The Jerusalem Post

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The Jerusalem Post
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3 years ago
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User Reviews for The Jerusalem Post

2.51 out of 5
181 Ratings
5 years ago, Kwahoos
This is the only adequately functional Israeli news app I have found. The others are seriously flawed. This one has reasonable news coverage, it’s fairly stable, and load times are fast. The full-screen ads are annoying but usually brief. I wish it were easier to see how to dismiss them. The list of articles jumps up and down as ads are displayed inline, which is annoying. Beware for those updating: the latest update wiped out all my saved bookmarks!
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1 year ago, RabbiSR
An Inconvenient Truth
Having subscribed to the so-called “Premium Edition “ at the going rate of $4.99 per month, the JPost app refuses to recognize my subscription when I open it on my iPhone. I am forced to cancel whatever ad immediately appears (though I thought not having advertising was the whole point of the so-called “Premium Edition”) and go back to the page inviting subscriptions to the Premium Access and press a button which has obviously been placed at the bottom to force me to “Restore Purchase”. I have no other subscription through the App Store that does not recognize me as a paying customer. This is a pretty intolerable way of forcing me to see a few ads no matter what I have paid. Or else you have some pretty lousy software engineers. How about playing it straight with subscribers?
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2 years ago, Jellette
1 bug
This is almost a 5 star app. The only current problem is when certain ads are shown. These ads put the X button (to close the ad) up in the extreme top-right of the screen, where the clock is. This part of the display does not react to touches, so you have to just close the app and start over - and hope you don’t get the same ad again. Please correct this one small thing.
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11 months ago, snailwizard
Hard to use
While I really appreciate Jpost and the news they report, their app is extremely difficult to use. Trying to find specific articles in the app is extremely hard, as they’re all over the place in many different folders, and they’re not organized logically. The main feed page doesn’t display every article either, and it does it in a very confusing way. Trying to change anything about your personal account is near impossible as they don’t have an option to edit your settings. And finally the reason I’m writing this review is that Jpost has started using ads that won’t close on an iPhone. The little x button at the top is so far near the top that it’s impossible to press, making it so that I can’t even get into the app so that it’s pretty much useless. Jpost please fix this!
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3 years ago, Eric R..
Glitches in ads make app almost unusable
Would be 5 stars but very difficult to use because of the way ads interfere with reading the news. Many ads can’t be dismissed. Ever.
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4 years ago, stevenjklein
No search function, no subscription option
For reasons that remain a mystery, the Jerusalem Post has 2 different apps. This one shows full-screen ads that can’t be skipped and stay on-screen for some fixed period of time. Want to pay and skip the ads? Sorry, there’s no way to do that in this app! Also, I never imagined a news publisher would release an app with no search function, but here it is! Want to search for stories about the Abraham Accord between Israel and the UAE? Stories about Netanyahu? Tourism? Israeli film? Too bad: “NO SEARCH FOR YOU!”
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10 months ago, Jason 87
This app is now currently unusable
It is hitting you with an ad the moment you open the app, and it is impossible to exit the ad to get to the news. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. This isn’t the first time you’ve had the problem, and it was fixed for a while, but now it’s worse than it ever was. You might as well not even have it if you can’t fix this problem. Again, this app is currently essentially inactive with an ad that is impossible to get out of.
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3 years ago, Techethan
Ads, Ads, Ads!!!
There are so many ads on this newspaper most of the time it gets unbearable to read articles because the ads cover the page and sometimes there is no way to close out of them so you have to exit out of the app and reboot it. This is awful, they should be putting only in page ads within their articles and none of this nonsense. No other reputable newspaper does this. Either paywall JPost or get rid of the full screen ads, this is disgraceful!
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7 months ago, max_shulman
Great journalism but horrible app
The Jerusalem Post has some of the most quality journalism in Israel if not the most quality. However, due to a glitch where the screen often suddenly turns white, which won’t go away unless you close out of the app then go back in, it is impossible to comfortably read an article. Please fix this so we can enjoy your journalism!! It happens every two seconds!
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3 years ago, dwekse
Issues, issues, issues
I very much like the content and reading the stories, however numerous updates have been made to the app and now I only get stuck on pages of ads, don’t let me get through to the stories or I click on the stories and I get nothing. This is pushing me to go to other sources for news. Whoever is updating this app needs to be fired and bring someone in who knows what they’re doing and allow your readers access to the content
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3 years ago, MASisMore
Fix Your Glitches
First the problem was when I clicked on a notification it would just take me to the Home Page instead of the actual article. Now when I click on the notification it takes me to the article and then an add pops up that I can’t click out of because the X is too high in the right-hand corner. I give up. Major fail. Do better and I’ll come back.
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2 years ago, CelesM
Need to Fix the Bugs!!!!!
Love the news content. Hate the ads. Lately when I click a notification I am taken to the story and then greeted with a full page pop up ad that won’t disappear because the X is too high up in the corner to close it. Now whenever I open the app, it takes me back to the same full page ad. I have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times and no difference. Deleting the app for good now.
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3 years ago, tandjinhous
Ads Ruin the App
I have had this app installed on my phone for maybe 6 months. It has always had ads during that time. At first they could be quickly closed. Then, starting maybe October or November (2021) the ads could not be closed for a about 5 seconds. Fine! But recently (early 2022), the ads have sounds and the “X” to close the ad does not work. After 10 - 15 seconds ad still covers entire screen. I am uninstalling.
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4 years ago, Ilan G
I love Jerusalem Post and I’m excited they decided to send more notifications. Sadly, clicking on the notification takes me to the home page, where the specific article can’t be found. There are too many spam commercials that destroy the experience completely and there is no actual X button, so you click in an empty space and hope you’re not redirecting to a ransom/spam site. its 2020 Wake up, start up nation.
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3 years ago, Crand6250
Very annoying comercials
The content is ok, although one would expect a lot more news from the entire region not only Israel and USA. The main problem by far is the super annoying pop-up comercials that makes it hard and cumbersome to navigate thd app and to enjoy it. It’s a real shame that the creators of this app allow so much crap taking over. I’m very, very dissapointed and I’m strongly considering deleting the app altogether if you guys don’t change something.
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3 years ago, Sank63
Ads ads and more ads - deleted it
I read the post on a browser on my phone. I fell for the ad that said “less ads” faster load. Wrong. You can’t open the app with out a full screen persistent ad, with o way to close it. Worse the ads for really cheesy garbage. I’m better off reading the post on a browser with an ad blocker running. The content is good, the amount and quality of the ads is garbage.
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5 years ago, Moss1332
Great news, dozens of notifications
JPost has great articles and coverage of Israeli and Middle Eastern news. However, this app send WAY too many push notifications. I regularly wake up in the US with more than a dozen notifications. It seems like every time someone writes an article, they send a push notification. That number should be limited to, at most, 2-3 per day (1-2 would be better).
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7 months ago, Outryderjl
Informative articles
I read your articles daily as well as two other sources. I know your reporting is accurate.
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6 years ago, Aands1
Slow app
I just downloaded this app yesterday and I need to delete it. I have never seen an outlet so slowly onto my iPad. It's extremely frustrating and not worth the effort. Is not my Internet as I have a really high speed, end it is not my iPad because I have no problem watching movies on my iPad. Bad bad app. It's unbelievable with the advanced technological expertise that exists in Israel that they can't make this app work better.
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2 years ago, kamalousue
Too many annoying ads
I can’t get past the ads on this app. I have to close it out every time because they place the “x” for the ad in the corner where the clock is. Now the ads play music and EVEN when I close the app, the annoying music continues to play until I manually shut down the app. I think it is time for a new news outlet.
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1 year ago, CF18JI
Lame app
It’s hard to believe that in this day and age the JP has such a lame app. Why don’t they invest in an app for the 21st century. The take over ads are usually broken so you can’t even X out of it and you have to open and close the app multiple times to close the app and read the news. They also need to hire people who know how to spell and write in English.
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2 years ago, Meg22502
Something isn’t right…
I don’t know what’s going on with the app but when I open it the only thing showing is some advert for an app called XE or something like that to send global money transfers. I even deleted and redownloaded it and it still shows the same thing. No articles no other content, just this weird advert. What is going on with that??
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2 years ago, sholmes717
The ads upon opening can’t be closed!!!!
I like the content but the ads make me despise the owners of this app. The ads upon opening typically can’t be closed & the (x) is strategically placed so that it can’t be clicked. Your forced to close the app or click on the link within the ad. That is infuriating and a horrible way to run a business!!!!
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4 years ago, Lilup
What happened to the notifications?
I’ve ever received the JPost notifications, but since december I’ve got the iphone 11Pro and it is not working.
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6 years ago, Anonymous453
Great content. Terrible, terrible app.
Great paper that gets killed by a terrible app. Just like the Jpost website (another disgrace), the text is constantly moving as the intrusive ads load, making reading impossible. What a pity! I’d really enjoy reading it otherwise. You’d think that the people at Jpost would notice and make a change. Who reads newspapers on paper anymore?
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10 months ago, shaulgedalyah
JPost continues to not address complaints
For quite a while, people have been complaining that the ads presented by Jpost do not allow an exit. The “X“ which is used to close the ad is not accessible because it is too close to the corner. I have decided that from now on, any day that I open Jpost and am unable to close the presented ad, I will leave Jpost and not try to access it for another day. Jpost will not receive ad revenue from me, because of multiple attempts to bypass their ad. I encourage others to do the same, and encourage you to post that here in the comments.
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2 years ago, Sozticel
App good ads bad
I am literally unable to access the contents of the app because the close button for the ads are on top of the battery icon every time I open the app. Otherwise it was a great app before the ads filled the entire screen.
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4 years ago, r2d2dave
DONT pay!
Hate that I can’t stop the charges to my account for the add free version that I don’t get !!! But love the paper I signed up for the paid version to not be bothered by cheep 20 sec add’s and having to hit x close after 10 sec count down My account is being charged and app still has all the f...n add’s still!!! Love the paper hate that I can’t stop the charges to my account
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2 years ago, Kratovo13
content is unavailable
When you click on the app icon, advertisements pop up and block content entirely. Even removing the app and reinstalling it doesn’t help. It is impossible to use. Can developers do something about it? This is simply pathetic! Does the editorial board not care that the JP content is inaccessible?
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3 years ago, Zieg Heil
Annoying Ads
I wish the app would stop opening up ads on the internet while I’m scrolling through articles and reading them on the app. It’s extremely annoying.
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5 years ago, From Detroit with Love
Headlines and nothing more
There is no substance, no deep information to any of their news stories. They tell you what, when and sometimes who, but that’s it. It’s like news for 15-year-olds with short attention spans who only want to say, “did you hear what happened?” Read other news sources, you’ll do yourself a favor.
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2 years ago, BWMusicMan
Latest version hijacks phone
The latest version on iPhone displays an ad and won’t go past it to the news content. I deleted the app and downloaded it again, and a different ad behaved the same way. iPad app seems fine but iPhone version is disastrous.
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2 years ago, barneykey
Goofy ads won’t let me get into news
I’ve noticed some ads that come on just after I’ve logged into your site will not quit no matter how many times I click on the small x. When this happens I move on to another site in this case Debka
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2 years ago, bad ad location
Ads are terrible
An add pops up as soon as I launch the app and the X is in the top right under my battery icon so I cannot press it! The “launch” button is just below that so I keep opening the ad! This is annoying enough to make me delete the app overall.
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3 years ago, J/S~~
Horrible Ads take over your phone
ads suddenly take over your phone at high audio volume. Super bad. this severely limits my use of this app. After using this app for some years I finally deleted it. Horrible!!
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2 years ago, MarylandAl
Stuck on Ad
Ads which can’t be closed for a given period of time are annoying but I can live with that. But I have recently gotten full-page ads with an X in the corner that doesn’t work. I am uninstalling.
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6 years ago, Cyclepro405
Good articles but app stinks
Love the articles but keep getting ads that pop up and will not go away. The way they come up and stay makes me think it is a virus. Will no longer use this app. Although I love the paper.
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3 years ago, skhdje
Badly designed
I have a subscription and should be able to view the daily paper without all the ad screens. Howevee I can’t access the Premium page as doing so crashes my phone
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3 years ago, Iggy128
Never seen so much spam advertisement in a news app
Keep closing and restarting the app just to get out of the spam advertisements. At times it’s impossible to close the advertisement, which seems to be intentional.
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3 years ago, DJ Bress
Ad Implementation Ruins App
Whoever designed your ad implementation should be fired. Blocks screen, incompatibility or near incompatibility with curved edges of iPhone screen, making it near impossible to close ads and thus make the app useless: Did nobody test this? Deleting the app for good.
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4 years ago, truthdaddy
App is great but the ads are insufferable
Every new page I have to sit through some dumb ad it’s horrible
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2 years ago, Ralph Lyft
Has tons of information, but if you want to forward an article to a friend, you are out of luck. It doesn’t work, and sending an email to the publisher was a waste of time. All I got back was gibberish.
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2 years ago, allenf
Locked out by Ads
Unable to access for past weeks because pop up adds do not “X” out. Pressing the delete X does absolutely nothing, and readers are locked out of accessing the paper.
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2 years ago, talw50
Ads can’t be closed
The newest upgrade of this app has ads that once they run can’t be closed because of the location of the “x.” No longer reading the JPost because of this.
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5 years ago, BBNJ62
Ads are so intrusive and obnoxious
The ads have become so bad I have deleted this trash. Better news sources. I get ads are needed but blocking everything each story for every building #'s of seconds is far beyond what I'm willing to put up with. Good riddance.
Show more
5 years ago, mikee219
The app works sporadically
I get a JPost notification and more often than not get a blank screen when I click on it. If you’re using the latest version of iOS expect to have all kinds of problems.
Show more
2 years ago, grit2010
Constantly logs out
Each time I open app I have to login for my premium access. Extremely frustrating and the only one of my news apps I have to do this.
Show more
3 years ago, picsaboo
Yes, annoying ads
I wanted to see what the app had to offer but was completely put off by the irremovable ads. Why bother?
Show more
3 years ago, Ricki1949
Needs work…
News is good, ads are annoying, breaking news notices are often not tied to the story…buy a hard copy subscription & avoid all the frustration.
Show more
2 years ago, AllanRosen
Unusable because of ads
Literally unusable due to most intrusive ads I’ve ever seen. Ads open at the start and cannot be closed. Unfortunately this app will sink fast.
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