The Morning Sun

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Journal Register Company
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2 years ago
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User Reviews for The Morning Sun

2 out of 5
4 Ratings
9 years ago, tidball1
Perhaps my expectations are less than some others', but I find this app very easy to manipulate and am very impressed. Thanks from one who resides out if the country for several months.
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9 years ago, EchoCat13
News that's not local
The app frequently switches from stories from the Morning Sun to stories from a Detroit area newspaper. I suspect that both newspapers are owned by the same publishing company. However, it is annoying when you want to read news that is pertinent to your area but the only articles are for an area 3 hours away.
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11 years ago, CaseyBarlow
Can a brothuh get a passenger pigeon?
I recall the Stone Age moving faster than these "upgrades." The staff is better off leaning out the window of their giant building with a down-sized staff and screaming the news into the ether. I give this app 5 stars--for sucking.
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12 years ago, Padredave
Great local news
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11 years ago, Gibbygojo
Not Impressed
The information does not update regularly with the most current information. Not all pages/links work either. You get old news all of the time and current news almost never. Obituary page doesn't work.
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11 years ago, Mt. Pleasant Resident
Not worth it
This app is a total waste of space on the iPhone. The content doesn't update very often and it seems that they report anything and everything. It's almost like the reporters for the morning sun get bored and try to scramble to find anything to write about. And the app seems to always have glitches.
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12 years ago, Amanda.a13
Good start!
I'm finding the app much easier to read than the website. Like the menu options. Wish all local stories were showing up, though.
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11 years ago, Michigan Beauty
App doesn't update the news daily.
My local news section hasn't updated in 72 days and my news section stopped updating 3 days ago. I'm going to uninstall and install again to see if that helps.
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11 years ago, RHJ911
Updates slow
There are times that the news is old, and newer stories don't appear for days. Otherwise, decent app
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11 years ago, Rhymac Emerald
It would be nice to actually refresh the regular news feed. Also, half of the time it doesn't refresh the feed for 5 or 6 days.
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12 years ago, Floyd t barber
Surprisingly good!
After disaster that morning sun website has become, thought I'd download this for some giggles. Turns out to be a great reader! Go figure. November update: app has gone to heck. Don't waste your time. Articles old, and random articles last forever. Don't care about trapped coal miners from 81 days ago.
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7 years ago, helen stoneburgh
Does not refresh
The app will not refresh. Same news for the last three days. Stuck on Nov 1st. Tried to delete and reinstall still same news.
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12 years ago, Cajungander
Decent app
Understand app is new so I hope to see improvement in updates and better local stories. Keep it up, you'll get there yet!!
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11 years ago, pjmzzz1234
Best for iPhone
The app works okay but the screen size was designed for an iPhone. Since I am using a iPad, I would prefer a larger screen size. If the app adjusted the screen for and iPad, then this app would have some value.
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10 years ago, The_Timmer_42
Terrible News Source
The "Breaking News" section is filled with "Date in History" articles when a local school just won a state championship. Their Facebook page has more updated content.
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10 years ago, Mrs. cookie
Morning Sun
Web page needs some work. Hard downloading at time and it bounces us out routinely. It's getting better, but could be better.
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11 years ago, Inendaagoz
Morning Sun
There's no point in using this app it never updated the articles, 36 days old is what I get. I have to go through google and use the Full Site if I want current news. Do they need help or what, cause this app is pointless.
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11 years ago, BLBW103178
Morning Sun
Needs more frequent updates. Also, obituary section is rarely updated at all.
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12 years ago, Wrapped-in-Bacon
Need to update this app with the new OS6 on iPhone
Articles are not available to read since I updated my iPhone to OS6. Please fix this, thanks
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10 years ago, Mt. Pleasant Fan
This app is useless !
Never updates, I understand its not a major operation, but why have it if doesn't work. Seems like an attempt at just being able to say they have an app.
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2 years ago, nurseguild
Not worth the money
I pay monthly and can rarely see the articles. Can’t get a hold of anyone at their office to cancel. Poor poor service
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10 years ago, 33/5
Not bad
Needs updated stories. Tired of reading old news. Can't read or type comments. Sad!!
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12 years ago, Nightopslisa
Not happy
Lots of times the articles are not available, or they do not update, I've been trying for 3 days to get the articles updated to no avail, may as well delete the app.
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12 years ago, Kath myrick
Morning sun review
This is the worst app! There is nothing about the news in mt pleasant! If I wanted to read about us news I would read msnbc. Canceling this app and reading the news concerning Isabella county from elsewhere! This is the worst!
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12 years ago, Jamineen
Never updates stories
I've had the same news and stories for the last 20+ days. Deleting app, glad I didn't have to pay for it.
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10 years ago, Ron Bacon
This application is an absolute disgrace. No "search" function to review past articles. If you're going to put an app out at least do it right.
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11 years ago, gblack76
The app is about as good as the paper
The app is about as good as the paper no real content
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7 years ago, Clionah
Can't find obituaries
You've added more buttons and whistles that don't seems to do anything and I cannot find the obituaries.
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11 years ago, Rarely updated
Rarely updated
Not only is the site rarely updated they hardly cover any local sports and events. Don't waste you time.
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10 years ago, Annie102100
Like a 16 year old female driver, this likes to crash. It spends most of it's time unable to load new content. When it does work, it's pretty and simple. Fix it, please.
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12 years ago, Iharenicknames
Old stories
This app used to work great. Now the newest articles are 11 days old. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it didn't help.
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5 years ago, Grammahunt
No news
This app still doesn’t refresh. 7 day old ‘news’ is no longer ‘new’. This app is useless.
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5 years ago, jms!12
Won’t show latest news
The news is still from March 1st and it won’t update! Please update your app!
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11 years ago, Walkshorses
It doesn't have any recent news? Everything is old. And the " local jobs " are in places like Detroit ... Hate this app and am deleting it.
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12 years ago, Vivixian
The articles have not updated in days.
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10 years ago, AdmiralHuey
Uninstalled in less than 3 minutes.
So many video ads...
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11 years ago, Whatisavailable
Terrific if you are looking for news from last month
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10 years ago, Mich news fan
Not good
To many pop ups Old news to many ads Not good
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11 years ago, RachelRifenbark
Bad app
The news hasn't updated in 65 days!
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11 years ago, Mattwmyers 2003
App spent update
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