The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

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NBCUniversal Media, LLC
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for The NBC App – Stream TV Shows

4.56 out of 5
237.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Lazy Eye Uni-Brow
The worse app 2015 - present
This is by far the worse app I have ever used. Unfortunately, I love AGT or I would never use it. The problem with the app is that NBC is too worried about shoving ads down our throats and there in lies the glitch. The most recent problem is when using IOS and trying to mirror to my Roku device, AGT starts over from the beginning even if you move it ahead to where you left off, it jumps back to the beginning and freezes on the same commercial. Over and over. So you have to watch it from the beginning, continuously, or it will freeze and kick you out or just start over. You would think one of the largest media companies in the world could do better however, they continue top my list of worse app every year since 2015.
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3 years ago, Konicaminolta
Oh NBC...
I grew up on NBC. I generally love their shows, from Seinfeld to Superstore. That “ding-ding-ding” is a sound I like. However, this app is disappointing. Why? Because I cannot pay to use it or to not be bothered by commercials. I am a millennial, I have come to love that for 3-5$ dollars more a month I don’t have to watch commercials. Plus a subscription cost, perhaps you can fund some shows that have been cancelled that have a strong following, like giving us some form of closure on Dracula or Emerald City. By subscribing, to the NBC app, you can offer the news or sports as an added bonus. Alas, I can watch NBC news without any subscription. Which is great on your part NBC but as an app business model it’s not ideal. People like watching Nightly News. Additionally, if you want to stream original programming, just allowing people to subscribe at a cost can help fund aforementioned original programs. I had to login, with my mother’s Cable account in order to use the app. Which is annoying, and should be unnecessary as regular TV is dying in most city areas. I would’ve paid 5-7$ a month just to watch NBC (WITH commercials 🙄) and I would’ve paid because it’s the only place to find some programs I love. C’mon NBC, it’s 2021. You should focus on your streaming platform, I thoroughly enjoy Peacock, why aren’t all of your shows on peacock!? I have to use two NBC applications ...
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4 years ago, Days65
Days Only
I use this app at least 3 to 4 times a week to catch up on episodes of days of our lives because I can rarely watch it when it’s on live. Love that feature, and I’m very happy that this app exists for that reason! However, I rarely use it for other shows, because I don’t have cable service, and therefore I’m locked out of many episodes. As someone else suggested, I would love it if you could earn credits or even pay a subscription to have the app. The other issue that I consistently have when streaming an episode, is the video will freeze but you can still see the time counting, and when the video finally resumes you’ve missed several seconds of the storyline. It’s like the system is still moving ahead but the video is not. Maybe I should try reinstalling the app...not sure... I do regular system updates so not sure that would matter... In total I consistently watch/follow more shows on NBC than any other major network, so it really would be great if I had more access to programming on your app.
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5 years ago, etak9102
Grumpy about terrible rewind feature
I have never written an app review before, but the most recent update to this app has made me so frustrated. In general - its a great app to access lots of shows on demand, and I appreciate the deep library (though I’d like if previous seasons of many shows were carried so I could watch back episodes) but recently, the glitchiness of the app is making my experience terrible. If I try to rewind using the 10 second rewind button, it will often go to commercial, and then pick back up 3-4 minutes ahead of where I was at - making that rewind button totally non-functional and also aggravating me as I have to continue to watch the same 5 commercials over and over again just to be moved forward in the show and have to rewind again to get back to my spot... then often rewinding gets me more commercials and it’s just... exhausting. Fix the issue, so shows can be streamed and rewinded. Also, I’d be happy to pay for a commercial free version of NBC. Will that ever be a possibility? It takes longer than it should to watch a single show because of the excessive commercials...
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5 years ago, vddogc himmhfrvc
Worst TV App
It’s a shame that this company was allowed the broadcast rights to the premier league soccer. NBC app never works and always glitches to where you can’t watch live tv on any streaming device, how can you have this main tv app be so bad when your NBC sports Gold (another program I have to PAY for for access to Premier league soccer) for the most part works fine. This has been an ongoing issue for over a year and still no fix. Consumers pay hundreds of dollars to them and they can’t correct issues that don’t have with other companies like ESPN app. If I am required to pay for access to premier league games you should allow me the ability to watch all games thru your companies various platforms, not having your NBC sports channel competing with the main NBC channel. I’m sure if I was lodging a complaint to watch American football it would be fixed quickly but for soccer (the most popular WORLD sport) they won’t do anything about it. NBC I hope you see this and have a fix before the new year starts or you can expect more viewers will reach out to the premier league to have them look for new partners for broadcast rights!
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2 years ago, TIFMAV
Fix the Volume and Sound Issues
No other app has these issues. On live TV, the volume is very low. This is an ongoing problem for many, as we were able to find forums for fixing this at some level. But fixing it meant changing a setting on the TV that makes 100% volume similar to 50% on any other app or medium. Hard to enjoy football when the announcers are essentially whispering. Then, if you forget you have turned everything to 100%, you burn your eardrums when you put on any app that does not have this volume issue. The foregoing is about live TV. The app doesn’t have this issue with on demand content. For on demand content: when you cast it, the voices frequently become distorted, resulting in the need to re-cast it. Interestingly, these issues do not present on the Peacock app. Come on NBC. You are a billion dollar company. You have to have someone whose job it is to fix this. In the alternative, give up your contract to host football. If you can’t figure out volume, football may not be your lane.
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2 years ago, mytw0b1ts
Plays back ads perfectly
For the life of me I can’t figure out why NBC can’t get this app to work right. The only video that plays correctly is ads. Content plays for a minute then pauses and plays and you have to force quit the app and reload it to get content to play back properly but of course you’re met with ads again even if you just sat thru some before the app started acting dumb - this is especially common if you pause the app and resume later. It also struggles with changes to orientation after exiting picture-in-picture. Even though my iPad stays in landscape mode when going from PIP to full screen the video rotates into orientation and even after you physically lift and turn the iPad to force it into landscape it doesn’t fully fill the screen like it should. There’s also times when you pause video and you try to resume but the playback controls won’t load. For a company as large as NBC this is embarrassing and it doesn’t inspire me to want to spend money on your services or apps like Peacock if this is what I can expect.
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2 years ago, Guillermo Gregorio
I love Lester. Best since Cronkite.
I’ve seen plenty of national U.S. TV news broadcasts in my 68 years. I blame it on my father for this addiction, although I know there are many other addictions which can be worse to sustain. I’m glad he showed me this one (though I didn’t follow his final news love for viewing Fox’s constant daily rant). Though I liked Lester’s predecessor, I find Lester much more serious in his delivery. I’ve wondered if he has put a burden upon himself as an African American to ALWAYS present himself more seriously than what’s his name. Whatever the case, Lester’s my favorite newscaster since The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. To top the great Father Walter, I hate to suggest the solution because it’d require a horrible tragedy or a famous person’s death to make Father Lester to at LEAST wince.
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3 years ago, rocksrowdiestrogues
Remember streaming TV in 2014?!? The NBC app is like a really bad version of that. Get ready to be so frustrated that you’d rather buy the episode from iTunes than have to use this app. Here’s how it functions: press a button, wait 10 seconds to find out that you’re going to continue to wait. Uh oh! Did you press another button while you were waiting after pressing the first button?!? That’s gonna cost you a whole minute to get back to the main page. The LIVE tv menu is so, so great. So great in fact that you probably can’t figure it out because it doesn’t operate like anything you experience in our physical world. See, you expect an action and reaction in our shared experience. But in this app, that doesn’t apply. There could be a reaction to pressing the down button, or there might not be. Or there might be a whole bunch. You will literally never know. But if you’re wrong you’ll ll have plenty of time to think about as you wait another minute to go back to the previous screen.
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10 months ago, Makilsfrgnhead
“Upgrade” ruined video aspect on NBC shows!!
After using the app for months, suddenly about 12pm on 9/1/23 I was forced Upgrade and afterwards I could hear audio but was UNABLE to see the video aspect instead it was fuzzy and whitened out, and continuing about 9 hours later!😠I tried different episodes of the same show then tried other shows and was the same thing; more ironic is that other network shows on the app still works, so it’s ONLY the visual on nbc shows! Hopefully it’s just temporary while all the kinks are worked out bc otherwise NBC is incompetent, and since the only NBC show I watch is AGTalent I give this app ❌❌❌❌ Lol. This is why I hate app upgrades because I find it mostly brings complications and messes things up!
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2 years ago, Little Girl 69
America’s got talent
I have been watching this TV show from the very beginning and I have seen some really really awesome talent. I just watched the most recent season 2022 and this is definitely not going to be any different but it may be even more than before. I also love love love the judges on the show Simon, Sophia, Heidi, and Howie. And let’s not forget the MC of the show Terry Crews. Looking forward to this season and always to the finale and the winner. Good luck contestants you all have so much talent. You make us laugh you make a smile. You also make us cry with all of your stories but for all of you who have gone through bad things you are coming up roses on AGT and the hearts of America love you all dearly. Thank you for this opportunity to write a review.
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3 months ago, Maj'r Krunch
MajrKrunch on the rancid aftertaste of ads.
I realize that ads pay the costs of airtime. That said; could it be that, once I have seen the ad for A) $0.87 pseudo-viagra (too late, I’m 79), B) the opportunity to sell any $100,000 or greater life insurance policy, or. C) a way to get a colon test kit ad FOR THE 1,000TH TIME ,… the ad would be replaced by 1) a bunch of puppies playing “H ey, smell this!”… 2) kittens just being kittens … 3) parrots singing show tunes… ofr… 4) my mom praising Rush Limbaugh {luckily, they are BOTH dead}?? Please, I am crazy enough as it is! Did I not mention the lady who joyfully screams at her peak volume and pitch the fact that she spent greater than SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS for a fiberglass walk-in bathtub. Her actor/husband doesn’t appear in any way joyful, Funny, that.
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5 years ago, jaseygolden
Linking provider
So I was using this and it was working for a while. I linked my tv provider and everything and it was working fine. Well today it wouldn’t let me watch an episode. It kept popping up the “link provider” screen (it does this a lot) I would click the link provider option and it wouldn’t play the episode. It would just go back to the screen where you pick the episode you want to watch. I click the episode and again click the link provider option. I did this several times before I got frustrated. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. I was putting in the tv provider information and once it told me there were issues and to please try again later. I waited a bit and tried it and now it says “external system failure” and I don’t even know what that means. It worked great for a while. I’m just upset that it stopped now.
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8 months ago, taylorrrrrrrrbeeee
Love the network, hate the app
I’m a huge bravo fan, I love the real housewives, vanderpump rules, etc. Unfortunately I sometimes have to use this app instead of peacock to watch the episodes faster, which would be fine if the app worked at all. Someone really has to get this app together, the past couple or years I’ve used it it’s been nothing but laggy, constantly needs restarted, constantly does this thing where if you watch any show for too long all the audio will slow down and start making this weird noise and needs to be restarted again. If you click continue watching on the Home Screen of a show you want to watch it’s impossible to go to the details of the show without having to search it instead of clicking on it… just lots and lots of issues. Please fix it, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to watch a new episode of your show and having to restart it every few minutes…
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4 years ago, trish.ow
Need to exclude credits
It’s so frustrating that out of maybe 40 episodes of a series, that you can only watch al few because you are locked out. All this is doing is making your customers disappointed about your service, henceforth, they just don’t bother with NBC. Have you not read your reviews..? You should, because they speak even louder to my complaint. You have a lot of great shows so if someone wants to watch isn’t that what you’re suppose to provide? So, please fix this and make your customers happy and satisfied. SERVICE brings repeat business. Don’t get away from this fact. And now, I can’t use my own nickname on my review because it’s taken????? WHAT? So, why are we not allowed to use our own. You seriously need to get rid of whoever is responsible for this app and get someone who understands business models. Service and honesty. Start there.
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5 years ago, Leeshi.H
Very Buggy, No Favorites feature
I have the NBC App on my AppleTV and it is absolutely terrible. Here are my main problems with it: 1. There is no option to “favorite” shows that I frequently watch, so every time I want to watch a specific show, I have to scroll through the entire list of shows or go to search and type in the show I want to watch, which is a pain and is more time consuming than just going to favorites and clicking on the next episode of a favorite show. 2. The app also forces me to verify my cable tv provider every time I want to watch something, whereas every single other app I use only prompts me to do this once upon initial sign in, if at all. 3. Integration with Apple’s TV app is rubbish. The TV app tracks shows you’ve watched throughout various apps and suggests the most recent episode or continuation of episodes/movies that you didn’t finish, all without leaving the home screen. With the NBC app, it usually doesn’t suggest the next episode at all or suggests shows I’ve watched already. 4. My last major problem with the app is that it constantly freezes during the episode, so I have to exit the episode and then play it again. It would be nice to watch an episode straight through without issues. I don’t recommend this app. It’s easier just to switch back and forth between my cable box and AppleTV or watch a different network.
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5 years ago, Alex Whatsisname
"The Voice"
The app is good, but please next time try to play your own shows before the uploading: the last two episodes (E23 and E24 – semi-final) of "The Voice" having so much problems, the sound and picture are scattering like 5 or more times! You can see this even at the begging of the show, when Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins singing "Hell Right". And it’s not just me or my device or network connection – I tried to watch this episode on my computer, from browser, on official site (and even tried to find a WebRip of it), the same scattering and freezes. I couldn’t believe that company like that, NBC, uploaded defective copies of the show... I hope you’ll fix this problem soon and the final episodes will be without these problems. P.S. Sorry for my English, it’s not my native language. UPD: The Finale is great, and without glitches. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Tauber'
Great access
I love that I have access to all of the NBC series’ and can choose older episodes to catch up. The one detractor I have found so far are the constant plugs for all the current NBC shows. The first 2-3 times I see a plug for a show I feel they have garnered my interest. After that I am starting to get annoyed. Please mix it up, I feel like I don’t want to watch Brooklyn 99 now after watching the same plug 10 times while binging 4 episodes of AP Bio. Maybe have multiple clips to plug a show to mix it up a bit. That being said it was awesome getting to delve into a show I was not able to watch last year. Who knows, maybe next year I will be watching Brooklyn 99 episodes and the NBC app will provide different clips of the new show they are plugging at that time.
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2 years ago, ShawnH23
Alright then developers see if yo can a reply from this let’s begin nbc app I’ve had it on my phone in past to include tv provider I have altice so that made it a simple sometimes I have trouble but it’s no worries however I have one request maybe if it’s ok if it can add peacock to the app instead of the preview I’ve seen it on my Apple TV of my house same kind thing so maybe merge it together if not it’s no big deal but I was able to watch one of my favorite shows good old law and order svu the classic classic freaking glory of it and since I’m hooked on new one it makes it even better go law and order thanks hope you enjoy my review
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5 years ago, dochacha11
Link to Provider Feature a Major Limiting Factor
Terrible business model. A lot of people use these apps because they are cable cutters, cord cutters, or whatever the proper vernacular is these days. The bottom line is that if you limit what people can watch because they do not have a cable provider, which I have not had in over a decade and never will again, it is not going to motivate them to get one. You lose viewers that way. In an age where most people use devices other than a TV to watch favorite shows, you would THINK networks like NBC would catch on, drop the provider requirement, and increase the amount of viewers on the platform. I noticed a week or so ago that I can no longer access episodes that I would have been able to watch (eventually). This is unfortunate because that's one less person being subjected to the constant barrage of advertisements that interrupt the show. I am sure advertisers will catch on...
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1 year ago, Arabellai
No enough service
So I’m writing this review. As I have cut cable tv off and just using app. I’m a little upset that I can’t watch the News or shows I want with like a subscription like other providers. Also it’s a little ridiculous that you only give one free news option to watch live, nothing else unless you have a provider this isn’t included some of the tv shows I can watch. I chosen to stop using cable as I travel a lot and have to go out of the country and using my subscription is easier and less expensive. And I can watch on the go with my phone, tablet, or computer… Now I’m losing out on a lot of my shows I love and update with my favorite New anchor because I don’t have a Service Provider!! Please NBC do better and come up with a subscription option that give everyone what they want with out a service provider.
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4 years ago, Me it's good
59 plus
Dear Dwayne Johnson I truly love this Titan games show. My only question is why are we centered around the mid 20s generation? You are truly an inspiration to people to get fit to get healthy and to exercise. The most obese people are people of 50 years and plus. Why not inspire a 50+ titan games or a couples titan games? To me this would be highly inspirational to all of the world. You are an inspiration to many people from your days of wrestling to the days of the Titan games. I myself just turn 59 in the last two years lost 70 pounds you were one of my inspirations to do that. I feel that you would appear to a larger audience and two more of the world if you do something for a midlife generation then something that’s devoted to the younger generation just a thought would love to have feedback Love the show would love to see it get bigger. Gary
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5 years ago, bcandg
Room for improvement
I first used the NBC app when my service providers app on demand was missing recent episodes of Chicago P.D. why IDK but I was able to find and play the missing episodes (others besides Chicago P.D. ) and while I enjoy just being able to access these shows ( and I have no streaming difficulties), I have to agree with some other comments that there COULD be a favorites menu, and NBC could go as far as CBS has and offer subscription access. CBS currently has two subscriber options - one with less commercials (which I found to be an advertising stretch) and the other choice is COMMERCIAL FREE. People WILL pay for commercial free tv, especially if your network airs many of the shows they like to watch. Some things to think about NBC.
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5 years ago, carolinethebandgeek
Would be awesome if I could actually have a subscription...
My family can’t afford cable, we just use streaming services... I used the app to watch Heroes (one of my all-time FAVORITE shows, I couldn’t believe they had it on the app, as it’s really old, let alone all of the seasons), but when I got to like the 4th episode it said I had to put in my cable information. I looked around and couldn’t find anything allowing me to purchase a subscription. I would seriously pay for this stuff, great shows on here. But there’s no options for subscriptions unless you pay for it through your cable provider. Get with the times NBC, HBO does it, so why can’t you? And taking back The Office when you guys know people won’t be able to watch the content they love on Netflix because you want to somehow make better bank through the cable companies? Really? Not impressed
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6 years ago, User for 3 minutes
Terrible for streaming
“It’s a always fun when we get to watch a little TV between commercials.” - my husband to me as we are trying to watch a show from the middle of the episode. Most times if we don’t finish an entire episode, the app does not save our place (or saves somewhere mid-episode, but not where we actually are). If I am casting to the TV from my phone, most times there is no progress bar on my phone for me to change where we are so I have to disconnect from the TV to find my spot and then re-cast. Every time I slide the progress bar in the episode we have to re-watch a whole round of commercials. Just now, it took about 15-20 minutes (and multiple whole commercial breaks) just to get to our last watched spot. We watched about a minute of the show and then were blasted with another break of commercials. Once we finish this season of the show we’re watching, we’re done with this app for good.
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3 years ago, Supergoodness
More ads than TV.
The show selection is really good on the NBC app, however, it has so many ads it’s unwatchable. As a recent example, in order to watch one 24 minute show, I had to watch 10-12 minutes of advertisements with no way to skip any of them. The commercials played before the episode, after the opening credits and throughout the episode. I’d rather purchase the shows I want to watch from iTunes than deal with constant and prolonged advertising for streaming. Some ads are understandable, just like broadcast tv commercials from the days of yore but this is overdoing it. If it weren’t for the constant ads, I’d watch this app all the time. Since the ads have been so long, overwhelming and time consuming, I won’t be using this app again.
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3 years ago, TripleNJennn
Fix The Bugs, PLEASE
I love the app, I love that I can watch past shows, and catch up on newer shows. My problem is that I feel like I spend most of my time watching commercials. Every time I go back to an episode that I was previously watching, I have to fast forward to find my spot. Once I hit play six commercials come on, then I find out I still need to fast forward more. I do, press play, and then six more commercials come on. Does 1 really need to see a Walmart commercial 26 times a day? Walmart is the last place I would shop LOL PLEASE FIX the jumping that happened during episodes (while in playback mode), and the fact that it will not save my location within a show. I don’t have any issues with any of the other apps that I watch/stream on. They all work fine. It’s just this buggy NBC app.
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2 years ago, Drbarb03
So glitchy it’s almost unwatchable
I know that “free” means having to sit through a significant number of ads, but I expect to watch them and get back to the show. No such luck. The app constantly glitches and freezes on the ads. A 20-30-second wait for the video to unfreeze is normal. The show glitches, too. I had to restart the show no fewer than 5 times, moving the slider to approximately where I left off, to get it to unfreeze. Even at that, once started you can’t rewind or fast forward because it will jump back to the original start point for that viewing session every time. You have to end and restart. This means I miss portions of the show I am watching. I have the newest, most up-to-date iPhone and am streaming on a fast fiber internet connection that has no issues with any other device or application. Worst app I have run across in a long time.
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7 years ago, Jordan De Mello
Chromecast barely functional.
The only reason I decided to download the app is because the player on the internet doesn’t have a chromecast button, and casting the tab itself in order to view NBC on my tv has a slight lag that I wasn’t happy with. Now the app itself is ok on its own, but again then only reason I downloaded it was for the chromecast feature. When casting, it works fine for the initial cast, however afterwards you cannot control any of the features: Closed captioning, volume, even playing, stopping or switching episodes. Sometimes if you close the app and reopen it the app will work fine for a few seconds, however after that it is not functional again. Defitnely going to uninstall this app and use others that actually work once I’ve caught up on This is Us. Honestly just take a look at ABCs app, obviously their developers were paid more, because there’s is flawless.
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7 years ago, JLlovemyshows
Great but would like to experience watching a new show...
Really enjoying the app. Because of a new show I have never watched. Started watching a show I have never seen. "Taken" I was looking forward to watching "The Blacklist." I could not watch it from Season One since you have to have detailed personal information to get into the last seasons of many shows. Since my husband is out of town and we are in the process of moving, I did not have any cable set up information as in passwords etc... Due to this information required, many shows were limited for me. I am not one to start watching a night time drama series from Season Four. It is pertinent to start from the beginning of a story line.
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4 years ago, Mattstar69
Kill SNL app 4 this?
I loved the snl app but of course NBC Universal had to kill it since they’re launching their entry in the streaming war ‘Peacock’ because what we needed was another way for NBC Universal to make money of consumers through advertising since Comcast/Xfinity is losing customers due to cord cutters getting fed up with increased cost but less content. Whoever came up with your SNL app hopefully was praised cause it was great. Whichever genius chose to cancel it and thought it was a good idea to have it’s content integrated into this app minus the character and actor playlist or the ability took view casts by season shouldn’t be allowed to make big decisions anymore. Well it was fun while it lasted but yet again NBC proves they’re unable to see the value in what they have. Video quality sucked and literally more ads than are tolerable. One after every clip watched yeah this app is being deleted as soon as I hit send on the review.
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5 years ago, imani08
What did you do???
Every day at 6:30 I open this app to catch the evening news while I’m wrapping up at work. Gotta make sure we aren’t at war with someone. Today I opened the newly updated app and I’m looking at Housewives of Beverly Hills. Ugh, what did you do? I see all the other “networks of NBC” but not just my local NBC station. Can I not watch it anymore? I noticed you didn’t broadcast the first story on Facebook Live today either. Are you not showing that program online anymore? Update 7/10 - Well, the local station comes on now - it still says “Housewives...” but I can see the news. Or I could. Now, nothing comes up. I can tell every time you update this app, it all stops working. Do app developers get paid by the number of updates they make to their app. STOP updating it, it worked fine before you started messing with it.
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7 years ago, whatever it takes!!!
Good content & no additional charges!
First, much of the content requires you to sign in. If your provider is not on the list, then you can get a pass by giving them your email address. Enough places have my email already so I passed on that one. Xfinity-Comcast (mine) is not in the provider list - I don't get that one since they're NBC's parent company and has a huge subscriber base so they're denying access to a lot of people. Edited 8/17- the quick developer response really helped - thank you! Content for shows go back more than a week so you might find something you didn't know you missed plus you can watch episodes of old shows without having to subscribe with a credit card - much appreciated.
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11 months ago, Hippy Granny’s
I was born in 1957 so my first experience with Color Television was with the PEACOCK!!! I don’t want to face my day without the crew of the Today show and good strong coffee. I’m a huge Dateline fan. My daughter is almost 40 and she comes over to watch Dateline with me every week. It’s a ritual for us. Getting our weekly hookup with the Amazing KIETH MORRISON IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF OUR WEEK!!! We are both single again and Dateline with Keith is definitely the highlight!!!! You can come over and watch Dateline with us anytime you sexy gentleman!! Even my cat has a fascination with Dateline! Thank you for sharing the wonderful mysteries with us every week all of you at the Dateline Cast. Bev and Denise
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1 year ago, Amy53515
Shows ***** / Commercials —*** (Negative 3*), 😍🙃😉
Give us a choice — 1 or 2. For viewers to decide (+. A + B are for your execs to decide.) 1. free with commercials. A. Cut out 1-3 of same commercials playing repeatedly for each of your most popular shows/series in the free version + add them in between shows on screen, while the viewer has not pushed play on next show /choosing next show — could also have other shows play silently next to commercials to choose. B. Delete the 1-3 commercials in each of the most popular shows/ show series + do not put them back in at all, since you will be making money on the “no commercials viewers”. 2. Viewers that want the option will Pay $3-5 US dollars or equivalent , — [you cannot get Greedy—you know it would backfire on you] a small amount to simply have zero commercials on most shows, if not all regular shows. Commercials on special shows could run at the beginning + middle+ end only for snack / potty breaks. Your App would be 5 Stars➕ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩💖for most/ all viewers if you used my suggestions‼️. I know it would be over the 🌙 moon for me!‼️❣️💖⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤩💖!
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4 years ago, Kaylie jo bader
“Don’t steal my information”
I saw the thing in the settings that said don’t sell my information witch concerned me so then I clicked it and I said that you have to download a pdf for it not to sell your information I tried to do that and for some reason it would not let me download it so I was going to delete my account/profile so it just would make things easier... it would not allow me to delete my account/profile in fact it wasn’t even an option so then there was a button that said you could submit a question or contact them so they could help with any questions and the app would not let me do this. I’m not very happy at all with this app and would not recommend. All I could end up doing was logging out my profile and delete the app witch I don’t think even makes a difference. Not happy and would not recommend if there was a 0 Stars I would use it.
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6 years ago, shranwrap
DirecTV Login Issues
I have the NBC app on my Apple TV and my iPhone 7. I also subscribe to DirecTV and pay $145 for the DirecTV package which includes the NBC channel. I’m logged into my TV provider on the app. When I try to watch an episode onDemand of my shows I get an error message that says that this channel isn’t included in my TV provider package, please contact your provider. I called DirecTV and they said they have no control over your app. Why am I getting this message when I pay for your channel through DirecTV????? Please tell me how to fix this. It is extremely irritating to $145 a month for TV and not be able to watch what I want onDemand on my apple devices.
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4 months ago, Panzer696
Back in the 1960’s to the 1990’s, nbc began creating great shows. Today, it’s 2024 and tv shows are streaming, (paid or free) except for nbc. For viewers who like 60% of your content, this app is ideal, not interested in news, talk shows or junk. Today, nbc is charging consumers to watch the “next episode”. For free, viewers can watch anything else, except what is desired. Did advertisers bail on you ? I’m deleting the app. I enjoyed the reboot of NIGHT COURT. I refuse to pay you for the latest episode. My firm decision was made in seeing Season 2, episode 7. Good thing I didn’t pay to watch such a terrible episode. Humor is 4 stars, network is 0 stars. Special events or sports should pay extra. Half of the shows are old/vintage originals or reboots with 2024 characters. NEW CONTENT OR FREE. Thanks for reading this and being fabulous, back in the day.. GREED GOT TO YOU TOO … FOR SHAME
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12 months ago, Gewehler
Minimize consistently please
Sometimes it’s important to do other things. Requiring that the app be minimized. I know it’s possible. I’ve done it. Regularly. But if I have to try 100x and have successfully minimized maybe five or six times. Maybe I just don’t know the secret. But it makes me want to listen or watch other things. Please advise or please make it easier to do. CBS is looking better every day. Update: I swear whoever develops this app is creating their own job security. With nearly every single update. The app gets worse. Then gets better. In regards to stability and the ability to minimize and do another task. Haven’t been able to minimize after last update. It’s been perfect for the past month. Before that it really sucked. Please stop updating an app that works.
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3 years ago, AJM-nj
Disappearing Content
I downloaded the NBC app about 1 year ago. Due to personal reasons, I hadn’t watched much tv for a number of years, and I was interested in catching up on some of the shows I’d missed. The app itself works ok aside from a tendency to forget my cable subscription info, forcing me to reinstall the app in order to watched “locked” content (this bug may be corrected now as I haven’t had to reinstall in over a week). I left the app for a time out of frustration, & it now seems that some of the shows I’d been watching have been moved to the Peacock app & placed behind a paywall. It’s a darned shame.
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6 years ago, HillBills
Astonishingly disappointing
There is nothing like downloading an app and knowing all of the wonderful features that you can have. Unfortunately with this app it's all teasers. Five minutes in the jimmy Fallon, App crashes. Over and over and over and over and over again. It's almost as if Jimmy Fallon doesn't know what a crappy provider he is signed with. I haven't been able to keep current on this show for over a year due to the fact that it literally crashes within five minutes of the show started, which is super awesome there is nothing like thinking hey I could've watch Jimmy Fallon and a celebrity chat the way that they normally do in such a fun playful manner and then just have the app crashed on you over, and over, and over, and over again. Pull it together NBC The way of watching TV has changed dramatically consider keeping up or being pushed out.
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4 years ago, timeisawastin
Why do I need a profile?
I like to catch up on shows I had to miss or just watch old reruns. I currently use antenna for my tv. As per federal mandate, I can get local broadcast over the air for free. The network gets paid from my watching the commercials that sponsor the programming. When I watch the app, I still have to watch the commercials but the more recent shows are locked. Now you want information from me to unlock them? what a scam! you’ve already aired the show for free, I still have to watch the commercials, and now you want personal information about me too?! I don’t think so!
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1 year ago, Max Tegen
NBC26WGBA of Green Bay or NBC TV 4 News WTMJ of Milwaukee
I Really love this NBC streaming app for ALL shows from Live TV By tracking it with time and always stay up to date on NBC26 WGBA TV Network channel station Green Bay Wisconsin Area TV channel 26 News with Appleton and Sturgeon Bay to include NBC TV 4 WTMJ of Milwaukee especially the updated headlines with News weather and Sports for everything from Northeast and East Central regions or even the Southeast to ALWAYS get covered by 26 News of WGBA right in Green Bay or Milwaukee Wisconsin from TMJ4 News today at 5:00 to 6 in the Early Morning and 12:00High Noon including 4:00 to 5:00 and 6:00 or even 10:00 News to end everyday each week
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2 years ago, DStarLoyalty
I don’t have cable and use this app to watch mostly Days of our Lives, I been watching it for many years now and I need to continue watching so I don’t get lost on their stories, but at times I want to delete the app because it plays so many commercials ( WHY SO MANY COMMERCIALS )? makes me want to stop watching anything in this app . It’s September of 2022 and I need to say that I’m very disappointed with NBC for letting go of #daysofourlives only cause peacock wants to make money since it looked that it wasn’t. I been a Fan to Days for over 35 years and I’m so hurt for this decision #NBC took
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6 years ago, MrsRuditron
Apple TV App Terrible
We have this app on our Apple TV and it is AWFUL. It has always had glitches and continues to do so despite updates over the last several years. The menus constantly freeze up, sometimes they never load and you have to restart the app and when it does work it is incredibly slow. It also freezes up our Apple TV for about 15 seconds when you close out of the app. No other app does this on our Apple TV so we know it’s not that. It also glitches at commercials and will play a few seconds of a commercial and then start over several times before completing the commercial. Sometimes you have to pause and un-pause the commercial to get it to play through so you can get back to your show. Wish there was a way to watch a few of my shows that are only available to watch through this app. TERRIBLE.
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5 years ago, GaryGnus
Ok I’m gonna feel really stupid if your post was YEARS ago!!!! But anyway I saw your post and though I know I’m on nbc’s app page blah blah blah!!! But just to point out if your in “CALIFORNIA” and if your a full time “Student”you can get internet service for like $10 a month... not only do you get internet w/WiFi But you also get phone service and cable as well. I didn’t know anything about this until my son whom is 17 now! Had authorized for the installation up at the families cabin this summer since he decided to do summer school online. :)) anyway I thought I’d share that with maybe it’s something to look into where your at...
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3 years ago, Agray3924
Location and Sound Issues - No Response
I’ve submitted two support tickets regarding issues I’m having with the app live stream location and audio and I’ve received no response. The app keeps picking up a location and NBC affiliate that’s an hour away from me, bypassing the affiliate where I’m located. To make it worse, the affiliate station’s live stream has audio issues and there’s a clicking noise that repeats in the background every few seconds. It’s incredibly annoying. I’ve tried logging out of the app, removing it from my phone, shutting down my phone, re-downloading the app, and forcing an update of my location. Nothing has worked. And again, no response from NBC technical support. Can’t recommend this app and looks like I’ll have to start watching another morning news show.
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6 years ago, Lilbit1
Best network app
This is the best app of the big 4- ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS. I'm not constantly annoyed by commercials that go on too frequently and forever and I like how I can go back 10 seconds at a pop, like with Netflix, to watch a part I missed. And I can go back further in the show without being forced to rewatch the commercial over again, which ABC makes you do. Speaking of commercials, they're varied, unlike ABC which show the same commercial again. And FOX's " you can choose to interact with commercials to see less of then" pop ups on the screen are truly annoying. This is the best of the network apps.
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2 years ago, tdeer1433
User-friendly but needs work
The app is user-friendly and I love the stream quality. I love having all the shows available to stream from anywhere. But when casting to my Chromecast the app often forces the Chromecast to disconnect. It happens at varying times in the show usually after watching five minutes of ads. When it reconnects and I go back into the app I have to rewatch the ads when to get to the section that I was watching before it disconnected. It happens with the Bravo (also under NBC) app as well. But it doesn’t happen with my Chromecast and any other apps. I really hope that your developers can fix this issue soon. Once they do it’ll be an excellent app.
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2 years ago, jpat444
Had the app for a few months and it worked great for about a month and then it would constantly make me link my tv provider every time I would turn it on. Sometimes I would have to close the app and reopen it after I linked my provider. There seems to be an operating glitch. That’s so annoying! I stream from Detroit and all of a sudden it started routing my streaming out of Louisiana even when I give permission to access my location. I don’t want to see commercials and news updates from another state during commercial breaks. It’s frustrating that I can’t change any settings. Now the Today Show won’t play when I select it from the menu. The app directs me to a Louisiana news show. I’m done with this app.
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