The Green Gazette

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The Gazette
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User Reviews for The Green Gazette

4.74 out of 5
343 Ratings
6 years ago, Rubinjane
Spelling counts
My husband recently had surgery and was not able to go to work, which along the way would daily pick up the CR Gazette, along with USA Today, so he could read them as “fresh news” instead of day old, later delivered to our rural community 90 miles away. This has been great for him and he has loved it, I too have found it to be wonderful, even though not a CR native person so have not such a keen interest as he does. I have compared the print to green version, for the sake of the questions I did have on if it would be as good. I can clearly, without distinction say that THIS is much better. Yes, spelling errors are there (same as in print). You can zoom the pictures in vivid beautiful color as the photographer took them, not as gritty as newsprint. If your the person to puzzle, print it yourself and puzzle! :). No more recycle bins, look at past issues without clutter. Jump to sections easily with a tap and swipe. If you hate going from one page to another to another the article view is one seamless read, with font you can change. I hope this answered your questions, downside is that it is it’s own app, but the reader is not coordinated with other local green papers using the same app. So you have to have two of them. Newsmemory (yellow one) for Washington Journal, Mt. Pleasant News, and Fairfield Ledger all of which are owned by same company.
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2 years ago, Cherry Louie
Online Gazette Subscription
Came to this option reluctantly but now am liking it more & more! No more soggy deliveries, no more stopping, starting the paper for out of town trips, no more delivery delays due to weather. Love the morning notice that Gazette is ready, easy to maneuver between pages & sections, easy to view articles with enlarged print, love that we can listen to articles being read out loud, love that we have the Gazette available where ever we are when traveling, love that we can view editions we missed in previous editions & look for previous articles we want to view again!👍👍 We had a rocky start with getting this set up to use but was worth persevering! Thank you! Cheryl
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6 years ago, Planet Lewison
Going Green is Good
It took a little bit of time to get used to a new that didn’t involve picking up the paper from the front steps in the morning, dividing up the paper by section and swapping for the next one, piling up and recycling. Being able to open up the paper on an iPad from wherever I’m at in the world, it is satisfying to feel connected to home. The only issue that occurs is when there is off-sized pages or sections in the hard copy. It really negatively impacts the experience on the digital version...the sizing, alignment, paging are all messed up. I will say that those issues seem to have been resolved in the past few months. And, to be fair, the off-size layouts are equally annoying in hard copy...but at least you can just toss that section and it doesn’t affect the rest of the paper. I like doing the Suduko and wondered how that would work. I just print it out when I want to do one...very easy.
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2 years ago, Jednlb
Easy to use
With the The Gazette, Iowa City P-C, and the DM Register being printed in DM now, their are going to be weather days when we don’t receive the papers. It is nice to be able to read them online. Also being able to get the sports news that doesn’t meet the print deadline is nice. I also like the ease it offers for sharing an occasional article with a friend. We get all 3 papers, but The Gazette is my paper of choice that I read most thoroughly.
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1 year ago, 60 years young
Gazette app
We started using the digital edition due to so many problems with the delivery of our newspaper. We couldn’t believe there is no dependable deliver anymore. The app is fine, but sometimes I have problems swiping pages. Other times I try to make pages larger, I’m sure there were instructions somewhere, and it doesn’t work or changes pages on me. I’m using an iPad, so that might make a difference. I’ll continue to get the digital editions, because I believe in getting information from a trusted source. However, I’m in my 70s and long for the old days when when I had a paper to look at. Yes, I still read real books too.
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2 years ago, shari B, IC
Gazette online.
I’m actually happier than I thought I would be subscribing online Gazette as compared to the newspaper. I love the newspaper! But holding my phone and being able to access the news anytime, anywhere has been so handy. Love it! I can print the puzzles when I want them and utilize the back sheet for grocery lists, etc. All recycled? One sheet of paper. And it’s cheaper than the paper! Than you. Shari Buell. Iowa City
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3 years ago, Downtown.parker
Bugs fixed!
The latest version of this app made so many improvements, but the most critical one is that it actually opens the correct story in the reading pane when you tap on it. I also appreciate that it doesn’t keep the story you are reading in the right hand pane highlighted on the left, and photos are easier to view. Well done! 👏👏
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3 years ago, Schnick24
Almost better than the real thing
I almost like reading the Gazette online better than the actual paper. With some of the delivery issues, I’ve got a good sample of days to use the Green Gazette. I like that I can forward the articles and cartoons when I see something I want others to see. The cartoons are sometimes blurry when looking at them individually, so that’s a negative
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4 years ago, christophtrappe
Use it daily
Categorically speaking I’m not a big fan of reading print papers online in the same format. But I use this app daily to read the print edition of The Gazette. In fact it has replaced the reading of the printed edition for me completely. From that perspective I’m glad this app exists. Reading content is mostly easy and you can click to see a larger version or zoom into the page.
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4 years ago, Charlie - only the best
The Green Gazette
This newspaper is excellent. Using the digital paper on my IPad is convenient and my preferred format. I would recommend that they include hyperlinks to finish their stories and then link back to where you left off. I hesitated subscribing for several years in hopes that the digital subscription price would come down. I would still like to see a lower price point but honestly I’m very satisfied and glad I didn’t wait longer.
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4 years ago, roguer67
We’ve had a Gazette subscription for many years. Now we have a subscription to the Green Gazette. It’s great. I read more than I ever did. It’s so easy and convenient. My wife and I can read it at the same time. It’s simple to jump to anyplace in the paper. It avoids paper waste. A free press is essential to a democracy. And a local press is important to a thriving community. I highly recommend this app.
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3 years ago, GI@gypsi
The Green Gazette Subscription...
Our family has enjoyed thus far our recent subscription to the Green Gazette eliminating the daily delivery, which at times won't be delivered for a day or two, due to the weather. By subscribing to the Green Gazette online we are able to get the news anytime and anywhere. Thank you. Toni Cassell
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2 years ago, Alikur2
Online Gazette a treasure for travelers
The Green Gazette is a great resource for travelers and snowbirds. It’s interface is easy to use. It allows a reader to keep up with the local news and events while on the road or spending time away from home. Personally it doesn’t replace a hard coy paper but it’s a good companion for a great paper.
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8 months ago, SuiteBee
Daily Green Gazette a Great Start to Our Day
We never have to go out in the weather to get our Gazette, and we’re helping save trees and the planet. The archives allow us to retrieve or reread a special article, and the comics are still in color. Those are just a few of the advantages to reading the Gazette on our iPads or PCs.
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4 years ago, JanieTV
Reading the paper daily now
I’ve never liked the “usual” online versions of newspapers, then tried out the Green Gazette, which is a replication of a physical newspaper, I find myself reading the paper cover to cover on a daily basis now. I’ve found local events and other news that I would overlook before.
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2 months ago, HawkeyeDiner
A seamless way to read the paper
I started using the Green Gazette when poor weather prevented delivery of the paper Gazette. I never stopped. I’ve since shown a couple of older friends he advantages of a means that includes auto magnification of text.
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3 years ago, B. Knudtson
Gazette Online
Unfortunately, we live in an area where we don’t get the Monday’s Gazette delivered until Tuesday. I don’t like that at all but going online is the next best thing. It looks just like the paper and I like it too when we are on vacations, etc. where there is no Gazette sold.
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4 months ago, Douglas McBride
First Choice
Been a subscriber for 44 years. Wasn’t sure about the online version, am so glad I switched. The paper is never late (OK, less than 5 times in 7 years), can read it anywhere in the world, can share an article easily, same great quality of reporting…I’m in…forever. Doug McBride
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2 years ago, Tueshaus
Reading the Gazette online
For the most part I really enjoy reading on my iPad. After several years of doing this I do not understand why now there are so many glitches, mainly in the obituaries. Also I sometimes have trouble getting the paper to load.
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11 months ago, Vlad the Nailer
Green Gazette
Best idea the Gazette ever had. My wife prefers the print edition, but I like the electronic version on my iPad, which allows me to keep my coffee cup handy. Sending articles to others is so easy with this version. The only improvement I can suggest is to extend access to older editions beyond what is shown in “Archives.”
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3 months ago, Avid reader gal
One of the best!
This app is well designed, gives you options for how to read and enjoy the paper, and has worked flawlessly the two-plus years I e used it.
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1 year ago, Mona881
Green Gazette
Reading the electronic version of the Gazette is absolutely the best! So convenient and easy to get local news and updates. Planning for upcoming activities is a breeze. Cost is affordable and less than a printed version.
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6 years ago, IRB Bound
Gazette Review
We enjoy being able to read our paper online. We travel quite a lot and it is convenient to get our hometown news anywhere. It is frustrating at times that the paper does not load properly, however for the most part we enjoy the APP
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6 months ago, gazreader
Great app!
This app works very well to bring up the latest issue of the paper. It also allows sharing of articles. Older issues are available in the archives.
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2 years ago, Readeriowa
New to digital and love it
I went to digital when Gazette had trouble getting deliveries of print edition to my area. I love it, have far less recycling to do and price is much better.
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4 years ago, =bd=
Really Helpful
The Green Gazette app is straight forward and easy to learn. It presents the news in the newspaper format I’m used to. I use this, not the website where it’s all fragmented and difficult to scan for the most relevant stories. Also great for keeping up on things when away from home.
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4 years ago, Gazette Subscriber
IOS14 Problem
Some pages won’t load since the install of ios14. Page/s will show up blank without text, but if you shrink then expand the page, it may load/display properly. No problems before ios14. Viewing on a 2017 iPad with 128 GB memory, and half is free. All the latest updates always installed. Otherwise, this is a 5 star app and newspaper.
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5 years ago, MarchesWithWolves
Surprisingly refreshing
Wasn’t looking for yet another mobile device magnetism, but I do find myself reading local news a lot more than before. Still learning the app. And happy the human brain has no issue concatenation once hyphenated words that shift in the viewer’s variable window size.
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7 months ago, WinCtyGuy
Every morning
I enjoy the Eastern Iowa coverage, especially in sports. I also appreciate the daily INSIGHT page as I see various ideas about many subjects. Please do not ever stop that. I especially like Mike Hlas, Jeff Linder, and Todd Dorman.
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4 years ago, Sarusa n
Traveling but keeping up on News from Home
This is a great way to see what’s happening when we travel. I look for my grandkids names in the Sport pages and my wife Donna looks to see if I’d made the obituaries as yet !
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3 years ago, crapidsma
The Green Gazette
Makes reading the newspaper easier due to its compactness and easy access to longer articles. Very convenient and easy to share!
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3 years ago, ong time customers
Gazette online
The convenience and ability to read articles in any size plus my ability to do games is great!
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4 years ago, Iowa Mick
Love the Green Gazette
Great way to stay in touch with all that is going on back home while we are in Arizona enjoying the sun and warm temperatures. Especially like being able to follow all Hawkeye sports with the extensive coverage by the sports staff.
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4 years ago, insomniac 2020
Morning Wake Up
I enjoy the Green Gazette everyday. I’m not a sleeper so it is nice to be able to read it early in the morning. Great way to catch up on the news. We still get the paper Gazette so both hubby & I are happy!
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2 years ago, PianoSeller
Gazette on line reader
Convenient to have the Gazette on my phone. Wish the print could default to larger font to make reading it easier for seniors. I am able to enlarge articles for easier reading but it is not as convenient.
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7 months ago, AK Commutant
Hometown News
It is so great to have the “Green” news from home for a hometown “boy” who has lived far away for nearly 50 years. May The Gazette flourish for another 140 years.
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4 years ago, ArchieMrs
The Green Gazette is very convenient
Whether we are camping or traveling we always have access to the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Have had very few problems and would highly recommend.
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3 years ago, WSWprez
Easy and intuitive
Of all the “newsreader” apps I’ve tried, this is by far the most intuitive and easiest to use.
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5 years ago, Mewhall
Enjoy being able to get the info every day even when I travel. Great to keep up to date with things happening at home.
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4 months ago, Roger Lee3
A great way to get the daily paper
I get all the local news, and don’t have to dispose of of a big pile of newsprint every week.
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4 years ago, Marion2015
Green Gazette works for me
Started reading the Gazette on line several years ago and I think it works great. Saves a tree for starters, but I can read the paper no matter what part of the world I’m in.
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10 months ago, Jo Schmo Schmatzaball
Green Gazette
Love having the paper at my fingertips bright and early every morning. What a treat! I recently was reading the Des Moines Register, and the Gazette is a far better paper!!!
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2 years ago, Jrod1256
I like the digital version
Easy to read and move around.
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8 months ago, NormanBB
I am a former Iowan now living in Minnesota. I think the sports coverage of Iowa teams is superb. I don't read about the politics of Iowa because I live in blue state country. John Steppe and Mike Hlas are really entertaining.
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1 year ago, wbh43
Easy to read.
The Gazette on my iPad makes for easy access and reading for current and archived editions.
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5 years ago, Dave(loves the newspaper)Odell
Reads the Gazette for 60 years
I love reading the newspaper! Why because TV and the internet should not be the only places you get your news!
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3 years ago, Newspaper Enthusiast
Newspaper enthusiast
Great for when I am out of town to keep up on local news. Otherwise I enjoy the printed edition.
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4 years ago, dwightschumm
Best newspaper app
I like the way you can switch back and forth between whole page and individual story views
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4 years ago, getting better by the day
The Best way to read a News Paper.
After reading the regular paper for many years I was reluctant To try a on line paper. Because of the virus and cost I tried The paper on Gazette web site. It worked but had many issues And we didn’t enjoy it. With the app it’s so much better, works great, easy to use And I don’t think I will ever go back to the printed version.
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6 years ago, wrapper frustration
Excellence app except on days with advertising wrappers
This is an excellent app except on days with advertising wrappers. It messes up the app and the paper is difficult to read on the app as the browsing function does not work. Last wee sections of the paper were missing.
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