The Human Body by Tinybop

4.2 (379)
116.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tinybop Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Human Body by Tinybop

4.22 out of 5
379 Ratings
6 years ago, JustaRottenGirl
A Little Clumsy But Very Interesting
The apps controls are a bit clumsy, and it’s hard to view any system without interference from the side panel and there not being enough space to swipe the ‘switch’ all the way back and forth to change internal and external views. I feel like you could fully enjoy this app with an iPad instead of a phone. There’s just not enough space to explore everything without accidentally knocking over labels and things. It’s certainly better suited for kids than adults as it does not provide any readable content on each system or part- but if you’ve taken anatomy before (even just in high school) then it can be a nice reminder of our basic functions through basic observation. It’s cute and entertaining but the clumsiness of the controls and the lack of info provided confuses me- it doesn’t provide explanation for things- it seems the goal is to learn by watching the simple mechanics of each system- which can be confusing at times and made me want to look up how exactly something worked. If you’re looking to spark curiosity in a child this is a great app- if you’re looking for an app to actually learn about the human body and it’s functions then I’d turn to the internet instead.
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1 year ago, lambsauce12
I love this app
I love this app but I have a few suggestions. It would be cool if the liver and pancreas actually worked in the digestive system and we could see the anatomy of each. The anatomy of the spleen would also be cool. Another thing that I think should be added is a view where you can set up multiple neurons in a circuit to see how they function. Also when is the next update coming out?
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2 years ago, TheWeberBunch
Wonderful but needs an update
I love this app. I am young yet I have my future planned as a nurse when I get older. I feel as though getting a head start is great and this is a great way to do that. However while graphics and video is great one thing bugs me… I switched on labels and while I found it helpful it did not show a few KEY things. Like how I had no clue what was the blue and red in the lungs. I got my mother (also nurse) to help me finally and then it made sense but I feel like she should not have to explain your app. Not implying that you should add more labels, you got enough of those, but possibly a voice option explaining whatever what the user clicks on and what it does. Also maybe add more on the mouth like more gum info. Possibly also make a little side thing on the side that tells children that the tooth on the app with the food is sped up. Currently it looks like you have to brush your teeth after you eat or drink anything or else your teeth will rot out. I was scared at first I was killing my teeth.
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3 years ago, Petey Of The Lugo
How to restore an in-app purchase?
I mean, I’m sorry if I sound dumb if you’re seeing the name of who is writing this, but, I have no clue how I did it the first time around. Also, woah, the memories are kicking in. The memories like spilling my chocolate milk on my tablet and having the nervous system go nuts. The memories like having a dream about The Human Body By Tinybop brand gummies. The memories like having another dream about a sequel to it. It didn’t seem to offer anything interesting since when the dream ended, it was just me feeding the person. Also, yes, these are somehow real, I recall these because of just thinking about them. Anyways, great app, and even though I’m slightly blinded by nostalgia, holy heck, I loved this app. Hopefully I get to see the app focused on animals do even better than this if I decide to download it.
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7 years ago, friscowatcher
SImple and cool
My son who is now 4 has loved this app for the past half year. We were learning about the human body and why he should eat healthy so that everything works well together. And this is exactly what he needed. It does not just give him the information in text or spoken form, he gets to take the lead in experimenting. He can feed the avatar too fast to where it starts getting gassy and he can feed it then try to run and see how eating too close to heavy exercise affects his digestion. He also saw how bad bacteria is fought by his white blood cells and he even made a craft and was excited by it. Thanks for such a simple but creative way to get kids exploring and learning on their own.!
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6 years ago, Aubert Washington
Love it! Suggestion-
I love the app. It is awesome-i was thinking that maybe you could add some sort of area where it's like, sick?? So where you could see the sick cells, and have orange juice on the side so that the kid could drink orange juice and "heal" the cells. Something like that?? And maybe that eating too much candy or etc. causes it??? Just suggestions :) and when you do the teeth thing-it's not very realistic because the teeth get bad right away :/ u can't feed it water melon without it turning bad right away :( other than that it's all good!! Just a few suggestions (sorry for the long comment)
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4 years ago, nagdidbshdif
Should be ages 10+
I already left a review with 4 stars because I was impressed but also disappointed there was no audio instruction for younger children. If your child can’t read, they can not navigate or understand this app without adult assistance. I would go as far as saying because of that, it could be more confusing than beneficial. I homeschool my children and we just finished all of the body systems so I thought this would be fun for my K kid. I did find an option to leave a voice memo on each page, so I spent some time making my own descriptions. However, the voice memos don’t even save! I went back to re-listen and they were all gone! This is extremely disappointing, yes children learn from play but only if someone guides them through. If my child were to open the heart right now with no instruction he’d have no idea what he was looking at. Little circles swirling around in our hearts? We have not learned about blood cells yet so he would be confused. It wouldn’t be difficult to just create an audio instruction. Make it so it can be switched off like the labels. Or at the very least allow parents to create their own that doesn’t erase!
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5 years ago, Vutheress_23
Suggestions! Please Read!
I like your games so much Tinybop! I have some suggestions though. Could you make a app about human evolution? I just am confused on the subject and your games help me understand the science I am learning more. Another game idea: The effects of pollution. I am so against plastic. I work hard at my school to help try and use less plastic at the school and finally get recycling bins. I think having a game about pollution effects, with stuff about how plastic is made would be perfect! I hope to buy your new app about matter soon!
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3 years ago, pBest16
Really love this app
One of the best apps i have ever downloaded and purchased for my kid. He was obsessed with body parts and with this app, he definitely learned a lot. I think it gave kids very clear introductions to all the systems and organs and it was like games for him to put puzzles together. My only complaint or things that i think you can work on is the name. He doesnot really read yet so i was thinking, if when he clicks on the words, it can read it out loud, it can help him to know the name or learn those words as well.
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2 years ago, Chattyatom
Helpful Update, fixed issue, suggestions
Before the update I couldn’t delete any mistakes or things I didn’t need, but now that I can, I can fix mistakes now, thanks for the update, I found the restore purchases button thanks for adding that, suggestion for digestive system: maybe if you haven’t already, try adding a part to digestion where the more unhealthy they get, they become fatter, that might be a good thing to learn.
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6 years ago, Khan-Turner
I showed my brother this who is 4 and he loves it it’s a simple way to teach children the basics of the human body just one thing if u can make another app that’s based off your other apps like this one and make it realistic (: for older people like me if u can thanks and my brother wants to play so peace and keep up the good work I’m in my teens :update I’m just saying this because you know this is about health and stuff well I’m going to Harvard medical school so yay 🤩🤩🤯🤯👍👍
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4 years ago, Ke ke kiwi
Please respond!!
Hello, TinyBop! You really are incredible game makers. You have done it again, congrats! This app is incredible it taught me when I was younger more about the body and I also showed the rest of my younger family it, they loved and and have downloaded other of your games, they learned so much whilst being entertained. Love it! I also love the option of the urogenital option for the more older kids and how it’s not super expensive. Love, SunshineXx
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5 months ago, 𝔸𝕧𝕠𝕔𝕒𝕕𝕠 𝟙𝟠𝟞𝟚𝟘
Great but gets inappropriate
I am a 11 year old and I got this game and I loved it but when I go to the blatter it did not let me but I new my password because it cost money then I go in to blatter. guess what. I SAW A PRIVATE PART!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS NOW I AM GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE!!!!!!! PLUSS ++ THERE IS A OUT LINE FOR IT!!!!!!! developer can you please remove this part. Please please please!!!
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4 years ago, LookingInPhx
Why the constant microphone pop-up?
My child is really interested in this app. But we constantly get an annoying pop-up to turn on our microphone. What gives? The app should be putting out sound, not us. For privacy reasons, the microphone will stay off. Also, the app has no audible explanations for what is going on as my child tries out different systems on the body. Also, this app seems to have no sound whatsoever. Are we missing something? A little clunky.
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4 years ago, lindenmom513
Good app but missed opportunity
My 4 year old son has been asking more questions about how things in the body work. He seems to really like this app. My main gripe is there is no speech. Again my son is 4 so while he is mommy’s little genius he ain’t reading all these anatomy terms lol. I paid for the full app in hopes it would unlock a talk feature as well as allow him to explore more of the body. Will keep for now. Would definitely be 5 stars if labels were at least read.
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4 years ago, Strike Mobile HAX
There is a glitch in the immune system where the cell labels are on the cell itself and it’s out of control and also if a cells is infected the immune cells will kill it which is true but after a replacement cell comes in the immune cells will kill that healthy cell (like in an autoimmune illnesses) but other then that I love this app and I think it is a great learning tool
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6 years ago, konchokkadro
Does not support other languages
This is a false advertising, I would like to report this app, especially because it is payed. I downloaded it because description says it supports over 50 languages, however it only supports 5 languages and thus it was a waste of my money.
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2 months ago, k stiuhthkcvx,
So I made a review about the urinary system not being free but reviews about it. I think it’s best that it doesn’t stay free at all. just keep the app how it is kid friendly at least try to keep it like that because young children are seeing this
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7 months ago, AZ8972
Inappropriate content for young children
Purchased the urogenital system for my older children, but it is visible across all profiles. When trying to figure out why, now it is visible for my youngest child's profile, but not for my older children. I cannot find a way to restrict certain content to certain profiles, and I can’t get that content off my youngest child's profile.
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4 years ago, dryusx
Some minor problems
When I try to purchase something it wouldn’t load Whenever it said swipe with two fingers up it disaspears an nothing happens
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2 years ago, RandomRL
Good but…
For a long time I have been noticing something strange in the stomach part of the game the air bubbles get big WAY TO BIG so big it would cause my device to lag and glitch out and sometimes the bubbles would leave the stomach and go into the void please if anyone else is having the same issues as me fix it.
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3 years ago, egg-and-robot
Best of the app store
The kids have enjoyed this app since it launch. Thanks for continuing to improve it. I feel it you’ve helped create little doctors in training. Thank you helping get me kids interested in science!
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2 years ago, BKat05
Excellent App and Even Better Customer Service!
Human Body App is wonderfully informative and age appropriate. When I needed assistance with the app, customer service was fast, friendly and efficient. Absolutely recommend!
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4 years ago, phdttd
Cool app but not worth $4. Found some free ones that have audio that explains and discusses. Interactive with kids but there should be some audio in explaining what’s going on. If this is suggested for 4 year olds I don’t see how they are supposed to be able to read words that are labeled on body parts. The only thing you will hear are body sounds like chewing and digestion.
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7 years ago, Katems86
Daughter loves it
My girl ha loved is body app since being an infant. She is 3 now and this is a great way for her to learn about her body. No ads or click bait in free version, which is GREAT. I have the app pack on wish list for her Christmas gifts. Thank you for making fun educational app!!
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2 years ago, AstroShine
Not improved, Lost purchase
Not only did your latest “improvements” remove my purchase, it removed any option to restore it. I must restore it from a “parent account” which no longer exists and has no option to create. The only other option is to buy it again and HOPE I won’t be charged! Sorry, not gonna happen! Please fix this!
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2 years ago, bananagvgggv
Good game but 1 suggestion
I love the game and it’s very interesting, but I think you guys should make it so the bacteria can fight back, that would be really cool! Overall though the game is interesting and amazing
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3 years ago, Dvdlinden
Generally great app!
I used this as a kid for a long time, and completely forgot about it. I recently rediscovered and re downloaded it to check out what's new. Very nostalgic!
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4 years ago, Das Cass
This was my childhood
When I was a kid I would play this on my tablet all the time and I just now found it on my phone and I have missed it!!
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5 years ago, THE BEST!!!!!!!!!(:
Love it but I want more things to do like...
Show the science of the downstairs part (gotta keep it family friendly). Other than that I LOVE IT. It is funny and fun- but mostly educational.
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7 years ago, HopeElizabeth87
Scam, not worth the $$!
Why doesn't this app talk at all?! No information to go with these great simulations is a total waste. I'm annoyed I paid for this. "Designed to encourage kids to ask questions" Uhhh what if I'm not an encyclopedia of A&P information?? If I were, I probably wouldn't be downloading an app for it. This is lazy programming, so one version can be used across many countries. Very annoyed and I want my money back.
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5 years ago, windsofchaos
Love these apps!
They allow our autistic son to explore scientific ideas in a fun way. I love the questions he asks. This collection of apps makes science accessible for all types of kids.
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6 years ago, Newshoundzz
NOT educational
These apps only use visuals. They are pretty but in no way educational. Try using written or verbal communication. Those techniques have advanced humanity to where we are today. This app is pathetic. Most likely they wanted one app to sell in all countries without having to change it at all for people who speak different languages. That does sound profitable. Please refund me!
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4 years ago, deth trooper with p
Don’t listen to the guys who say it’s a scam or what ever it’s a great game better than a lot a lot of leaning apps (it is) I have all your games and this is one of my favorite one it taught me a lot so great job tinybop.
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3 years ago, Mr. agent 47
This game is wow
I love this t fun for kids or teen but idk I think you can add more stuff like how you get medicine or something like that and I love to play this a lot and I hope this can help.
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2 years ago, Evie (chinchilla lover)
Ok so…..
I had asked for you to make the urinary system free and you didn’t. Though I am very excited that you added allergies to the person.
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4 years ago, benjicookie
It’s pretty creepy like the music. ( I accidentally submitted the 1 star rate) And mabye, you guys could just add some happy music? exept the place which it’s educational. Except for that, The app is really good!
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5 years ago, HIMYNES
Good game brings back memories
Ok so I had this game back when I was four and then I used to call it hummin body 😂 but anyways i am ten now and I don’t really like the controls how umm 😐 yea that is it
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5 years ago, AtlasShrugges
Great app
Wonderful basic app for kids to explore. Wished there were more systems like the renal system, lymph system, pancreas, etc..
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7 years ago, Nodinedude💚
Please Read
So, I was playing the game and I just remembered that you forgot the to add kidney stones 😂 could you add that please add that. And your app is worth the money!!
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11 months ago, I2E4S678910$$$$$&@/$()
Good but there should be more details
In the urogenital system. Why not describe the different parts of what make up the male reproductive system. Like the penis’s shaft and urethra
Show more
3 years ago, benny boy 1772
Hi, thank you for the response! As the father of my son, I totally agree with this. Thank you letting my son know this.
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2 years ago, Jsnmarkle
Unplayable don’t buy newer versions
They removed purchases and even worse the ability to make the child on the game scream when poked with the need repeatedly NO SCREAMING MEANS NO FUN FOR MY CHILD THEY LITTESLY BROKE OUR TV CSUSE THE CHARACTER WONT SCREAM ANYMORE
Show more
2 years ago, MysteryZ360
Best among the bests!
Im truly obsessed with everything about this App! Specially it’s sensitive accurate touch! There is no delay at anything and informations been all correct so far that I have studied and tested this app by now! I totally recommend everyone to BUY this app! Price is perfect according to it’s function 👍🏻 Thanks a lot
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3 years ago, Fiercefrog
Love it!!!!! Suggestion please!
This app is really good! I have a suggestion! Can you make the endocrine system?
Show more
2 years ago, heehoohah
A classic
I remember this app from so long ago, just watching how this app portrays the body, quite interesting
Show more
2 years ago, Shy1111
Fun but educating
My kids (esp the 5yo) love playing with this. They come back to the app time and time again. The digestive system is the best. Lol!
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4 years ago, jjjjjjjjjjkkjkkjjhsisjszkzi
It it a good game
I been wanting to get this and when I did it was one of the best games I’ve ever played
Show more
5 years ago, Germanßöi
Awesome App
At first this was just a school assigned app, so I was like ok, I guess this is ok at first, but then, I realized there was so much more. I love it when you make the body just a blob. Could you make it so you can see every single joint in the body? Any way, that is all I have to say. Thank you. And please make that change.
Show more
2 years ago, Britannicwreck
Lost purchase- RESPOND
I’ve contacted support, I’ve tried to restore but there is no dashboard option to restore purchases. I WILL NOT purchase an in app purchase I own already again. This is ridiculous and unprofessional, borderline extortion. Do NOT get this.
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