The Ledger - Lakeland, Florida

4.2 (206)
188.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for The Ledger - Lakeland, Florida

4.24 out of 5
206 Ratings
3 years ago, Leviblkhog
New update not working
With the new update I have not been able to use the app. It opens to a black page then shuts down.
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2 years ago, Ga1972
Even though I’ve been a snowbird in Polk County for almost ten years, I have learned so much more about the area since starting to read the Ledger! Time and money well spent … especially since we are now Florida residents!!!
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1 week ago, Ledger issue
I have subscriptions to paper and online. Whenever I log in which I do from the dail email, it either opens or it tells me i dont have account. And wants me to log in using password, which I no longer remember correctly because it wont log me in. One device logs in most the time, the other is hit or miss.
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3 years ago, DGL112187
The Ledger is a 1st class Newspaper!
I’ve lived in Miami, Tampa and Atlanta and their newspapers are not any better than the Lakland Ledger! Our local paper is precise, accurate and informative!
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3 years ago, Bob Nickell
Great reporting
The Ledger has a good stable of aggressive and objective reporters. They, alone, deserve five stars. However, the Opinion Director drags the paper down to a three. His editorials are biased and contain many factual inaccuracies.
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11 months ago, Frustrated Customer 1000000000
Needs Huge Improvement
Barely functional with too many “click” ads for worthless products. Not user friendly. Am worried about what information they are trying to get from my phone. Not any identity protections at all. Many questionable settings with no explanations.
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2 years ago, ydougyea
Lakeland Florida Newspaper
The Ledger on my iPhone is convenient on staying up with the latest news in my area.
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5 months ago, Judy & Bob
Our daily newspaper
We read it every day and enjoy doing the puzzles.
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8 months ago, Saroy2960
Unable to access e edition
Despite being a subscriber I am unable to to read the e edition. Ever since the app was updated I have not been able to access the e edition. I have called the Ledger twice but nobody has been able to help.
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3 years ago, Bill In Auburndale, FL
Great local news
I appreciate the local articles and professional writing.
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9 months ago, TheMawMaw
Old news
When I open the app, the news is 3 days old. I get an email with new stories but when I open the app I have stories from past issues.
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4 months ago, Bill- E
Great coverage of both local and National news. Fair and complete!
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3 years ago, Heartsnut
Great change
Now competes on a local basis with apps like Bay News 9. Like having the weather too.
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2 years ago, R J Connors
Like breaking in to Fort Knox
This is among the most prohibitive apps I have ever attempted to access. Subscrbing took dozens of attemps, including phone calls, over six days. Now that I have it wants to prevent me from seeing anything and won’t recognize me. It’s a news prevention app.
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7 months ago, FSU69
Doesn’t match iPad as old app
You have consistently increase or decrease size of page
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4 months ago, LauraGJohnston
Problems with app
Every time I pull up a story to read the screen goes blank after about 30 sec. Then it reboots and I have to start all over. Very frustrating and aggravating.
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13 years ago, Ronp2
Quite Useful - Still Needs Improvement
The Ledger app works much better than the generic browser app. But, there are a couple of bothers. First, if you rotate the iPhone the item you are reading goes back to the top. Also, the text size seems to revert to the dafault. I would like even a little larger text. The syndicated columns and comics aren't available. that's OK for a free app. I subscribe to the Ledger's eReplica service for the PC and can read the comics and columns in eReplica. Hopefully, a good eReplica app for the iPhone will be coming.
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3 years ago, PC Grace
The Ledger
Not the highest quality of journalism since becoming a USA affiliate, but we do get all the print news and, even more importantly, the 4 daily puzzles are excellent.
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3 years ago, GayleStorms
Unable to sign in to my account
I get an error message every time I tap ‘sign in’ in the settings. I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times with the same result.
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3 years ago, llimdaert
Can’t sign in
I have tried multiple times with email chat conversations with Eddie. No help available for signing in for an app that I have had for years
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3 years ago, NURSEric
Can’t link account with current subscription.
There is no way to link this app with a current digital subscription. You have pay through iTunes.
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2 years ago, bronanbronan
Subscription should be ad free
Frustrating to pay for a subscription and still have ads.
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2 years ago, TooTallMom
Non worth it
Stories are repeated day after day. Very little local news. Now I can’t find a way to cancel the subscription!
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3 years ago, jtchlo
Will cancel subscription
New app for online viewing is TERRIBLE. It’s impossible to read a single article because of the ads.
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3 years ago, Tattoohank
Not reliable
My subscription access comes and goes
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2 years ago, Retired since 2005
Mostly advertising
Little news sprinkled in with countless ads. Subscription to this is wasted money
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4 months ago, Dhard02
App is flaky, drops your connection
This app has not been updated regularly and loses connection
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2 years ago, Jazzzy Jeff
Won’t let me in!
I paid for a year in advance, the app confirms this, but won’t let me in!
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3 years ago, Buckiz2
Several steps backward.
Terrible update. Seems like the Ledger is trying to lose customers.
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1 year ago, ledger1010101
Horrible, I’m not able to cancel subscription
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2 years ago, XDSD12345
Very poor format for a newspaper
Very poor format to read the paper
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1 year ago, Florida Skywatcher
Subscription isdues
I have a subscription. I pay monthly via auto debit. I’m signed in. WHY DOES YOUR APP KERP TELLING ME I NEED A SUSCRIPTION?
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3 years ago, abc1/:bbbrlk
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13 years ago, rv_4me
Great Free App
Just downloaded this app. Easy to use. Did not have to register. Love the Ledger, already a subscriber but this app allows me to take the news with me conveniently. App features allow settings for favorites etc. Thanks for the app.
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6 years ago, Scarnevale
It’s a local newspaper app without local news
The new update, and the last several tbh, have made this app useless to me. I go to the ledger for LOCAL news. I got to the national news for NATIONAL news. Tell me about our community. I don’t go to the ledger to hear about riots in Europe. I want to know about the house fire around the corner, the community fair in Bartow, the farmers markets around our community. Make local news your focus and I would love this app. As of now? I will probably delete it. Sad way to go out...
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8 years ago, Edsearch1
Just awful 😠
The new app is a big disappointment. It seems as though the Ledger wanted to make change for change. The new app does not allow moving from article the article as the old App did. It is much more confusing to use than the old app was. It seems as though someone was hired to change the App and did so to justify what they were getting paid. Very disappointed - The old app was not broken – no need to have tried to fix it!
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7 years ago, Stadium Climber
Excellent News Source
Having family and friends who reside in central Florida, I use the Ledger to keep me up to date on everything happening in central Florida. The news is current, accurate and non-opinionated which I find refreshing.
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5 years ago, TMilcich
Worst app I have seen
I can barely give this app One star! I am a fully paid annual customer and it continues to tell me that I have read all my free articles. I have to continually close it and re-down load it. Get on the stick Ledger.
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5 years ago, Moore Haven Guy
Be Truthful
Get with it Ledger! I have paid subscription and digital access registration BUT I cannot read breaking news articles!! Deceptive advertising!
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5 years ago, BackJackDoItAgain
Constant Problems
I am continuously getting locked out of my account on my iPad after reading three articles in spite of having a full print subscription. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it only to get locked out again. Very frustrating.
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8 years ago, AlisonLakeland
More content to see
Vastly improved from previous app. And easy to scroll through. I love the update. Nice job.
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8 years ago, Medave110011001
Almost as good as a paper made out of paper
This is the best way to read the paper since it was printed on dead trees .
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13 years ago, FalconFreedom
Good grief
Connection issues, ads are again WAY too intrusive, both at the bottom of the screen and when attempting to read an article. This app is obviously just an advertising vehicle without any regard for readers. Just give me the news. It's off my iPhone.
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5 years ago, Chomperdog
Needs work
Reading is cumbersome and approximately once a week the app looses my subscription so it has to be deleted and reinstalled. I like reading the local paper, but it is a pain to deal with.
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8 years ago, Atrain300
Awesome update
The new design is easy to read and use. I use this app all the time now.
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8 years ago, almargo50
Ledger online
Huge improvement!
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7 years ago, Sammysherman
Slow to load
I would like it better if it had separate sections for national, state and local rather than "top stories". Too many duplicates in various sections.
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13 years ago, DolFanChic
Won't load
This would be a really great app if I didn't have to constantly delete and reinstall it. After I've used it a few times it stops working. If they can manage to fix this then I'd rate it 5 stars...
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5 years ago, Lover of music variety
Connection issues
Continue to get connection errors on the app, but if I go to the website on my phone it works fine. Just deleted app and reinstalling to see if it helps.
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8 years ago, Lakelandmike
News source in lakeland
Cant end the day without reading ledger
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