The Palm Beach Post

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3 months ago
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User Reviews for The Palm Beach Post

4.42 out of 5
352 Ratings
2 years ago, Babs3000
Much improved
This app is far better than it used to be. Still missing (at least I couldn’t find them) are national opinion columnists, comics, bridge column, and non crossword puzzles.
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2 months ago, Bill2go
Absolutely horrible!
Even with a paid subscription, this app is inundated with invasive, annoying, advertisements continuously popping up each time you open it. I thought if I paid for a subscription, the advertisements would go away. Nope. Even on every individual article you click on, you are bombarded with annoying pop-ups which are either more advertisements, or a question about the app’s content. Instead of having a page with a simple list of headings I can click on, to choose which articles I wish to view, there’s always some invasive pop-up steering you towards what the PB Post wants you to view. I accidentally clicked on the live feed icon and video started playing immediately. It was loud and disruptive, since I was in an office environment, and the worst part is that the video wasn’t news. It was another advertisement, a typical television commercial. There was no way to stop the video. I ended up having to force close the app. The app’s entire UI is sloppy, cluttered and disorganized. I don’t recommend this app. It’s more annoying, than informative. There are much better, more informative local news apps out there for free.
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2 years ago, lLazyland
Where is Local? What is the date line?
My family has subscribed since 1972 and I’m afraid this is going to be the end, with this app revision. The last version had many of the roads are virtues of the old actual paper, the chief being I knew which addition something was in I could go between additions and I could figure out what period of time I was reading news about. This is a mishmash that I can find on the Internet. I have yet to find the letters page. I also don’t think I’m an old guy in my 50s but probably a.m. I hope the younger people like this because I’d hate to see the post disappear but I have to say one of the most important features was your inputAnd coverage on local issues. If all I need to see is stuff on South Florida in general well then you are dead.
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2 years ago, number 1 reader
Palm Beach Post / a must read
My day begins with a cup of coffee and the Palm Beach Post. I love to read the paper as a way to start the day. It keeps me informed about my community and the world. My only problem is the cost of the print home delivery, it has gotten too expensive for me. So I’ve switched to reading the electronic version. The electronic edition is good but you can’t beat holding the paper in your hands to read it.
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1 year ago, Donnialda
Bland app, no digital access
This app does what apps are supposed to do and does it well. Navigation is easy. That said, it is merely Average and offers no perks, bells, whistles, or access to anything else that draw me to open it first. Due to this newspaper’s dependency on that “small city appeal,” it took me three months to finally PURCHASE a subscription. This is because this app is not connected to _anything else where a pay feature is already connected. I had to actually find time to sit down, locate my physical credit card, and enter everything by hand like it is 2003. This app does not offer a digitial version of the print version. As the app does not cover all Sections, that’s a disconnect.
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1 year ago, no name Charley
Excellent Newspaper
Palm Beach Post is informative, efficient and up to date in reporting any and all news. I enjoy reading this paper every day. They cover the latest news in a professional and excellent manner.
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2 years ago, Jenzmomto2
Support local news
I enjoy reading the local news and the headline updates I receive throughout the day.
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7 months ago, TonyLAFerrera
Repeatedly asks me to subscribe and I already am
I’ve been a subscriber for a while and lately, every article I open, I am asked to subscribe. I have messaged them directly and no one has gotten back to me about this issue. Not surprised, paper delivery was disappointing as well. Good journalism though; it’s the only reason I still subscribe.
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2 years ago, Maria Jordan
Easy to navigate.
Recommend this app for keeping up with local news in Palm Beach. It’s easy to share articles and it’s affordable.
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3 years ago, Marv33414
They can do better
Palm Beach Post does not give public library online access. PBP needs to figure out how to make money without charging users or the users will just use a different online news source. We have choices.
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3 years ago, scoffnet
Finally a modern app
I’ve been a subscriber for years even when the application was free. Now that they are implementing a paywall I’m glad we have a modern app with dark mode and pictures that work.
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2 years ago, panhandle Skip
Palm Beach Post
The Post has been improved dramatically since I first got the app. I like to read the home newspaper to see what local stores they are covering.
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3 weeks ago, dbechodb
It’s one thing to have advertisements in the newspaper that are paid for by the advertisers however, these pop up local advertisements in the middle of an article are extremely offensive and detracts from the entire e-news experience.
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2 years ago, Susan913
Great Local News Source
The PB Post app makes getting the local news so easy. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, BrianLikes
Palm Beach Post is outstanding!
Doing more with less…
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4 months ago, LRPBG
More recent news needed
This is better than reading all day old news but the most recent news would be appreciated.
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2 years ago, Willard25
Hot liberal garbage.
Just wanted to support and stay up on local news and sports but cancelling and deleting after getting sick and tired of this rag (new media investment group= same umbrella of USA Today/ New York Times) that only has their puppets parrot the same garbage around the country thinking we still don’t see their strings.
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2 months ago, CNN woman
Online PBPost access
I have been an online subscriber for years and for years, they can never get the access correct when a member clicks on restore purchase or access from a news post.
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1 year ago, jsgmomof3
Love getting the Palm Beach Post
Love daily viewing of and access to my South East FL news!
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7 months ago, Har302
I have enjoyed the Palm Beach Post for many years!
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3 weeks ago, Neighborhood news
Palm Beach Post
Enjoy the subscription. Good to know what is going on in my neighborhood. Thanks!
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2 years ago, dodgehombre
Stay informed I Palm Beach County
All you need to know all day
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3 weeks ago, New Jersey Ma
Digital Palm Beach Post
The new format is awful. You cannot get the “paper” to fit the screen. It’s slow. Too many steps to get where you want to. Bring back the old format!
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3 years ago, Alcestisisdead
Awesome improvement
The app works so well and looks so good. Love it. Nice job.
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6 months ago, gettin_buy81
Needed some lotion,polite,knowledgeable staff,attractive too. Got me fixed up. Clean environment.
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7 months ago, K1l1manjaro
App works great
Glitch free reading. Love the Palm Beach Post app
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2 years ago, Veronart11
Liberal Views
As always you are and have been always answering to the left and not to the middle. There is a middle that you have to work hard earn your keep.
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2 years ago, Citnalta218
Used to be able to read some news
Now it’s will only tell you to subscribe to read any news.
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3 months ago, Rima Jakuc
App is crap
It signs me out, tells me my password is wrong. Have to go to web page to sign on
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8 months ago, thebigbone
The worst
These guys have turned into a total joke. They were on the same story on five different pages. They should stop there editors from doubling as janitors.
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2 years ago, RickF80
No ePaper app in Apple App Store any more and no easy access to eEdition. How about a link at the top or at least in a menu within the Palm Beach Post app. Not a good way to keep your long term subscribers happy.
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2 days ago, Addicted but disillusioned
E newspaper
Can no longer access one’s contacts if one wants to email an article. So I don’t forward anything any more. Bad marketing gesture.
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2 years ago, Butbros
Always topical and pertinent content
Excellent neespaper. Particularly Kimberly miller.
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1 year ago, neilybean
I regret subscribing. Crappy, interface. Garbage content.
You get more ad’s as a subscriber then an unsubscribed reader. Save your money. This app and this organization is Trash.
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9 months ago, GnuIP
LIVED HERE SINCE 1960’s. This is an excellent paper and resource.
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3 weeks ago, Chuckie241
Stop changing it to make it better….only to make it even WORSE🤬‼️ You’ll not see us re-subscribe!
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2 years ago, acrhegiant
Piece of crap
Whomever authored this app needs to go back to school. Palm Beach Pist needs to start over before they go belly up.
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1 month ago, djm4
Bring back the old app
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1 year ago, Ygqo
The Borgelin Family.
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5 months ago, MWSILVERMAN
Palm Beach Post
Terrible. Doesn’t even save my password
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3 years ago, Jacks garden
Go back to old way or cancel my subscription.
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3 years ago, lou6999999
Great app!
Great app!
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8 years ago, jimid04
Not pretty, but it WORKS...
Considering that this is the first version of this app that doesn't immediately crash on launch, I'm inclined to rate it highly. I mean, if you're going to make an app, it would be nice if it loaded without crashing, right? Well, the posts has finally done it! IT DOESN'T CRASH! Beyond that, pretty standard fare.
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5 years ago, Wasky
Continually Decreasing App Functionality
This forced update takes away much of the personalization and control of the previous version. You are no longer able to sort news by region (north county, centers county, etc) or subject, which was very useful previously. Now there’s no way to even sort local from national news. In addition, this version inserts ads randomly into the news stream while you are scrolling through, making it very difficult to read headlines as you are scrolling. I am fine with the ads in the news stream, but not inserted as I’m scrolling. Finally, this version tries to emphasize pictures for each headline, but most stories don’t have a picture attached, so it’s just a bunch of police lights. I’m not sure why this update was forced on users, since it just took away functionality and offered no improvements.
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9 years ago, Jenveggiegirl
Crash, crash, crash - worthless
I cannot think of any other app that I have that is less stable than this one. It just updated and still the problem persists. I rarely get through a whole story without it happening. It's completely frustrating. I find it so annoying that I rarely try it a second time after it crashes. I just move on to another, more stable, local news app.
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8 years ago, Crosshairs hater
Missed the mark
The change for the Post"s latest app misses the mark. On a smartphone the most effective presentations for news are vertical with one story per line. There is too much going on with the Post's new version: too many colors, white print hard to read, mishmash of stories. Taking away the color locks would be a big improvement.
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4 years ago, MEtutoring
Great articles, poor app
It’s incredibly annoying to get emails with links to articles that appear nowhere in the app. When I click the link it asks me to sign in to the app and when I do I can’t find the article. There’s no search feature on the app, and no integration between the email and the app. Very frustrating.
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9 years ago, TechRepairGuy
New update is only an ad medium
I have used the Palm Beach Post for a few years now and the latest update makes it impossible to read stories, as full-screen ads spring up to block your view and come back a couple seconds AFTER attempting to close them. This process repeated on EVERY story I attempted to read. I will go back to using the Associated Press app local content feature until this is fixed.
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5 years ago, Dtg83
Update makes app useless
With advertisements popping up as you scroll it’s almost impossible to navigate through it. Articles have inserted headlines from other articles randomly embedded within the paragraphs with no differentiation in font or text, can’t even read the article smoothly. App needs a major update. Their app from 5 years ago was better than this junk.
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8 years ago, Brian9392
Change isn't always good
The app has been completely redone and completely changed. Homepage where articles are is too cluttered and not user friendly. No reason to change the page so drastically when it wasn't that bad to begin with. Only change that was needed was to get the app to stop crashing.
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