The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA

4.4 (386)
188.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA

4.39 out of 5
386 Ratings
2 years ago, HisQueenMrsLittle
Almost would of been close to perfect but….
It’s a great app! Runs well & works well, & does what it should! I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything important going on in the world/universe today. Whether it’s important news information in regards to other countries or states, or full news coverage on the state I live in, right down to my local backyard news. I have the access to it all…However! The physical copy of the in stores Patriot Ledger, has a section in it that shows & lists current & available local/statewide/city apartments for rent. I have not been able to locate that same section at all in this app. All I see are articles about expensive high rise luxury apartments that have already been built, & potential locations for more to be built. Even if I type “available apartment rentals near me” or “new apartment listings near me” in the search, it just brings me to the same articles about the past & possible future expensive luxury high rise properties. Maybe adding a feature on this app that mirrors the same section provided by the physical copy of the Patriot Ledger in regards to local & available rentals in the area, would really make this app 100% complete. Other than that, honestly, I have nothing negative to say about this app. Thanks! Hope to hear some feedback! - TL
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2 weeks ago, DPB091
Great local paper
I grew up reading the Patriot Ledger. The only resource I have for local news. I pay for a digital subscription but I still get pop up ads? USA Today is nice bonus.
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1 year ago, DancingSillyMonkee
Mediocre at best
The app has difficulty identifying my subscription and so it prompts me to subscribe for a minute or two when clicking articles, before it starts functioning properly. There are some neat features but I don’t use them. On the news side, I am quite impressed at how the “paper” is on top of the local foodie seen. Lots of articles about local restaurants, then a major story breaks and there is no coverage on it. They do have access to a National news source but I can get that coverage anywhere.
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4 years ago, Boston Romeo
Old Town Paper
That has made the move into modern times..It gives you timely local news along side all national and worldly news and at your fingertips and delivered in a very easy to navigate format . A must read everyday .. Bobby from Quincy
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2 years ago, Sweetiepie767
Quincy patriot ledger is simple the best
The Quincy Patriot Ledger has simply been the best newspaper around since I’ve been born in the 60s we got it delivered daily in the 60s 70s and 80s and90s and since the internet came along we get it again delivered faulty
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1 year ago, Dan6158
Paid for it through Apple. Wouldn’t work for most articles,sure enough the charge hit my card,waste of time. Daniel
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2 years ago, Hottoddy 23
Great app and news!
Highly recommend this app and news information for detailed coverage of the south shore including Quincy !
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4 years ago, Gracie's Gram
Relevant Content
The Patriot Ledger maintains relevant, up to date news coverage. It is great to see the timeliness of the information opposed to the recycled fare found in many news apps.
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2 years ago, Whitey face
Best Regional Paper
Great local coverage with the right amount of depressing national coverage.
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2 years ago, Red Sox Mom
Great Local Paper
Some folks complain about the PL however, I think it’s a great paper for local news!
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1 year ago, NcoleB
Great Newspaper
I have reading the Patriot Ledger for over 50 years. I love the way the paper is formatted for an easy read. They do a great job Best newspaper around
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5 months ago, FrancesJasmine
Local news A great source!
Keep in touch with the local community
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2 years ago, Lizengelke
No response from Customer Service
I subscribed to the Patriot Ledger, but still can not read the subscriber articles. Two emails sent through portal have not received responses. I Tunes can not restore my purchase. Perhaps a one star review will draw attention. I’ll happily remove add more stars if I can get the news.
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2 years ago, nygimme
Cannot subscribe
I tried numerous times to subscribe. I was charged, and then it still said to subscribe. Called and no one could help, so I had to request a refund through Apple. Not a fan.
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8 months ago, Litled
App does not work
Every time I open it, it shows my name, shows I’m logged in and then when I try to open a story, it asks me to log in again. Very frustrating. ***tried to submit review and it said my name was already taken- again, can’t decide if I’m in or out.
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1 year ago, Liz 59
Great local paper
The Patriot Ledger has great writers, covers local events and covers all the news on the South Shore!
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4 years ago, x-reader73658
This app is terrible since the update. It used to be like a paper online before. Had sections and are led to read. Now filled with ads and video stories. I deleting this and canceling my online subscription wrote after I her done writing this. Very disappointed.
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1 year ago, 冰心玉洁的法国自行车赛电视摄影作品
Fantastic news
Great service
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4 months ago, MimiMcFad
Great local newspaper
We enjoy reading online when in FL for the winter.
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4 years ago, albie straight arrow
Best of local news
No one does it better
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4 years ago, Speed2223
It’s great!
I find all the local news here. Thank you.
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1 year ago, StevenCN-Ventura
Subscription doesn’t work
I am paying for the subscription and I can’t get in. I have written in and haven’t heard back. It directs me to restore my purchase but then it tells me that I can’t. Frustrated.
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4 years ago, Quitdumpingme!
Patriot Ledger Rocks
If you really want to know what’s happening on the South Shore of Boston - without an ideological slant - then the Ledger is your paper.
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1 year ago, Don't beg for reviews
Total rip-off
Took my money for a subscription, but won’t let me access the content. Maybe some journalism should fail if this is how they do business.
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3 years ago, kembah
Love the Ledger
Long time reader of the Patriot Ledger! Quick easy reads with good details of a story
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4 years ago, Grandma Lainie
Easy, concise way to keep abreast of local news.
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2 years ago, Kevin in Madison
Patriot Ledger
The best way to start abreast of news and events in the South Shore.
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5 years ago, Sheilaggnnou
This app jumps all over the place you’ll be in the middle of reading a story and all of sudden it will bounce up and you lose where you were! Deleting!
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2 years ago, Chzzy228
Content ok but subscription service doesn’t work
Subscribed but still blocked from content… can’t restore purchase either. In limbo.
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4 years ago, N.Wey
The Patriot Ledger
I grew up on the South Shore and I like to see the news and obituaries on occasion.
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2 years ago, Unhappyfb
Constantly interrupting to ask for money
Free app with local news that never stops asking for money
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1 year ago, FeuKoc
Miss leading
You subscribe yet you can’t read many of the articles. Disappointed.
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2 years ago, yajkcin
Patriot ledger
I bet you they will be out of business within a year and a half
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2 years ago, Mccamblyc
Love it
So convenient
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4 years ago, JustKAG
Very nice
Good work
Show more
4 years ago, wrrsr
About time
Lousy on line paper always a problem downloading
Show more
2 years ago, Jmtwb
Does not work
It stopped working and now does not allow me to restore my purchase JMTWB
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4 years ago, car's 145
Car’s 145
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1 year ago, NoThnkd
Terrible Why do I have to sign in for every article?
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2 years ago, Tkgtri
Paid. Says I’m subscribed. Won’t let me in
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3 months ago, post without one
App is no good
Works on Iphone not on iPad ( says wrong password)
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4 years ago, D. J. S.
The App. For my Epaper.
The app. For my epaper hasn’t worked in weeks. I’ve sent several emails to no avail.
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4 years ago, Norwell-Steve
Jumbled mess
Unfortunately no zero star rating. Possibly the worst app I’ve ever come across. Another nail in the Patriot Ledger coffin.
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4 months ago, @1ptoq
Love the HS Sports!
Great job!
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4 years ago, Bdizznich
It’s the ledger
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13 years ago, Duxbury Firefighter
v1.1 is the BEST!!!
I love the patriot ledger app! Great for people who live on the South Shore. Has the best and fast news on top stories and sports, also the multimedia has great news and photos. v1.0 though was always very slow. But luckily they fixed that in version 1.1! The news is great and varies on article length. There is only one thing I would change, it is when you check the weather it is always Quincy even when I use my town log off then go back on and it is still Quincy. Other than that it is perfect! I would TOTALLY recommend this to people who live on the South Shore!! And what can beat FREE great news??!!!
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8 years ago, Wat Woman
Local news
This app is great for checking on local stories. The traffic section is good for when we have to travel because it is always updating
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8 years ago, DonPBenz91
The Patriot Ledger
What can I say? It's amazing this rag is still in publication. My wife and I used to see who could find the first typo or grammatical error. No, the reviewers have never liked any movie since the addition of sound. It does have comics and horoscope and obituaries. I can get that for zip. Why would I ever pay for this paper? They do have all that local advertising that hate to miss out on.
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10 years ago, Ken Popcorn
Worst newspaper app...ever
Apparently PL believes they have to have an app because everyone else does, but they really don't want to do it. In today's "breaking news" section, the newest article is six days old. Even though they run a constant stream of ads along the bottom of the screen, they are compelled to use really annoying, full-screen, popup ads (some with semi-naked models), while you are trying to read the obituaries. Real class operation. In a word, this app is worse than no app.
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7 years ago, Cutekathy
Great Local News!
I enjoy checking on all parts of news! Each section is great!
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