The Montana Standard

2.6 (19)
29.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lee Enterprises
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Montana Standard

2.58 out of 5
19 Ratings
4 years ago, unhappy in Montana
Worst experience ever
I recently signed up to subscribe to the home delivery of the Montana Standard. I was so excited to be able to get a daily paper . I am a senior and I live in Whitehall. After almost 2 weeks of not getting any paper, I had to call and call and call to find find out why I wasn’t getting any newspapers. Then I also had to repeatedly call to request a paper tube for delivery. Never did get it or any newspapers. Each time I called I was diverted to a foreign call center and was given different excuses. Complete frustration. I finally drove over to Butte to hopefully speak in person to someone. I was told that they wouldn’t deliver to my address, but would put up the paper tube 2 miles from my house and that and I would have to drive there to get my paper! That would be almost 4 miles round trip just to get the paper? That’s crazy! She said the driver didn’t want to drive the loop to where we live. I live on a horse shoe road. Needless to say I was so stunned I canceled the subscription. This was the most disturbing and disappointing experience I ever could have imagined. I’m very sad.
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1 year ago, MTChip
Why bad reviews?
I have no idea why so many people feel that quality news articles should be “free” of charge. Do they not understand that these reporters, the ones who write the stories local to Butte, need to make a living in order to live there and report on the news? If you want news at no cost, there is plenty of it, scattered across the internet, poorly written, sources not cited, incomplete, full of opinion passed along as fact, pop-up ads covering portions of the screen… come on! This particular app works exactly as described. I can view the daily news in two different forms: the way it is presented in the newspaper format with color photos or in a electronic newsfeed style typically presented on webpages. I receive an email alert every morning to link to the news. What more do people want? I didn’t intend to keep my subscription. I created one simply to gain access to past obituaries so I could look up one from a friend who had passed in 2016. But I have to say, I find myself logging on almost every day, even though I live 120 miles to the east, because I feel the editor has created a very reliable and trustworthy source of daily news. It seems that many of the reviews are many years old. Perhaps the app didn’t originally work well and they have subsequently fixed the bugs. It functions great now and is exactly as described. I highly recommend it.
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10 months ago, E.Beagle
Won’t log me in
App won’t let me log in. My login works online but not the app. Please fix or I’ll just cancel my subscription. Sadly this problem seems consistent with a lot of other reviews😖
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6 years ago, Kirkland1
This is the worst update ever. When scrolling through articles pictures are to big and articles are all mixed up, news , sports etc. please fix
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9 years ago, Montana Mike
Terrible app, poor newspaper
This is the worst news app out there. When you open it up, it sometimes automatically switches you to the App Store to download some app they are advertising. It is now almost impossible to actually read a story through all the ads that pop up. The ads are simply overwhelming. The other issue is how little actual Butte or Anaconda news is reported. Mostly stories from their sister Lee newspapers. This newspaper is dying and has laid off a large percentage of their reporters. Sad....
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2 years ago, AllTheNicknamesAreTakenISTG
The App is so bad
It always signs me out and sometimes I can’t log in even if the username and password are right
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13 years ago, Jhearts80
Like this app
I really like this app. I no longer live in MT, but my family is still there so I try to follow the local news and this makes it easier to do when I'm not at home. the articles are fairly easy to read and I'm sure as more people use it they will upgrade their technology.
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2 years ago, Reviewer3260000
$26 per MONTH
If you think that I’m willing to pay $26 per month to read news that I can get from anywhere else then you’re on something. You’ve got ad revenue so me reading your story is a blessing and a gift in a time when every news story (even local ones) is covered by three different outlets and can be watched on free nightly news. This is the fastest way I’ve ever seen to lose viewers. Putting a pop up in your app requiring me to signing up for a monthly subscription service is insulting and stupid. Also who came up with the price point? $26 a month is the cost of my phone payment! So now only wealthy people can read the news? People of low income don’t deserve to know what’s happening in their locality? Maybe it’s better for you to have 3 monthly readers who are elderly enough to pay $26/mo than to have 300 viewers garnering ad revenue, but at what point do you stop being a news source and start being an elderly person scam? Guess I’ll just read local news on KXLF or Apple News or the nightly news or anywhere else. Greedy idiotic idea. Somehow Wikipedia can be one of the largest sources of info in the free world surviving off of donations, while you charge three times the price of Hulu for 5 boring stories a week.
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