The Modesto Bee News

4.5 (894)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Modesto Bee News

4.45 out of 5
894 Ratings
3 years ago, wesweb
This “Beta” version is much improved, but…
This version is much better than the previous version EXCEPT if you inadvertently touch the screen, it takes you to an isolated view of an article. This happens frequently and it’s rather annoying. Why not require a double tap of the screen for those who like the isolated view? I personally NEVER purposely use this alternate view, but I get it accidentally way too often.
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4 years ago, V steve
App is poorly integrated
I subscribe through iTunes and yet am prompted to subscribe on nearly every article; this still occurs after restoring and checking that it says active subscriber. Trying to read the replica edition takes me through a browser where I have to go through multiple steps to log in again. Since most of the content requires going to the replica edition, this is a problem. The user experience with this app is very poor, especially considering the high price of the monthly subscription for very limited content. The content is great; the app is junk. You need to fix the app so that once authenticated the reader can read smoothly and move to the replica edition within the app.
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3 years ago, todddster
Won’t load. Please fix as I pay for the subscription. Update: November 2021 No news feeds since latest update. Please fix. UPDATE: Disabling private relay worked. Thank you!
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5 years ago, slowpoke 2
Trucker ‘ slow poke ‘
I am a truck driver! So when I travel out of state and I need to get news of what’s going on in Modesto , I go to the Modesto bee app and get my latest reports of what’s happening in my town , I drive 38 states and sometimes I’m away from home up to a week and a half !! It is a great app to have ! Thanks “ Modesto Bee “
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6 years ago, DaleD
Such a breath of fresh air
I don’t live in or near Modesto, but I enjoy reading the news from there occasionally because the it is entertaining and a nice break from other news outlets that seem self important most of the time. Thank you Modesto Bee.
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5 years ago, jafoadt
All the news I need to know!
The paper is great to read but there is more full color content online, a variety of news from the local source! A1 site
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2 years ago, hjc2you
Local news.
Modesto B keeping news locally from being read without subscription or having the app. Next television will be doing the same thing without the app. You need to pay for subscription.
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6 years ago, Jwkone
Better lately
I have seen much more news about Modesto. We so need more reporting on local events and our high crime
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5 years ago, clsbr
Not free?
I enjoy keeping up with the news after moving to another part of the country but it’s hard to justify spending money on a subscription to do so. I’m disappointed in this change of policy.
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6 years ago, Wood Family 5
The newest update to this app won’t allow me to read articles even though I have an active subscription. I have emailed and called customer service and they can’t help me. When I go to my account it says no active subscription which is not true. I let customer service know and they couldn’t figure it out.
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5 years ago, msmlwood
New format horrible
I used to look forward to reading The Bee each morning on my Ipad. The “improved e edition” makes enjoyment impossible. Much less viewable space. Unable to zoom in on stories I want to read. Moving up and down on a page is a struggle. Gonna stop my subscription. I was growing weary of the obvious left slant anyway.
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6 years ago, Some Blues Loving Dude
Up to Date Information
The Bee has it!
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5 years ago, stupid paper
Bring back the old edition! I have spent 30 minutes trying to open today’s paper! Still nothing, tell me why I should continue my subscription??? The e edition will not open in the paper format! Help would like to be able to read what I pay for!
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10 years ago, Biz travlr
Easy to use
It lets me read the Nee wherever I happen to go, and is always in my pocket. Would be nice to pre-load the days articles for when I fly and don't have internet
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4 years ago, gtreass
What a joke
I've been using this app for years and now you want to charge a ridiculous amount of money! Especially at a time like the covid 19 pandemic half the news you can read what a joke wouldn't waste my time with this rip off app I will be deleting this app.
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5 years ago, Nelliemargaret
New and improved isn’t
Maybe I can get somewhere if I review. I’ve sent three emails regarding how impossible it is to read the Bee with the new app. No reply. The new app is awful. Fuzzy pages, pages that disappear and the list goes on and on.
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5 years ago, hot in sonora
This app is great and faster than most newspaper apps.
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7 years ago, Mortimer Z MD
I loved this app until the update. It now requires a email and password on a daily basis with all sorts of pop ups and junk. Much less user friendly than in the past.
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4 years ago, tech support user
Parent company ruined the app
Paywall and previous app use had 4 stories listed 3 times. Why repeat? No content? Other news outlets are producing better news. Have eradicated merced sun-star and ModBee. Not willing to pay $200 a year times two to get news, ModBee and Merced sun star. More up to date news out there. Again, multiple stories that last 5 days with a subscription.
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5 years ago, Modesto Jax
It limits the number of articles per month you can read. Totally worthless. They have ad banners, why would they block you? 0 Stars
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4 years ago, ccccghfrdgh
Delivery problems
I’ve been trying for a week to get my paper delivered by using this app. After seven days still no paper. So this app appears useless.
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4 years ago, Oidance
Doesn't work after the last update.
App doesn't work since it was updated yesterday.
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5 years ago, G1 app horrible
Won’t let me sign in even though I paid for a subscription. Maybe they should hire a high school student to fix this app.
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6 years ago, Senior Rojo
Love the buzz from the Bee. Great job keep it up.
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4 years ago, rowser22
Pesky add that stays on bottom of page
Pesky add stays on bottom of page
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5 years ago, d6464
Been using this app for years. Now they want to charge me. There are plenty of news apps for free
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3 years ago, cdhepcat
Beta App is Horrible
The new beta app is terrible. Bring back the ability to do pdf
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5 years ago, 49fu
Bad format
Your new format is terrible!!!!!
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7 years ago, Karl Noll
A lot more than a newspaper.
Gives you much more than a newspaper. Lots of videos, still photos, links, etc.. I finally found the comments section in the top right of each article. The comments are the fun part of reading the Bee. Me and this app had a tough time at first until I figured out how to navigate it. Now I really enjoy all of its features and look forward to reading the improved Modesto Bee.
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10 years ago, Simgeek1
Pretty Good, Small Bug
I like the app, it gives me the local breaking news, which I appreciate. It's more portable on my phone than my tablet, but I have loaded it there as well. There is a small bug that makes it always show "1" when you look at your phone, even when there isn't a new story. I hope that will be fixed at the next update.
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7 years ago, Champion #2
Very Poor Excuse for a "News" App
Today - as with every other day -since the recent changes to this app there was only one, yes one, recent news story. Everything else was from June. It's as if they've cut all of the staff that supports the news for the app and they have one person Who is marginally interested in providing any recent news. Maybe the intention is to steer people towards ordering a newspaper delivery like the old days. Definitely could use to up their game.
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8 years ago, Agent85
What's up with the pop up videos?
Why is there 3second video loops that pop up out of nowhere and never go away. Love the app but won't use it if the vids keep popping up. Help?
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12 years ago, Intellectual Stimulation
Latest local news on easy to use app
The new ModBee app is easy to use. It'll be great when app users can make and view comments on stories. Nice start!
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11 years ago, adpera209
I use this app everyday, but after the update, it won't load. I've even tried deleting it and reloading it. Doesn't work. I'd like to use it again. The update looks great on the description, but I can't use it. Can you fix the bugs?
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10 years ago, Mikayla 2011
Keeps me Up to Date in Modesto news
1st time to subscribe in newpaper; I like the content from cover to cover!! Will Recommend with friends & Family✅✅✅
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9 years ago, Asdfghjkl102938376
Where're the comments?
What is the point of a standalone news app for a local paper when we cannot comment on the articles?
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8 years ago, hockeyfreak#1
Your FB page
Your FB page is very good. How do I get automatic news updates? By pressing 'Like' on your page? I can't find it.
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11 years ago, Rawcruester
Won't open
Would like to use this app but it never opens... edit: update for iOS 7.0.3 now works. Updated to 4 stars.
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10 years ago, Gearcharter
Doesn't provide for letters to editor
I read the Bee on my iPhone every day. I do not have a computer. The app is perfect except for one glaring omission. You can't write a letter to the editor or make comments on stories or letters. I'd give it five stars but instead it gets just two.
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12 years ago, Cjneg
Great Start!! About time!
Alright! Our local newspaper has an app!! I am very glad not to have to use safari anymore!
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10 years ago, bombcop
It's ok
The app for the most part is ok. However, you can no longer enlarge the photos in stories. Also, it constantly shows a red number 1 on the icon. Which is very annoying.
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12 years ago, Angielicious91
I'm addicted to this app. It's amazing, always up to date with the latest stories. Definitely deserves five stars.
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10 years ago, FredEC3
News in your hand
This app is great for staying abreast of happenings around Modesto, particularly when traveling outside of the area.
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12 years ago, shortygir5
Its ok
It is ok Since I already have a regular subscription.. But now I have BOTH. Needs MORE PICS..& VIDEOS.. ;)
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12 years ago, Andrea1191
I really enjoyed having this app to help me keep up on current events because I'm not usually able to watch the news reports in the morning. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm sad to say that I will be deleting this app.
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10 years ago, Mamaport
Football fan
Would like to see more extensive coverage of a greater number of area high schools.
Show more
11 years ago, David Gingerich
Great app when it works
Since the last update it just crashes every time I open it. They have some work to do.
Show more
10 years ago, Hypernezz
This is poor customer service
I have a 4g iPod touch & they cannot even develop an app to be back words compatible with it. With the new update I cannot even use the app. Pretty sad business.
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12 years ago, RicPpppppp
Don't recommend
You have to pay a subscription to use this app. Save some $ and read the news online. I would give this app zero stars if I could.
Show more
7 years ago, Very frustrated now
Long time reader
The new format removes viewing privacy by making the reader click on stories allowing the Bee and who knows else to track me. I like privacy!
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