The Impossible Quiz!

3 (365)
338 MB
Age rating
Current version
inXile Entertainment
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Impossible Quiz!

3.04 out of 5
365 Ratings
1 year ago, DZack123
Good game, just a few things I want to change
This game is great, but there are bugs. Like when you use a skip your lives go to three if you have one or two. Another thing with the lives are that it says you have three but technically you have one. Also, I don’t know if this is just me, but the sprites are way off from where they are supposed to be. Like for the one with the pole and you need to get electricity, when the lightning strikes it isn’t even touching anything. Another example is in the level descending the check marks you get when you click the correct head are EXTREMELY stretched out. WHAT? Also, Augmented Reality questions are annoying. You can only skip the first one without wasting a skip. And I’ve beaten the impossible quiz before, so I know that for the last question you need your skips. So PLEASE make a feature that lets you toggle it on/off. It’s dumb that I need to waste my skips.
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2 years ago, Levi Not Levy
It’s okay, but…
I don’t like the AR added option. I and many others don’t own AR. I’m forced to use a skip just to be able to continue. Please make it optional with a simple toggle so that users like myself don’t need to waste a skip for it. It can be replaced with some of the original questions as I’ve noticed some of the questions are new.
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6 years ago, the REALLY good reviewer
The best trivia game ever!
The graphics are as good as an animated show (just because of what you did to the graphics) the puns are amazing and to see there are over 100 questions it is amazing to play this over and over until you complete it thank you to the developers for making this game but there there are just two things I want pleeeaaase make a sequel to this (if there is already as equal I either do not know about it or there was one after I made this review) and can you make them harder so people will rage even more? But all I want to say is thank you developers for making this game.
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6 years ago, ffmfjfkd
I had this game for a while back in 2017. It was like one of my favorite games. Then I deleted it. That is when they added the dumb augmented reality feature. (BTW) Why the freak doesn’t it support iPad mini 4? That is just ridiculous because now I can’t even experience the full game. They also changed a lot of questions and made them easier. I don’t think it’s fair to make the game a lot easier when they had a better challenge before. When I played this as a 7 year old I thought it was funny how they did those false answers. Now I see how unfair it is to have false answers because I do not think that it educates children at 1%. Thank you for reading my review.
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6 years ago, bslahgevb
Ruined it
Why would you just strip away what the actual quiz is for something new? If you’re going to add something new into the game make it optional. I like the original impossible quiz, not being forced to play a whole different quiz. Make it a different option and have them both available. Some of the AR questions(especially the plane one) are very buggy, require you to move around and take way longer than any question should. They disorganized the questions, but for some reason kept answers in the same spot(i.e question one) it makes no sense and i hope they add an option to play the original quiz again.
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6 years ago, PlayBall860
Bring on the new!
Loved Impossible Quiz when it first came out. Eventually I was able to memorize all the answers, so it’s great there are now new questions to challenge me. The thrill of the original was the game tripping me up, so having new questions brings back that original suspense and fun. Highly recommended!
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2 years ago, EZXDPOOO
pls fix this bug
there is a bug so who is this a walk the eating it went all the way past my backyard and I have about a mile long backyard and I couldn’t do it it kept doing it so please fix and please make it where you have five life
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1 year ago, It’s me salutations
It’s good, but things need to be fixed
The game is really challenging, and I honestly love it. But there are things that need to be fixed. During the augmented reality games it always freezes up and glitches. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but it happens to me. Overall this game is great and would definitely recommend.
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1 year ago, trashbag99
Good game but 2 problems
1: On my phone, the augmented reality games dont work, so i have to use my ipad so i can skip those questions. 2: How do you beat question 77? I can get through it no problem on the original pc version but here the shoop da woop just has that dissapointing sad face as i continuously poke it.
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6 years ago, Ally6112
Lives Don’t matter
I like this game but the problem is you can tell there are bugs. The reality question doesn’t work so I used a skip. But after that my lives don’t matter. I had three lives and after one wrong question it was game over. It really pisses me off since the game is already hard and technically you only get one life.
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6 years ago, sashisashis
I had the game a few years ago and I recently got it again and I have to say, the old version was much better. I would like it if the AR mode was optional because I personally think it requires a lot of movement and i enjoy the simple (but hard!) questions better. I overall think it is a good game except for the AR games.
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4 years ago, Mahmoud Sabobeh
Ruined the game
I’ve had this game since forever... maybe at least 10 years... I bought no ads package back in the days and now I don’t see restore purchase anywhere... and just like what everyone said those AR buggy experience is ruining the game, not to mention I used to have free bookmarks and now bookmarks are paid... and now I would have 3 lives left and answer 1 wrong question and they it’s game over “even if it says press here” it doesn’t work
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2 years ago, FroggyWasTaken
Very very good just 1 thing that I personally dont like
When the augmented reality got put in the game wasnt as fun. sometimes you dont want to get up and u just want to sit also they take much more work than the other question. This is my honest opinion
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10 months ago, CatchingClouds0
Hate the AR/VR
Love the game. It’s nostalgic and fun. Absolutely hate the AR/VR. And it’s crap that it’s not optional. 1. Idk what your privacy standards are. There’s no reason for the layout of my home to be accessible. 2. If I’m laying in bed and want to play, I have to get up and move around. I only play on my phone at bedtime. 3. It’s impossible to play in public. 4. It doesn’t even work every time. The planet one never ever works. I always have to waste skips on these AR/VR ones, and the game doesn’t even provide enough skips to skip every AR/VR. Please either remove this feature or make it optional. 🙄
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7 months ago, 😏👋✌️🤗🥱🤯😎
I kindly HATE IT
so everything‘s fine until level 105. It is terrible like I can’t figure out how to do it. Like what the heck I have been literally sitting at this iPad for an hour trying to figure out how the heck how to do it because there’s no answer clue or anything the only way to get out as with skipping I don’t have a skip you’re stuck.
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2 years ago, disappointedfrog
I was really into this game like 8-9 years ago. Came back to it today feeling nostalgic, and was very disappointed at the Augmented Reality (AR) questions. I get the game has “impossible” literally in the title, but it’s kind of a bummer you can’t make it past question 13 because the AR glitches so badly. Maybe I’ll check back in another 8 years and see if they fixed it. Probably not though.
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3 years ago, Violinettee
WHY ?!??!
I love the game but I can only get to level 77 due to the fact I’m using a iPhone and it has a lot of bugs that haven’t been fixed nor updated like a few people I had 3 lives and was killed when I got one wrong
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5 years ago, JayCool1929
Add the epic 10
Please add the epic 10 and fix some glitches listed (keeping skips when quitting and replaying, lose lives faster because it miscounted, sometimes a one hitter, and the AR quiz spawning stuff across a street
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6 years ago, 🐍Amanda🦔
I absolutely and completely despise this game!
I have 3 lives and every time I get a question wrong it is like was on my last live even though I still had 3!
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3 years ago, amelia155
Ok i know the level are supposed to be hard but on the on when you have to not touch green it’s actually impossible!!!🤬🤬🤬 I mean by when you do what it asked and try not to put your finger on it you can even let go of the screen!!!😤 So please fix this game ASAP because i love it
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2 years ago, g try y do hi she FF t
Is ok but
The ar things are so annoying I am forced to use a skip they should replace the ar with the original questions from the one that is on the computer because it is so hard.
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3 years ago, AmongUsfab
The most impossible quiz ever!
Wow this is impossible! Because how many hard questions as can be! Maybe some smart boy could figure this out!
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4 years ago, vampire fox
This is one of my best games ever! Sometimes I like, play this on a computer and I LOVED IT! Keep up on the good work! My top 5 favourite question is 1. How many holes in a polo? 2. Charge the laser! 3. Can a match box? 4. Don’t touch the pink, and 5 is BOGGY.
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6 years ago, Christian621
Up until recently, this was one of my favorite apps. I played it almost every day. Then you just HAD to change all of the questions around and add those terrible AR questions. I hate them. The controls are super buggy and sometimes don’t even work. I can quite confidently say that unless something is done I am never playing this app again.
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3 years ago, nathan scott ryan
I don’t believe it
I can’t believe it’s on mobile I thought it was only on pc like I am sooooooo happy that this game is on mobile
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1 year ago, Rosyhunter
Bugs are too much
All pf us can agree that the end of the world part IS IMPOSSIBLE. On computer you have to type something I'm pretty sure, but on phone you cant pass the end of the world part. If you can fix this game it’ll be much appreciated.
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2 years ago, 9876443452
Six question is impossible to not pass six possible without computer computer
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6 years ago, The B Monkey
I think the title is right the quiz is impossible the why question has no answer I’ve clicked and dragged everything it’s not possible.
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6 years ago, AnnonymousReviewer23
AR experience
I love this game, except for the AR experience! I like how you tried to do something new and cool, but it just does NOT WORK! I was doing fine, until it came on. I walked around for a bit, but when I walked toward the planets, they didn’t get any bigger, and I can’t move on with the quiz! Can you PLEASE make it so we DON’T have to do the AR experience?? It ruins the whole game for me.
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4 years ago, Baien
The Impossible Quiz
This game is the worst because when you get to question 10 when you have to spell the word horse I tried putting the E in last but it was broken because when I tapped on the E it wouldn’t work and I would lose a life so DONT buy this GAME!
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2 months ago, mr monkey 45
Why were ar questions added
The game is actually impossible because the only time ar works is when your in a field which is not the time your playing the game
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1 year ago, caylamb
The AR part is annoying
It’s pretty good but I wish it had the original music and the AR part doesn’t really work.
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5 years ago, jjrtmcj5
The impossible quiz
Thank you so much for creating this game me and my sister have fun playing this
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6 years ago, JUUuUuuuuUuLIo
A note:
This game is great I liked how it has funny jokes it’s a great game I hope you guys are okay it’s been a long time and still this game is cool
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4 years ago, StarSong526
It’s actually impossible
I legit can’t get past question 13 without using my skip. It makes no sense and isn’t possible, the update messed it up and should not have been added. You need all the skips at the end to complete the game, that makes this literally impossible.
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6 years ago, angrychickennugget
AR experience
I love the impossible quiz but I hate the AR experience. Everytime I get to an AR experience I get frustrated. Can you make an option where you can turn it off?
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5 years ago, gal a..
Do better
I at least appreciate your work
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6 years ago, Movieslayer
Impossible quiz 2
That’s the impossible quiz two to work for iOS 11
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6 years ago, KENTRA BOO BERRY
Ok so I was like 7 when I played this and I loved it my sister showed it to me and I actually got to level 110 I was SHOCKED this game is my fave and will always be
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3 years ago, donotget9
Do not get!
I have been trying to charge my laser (level 77) for a day, and it still won’t work. There are also these reality things that don’t support certain devices.
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3 years ago, triggagaming
What happened my friend...
This game was so much fun to play years ago... But now everyone is saying that the AR mechanic is to buggy. Thank you Impossible Quiz. What a solid run. Right up until the end...
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6 years ago, noahgaming22
Better Than Original Quiz
This Game Is Great I Love It But Um How Do You Do These Impossible Questions: Charge Ur Lazer?
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6 years ago, dast142
Wow this has a ar+ amazing
I can’t do it Cuz it has different questions
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6 years ago, Ashleyr333
Still makes me laugh
A classic game now with AR and new questions is cool.
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3 years ago, Steven. B B B
Bring back the OG game
If you want to add new questions add it to impossible quiz 2. No one comes back to this game to see new questions we come back for nostalgia and adding new questions doesn’t give that effect.
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6 years ago, happy_unicorn_kitty
Don’t waste your time
This app was so fun until they had to just put that update on there and now it’s just terrible!!!!😡😡😡😡😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😱😱😨 Now there are different questions. There are AR questions, bad questions, and so much more!
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6 years ago, Hurricane Bow
VR Questions
I like the impossible quiz! but I can’t solve (Which means I don’t like it) the VR questions. Can you at least put No AR game mode pls!
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6 years ago, Lil Squidyy
Great Game
It’s an awesome game and it’s super addictive to play had the new questions are awesome
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1 year ago, dgv&vfgddvvsfxgv
I really love the quiz it is amazing but please make it 5 lives please :)
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3 months ago, ProGamerLuka
This game is bad
Why did they need to change the questions? They even scammed splapp him self lol. Either way this game didnt have to be made for kids, it couldve stay the same like splapp’s.
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