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User Reviews for The Guardian - Live World News

4.86 out of 5
109.2K Ratings
2 years ago, SashaCat1543
Essential news service
I couldn’t have survived the pandemic without the Guardian by my side. The only minor annoyance is the plea for donations (not too annoying since I LOVE that the weekly mag doesn’t have ads), and the fact that even if you are on a monthly donation plan, the app doesn’t consider this to be equivalent to an online subscription (which, to be fair, it isn’t). So I get most of my reading done via the snail mail paper copy we subscribe to, and just top off at the app. Room for improvement: pls improve the app search algorithm. If I am searching for an article or book review I’ve already read in the hard copy magazine and I know the key words or names, half the time the article won’t let itself be found via the app search engine no matter what I do. Sometimes this can be resolved by googling the article in question, and sometimes not, but either way it’s very frustrating. Still overall, great app, and I’m glad it’s out there making the world a better place!
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3 months ago, AstroPaul
Redesign gets an F.🔥❌ Newspaper still an A+! ✅💯
Alas, the redesign is a mess. 1️⃣—-> Hiding sections leaves large bolded headings that waste space. They should vanish entirely. 2️⃣ —> Font control is convoluted. It's split between the Control Center for headlines and within articles for their text. 3️⃣ ——> The font size jumps too much — we need finer control. 4️⃣ ——> In addition, if you enlarge the font size for the main page, the organization changes dramatically. It goes from a normal mixed newspaper style to a blocky, uninviting, 2-across rectangular grid — far too uniform and industrial looking. 5️⃣ ——> The Guardian now imposes its own main page organization, and the section order cannot be changed. That is a major step backwards. WE FIND OURSELVES READING FEWER AND FEWER GUARDIAN ARTICLES EVERY DAY! Surely, that's not not what you want! 6️⃣ Your “My Guardian” section is NOT an alternative. It has an enforced layout, blocky and grid-bound, and includes Podcasts for EVERY section even if we don't want them! 7️⃣——> Today, March 26, your Home page displayed photos for a story that blocked the headlines! 8️⃣—-> Which designers thought these changes were a good idea? Which “Engineering Managers” signed off on them? Please listen to your readers and app users and fix these issues, even reverse your actions. Your email on the changes offered no justification. Seriously, you are ruining a wonderful source of news, committed journalism, and skilled reporting.
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1 year ago, Phantammeron
Guardian was Great 5 years Ago but Not Today
I have really enjoyed the Guardian until the past few years. Years ago, it was tolerable to see a few young writers offer up a few novel interpretations of history or culture we never knew about, surrounded by a the wealth of objective apolitical news reporting by professionals your loyal readers could readily consume. But now the vast majority of your news articles are opinion-based, political, or racially charged hit-pieces dismantling some part of western culture your writers utterly despise. It is so bad, I now have to scroll through 90% of the articles just to find a single one about something innocent, like the wildlife in the UK, the world economy, etc. ….some world news event that is apolitical and free of ‘victimhood culture’. Your news now is just editorialized, hyper-charged opinion. Activist hate has spread like wildfire through your news org. Its now so biased and jaded against large cross sections of people, races, ages, religions, or genders there is nothing truly objective left that can see the world of good people as worthy. Your news it seems is just not fit to print without hateful interpretations looking through the dark colored lense of identity politics. I miss the Old Guardian where all people and all news had value as is. Now it is heavily filtered, heavily jaded, and toxic. I just cant listen to the passive agressive rage in so many young writers any longer. I have to say goodbye.
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2 years ago, clinkerkiddo
The cost is prohibitive
If I want to vary my reading, I cannot pay over $150 for every news outlet I like. NYT and WAPO both offer annual subscriptions under $40 (if you try to cancel), and I just got a year of the Economist for $100, and I consider them the gold standard. I really like the Guardian, but I can’t justify paying 50% more than what I pay for the Economist. How does my price complaining relate to the app? Well, the app generously lets you read for free, but constantly reminds you that you are reading free. Every single article comes with an overlay telling you how many articles you have read at their expense. I should also mention, the price I am willing to pay for a news journal is directly proportional to their self-restraint in expressing political bias. Thats why I would happily pay 3x more for the Economist over NYT and WAPO. Economist is up front about it’s views but writing style makes a clear distinction between those views and their facts. NYT and WAPO get some great scoops but the degree of bias is at times almost sickening. Guardian does a lot better job than those two, but not so good that I would pay the premium I am willing to pay for pure unpolluted news.
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2 years ago, LaineSumner
Thanks for your generosity.
Thank The Fourth Estate ! I’m a student and broke. It’s so important to be informed. I really appreciate that I can read The Guardian for free. When I get some money I will start paying. The writers are excellent — great content. I can look at the photos and editorials, and imagine a life of travel where I can improve myself. Thanks for your unbiased research into world issues, and your reporting on politics. Being a journalist is a dangerous low paying job. Those that bring us the news and keep us informed, are the only thing standing between a free democracy and a failed state. Across the world journalists are jailed, killed, or treated with suspicious hostility at the very least. Also, If the media is so liberal, how come they gave Trump 5bil in free ads? The point I'm trying to make here is that journalism used to be known as "The fourth estate", an actual branch of a democratic society. The Guardian upholds this time honored ideal. Also, The Washington Post charges money to read online. The Guardian is free. Read it.
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11 months ago, rickerzinger
It’s another point of view
The Guardian provides a different point of view when compared to most US newspapers. The two things that Americans should understand are that, of course , it is an English paper, so many aspects of American life, culture and politics which seem so “normal” and therefore unremarkable to us may seem strange and even inconceivable to British people - even those who know America better than Americans themselves. A good example is our continued inability to get up the gumption to place any sort of restrictions on the possession or use of firearms. The other salient aspect of The Guardian that American readers should be aware of is that its editorial slant is decidedly liberal-to-Left-Wing. This doesn’t make their reporting inaccurate or their columns and editorial commentary necessarily seem wrong-headed or unreadable by conservatives, but conservative and libertarian readers should prepare to have their view of things to be challenged at times, to put it mildly.
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11 months ago, MD CA
The pages are difficult to read
The design is cramped. It's like buying coffee in an American supermarket. Hard to concentrate. The font is too small. There is little variety. It's always the same people writing about the same things, and basically saying the same thing over and over again. I feel like you have gone overboard with using color. It reduces the gravitas of the site. Try to organize the site into "interest groups." Politics, culture, art, Tories, Labour, and then have sections for England, Wales, N Ireland, EU, the US, etc. The current mish-mash style is confusing and annoying. Try not to keep popping up every minute with asking for donations. It's annoying and counter-productive. I think you can do better if you have guest writers every week. Every article I read is thrown in my face with a running total to "contribute." When you resort to this kind of vile guilt trips, then it's not really going to be a contribution, is it? Stop harassing your readers. If free access is a problem for you, don't make a option. There are thousands of other free sites one could access if one doesn't want to pay for your subscription.
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6 years ago, BetaCancri290
The best news app 10 stars
I purchased the monthly subscription and it is well worth it. The news that is covered and the links within articles is simply “Outstanding!” To be able to read current news and link to older stories concerning issues is incredibly fascinating and informative. Each day I find new information and detailed stories I didn’t know existed. I love the stories. Was reading up on Chernobyl and the newly installed enclosure and went through each of the links reading about life within the exclusion zone and the possibility of a solar farm. The content and how easy it is to navigate is simply awesome. One article and its associated links can lead to hours of fascinating information at your fingertips. If I could change one thing it would be to include easier crossword puzzles for novices like me that are working our way up to the more difficult ones.
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4 years ago, "Ginny"
The Guardian: A stellar (5 stars )news source
The Guardian continues to be a stellar news source for the world eager to comprehend the world in which we all live. With unabashed comprehensive and uncompromising ethos, the Guardian provides its readers news relevant to today. Opinion pieces offer perspectives not shared by all, but can give the reader pause to muse, perhaps seeing “the other side” for the first time, thus opening the mind to other possibilities, and sometimes new direction of thought. The Guardian stands firmly upright, by itself, against any of the other credible, well-respected and lauded news sources from around the world, and it deserves to be given the utmost credit for the written styles of its reporters who strive to relate news stories that serve to educate the general public. Education is knowledge, and the Guardian brings that every-single day to its millions of readers.
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6 years ago, stephenIT
Reading the Guardian
I don’t who will read this. I find the Guardian’s ability to include reporting, analysis, reflection and comparison within the same piece constantly refreshing. In the US the ‘serious’ papers separate reporting and analysis. The front page carries the facts without comment although the subject matter may imply treason and an existential constructional crisis. You have to wade through to the opinion sections on back page (pace NYT) for any analysis. Even then, it is a week later and, in order not to appear biased, they include pieces from either side of the fence, no matter where in the swamp the fence has been erected. Some stories - the role of Russian and other oligarch money floating the US property and fine art markets - hang around in plain sight for decades without being reported. When the festering sore breaks the surface, it is with with instant shock and horror - but that is another subject.
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5 months ago, DutchBart
Best Paper in World, but…
The Guardian is bold, extremely well and clearly written, plus easily read. They break news and dig, dig, dig to present issues of interest across the spectrum. It’s what an active paper should be! The priority is on a just global society, good governance, no coddling the truth and on transparency rather than capitalism, business or brutish sensationalism. And no namby pamby treatment of giving equal weight to slimy partisans. They protect democracy and unzip issue framing, and press spinning by partisan and PR types. The shortcoming is in how one can contribute to support this two century old paper. The payment mechanism inhibits paying larger amounts and needs flexibility to accommodate more supporters who want to pay in different ways - card, checks, payment systems, gifts of stock, etc. Aldo those who can only pay smaller amounts get locked out if they are heavy readers.
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4 years ago, Smiling Mom
Important Objectivity - Integrity in Truth
As an American living while watching the upside down politics and perpetual chaos in the states, even the reputable news outlets often feel like insidious repetition puppets; I have great empathy for the excellent journalists repeating the same old stuff daily while exposed to abuse by their President. Fox Entertainment is not in their league, not even close. Fox is simply a bully pulpit for the right wing Patriarch agendas. For those who choose to never leave their own backyard literally or figuratively they have found their traditional safety net at FOX. We know Rupert Murdoch and family laugh as they fill their pockets now; unfortunately, there’s always a balancing act be it this lifetime or another. Their contribution to the dysfunction of modern culture and progress will not go down unnoticed in the history books or higher realms of accountability. I also have compassion although it’s ‘detached compassion’ for the employees and headliners at Fox. It feels as though they have truly sold their souls and ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’. So, we must look to other resources and seek truth and wisdom where we can find it. The Guardian is my first choice for information at home and abroad. Thank you. I know it takes great effort to offer this service to the world.
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6 years ago, The Ludz
New logo/icon is disappointing
The Guardian is great. I read it everyday. I'm dropping a star from my review though because the new icon is so bad. I loved the old logo. The blue circle-masked lowercase "g" was distinct, unique and popped out in a sea of apps on my home screen. The new, black and white, times roman, capital G in a circle feels like any generic news publication. Worse, the app is hard to find now when I scroll through my apps and the widget icon, wow, I can't even tell it's a G. It could be that stupid new uber icon for all I know. Seriously, I understand the world is a depressing, polorizing place these days and the new black/white logo might be meant to represent the times, but please, when Trump leaves office, can we have the old logo back? Finally, Yahoo and the Gap both changed their iconic logos an few years ago. The Gap changed theirs back and still have a business, yahoo not so much. Please don't be the next Yahoo!
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4 months ago, Philip369
More and more problems
This app is my favorite. However, in the past few months it has become extremely buggy and frustrating to use. First, at some point last year articles stopped being cached properly. I reported the issue yet the problem persists. The vast majority of articles are not accessible offline even when I open them first. Secondly, every single time there is an update the dreaded “support the Guardian” appears until I restore the purchase. I have a premium membership- I shouldn’t have to restore once a week. Incredibly frustrating. Again, I have reported this several times. A week passes and the same thing happens yet again. Finally a new problem since last week, when trying to access comments I get a pop-up saying I need to activate notifications in order to view comments. I don’t understand why there are so many problems these days but it has become very annoying to use.
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1 year ago, alima linda salmon
The Guardian is no longer caring for its readership
Guardian along with Truth Out is how we now old hippies got our new on-line news after the 1968 news black-out in this country, still in effect … but think I need to stop my tiny monthly contribution to The Guardian as it’s now demanding a $10 monthly subscription to its commentary on the news… seems like the only way to get actual news these daze is from people one has met in traveling the world… haven’t been able to buy what’s left of the London Sunday Times in this country since the 9-11 disaster… Obviously the Guardian like everyone else wants more money, but for us old retirees… Too sad, too bad, is this good-bye? Even the last of the NYTimes still allows one a deeply discounted rate for actual digital news apart from what Apple & the GAGgle dish out… hometown paper won’t anymore… have to continue to rely on younger friends - helps to have a diverse lot… 👁️ 💧 -alk salmon
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2 years ago, FrostbiteFrank
Concise, Cogent, Complete, and Convenient!
I depend on The Guardian to provide factual, up-to-date, accurate reporting, free of the political agendas of the two dominant political parties of the United States. The view from across the Atlantic provides clarity and independent, disinterested expositions of current events, while the US “news“ presenters often try to distract their readership with politically-motivated, one-sided, manufactured issues as these two old dinosaurs battle each other for control of the US government and its Treasury. I can trust The Guardian to provide the whole news, without the echo chamber and propaganda of the politically motivated press. Without The Guardian and the US National Public Radio my information about current events would be limited to two separate ideological bubbles, operating in a vacuum as though the other doesn’t exist, feeding their audiences only the half-truths that they want them to hear. I applaud The Guardian for its support (financial and intellectual) of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and the fearless, dangerous work they are doing to expose the global secret economy and web of influence of the world’s uber-wealthy families, politicians, and kleptocrats. I am proud to be a paid subscriber.
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2 years ago, heyjophi
Most reliable news and information
My interest in the the Guardian was piqued by its analysis of two events years apart, the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. There was not a reliable and trusted news source for me after the advent of Fox News until the Guardian app became available along with subsequent paid membership. The Guardians moniker is an apt description of its mission which is to be a guardian of truth and justice for our planet and all that inhabit it. It is ironic that I have to rely on the Guardian since corporate interests in my own country, the US, caused the death of “truth in journalism”. I truly appreciate that the Guardian is available to anyone with access to a phone or computer with probable exception to China and others with repressive regimes. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Mack ee
Great news app
The App: Fast-loading, good layout, and I love that when you open it it pre-loads all the stories when you open it, so if you’re going somewhere without internet (whether an airplane or just the black spot in your own home) you can read all the stories. The content: Well-written, properly edited proper English, not like so many clickbait sites (and even other journalistic organizations!) where it seems people have forgotten grammar or how to spell. Good journalistic content though a bit lefty, I’d appreciate cogent opinions from the other side of the spectrum as well. At least it’s clear what’s news and what’s opinion unlike (many!) others. Lots of free news but I pay for this one, it’s worth it.
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6 months ago, Chbird
Throttled content = deleted app
I subscribed to the guardian in 2020 because they did good work and didn't report false information. I stayed subscribed until a few weeks ago when you announced you'd be raising your prices. And then today, imagine my surprise when I found out we are limited in the number of articles we may view in the app. You have to pay an additional subscription to use the app to access the same articles that are free online. No. I was willing to pay you every month for absolutely nothing because you do good work, but when you strong army like this nonsense, not only did I unsubscribe, I deleted your app. This is total garbage. really disappointed. You were getting five dollars a month out of me for absolutely nothing, now you get zero. Thanks for driving this customer away.
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5 years ago, Arindam Nag
Still the best
I was introduced to the Guardian newspaper when it used to be called the Manchester Guardian. By my dad. Enoch Powell was bleeding Britain out of its moral compass, Cliff Richard and the Beatles were ruling the waves. Tony Greig was leading the English cricket team. Since then I moved countries and occasionally lost touch with my favorite broadsheet . I would occasionally scour the sidewalks of Calcutta and pick up a seven-day old Guardian that would cost me my entire week’s pocket money. I would keep it by my pillow, till the week after. And then came the internet. The Guardian has been my go to site every few hours on my iPhone. As if my small hands were made to hold the Guardian all the time. Please continue the excellent journalism and writing. Thank you!
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1 year ago, lynkh
The Manchester Guardian
Oh! All of a sudden you recognize the greatness of the paper you are reading. It’s the Manchester Guardian. It hasn’t hidden its worker-supporting nature in 200 years. I don’t know what life was like for workers in coal-smoked factories of the Manchester of all of our imaginations, but yes, this is that paper. Someone always has to prove that the poor have brains or taste the ability to appreciate art. The brains role fell to the Guardian. It is not privately owned. There are no shareholders. It is supported by its readers. It has never had to hide its left-leaning editorial bent, just prove that the people who read it are very capable of understanding it. The Guardian is a flame that cannot be put out. It is beholden to no one and respected by all. Make sure you donate.
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1 year ago, DBM702
Real Facts written by Real Journalists
I read/listen/watch many news sources in various formats. The Guardian is courageous in its global news coverage, that seeks to print only the truth, and not sensationalize or spread misinformation to get “Likes”. Disinformation is not in its vocabulary. I am able to learn first hand the difficult stories of real people and real situations that affect me, the planet, the economy, the world’s people and so much more. It provides me part of what I need to know to make informed decisions, especially when it’s time to #vote in any election I am privileged to take part in. I am seventy years old and donate when and where I can to support their sincere efforts to keep an honest and free press alive. Please also donate and/or subscribe to help them in their heroic accomplishments as they are “boots on the ground” in sometimes very precarious environments where they must risk their lives. The “free press” isn’t and can’t be free, (as everyone has bills and salaries to pay, to eat, keep the lights on, keep a roof over their heads, and just be able to produce such honest/unbiased content), if you don’t support them. Please do so.
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1 year ago, Mike Daken
Great app with one flaw
As I said, I do like this app. I have the subscription to support them and so I don’t have ads, layout it nice, easy to use. However I have one gripe, minor as it may be. I often read on my iPad, 12.9 inch, and It bothers me that the body of the articles don’t fill to the right, or expand . If I have the iPad in landscape for example, text of the article centers and only 50% of the screen is utilized. I understand this is a small issue, it doesn’t hinder me from reading the articles or anything, which is why I still gave 5 stars. But if a dev happens to see this, I can’t be the only one with OCD that thinks about this every time I use the app!
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3 years ago, The Oracle 84
Most objective news worldwide
I don’t really believe in paying for news, however after several weeks of reading the guardian I bought a subscription just to support the work they do. It is by far the most objective and well thought out written fair and balanced news worldwide. The way they covered the Palestinian Israeli conflict was very two-sided unlike most news agencies. I am an American and I believe that the guardian covers American use in a better Way than any American corporation. New stories are discussed in depth and with no tilt or bias, I recommend anybody who can buy a subscription and or donate money to fund the wonderful work being done at the guardian, Please do so
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3 years ago, Silli Billi
Attractively designed with lots of photos. A compelling way to read the news that compares favorably with the very good NYT app. The comments on political articles are less thoughtful than those in The Times, but sometimes raw rage and non-prissy language seem more appropriate. Also, The Times doesn’t dare to publish cartoons. The Guardian’s cartoons are brilliant and indispensable (though some of them don’t blow up properly for small-screen reading). The Country Diary column, which has run for over one hundred years, sets the news in a wider arc of nature and humanity. The Guardian takes you places no other newspaper can reach, and this app is a pretty nimble vehicle for that journey.
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6 years ago, anna-aaaa
Great redesign!
I love the new redesign! I had mostly stopped reading after the last redesign a few years ago - the light weight font (especially in white text over magenta half-device-width squares) was really hard to read. I also found it cartoonish, but the main problem was I couldn’t read it. I went from a daily reader, to just checking occasionally for balance against my other news sources. The new design is bold, more serious, and easy to read. Thank you for respecting my larger type preference. I’m back as a reader! I have ignored, with some guilt, your donation requests. Going forward I’m happy to donate, as the format now allows me to enjoy your valuable content.
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10 months ago, we'resorrytryagain
Thank you for this app. I enjoy ready many of your articles which are clearly written, easy to understand, and relatable. I have a suggestion to make it better. I would love to see news apps like this become more interactive like Reddit, or Facebook by providing the opportunity for a reader to vote with a like or dislike or uninterested as well as the chance for readers to leave comments on articles or even Follow a specific news story or topic with notifications when a new article about the story or topic is published. I think that would be amazing and make your readers feel more like they are a part of the news.
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2 years ago, gersfeld
Better than most newspapers in the US
During the pandemic I signed on to a few new subscriptions ensuring that I would never run of articles to read and subjects to discover. The Guardian was the best of all my discoveries and I continue to be impressed by the timely and well researched news as well as the wonderful information about books, food, theatre, art exhibits, and other forms of culture. Though I’m not a fan of reading on line I find the Guardian’s online version to be better than any newspaper in the US. Since subscribing myself, I’ve given a few gift subscriptions, a high compliment.
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1 year ago, Wendlyn67
Suddenly Tabloid
The Guardian has always been one of my most relied upon news sources. The journalism is ethical, balanced, and well researched. They cover stories that matter, on a global scale, and I’ve always perceived them as justice-oriented— until recently. The bitter and scathing coverage of Prince Harry has been honestly shocking. The publication I have always regarded as a legitimate outfit seems to be no better than tabloid trash, attacking the Sussexes for simply telling their story. Guardian, get back to real news. And when you do human interest stories, show your customary humanity, instead of this new viciousness. Your loyalty should be to journalism — not the British monarchy. All you’re doing is showing that all of Prince Harry’s assertions about the British press are legitimate.
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5 years ago, jo niles
Pretty good but used to be better
The content is distinctly left leaning and usually manages to avoid being too strident, though I have to say it is noticeably a little less sober than it once was. Once upon a time, its format and presentation was classier, more elegant, and easier to read than it is now. Indeed, I was sad to see it lose its white and blue format and its distinctive font. Nowadays The Guardian looks and feels like so many other news sites and has lost much of its individuality. Yet despite the old branding being far better, I still persevere with The Guardian because the quality of its reporting does redeem it a little.
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3 years ago, Pinko Commie Bastard
The Guardian is Baller
For the nearly fifty years I have been reading it, the Guardian has maintained a consistently high standard of journalism. Affectionately known in Britain as the Grauniad because of its more than occasional misprints, its editorial policy does not stray from the intelligent, liberal democratic, left of center, humanist ethic that has been the common thread of post WWII euro politics through the millennium. That thread is starting to fray but the Guardian doesn’t waver. The on-line version shows the newspapers’ adaptability to a new world publishing order without selling out to the tech-bro meme (read me-me) culture that threatens us all. Long Live the Grauniad!
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5 years ago, marc shillum
Poor UX, UI and IA
Guardian team, I love The Guardian, I really love The Guardian. You app is making me hate using The Guardian. I get it, you want users to upgrade to premium, and so you give prominent call-outs to part of the experience non paid users have no access to. But placing the hamburger in the bottom right isn’t a natural pattern. And creating more prominence for premium features than the nav is ridiculous. Please fix the nav, it just creates such a poor experience. Once you’ve fixed the Nav can you take a deep look at IA. The visual information hierarchy places important stories on dark grey backgrounds, and further down the page less important stories on bright white. Red headlines aren’t accessible on grey. Then the interaction paradigm. Left and right are taken by your paid features. But hamburger opens a drawer on the left which is different. Put both paid features on the right and keep the left for Nav. Or find a new way to invoke paid features, don’t duplicate. Lastly can you fix the type ramp?? I counted 10+ weights and sizes. It’s really off-putting to the eye. If you fix all of this I promise I’ll pay, just give me visual calm , be organized, thoughtful and intentional about elements. Let the words and images sing.
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5 years ago, 99uniform
I like the journalism just fine, thanks
2019 jan 6: It has been little over a year since i wrote the older review below and still feel the same. I do have one question, is it more beneficial to anyone by my becoming a subscriber versus keeping my current annual supporter status? What’s different? Older review: After having used the free app for about a year, decided to become an annual supporting member. Revenues generated go back into the journalism and not into any extraneous bells and whistles. (I do not consider providing for a web presence extraneous, these days it becomes a necessity.) I suppose it is my way of supporting the Free Press.
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3 years ago, stcuz
Content rich, with formatting issues.
I still don’t get articles’ links when they are placed into live update feeds. I don’t get to enjoy David Squire’s editorial cartoons in the app because they are too small. Those are annoying. The strong neo-liberal influence on content is a feature, not intended as the obvious bug it amounts to. Otherwise, good stuff. But keep looking for information about certain hotspots and for certain important emphasis. They don’t want you looking too hard at the Middle East, for example. Used to take comments, but the discussion must have turned sour on several notable opinion leaders featured within.
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3 years ago, just hit refresh
The Guardian has Facts in Headlines
Major media outlets fall into the editorial trap of softening headlines. In an attempt to seem impartial and tell both sides, they leave readers wondering what the point is, what is fact, fiction or all just a matter of opinion and perspective. Media companies do not need to give a voice and broadcast platform to anti-democracy forces. In today’s noisy, fast paced digital landscape, plain language that states the facts is needed. Lies need to be called lies, not couched and given credence as “beliefs.” The Guardian consistently delivers a fact based through-line from their headlines to the last period in their reporting. It’s refreshing.
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4 years ago, Gold River Daily Visitor
A Worthy Read
For U.S. (California) readers, this paper provides a news and social perspective of America welcomely different from that of home grown newspapers. Opinion pieces, editorial cartoons, style and emphasis typically have a refreshingly “foreign” take to them. This applies not only to the U.S., but news of the world at large. A fine addition to your other reads. (On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to still have a local newspaper, cherish it and keep that subscription. Where else to find Saturday’s Little League scores, or revelations of which City Hall politico recently got their knickers in a twist, or raided the public purse?)
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5 years ago, mdffnewsreader
The Guardian is real news
Please support accurate and in-depth reporting. The Guardian reports from an international perspective, covering world events that are often not picked-up by US news sources. Also; a wide variety of news stories, public interest, and social topics are covered. While their free coverage is broad everyone must accept that The Guardian, (And NYT & WAPO amongst others), must still pay the bills in order to function. So; please provide financial support by buying a paid subscription. [I; in no part, have any business dealings with this or other news sources. I do believe in paying my share].
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3 years ago, IrishInNY
Worth paying the subscription
A great news app that I use constantly throughout the day. Well-written articles. Good curation of US news on the home page. Real-time as-it-happens news updates give just the right amount of detail and are generally reliable. While my sympathies lie with the left-wing point of view in the US Comments pages, it would be more interesting to include some other perspectives. Great football/soccer coverage. The cryptic crosswords are worth the price of the subscription. The app works smoothly very smoothly.
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4 years ago, menina teimosa
How to use the app
Maybe I have to confess that I am not the most tech savvy person in the world, but for that reason, I would like to know how to make a better use of The Guardian app. I think it’s complicated, I would love to hear the podcasts and more “live” news, but I am still struggling with that all! The Guardian is my favorite and (I think) most reliable source for the world news, but if You would ask me what I wish, I would say a podcast or simply “instructions” to use this app!! I still could not figure that out!
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6 years ago, PadraigO
Reliable, Pertinent, Professional and Desperately Needed
In these “fact free” times where many celebrate, encourage, create and disseminate misinformation, The Guardian is one of the few remaining beacons of evidence and research in this world. I use multiple sources of information to try to confirm news and information for myself. The Guardian is at the top of my list for reliability and pertinence. The Guardian also gets high points for the increasing courage required in these threatening times as one attempts to seek the truth. I appreciate that the Guardian doesn’t try to distract me with trivial entertainment type fluff stories.
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2 years ago, macsfast69
Best news ap
This is the best news ap I have used. Great use of colors to separate sections. Open a story to read, then hit Home once and it returns to the same spot you left , no scrolling back to where you were. Stories you read are dimmed. Hit home again and you go to the top. Again and it refreshes the news. Really, really well done. It caches some stories so you can load and read offline. My only complaint would be to age stories sooner- many stories stay for days.
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4 years ago, "The Exhausted Majority"
A Very Reliable News Source
“The Guardian” is one of the really reliable news sources that I feel I MUST check in with on a daily basis. In these troubling times of insane “alternative facts and skewed reality”, rigorous research and thoughtful reporting are more important than ever. I am 75 years old, and I have NEVER lived through a period in Democratic history as heartbreaking as this one. History will ultimately show that it has been the tireless & persistent effort of the investigative free press that has kept TRUTH, and A VISION OF A WAY FORWARD, alive. Keep on KEEPING ON. I thank you, L.M.Sky
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5 months ago, Whisper gait
The Guardian Is A Jewel In A Swamp
It is easy to forget that truth telling journalism is essential to any society. Governments and the rich and powerful kill and imprison journalists every year who expose their wrongdoings and corruption. Only when when wrongs and injustices and the dangers to people are brought to light do we have any possibility of solving these problems. Reading The Guardian one is reminded that many of those who bring us their reports and information, their stories and thoughts are following a calling. In following that calling, they inform and empower us.
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1 year ago, Michael W. from Strasbourg
Guardian, a daily ritual
An easy to use newspaper app that you can use in Dark mode. I’d be lying if I didn’t fully admit that the guardian is my favorite English-language newspaper. That said, some of the columnists, like Arwa, get on my nerves mostly because of their anti-American leanings(while reporting on US matters) which are so thinly vailed, they become laughable and obvious. Now, the newspaper is handwringing because of its ties to slavery…maybe they’ll pay out reparations and, as a result, finally force subscriptions on all us interlopers….thanks for the good free ride while it lasted!
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3 years ago, ...the Mole
Interesting perspectives on the world
As an ex-Brit, I used to read the Guardian when I when in England. I vaguely even remember when it used to be called The Manchester Guardian; but I digress. This app is GREAT. It gives brilliant coverage of the USA from the point of view of an non-USA outsider, which helps put news into a broader perspective. While other articles provide info and stories that one might never find in the usual [corporate] mega-media businesses such as CNN, or Turner, or News Corp. It's easy to navigate too. Love it. Jolly good show, chaps. 😀
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7 years ago, SpoiledMILF
Thank you
It is absolutely refreshing to remember why social media is our connection not a circus show... just knowledge from here to all there, a way of communicating and even growing to understand the blurred lines of illusion ',',:•~<*>¥<*>~•:,',' It is vital for us to be whole - if we all unite we're healing the earth in microseconds ❤️👐🏼♥️🦋⭐️🙌🏼🐾 The truth is absolutely amazing and it is available I believe We can heal 🤗 the world For any shadow there is light,👐🏼 if I sound too optimistic for anyone? Please note the above option 💋 for I am the lover of life here to balance and grow the dark
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3 years ago, issignosis
Once towering, now craven
The Guardian was long a paragon of integrity abd progressive politics, penetrating reporting and dodgy spelling. Now, behind constant distraction lies its craven advancement of a covert neoliberal agenda. Since the Scott Trust took over this once noble institution has become a rag with frills. We still see the occasional good article from the likes of Monbiot, the sports pages glisten. But when you pay attention to the core message, the 2016 shading of Bernie Sanders’ campaign with all the attention on HRC, the current vomit of pro vaccination, pro lockdown tripe, one sees it for what it has become, yet another sheepdog neoliberal propagandist, that has been bought lock stock and barrel, Ford buying Landrover. All the remains is the badge and the storied history.
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5 years ago, Peter Stedman
Why I read the Guardian
The Guardian allows me to access news that I feel is a break from the corporate press domestically. Their coverage of climate change is hand in hand with activism. Many of the links provided have been instrumental in linking me to networks engaged in social activism. It is this binding of journalism to action (theory/praxis) that is lacking in US print journalism. It tends to encourage apathy. In addition, the Guardian’s long reads I have archived on not a few occasions as their deeper treatment warrants reflection and I appreciate that. This, too, marks a break from the sound byte culture. Peter Stedman
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3 years ago, fotoartiste
Generally good reporting
I appreciate the Guardian’s stories, reviews, editorials and varied points of view. I check the news first here as American sources lack in substance except the N. Y. Times. But all papers can be improved as they all have an agenda and either leave out or push specific stories. There are also many silly stories for the very bored plus ideas of what to wear or do if you have no imagination and need others to give you direction. I still miss Michael Tomasky where people debated issues which included Americans and Europeans point of view.
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6 years ago, Benlewiscreative
No paywall. Honest and diligent leftward leaning news.
They hold themselves to high journalistic standards one of which prevents them from putting up a paywall. Journalism is essential I wish they would allow you to support them on a sliding scale. My current job situation won’t allow it. Only improvement would be a slide towards the center to fill the void in nuanced and democratically available (free) journalism. They are the last ones standing it seems and they lean so left. Download. Read. Support. Knowledge is our lifeblood and without free journalism we all die of ignorance.
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