The Globe and Mail

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The Globe and Mail Inc.
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11 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Globe and Mail

4.66 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
6 years ago, travelmartha
Among the best news resources around the “globe”
The Globe and Mail still gives meaning to journalism. Balanced, detailed reporting about a wide range of international topics. As a whole the depth of reporting is on par with, and a good compliment to, The NY Times with the upside of a lot less reporting on Trump and the incompetence of the US political scene...there’s a whole lot happening outside of the US and the Globe helps to keep me informed of that.
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3 years ago, SimpleManWithSimpleNeeds
Same story presented multiple times
As I scroll through the list Of stories, I see lots of good stuff, and then as I continue I can’t help but noticing that the ‘good stuff’ keeps repeating. But what makes it annoying is that there is still stuff that is new. Re-presenting stories that I don’t want to read prevents me from finding stores that I do. How about you present the story once and if I want to read it, I will. You don’t need to try to trick me into it later. Then there’s notifications. I have mine set to breaking news only. I keep getting “the Sunday morning read” and other editorial content pushed to me. Don’t want that. Stated I didn’t. Then unsubscribing is deliberately difficult. Most apps let you do it, or you do it thru App Store. This one you have to dig around to find the number and then call. Very annoying.
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6 years ago, TripleG4
Stepping up
I’m a Canadian who has lived in the US for many years. The Toronto Globe and Mail is easily on par with higher profile US papers such as the NYT and Post. Americans looking to broaden their perspective of US news by reading a foreign paper should consider this paper as it has clearly “stepped up” - becoming both Canada’s national paper and world class source for news.
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8 years ago, ChrisThomerson
Excellent reporting Excellent app
Great reporting on relevant content. Great contributors, some of the best reporting available. The app makes it all available, easy to navigate, no fuss, minimum data use, no irrelevant graphics, plus quick downloading! I use it above all the others I've tried. Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, MapleRidge2018
Globe review
I enjoy the globe on my iPhone I Travel a lot in the us and it’s great to be able access the globe and it’s low bias reporting I find the editorials and special topics columns thoughtful, non-sensational and above all minimum bias to any political direction Reminds me of some of the “better” UK papers with a slightly laid back viewpoint Great job thx
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2 years ago, Markowil
I’ve had this app for several years now, and I am getting tired of clicking on a story, reading it, and then when I “x” out of it, I am taken to a group of stories way down in the app. I then have to go back to the top and fast-scroll down to the story immediately following the one I read. Quite often get tired of repeating this process, consequently I give up and exit the app without reading all the stories
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8 years ago, JVW95
Excellent and Objective News Source
As an American, I have always admired The Globe's objective and succinct reporting, especially on issues of both Canada and the United States. I use The Globe as my primary news source to stay up-to-date.
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5 years ago, Tech_Bunny
❗️Dark mode not implemented
If you have dark mode turned on , hide your eyes. This app does not honor that system-wide setting. iOS 13 has been beta for almost 8 months, what have you guys been doing all this time. Dark mode was not a last minute surprise, but yet you are treating it as such.
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7 years ago, Oldcrowgrrl
The Globe and Mail: great app great balance
This too old to be a Canadian from south of the border appreciates how flawlessly this app works. I am impressed at the coverage of news in and around Ontario and around the rest of Canada.
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7 years ago, makewen
Still pretty weak
Lots of problems have existed with this app forever and they never get fixed despite major overalls. For instance, if you click on a notification, usually it won’t actually take you to that article. It just takes you to the main page. Really. What’s the point of having those alerts? It’s almost as bad as the website. Wish I could give zero stars.
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5 years ago, Drgsyxvdy
iOS 13 Dark mode article experience is very poor
In iOS 13.1.1 if you select dark mode articles render with grey text on a black background. It makes it very difficult to read the articles. I like dark mode. I like reading the Globe on my phone. I want both. Seems like it should be a simple fix. Fingers crossed for an app update soon.
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2 years ago, Dev_16
Made a money making service. Not worth it.
Basic news should be free. It is right for any citizen to know without paying for subscription. If they can’t provide free news about country or province then they should move app into in app purchase category. As it is not free anymore. So people would know before they download this app.
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2 years ago, Tinkerbell4450
World class digital experience
Globe brings balanced world class journalism every day … they also have one of the best digital experiences
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5 years ago, scragglegs
It’s about home
All the years I lived in the US I somehow, even before the internet, stayed connected with Canada. The Globe and Mail helped. It reflects us and our culture well.
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6 years ago, Gramma Q
I find the news in the Globe and Mail to be clear and succinct. It is an excellent source for the news and around the world.
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7 years ago, KD2ADL
Basics plus opinion
The app gives a good overview of major news stories in Canada along with diverse opinion columnists. Unlike a competing app, it plays nicely with my iPod.
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8 years ago, Cottager49
Great App
This app is easy to use. Navigation is slick, pictures are great and it is very current. Well done!
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7 years ago, petergeo
Best way to keep up with Canadian news in English
Globe and Mail is a premier news outlet in Canada, and this app allows the user to easily keep up with Canadian current events.
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6 years ago, jroooo
One major flaw
The content is great and the interface is mostly fine but I’m always accidentally opening a pop up that takes me to Safari. It’s very annoying and distracts from an otherwise great app.
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6 years ago, BlackPearlie
content not displaying
I’m a subscriber who normally accesses the G & M on my desktop computer. I saw and downloaded this app to my iPad, logged in with no problem — but clicking links on homepage takes me to screen stating content isn’t available.
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8 years ago, Leber424
Excellent app for an excellent paper
Easy to navigate. Provides excellent access to the Globe and Mail.
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8 years ago, ExpatCh
Excellent app and content
Outstanding app provides access to to notch reporting and content.
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6 years ago, emilynn
Globe & Mail
A wonderful newspaper that too few Americans know about.
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6 years ago, unhappy drivewise
Pop-up ads
I am a paying subscriber. However, I still have to deal with pop-up ads that pop open in Safari after an errant touch on the screen while scrolling through an article. Aggravating.
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7 years ago, fappiah
Story format
I like the way stories are condensed. You spend a short time on one yet get all the important facts
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6 years ago, Hak2cz
National and international news
The most authorltative news in the world
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6 years ago, Icewhine
Canada’s Best.
The Globe and Mail is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected newspapers. It is an excellent source of news in. Canada.
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6 years ago, ubereatsdissapoints
The Ads are a disaster.
Every time you read an article the ads click involuntarily. This is a huge annoyance.
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4 years ago, rswanx
Intrusive Advertising
The app has recently started jumping to advertisers web pages and/or apps as the user scrolls, regardless of whether or not an add is “clicked”. So impossible to read an article from beginning to end without interruption.
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7 years ago, Kapt Kelly
The best in North America
The Globe is among the very best of North American journalistic enterprises, and the capabilities of their app is evidence of this commitment to quality.
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7 years ago, Yahoo Eh
Bye bye
Too much of it is locked. The subscription fees are too high for news you can get on the internet elsewhere. Your is deleted.
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3 years ago, paddybruce
I ave the App and a sunbscription but can’t make it work in my iPhone. What’s wrong?
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8 years ago, Sandiferous
Great way to read the globe
App works.
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6 years ago, Thunder Bay Ontario
Pay to play
Most articles require a overpriced subscription.
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8 years ago, Since-You-asked
Clean, neat interface
A pleasure to read.
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2 years ago, Charley Horst
Subscription terminated for no reason
I'm a subscriber and it's paid for and still I've been turned off. Not good.
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6 years ago, Lovely LIMA
Good reporting
Timely reporting of global events
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4 years ago, Rinial
Still crashes
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6 years ago, gtujuybg
Should be free
No way your model is working. Try something else
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6 years ago, smf72
Thanks for the update (BROKEN)
In typical fashion you update the app and don't test it first. Crashes on launch. Useless !!!!!
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11 years ago, FT in Tulsa
Quality worth the cost
Excellent Globe and Mail content in an easy to use application. I can find the high quality content that I want quickly. I also enjoy being able to read off line on the bus or train. I think it is good that newspapers are moving their online content behind paywalls. If we come to believe that the whole digital world should be free without paying the providers of the content, then the quality of the content will decline, if not disappear. There are people working to make this publication appear. I do wish the app version included more or all of the print version. I do not think the movie reviews are here, and a good deal of the Saturday paper seems to be missing, from Style, etc. I also miss the special book review section, although that was cut from the print edition several years ago.
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11 years ago, American Canadaphile
Mostly a good site and app
I like the Globe's iPhone app for the most part. Although I have to say that it seems new stories do not load often enough, the site goes down some and considering the fact that the pay wall costs more than that of the NY Times, I would like to see more exclusive content for the $20 I am paying each month. But the app navigates well when it works and can be fast.
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9 years ago, dtSeattle
Worst redesign ever
This is one buggy app. I can't get to the login screen, just a "guest screen" or blank screen when I select Profile. But more importantly the quick access we had to CDN and US market info and the top news headlines is gone. Instead of concise screens with easy access to all the stories, we have to scroll through and/or swipe to many different screens. There is a lot of white space and large fonts which are a complete waste of space and time. The old app let us browse quickly through the tops stories. This is an essential feature for busy people. We come to the app for news and not some designer's vision (nightmare) of great design. They've also merged many sections including arts and entertainment with sports. How did that happen? This new app is a buggy waste of time. How disappointing for the best news source in Canada. If it doesn't get fixed soon I'll be canceling my online suvbscription.
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10 years ago, petunia the pup
Connecting to Canada
I moved to the USA 25 years ago. At the time, if I wanted to read the Globe I'd walk down to international news stand and pay $4.50 for one that was 3 days old. Couldn't be happier with the app although a couple of the old columnist are still too clever by half by which I mean pretentious. But heck, it keeps me connected to Canada for which I am appreciative.
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11 years ago, Desertsolver
Still needs work
The Globe is still the best source of Canadian news, and pretty good on happenings abroad as well. The freeloaders who object to paying for access to its online edition must think they're entitled to get something valuable for nothing, letting someone else - other subscribers or the owners - pick up the cost for them. Spoiled babies. Only complaint is that the app frequently doesn't load, or is very slow. Various fixes have promised to deal with this problem, so far to no avail.
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13 years ago, CatOnCrack
Pop-up ads? Really?
App is very similar to the Toronto Star mobile app but there are just far too many little banner ads. Quick perusal revealed no glaring annoyances except for the ads, which take up roughly a quarter of the story. At least you can close these ones so I guess that puts it above the Star app. I guess I thought the globe would be above ads but I guess that was simply naive of me. All in all an ok app, at least the price was right!
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9 years ago, felixmk
Poor redesign
This redesigned app is worse than the previous version. Slow to load, wasteful of screen space, not intuitive. Hard to find information as there are only a few sections. Boxes come up that do nothing but have a little note saying next. Fire the folks that wrote this.
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9 years ago, Njgirl57
Attractive graphics but would like to access offline too
The app is a bit slow to load and requires internet connection to read the articles. I'd like less attractive graphics if it could be faster and store a copy on my phone to read anytime.
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9 years ago, Allen George
Horrible Redesign
Took an app that was unsexy but functional and turned it into something totally unusable. I can't navigate to sections anymore, cant seem to get anything more than a few articles, the navigation seems completely unintuitive... All in all, an incredibly poor experience.
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10 years ago, Harsil1
Good, but...
Constant pop-up ads are infuriating, especially when you're paying $20 a month for the service. Also, there appear to be server issues a lot of the time. Bookmarked articles seem to get dropped within a day or two, as well. The layout and design of the app are excellent; probably the best newspaper app I've seen. I enjoy reading it a lot, once I get past the above-noted issues.
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