The Garden Island News

4.4 (157)
58.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Garden Island News

4.43 out of 5
157 Ratings
2 years ago, Greebnurt
Love the Print Replica
I really like the print replica way of viewing the newspaper. So much easier to scroll the paper to desired articles and skim over less desirable areas. It’s a little quirky with iPhone and jumps around when zooming in and out which can be hard to deal with. But the print replica is crucial for me.
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7 years ago, ExplorerGent
Latest major revisions very poor after being an outstanding app for many years
I have used this app for several years and found it to be an outstanding way to keep-up with news about The Garden Island. However, the developers released a major revision a few weeks ago that has dropped my rating from 5-star to 2-star. The main reasons for my displeasure with the newest version: 1. "Local news" now includes stories from all the islands it seems, and there is no obvious way to select only stories relating to Kauai. Previously, all the stories related to Kauai only with an occasional non-Kauai story. Makes The Garden Island newspaper just seem like a poor-man's version of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser! 2. Layout is much busier and more confusing than previous versions even though one can easily switch between a list view and a tile view. 3. I urge TGI to consider offering different options to charge for reading full news stories on this app rather than relying on a fixed subscription model. A low cost per story or per day charge would I believe produce a good model and good income for TGI. Please make the app Kauai-focused once again to keep me using this app!
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1 year ago, KilikaG
Works... Most of the time
I’ve had the app for many years. I like the slow crescendo of the selected alarm tone. The big flaw is that the alarm will randomly not sound. The screen shows the alarm, but no sound! At first I thought it related to Bluetooth connectivity. After checking that my phone is not connected to any Bluetooth devices except my Apple Watch many times, the random silence still occurs. I adopted a routine of rebooting my iPhone and restarting the app every night before going to sleep. This seems to help. I also have a backup alarm with the iPhone phone app. A silent wake up alarm has caused issues getting to work on time. Solve the random silence and this is a 4-5 ⭐️app.
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2 years ago, leeporter66
Can’t be on Kauai - it’s the next best thing
App keeps me up-to-date on news & events happening on the garden isle. It features a simple interface with switchable blog & print paper views, and what I love, it isn’t intrusive like other newspaper apps. If you need a beach fix either island side or while stuck on the mainland, it’s a great app to have.
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1 year ago, Ti leaf
A wonderful alternative to costly Paper/recycling!
I love this version of the Garden Island. So easy to reference and so valuable for the local look at what happens. Island voices. I prefer more local viewpoints, but it now goes through Honolulu oversight, so not as intimate as it once was. Nevertheless, the best thing on Island. Though I confess For Kaua’i should also be included.
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4 years ago, Nana, Kapaa
I liked the “old” format better- but am getting used to new one.
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3 years ago, Jeni420
Perfect Local Paper
With a crazy world out there, this news is refreshing. Not the actual news, that can be heart breaking, but the way it’s presented has so much Aloha. I wish more papers were like this one.
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3 years ago, RitchFO
Staying in touch
Really enjoying being able to stay “in touch” and current on my favorite island by reading TGI daily when I am not able to be on island!
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4 years ago, minnie fukuda
Hit or miss
Sometimes I read this and think: are we on the same planet? They miss the biggest news, cover only feel-good or easy stories, and there’s no original work. Something truly newsworthy can happen and it’s never mentioned. Not. At. All. Good for knowing what’s happening for farmer’s markets, etc. but not if you want to know what’s happening politically or what is newsworthy. Take a journalism class already editors.
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3 years ago, FROG@
I have been sequestered on the mainland for the past 16 months waiting to come back home, reading the TGI everyday wondering when I can come home and what I will find!! So many things are different now!! I am hoping I will be welcomed home by my brothers and sisters!! Aloha Kauai Many Mahalos!!!
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1 year ago, ANNIE1964
Updated on the News on Kauai
Enjoying all the Articles so happy to see familiar faces back home. Can’t wait to return to my Home Island.
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3 years ago, Kauai Golfer
Happy Reader
I love keeping up on the Island news. Especially since COVID epidemic world wide we aren’t able to visit in person. We love the Island and it’s people.
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3 years ago, 9500-12
We owned place in Princeville for 12 years and like to keep up on the news. We try and visit at least once a year to help the economy and visit good friends!
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2 years ago, Tenp1
TGI review
Helps me keep track of paradise until the day I can move to Kauai!!! NEVER miss the printed paper when I’m there and wish I could get it in Michigan 😊
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3 years ago, kauaifriend
Succinct way to receive news
Great way to receive news of my favorite island in the world.
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4 years ago, Pat iTunes
The Garden Island
The new format allows a person to review all the headlines quickly. Then the details are easy to find in the print review. Thanks!
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3 years ago, justcynagain
the garden island newspaper
I love this paper! Very informative and well presented. It keeps me up to date when I’m off island.
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2 years ago, Akiva96
Account login now required since last update
As soon as it told me an account was now required to view content - and that the content would be restricted to 10 articles - I deleted this app.
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3 years ago, BBQuail
Great news outlet
This is an amazing way to receive local island information while I’m off island. Love it, keep up the great work! Maholo!
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4 years ago, kalapaki girl
Love that I can read our local Kauai News right from my phone!
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3 months ago, kauaiianguy
Much much better
App runs really well
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4 years ago, KauaiAngus
Great app keeps me informed of local news
This app meets all my needs to stay in touch with local events
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3 years ago, befuddlrd
Can be read as a regular newspaper
Definitely prefer the app versus the website of the Garden Island.
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3 years ago, Smitty1941
Very good way for off islander to keep up with current events
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3 years ago, KilaueaHi
Important Local News
Immediate access to news about Kauai is provided by this app.
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6 years ago, Samalicious30
Needs to be fixed
Can’t see any pictures for months! Tried to reinstall it and still no luck. Miss local news actually being local. This used to be a great way to keep updated on the goings on of our island. Disappointing to say the least.
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3 years ago, App diddy
TGI got it right.
Well done! Just like a real newspaper only without using tree bark. Very efficient and ecological. Mahalo.
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5 years ago, HSKauai
I used to log in daily but now news story are not in chronological order. So I have to sort through old stories to get to new stories, all while getting hit with ads. Also there are lots of Hawaii stories mixed with Kauai stories. If I want state wide stories I would not be using The Garden Island ap!
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3 years ago, Opuroad2
Great newspaper It’s always on tmy phone.
It’s great to know what’s happening in our neighborhood
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10 months ago, pickelball fan
Garden island
Enjoy all the local news. Thanks
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2 years ago, ArlineMNimori
Garden Island Newspaper
Enjoy reading the GI. Born and raised in Kekaha, now live in Southern California. Nice to read and keep up with happenings back hone.
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3 years ago, JMoultonMaine
Like a visit to Kauia!
I read TGI from time to time when find myself missing Kauia!
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3 weeks ago, Lepco Boise
Enjoy reading this publication
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4 years ago, Sherries meditation
Love to know what’s going on on Kauai!
Enjoy reading about my favorite island!
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3 years ago, HawaiiDrew
Good local news
Not the best, but it’s okay. Good local news source
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2 years ago, Da Hawaiian Guy
Awesome read
Awesome Reading for important information
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9 years ago, esty girl
Please fix bug
I know an update just happened on June 9th, but the articles still won't open to read on the iPad mini. Please fix!!
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2 years ago, chnarly
Very poor interface.
Even this review is clumsy.
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4 years ago, Steveqqqq
Good job
The app is done well.
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5 years ago, redrust456
No “local” news
Really disappointing that what is considered local news actually refers to State wide news. That means that there pertaining to the island of Kawai
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3 years ago, mahalo3400
Fine publication
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2 years ago, Flitter Bug
Great App
Great App Thank You
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6 years ago, PoipuHoneygirl
The wprst
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9 years ago, Haunani54
Good app but broken!
I miss reading TGI on my iPad! The problem seems concurrrent with the inserted links to follow you on Instagram. Hoping this can be fixed very soon. Mahalo!
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11 years ago, Poipusun
It's good to have TGI back! I can finally catch up on My Island News.
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11 years ago, Sharkphilpa
The new app works perfect on my iPhone 4S. Thanks for bringing it back. Read it every day.
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10 years ago, ScubaLP
Use Every Day
Basic app but nice way to stay up to date with Kauai news and letters to the editor. However it needs repair. It does not function in iOS8.
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9 years ago, RGP60
Articles will not open on iPad Mini.
Please fix so we can open on iPad Mini. I would have rated 5 stars, but app is useless without the fix.
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9 years ago, MHC-lover
broken after iOS9
worked fine before but not after iOS 9 update
Show more
11 years ago, Together4ever123
Only weather loading!
Please fix the problem. Will it work on Ipad Mini?
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