pop up ads. It’s hard to change size. It jumps around.
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1 year ago, woltab
Paid Subscription Full of Ads
Exactly that. Stop it you greedy jerks.
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5 years ago, GrampaTim
I have been using the old GoErie app for years. Granted, it was little more than a PDF of the print edition - but it worked well and was easy to use. This new app is poorly organized - and works terribly. While reading an article, the app will suddenly skip around while inserting ads - causing me to lose my place in the article. The same happens in the menu on the left - it can be nearly impossible to keep my place as I scan the obits, for example. I am never completely confident that I have seen all of the new articles for the day - since the articles seem to be organized somewhat randomly. I live in Erie, but am away traveling nearly half the time - so I rely on the app for news from home. But I am about to give up and just switch to googling local news. I’m not happy about that at all - but at least it is stable and doesn’t cause me to lose my place. GoErie - please return to the old app while you fix this one - and please consider how important it is to give your readers a good experience and make them confident in their local paper.
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4 years ago, DoubleEcho
GoErie App needs A LOT of work
I wouldn’t even bother using this until they fix some major issues - I guess the developer decided that image scaling isn’t necessary. Apparently we all carry 27” monitors in our pockets because the article images are ridiculously huge. - Sometimes you have to click an article and go back to the main menu 2 or 3 times to get an article to load. - Try reading an article with lots of text, like Vital Statistics. The page slows to a crawl because of an unnecessary amount of ads, which leads to: - The pages will constantly jump around when the ads refresh and you lose your place in the article. Good luck finding your paragraph again while scrolling past a gigantic image before the page refreshes again. This app is poorly designed and is an embarrassment. You’re better off just using the Safari browser which leads to the question of “how does this app actually benefit you” on a mobile device.
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5 years ago, Bromwiggle
Absolutely Horrible!
The older version of the app was easier to use, though it was still not user friendly. They switched to this and made everything harder to find, ads are constantly popping up in the way of reading articles. I finally had to delete the app when it said I had to pay to read obituaries! With all the ad pop ups, I can’t believe we’d have to pay to read something you can read everywhere else for free. No wonder this paper is losing customers...I’d give it 0 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, Was loyal...
Frustrating app
I’ve been using this app for two months now and have to reinstall it every 4-5 days. The system errors out, even with a paid subscription, and says the maximum number of free articles have been read. Unfortunately there’s not another reliable source for local news, so I put up with it. Hopefully it will be upgraded/fixed soon.
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5 years ago, Feeling Free
Requires repeated login attempts
Their e-Edition works fine but this product is the worst. Poor technical service. It bounces you out several times per day and makes it nearly impossible to login sometimes. No other company has such poor technology for a pay wall and non-existent tech support.
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5 years ago, Soflaguy63
If I could give it zero stars I would
This has to be one of the very few local news apps that will not allow you to view the obituaries without paying for a monthly fee. The previous family that owned this newspaper must be rolling over in their graves.
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10 years ago, 24djc
Can't read the news anymore
They recently changed the app. You need to log in/subscribe to the newspaper now.
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4 years ago, clostridium b.
Absolute Crap
A money grubbing app for sure with lousy content and unethical billing practices. You have been warned. APPLE SHOULD NOT ALLOW SUCH APPS IN THEIR STORE,
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