The Olympian News

1.6 (82)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for The Olympian News

1.65 out of 5
82 Ratings
4 years ago, livingtree47
First Saturday Newspaper online only
Not as good as holding a paper in your hands. Also has old, old stories, like reading last weeks paper. Why not try a format which copies the format of the actual newspaper? That would be original. Still attempting to read this “newspaper “. Where are the comics and advice column?What about the crossword? What about this moment in history? I am old-fashioned, I know, but I savor the old newsprint and paper. (I do appreciate the newer inks.) This app does not present things in a way which is close enough to what I enjoy. It is attempting to copy the other news apps, without having enough to offer to be them. Please try another approach if you are determined to do this online thing. You can’t compete with Apple News. Charlotte Ann Barber
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3 years ago, SenseiSoul
App Does Not Work
I have a subscription and was unable to access news through the app’s feed on my IPhone, however, I was able to access the digital edition. The error that I received was “Error Fetching Feeds” and “Pull to Refresh” whenever I tried opening the app after receiving an Olympian news alert on my IPhone or IPad. I quickly received a response from the developer advising me to turn off Private Relay in my phone’s settings and voila, the error disappeared.
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5 years ago, Nesmila
Horrible Ap
I absolutely hate this ap. It often takes a very long time to load, it closes on its own when you try to move around in it. Not everything can be viewed such as “what’s happening” and cartoons on the editorial page. Ads pop up without being selected. If you down load to read, you cannot enlarge the print. And there’s no way to get out of the down load. The only reason I have kept it is there are no other options for local news. Looking at the other ratings it appears the Olympian is unconcerned with displeasure with the ap. Read to be done!
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5 years ago, dleevo
A Terrible change to the e-edition app!
The Olympian has changed the e-edition just recently. A huge downgrade of this product. I use The Olympian app on an iPad. Although one can still see the paper like a print version one cannot enlarge the copy without losing part of the page. And the ads are a constant annoyance. Worst for me, one can no longer access previous editions or download an edition to read offline later when there is no internet access. I called customer service. They were off no assistance. Shane on you McClatchy and The Olympian.
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9 months ago, Jharp917
Bad app
Links don’t work. When you rotate your tablet it jumps six or seven pages forward. When I expand a puzzle to print it, it comes out blurry.
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4 years ago, sbnxzase
Really Bad
For over a month I’ve tried to read the e edition. I had hoped it would read like a newspaper. Am I doing something wrong? This has many, many pop ups that are incredibly distracting. It is hard to browse in order to find articles which i prefer to read. I am inundated by news emails that I can’t seem to turn off. Every time I unsubscribe I get new emails or push alerts. This has been a very unpleasant experience and I am cancelling
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5 years ago, Moki59
What happened?
This is a fail. Before, I could read the paper on my I-pad as articles or as a paper. I’m usually chose the print version, and could change size of the comics and print easily. No more, and the ads are totally invasive. Also, comics have been gone twice recently. I am frustrated as well as sad....I miss the local reporting, the local journalists, the hometown feel. And the inclusion of the national scene with the extra section seems to be gone as well. At least go back to the prior ap!
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3 years ago, Qaszdefrgthyjukilomę
Very good app!
app seems to have made a lot of changes (based on other reviews), i think it works just fine
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2 years ago, SUB-PAR SERVICE
eEdition doesn’t work with Update last week of July 2022
The Olympian update the last week of July 2022 forced users tr into a continuous loop asking for userID and password. The Olympian suggested accessing eEdition through the browser instead of the app. Support and function is non-existent. Recent recommendation from The Olympian was to turnoff notifications in Safari.
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5 years ago, hessenmutti
Subscription delays
Was supposed to get my first issues of the Olympian on Sunday . That didn’t happen . Have called since than 4 times , because I have not received 1 issue . Just got of the phone again , same old same old . So my review is definitely not flattering . If you want to get a newspaper , you have to go to the store .
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6 years ago, swbitton9
Let’s start off with the app, it crashes constantly. Next the articles aren’t for the local area and those that are won’t cover actual problems in Olympia and the surrounding area. Most of their “local” articles are from Tacoma (20 miles away). Google news does a better job of local coverage.
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5 years ago, rl1952
This new app is the worst
The updated app will not allow reading of the newspaper “print” version on an iPad like before. The whole thing is fuzzy and if you try to enlarge it to read an article, it is so pixelated it is unreadable. If you download it, it is sharp but too small to read and you can’t expand it to enlarge it. What a waste.
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2 years ago, Andrewlina jolie
App won’t log in
This app worked for about a week before it never let me log in again. On top of that, it auto renewed my subscription after a year and i barely got to even use it. Do not recommend
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5 years ago, Rich8944
Where’s the Zero Rating Button?
The recent change to the Olympian app is horrible. Extremely difficult to use on both a iPad and laptop. Tried it on Crome, Edge and Safari with the same results. Considering canceling my service if they don’t get it fixed.
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7 years ago, MRKimeldorf
Getting better but...
With our search tool it’s pretty useless in the overall
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3 years ago, Larry2007
Every time they change it gets worse
Seems something is always wrong. I don’t know ho many times this app has been changed, and I still can’t get to work right.
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3 years ago, Bobinsky345678
Would like to occasionally see
What’s happening in Olympia. I used to live there and still have family in the area. I hate that I have to buy a subscription in order to read more than 3 lines of outdated news.
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3 years ago, pgcpgc
Ads with a paid subscription?
I was hoping to support my “local” paper but I’m over it now. Horrible app. I shouldn’t be seeing ads with a paid subscription. No wonder this newspaper is dying.
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2 years ago, App yapper
Just like the print edition — awful
Just as the printed Olympian is the worst daily newspaper I’ve ever read, this is the worst news app I’ve ever tried to use. Absolute, McClatchy-mangled junk. I’d give this app a zero if I could.
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5 years ago, olybeck
Can’t use the e- edition
Called the help desk because I can’t get the edition to work. The “solution” is I am to be sent a daily email that will allow me to access the e-edition. I hope they can devote some funds to fixing this goofy app.
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5 years ago, (ex) subscriber
Very Poor Product
Just cancelled my online subscription. I have lived in Olympia and read our local paper since 1989. The previous e edition worked well, whereas the new version is an ill thought out disaster.
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2 months ago, Jan Rhodes
Trying to use the app is useless
I have a subscription to the but the app doesn’t seem to get that. It isn’t working.
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6 years ago, Jennifern88
Where are the puzzles that I can get on the website, such as crosswords and other puzzles? So I give this app a “meh”
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8 years ago, veggieliving
Why do I only get notified about sports?
I so wish this app worked the way it should. There should be a customizable notifications setting. Instead, all I can do is agree to get notifications, and then the only notifications I get are freaking sports scores - the very last thing I'm interested in. Every time I've managed to actually look through the headlines I find several wonderful local news stories, but like most of the rest of the world I'm too busy to actually search for my news. Why not allow me to sign up for notifications by topic and then push me the headlines, where I can then simply click on the link to check out those that interest me?
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3 years ago, jfrsxvuuhv
Local news important except to the paper owner
Random schedules for delivery, some days not at all. Reporting has continous errors for local stories. Comics are great!
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4 years ago, Gwsheehan
It works for about a week. The won’t let me in. When I try to reset my password it asks me to create a new account.
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5 years ago, Arcboot
Very aggravating
The previous app worked wonderfully on my iPad. This new system is a constant struggle. PLEASE give us back the old app!
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5 months ago, SkeensC
Invasive AP!!! Don’t use
Your APP is extremely invasive and tracks, downloads and monitors all the activities associated with my smartphone!!!
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5 years ago, DKKOly
Poor update
New update does not work on older iPads, due to need for iOS 10 or later
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1 month ago, Admin/Admin
Just deleted
All the articles are paywalled now. Why bother?
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4 years ago, Bill from the zoo
Bankrupt app just like the paper
Enough said
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6 years ago, KAPetty
The worst app
Fix your app Olympian to cancelling subscription!
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9 years ago, Sniperandrecon
Bad business
The Olympian has had this app for a while available to anyone for free, but are now greedy and make people pay for a subscription to view news articles. It's not even the whole news adds like what's in the newspaper just little snips. I used to have the Olympian newspaper but my neighbors kept stealing the print, I asked the Olympian to deliver it to my doorstep to stop the theft and they wouldn't. After a year of donating to the neighbors I canceled. I used to enjoy reading the app version. This is just outright and down dirty business and poor ethics. Like this sort of business decision is supposed to make people want to subscribe??? It makes me ashamed to be apart of a community with editors, owners and writers with such loathsome indecency to prevent people from obtaining news. Shame on you!!!! Whoever came up with this idea should tender their resignation! This is the third and final slap in the face. First don't help fix the problem of theft, or put the newspaper in a bag to keep it from getting soaked like a sponge in the rain. Second call and harass people weekly to sign up for subscriptions and when asked to stop they keep doing" aka harassment". And third pull this childish stunt. So enjoy my negative review.
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12 years ago, emmynoe
it's ok
it's nice to have the Olympian so close at hand, but once you read an article you have to close out the app to access the other articles. you can go back to a previous page only if you don't scroll down. I think I'll stick to the website for now
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11 years ago, Runnin again
Better than it was, but not perfect
The new update to this app (as of Dec 2013) finally allows me to log in as a subscriber to read articles, which (ridiculously) I wasn't able to do before, but I'm now unable to activate the offline mode when, say, traveling by plane. I type in my name and password again and again, but the mode is never enabled. Keep working at it, app designers! Eventually, you'll get it right.
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13 years ago, Jilly320
Miss it
It was nice having LOCAL news. If I live in Oly, why would I want the Seattle news? The Olympian gave me news on my ride to work, updates in my neighborhood and the option to look at global issues! Please fix it! I cannot find another local iphone app.
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11 years ago, Katelyn308
Used to be better
I liked it before the update when I was able to find everything I was interested in. There's not a search section and I can no longer find certain sections that I was able to before. I've noticed there's no obituary or horoscope section either.
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10 years ago, Frugal miss
The digital Olympian is really poor. Limited articles. Have to log in to read an article after unknown of accesses. The paper is poor quality too.
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11 years ago, iphonesuck
Terrible app, terrible newspaper and now they are charging for digital content...eff u daily ZERO!!
App is a waste, just read web links, they are more accurate. Looks like it was developed by third graders in their spare time. Stories are regurgitated from Tacoma and aren't even in Olympia. Never updated, always crashes. Similar to the print paper...worthless. Save your time and space on your phone. This app bites.
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10 years ago, ///Rachel888
Love this app!
I don't buy the paper Olympian anymore due to this app. It provides all the up to date articles that I would get in the paper version. I'm very satisfied.
Show more
9 years ago, billy goat #23
The Olympian Review
For all the years The Olympian Newspaper and now online articles, this app is impressive. Continue to have political, environmental, more local high school and college sport results. Hiring employees regularly is a positive. Go Thurston County reporters!
Show more
12 years ago, Brittany2222
Quick and easy
Works well has almost everything you'd see online. :)
Show more
13 years ago, One4Mandy
Easy to use
This app has the latest news at my fingertips. Love it! Use it daily or more!
Show more
10 years ago, Chrissyloves2
Good so far!
I have been able to open the app, read articles and go from nod section over the paper to the next with ease. No crashing.
Show more
10 years ago, Vmaebug1
Registration requirement and app crash
I never depended on te Olympian for my major news source but would glance at current happenings such as restaurant inspections or obits. Even more disappointed when app required registration (asks for address and phone) to even access a story. Every time I try to log in it crashes. Big fail
Show more
8 years ago, Olyh2os
Keep the old App!
As compared to the old app that was used, this app is crap. It's glitchy, irritating to use, and the barrage of ads get in the way. I read the paper in the traditional print view manner and the old app relayed the information in a far superior and trouble-free fashion. Keep the old!
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12 years ago, Monoq
Well this app worked well for a few weeks and now it won't load again. Bummer!
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11 years ago, BallsOutNatalie
It was great for a while until it wanted to charge me for using it or viewing any articles. Annoying. So to the website I go.
Show more
11 years ago, bluffcat
Don't bother
It was a good app until they required a subscription. Now, I just took the mobile browser version and saved the link to my home screen. It is free, and works just fine.
Show more
11 years ago, Kisw freak
Requires a subscription
I used to read it daily even though the advertising was irritating. Super small window to read in and now they want money for it? Consider yourself deleted Olympian!
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