The Morning Call

4.4 (2.1K)
130.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tribune Publishing Company, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Morning Call

4.43 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Bobschuster57
As a paying subscriber there are way too many advertisements on the morning call app. Will soon unsubscribe.
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6 years ago, Will19597
Nearly criminal
The Morning Call has spammed me unrelentingly for years. I downloaded this app so I could leave this review. I have no idea how they got my email address, but no amount of unsubscribing or complaining to them or marking them as spam in gmail can stop whoever their marketing genius is from getting past the filters yet again. They must change addresses and domains to accomplish this, and while it’s some technical feat, it probably isn’t legal. I desperately want off this obnoxious list and am simply trying one more venue here to attempt to effect that. I guess my next step would need to be a state attorney general in Pennsylvania.
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4 months ago, Verge212
Why remove landscape mode?
My older mom has gotten the morning call for decades. I was able to get her to learn the iPad and switch from a physical paper to a digital version. All of the apps on the iPad use a landscape view which makes everything easier. The latest update removed this for some reason that makes it much harder for my mom to use. There is no option to switch between both views. Please bring back that landscape view that all tablet apps use.
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1 year ago, Just Cuz too
Broken app
Edit: Received a response from the developer and the issue below has been fixed. The app works great now. Thank you! The app inserts random letters and characters into the articles, making them nearly impossible to read.
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4 years ago, Summers03
Can’t read articles unless you pay!!
So even with everything going on you can’t read articles that have to do with coronavirus, you have to pay for a subscription. Seriously?!?? I’m trying to read about the first death in Allentown where my parents still live so I can see where in Allentown but nope can’t read important information unless I pay for it. How greedy!!! I’ve seen other news outlets have any article related to coronavirus be free. Will be deleting the app. Shame on you!!!
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6 years ago, Tlin63
Auto-Playing Ads - Don’t Use in Public
I pay for this app to get local news. MCall either doesn’t read or ignores feedback. Their video ads play automatically, blaring the volume until you scramble to either mute the volume or stop the ad playback. App is also unstable and often crashes when loading articles. When I find another means of getting local news I’ll cancel my subscription to this and likely the paper version which nobody at the office reads anymore.
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4 years ago, AvisB
Obits page continually “overtaken” by an Apple or Google-like “you have won” message. Have deleted and reinstalled the app and it still happens. Quite annoying.
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8 months ago, Gamma Bec
No longer working
I’m putting this on the review because the support tab appears to not work. It takes me to a different MCall page. With the new login feature, when I tap one newspaper, it now asks me if I want a free trial subscription when I’ve been paying for a subscription for years.
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2 years ago, Home/Cook
Intrusive Ads
I can’t read some articles because of all the ads. After the first few lines I have trouble finding the story. This happens more often on cell phone, than iPad. I know to expect ads from a newspaper, but I do pay for this and at least with a real paper the ads don’t keep popping up and redirecting you to other sites..The Wall Street Journal is 1000 times better online.
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3 years ago, RonN42
Will not load!
After updating to iPad iOS 15 this app crashes multiple times before finally loading. On a separate note. Why so many ads. The paper already has ads in it so why some many additional ad that make pages load slowly.
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4 months ago, hamANDswiss
No Landscape?
Why would you remove landscape orientation? And the previous version was so much better where articles could be read in a normal page view instead of in a narrow column where you have to constantly scroll.
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4 years ago, ENL121
Updated App has pop-ups that claim I won a prize
Clearly this app has a virus! Please check it. Accessed it twice and can’t read the obits without getting a SPAM pop up!
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5 days ago, Melys001
Too many ads!
The app has so many poorly placed ads that you can’t read the news stories. The ads are pop ups, between every 2-3 lines, and stacked up at the top, bottom, and sides of the page. I’m all for making money but this seems like the ads are just thrown on the page and it make navigation very frustrating.
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1 year ago, GenHosfan
Keep abreast in what is going on in Allentown
Since I moved away from town it is a great way to find out what is going on in town.
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1 year ago, Parsmjrm
Useless app lately
This app has not worked for months on my IPad or IPhone . Keep getting …cannot connect …an active connection is required to view this content. When I finally get it to work when I try and read an article I get a 404 ..sorry we can’t find what you are looking for. What’s the deal!
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11 months ago, AmpedUpKona
Broken… just like the rest of their technology
Can’t get the app to load news. Lines right up with their subscriber website where if it chokes, you have to log out and back in. Also, like their 2x daily newsletter where no matter how many times you hit unsubscribe, it still gets delivered.
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1 year ago, Lostinmacungie
App will never open “Breaking News” tab saying “Cannot Connect Active connection needed to view content”on iPad. Even when I have an active internet connection
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4 years ago, VeronaFan
Bug fix? Font size
In settings you can turn off the standard font, but then--even though you are presented with a slider to adjust font size--there's only one size available (smaller than "standard"). IPad with Safari
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10 months ago, Wolfie 820
I’ve been a paper subscriber for over 20 years and the app still one that me not let me read online, telling me I need a subscription. Logging in repeatedly is getting very tiresome.
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1 month ago, frustrated253785464
Can’t read in landscapre view on ipad
Unlike all the other news apps on my ipad, Morning Call will not rotate to landscape view. Since my ipad is attached to my bluetooth keyboard, turning the thing sideways for morning call is not a welcome thing. Forget it
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3 years ago, The Truth will set you Free!
Can’t read the article
The app will not let me read the article
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4 years ago, DRMorris1
Battery vampire
In the last 24 hours, I’ve used this app for 1 minute. Meanwhile it’s drained 30% of my battery (the #1 battery user!) with 23 hours and 59 minutes of background activity. Maybe y’all should fix this? There’s absolutely no reason for this app to be consuming that much battery in the background.
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1 year ago, Scoo-be
Breaking News No Good
After a month of the morning call trying, they are still unable to fix the Breaking News tab on the app. I get an error msg that a connection is needed. I am connected to the Wi-Fi, as all else works. Moreover, the MC doesn’t seem to care or even give a d#&m. Sad
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2 years ago, The John is John
Articles Won’t Scroll
The current version of the app is completely broken. You cannot scroll in articles - which makes the app useless. Coupled with the constant price hikes - I will be cancelling my digital access before my next billing cycle.
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8 months ago, chipztaughts
App doesn’t work for me
After several years of ups and downs, the latest revision has finally knocked me out for once and all. Each day I try to access my paid subscription and each day this wonderful app CANNOT LOCATE MY SUBSCRIPTION. The Paper is not that good to pursue.
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2 years ago, M-C H
Can’t access our subscription again
Frustrated that once again I can’t access our digital subscription, this time after calling the billing department and supposedly getting things fixed. Ugh!
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4 months ago, mamma sandy
Game and comics
What happened to the games and puzzle pages and the comic strips. How can a person get through the day without humor first? Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Turgon
App is broken
It is very difficult to read articles as random characters appear in the body of the article. I am not certain anyone cares at the parent company anymore. This is their only way to make money (nobody reads print) and it is a failure.
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11 months ago, Rfe3631999
Won’t work
Every time I receive an update from Apple ISO morning call app doesn’t work please help me correct this issue
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1 year ago, gb185
Best local newz
Accessibility improved. Easier to use.
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2 years ago, er01
A Bad Joke
Articles will not scroll. This is a useless app. The problem has existed for weeks despite multiple deletions and reinstalling. The real problem is the lack of journalism. But add the scrolling issue to that and you have a 0-star app.
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8 months ago, Dallas Keen
Bad service
Keep on letting people from the Philippines take care of your customers problems. Your paper is going down hill and your American company good care less. David Keeney
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1 year ago, raa38
Great site.
Great site.
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6 years ago, think_run
App needs work
The app often fails to load an article and will just freeze up. I often have to force restart the app. Not worth the money until they clean this app up.
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4 years ago, Quietensemble
Every time I open the app through a push notification
Every time I open the app through a push notification my iPhone opens up the Dicks Sporting Goods app. I don’t understand why that happens. It’s very annoying. Please make it stop doing that.
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5 months ago, Jake’s Beard
Bogged down by ads
You pay for the service then are loaded with ads that are difficult to remove.
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7 months ago, Knitz2000
Logging in
Tired of constantly having to log in and being told it’s a subscribers only article. Why can’t it stay logged in if I’m a subscriber????? And why is every nickname taken?????
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1 year ago, mgwoman
Review of online Morning Call
I think this offering could benefit from more rigorous editing. Several articles had multiple repeats of paragraphs. Spelling errors are common.
Show more
4 years ago, Ugeneha
Value the news. Detest the pop ups that interrupt and are highly annoying.
Probably pwill cancel
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4 years ago, judge / jimmy
Free for all
It’s about time your e-paper is free. You charge for the e-adds already. Get with it.......just my thoughts
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3 years ago, Another Heavy Reader
Constant re-sign in
App is constantly asking me to sign in again and again.
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1 year ago, beccabee329
The App is slow and it always logs me out and interrupts my viewing with unnecessary ads.
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2 years ago, zxsffhhy
Mobile app
Cannot read the articles
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4 years ago, Lehigh Valley reader
A biased and one sided newspaper.
I no longer wish to receive or read this biased and one sided newspaper. If I could submit 0 stars I would do so - but It will not allow it.
Show more
5 years ago, Fordph
Why do you always use left leaning reporters and articles. Washington Post, NYT, Los Angeles Times and AP. We are not all AOC’s.
Show more
5 years ago, c3019
_Cars, ((?))_
Weather;room for debate, Show more
2 years ago, zeevon
To the left, please.
Left wing publication. I just get for game page, local sports, and not much else.
Show more
5 years ago, Scabicky
lousy paper
Crappy, lazy newspaper that gets worse every year. Mostly canned wire stories and ‘good news’ local crap.
Show more
6 months ago, al e neuman
MCall app
Very difficult to navigate using this app!
Show more
4 years ago, bigfaddyven
Takes to long to find
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