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The Plain Dealer Publishing Company
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User Reviews for The Plain Dealer

4.13 out of 5
699 Ratings
3 years ago, RSukie
Much improved on the iPad
The new version is a major improvement over the old. It seems the slow refresh, blurry images and text of the past has finally been solved. The navigation seems to work well also once you understand the new interface. One problem that occurs however is the startup in landscape mode. Even though I set the preference to view one page wide, when I pick the paper to read, it initially displays one page but it is very small with lots of space on the sides. A workaround for this is to turn the device momentarily to portrait mode and then back to landscape after which the page displays full width. This should be an easily solvable problem.
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2 years ago, Construction Lawyer
Very “dirty” app
To start, I read it on an iPad that doesn’t have a huge capacity, not tiny, but certainly not huge. The app lets you open an edition, so far, so good. It retains the edition in memory and there isn’t a readily obvious way to delete old editions without removing and reinstalling the app. I don’t use the iPad for a lot of other things, only one family member that plays solitaire. About once every 6 weeks I have to do the remove/reinstall procedure or the memory will be filled. If they fixed this issue I’d rate it higher. The only remaining thing that would keep me from rating it a 5 would be the inability to copy items such as the crossword puzzle. We have a 7-day subscription, always have. When 7-day delivery stopped I could copy and print the crossword—my wife likes to do a hard copy with a pen—then with the update about a year ago that ability was removed. I assume that it is a copyright issue, but we are just trying to use it the way it was intended, not copying to distribute. They need to either deliver the paper every day or return the ability to print the crossword without fussing with the cumbersome screenshots method.
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3 years ago, Robe557
It's a sometimes app
This new Plain Dealer is so bad I don't know where to start. Sometimes it works and sometimes it's extremely slow loading and eventually I get frustrated and turn it off. Sometimes the photos are too blurry to read and I turn it off. Sometimes only partial text appears and I turn it off. Maybe I should just never turn it on. Way to go Plan Dealer Just when I was going to give the Plain Dealer some credit in a review this happens. The paragraph above the one I’m typing now is not my writing, it popped up when I said I wanted to give a review. I have to admit that I agree with what the author of that paragraph says. However, let’s get back to what I originally intended to say. The most annoying problem for me was the random spacing on words that would appear in an article. That problem appears to be corrected and I wanted to compliment you for that. However, now at times a single letter is omitted, usually at the beginning or end of a word. For example when reading an article on the National Football League the article would read FL instead of NFL.
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4 years ago, Crunch543
Good App - Add 2 Featurs
This is a pretty good app. It has improved over the past year and doesn’t crash. It works about 95% of the time. Please add two features to make it even better. 1) When opening, please do an auto update before opening. I usually get to page 3 or 4 and a reminder pops up asking if I want the latest version. Who wouldn’t? So, I must say yes, it closes and then I must start on page 1 again. 2) Is there a way that I can see the paper’s edition? Years ago, the paper had a star system on the top of the front page. If you saw 2 or 3 stars, you knew it was the 2nd or 3rd edition.
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4 years ago, mr-jbh
Can’t get logged on from new iMac
This is a horrible application. I get stuck in a loop when trying to log on. The phone support is worse than clueless, it is careless (literally: they don't seem to care that they can't help you.) The browser option is almost as bad as the app. It exhibits many odd behaviors (e.g., cannot scroll to the bottom of the page) and I can't get through the paper without having to go back the the email hyperlink and start over again multiple times. I don’t know if this is a PD problem or a Tecnavia (epublisher) problem, but it’s soon going to cost the PD a subscriber.
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4 years ago, Careful phone answerer!
Best Newspaper
The Plain Dealer is GREAT! It gives the news, sports and a variety of other articles and information in a clear, easy to read, and readability level that makes it a favorite source of news and information for a wide cross-section of the population. I especially like the electronic edition. It allows me to both enjoy the news and all the other sections without trees being destroyed in the process. I can also save articles that I want for a variety of reasons. Best of all, there is nothing that has to be thrown into the recycle bin every day.
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4 years ago, bonafide215
Plain dealer
I moved to the app rather than receiving a printed copy, as it was the more economical choice. The app generally loads very quickly, but has many bugs. Sometimes I have to entirely close out and reboot to get it to reopen. Other times it loads very quickly, but then as you move through the paper the articles appear fuzzy and have not loaded correctly. It has been improving, but I also read the Post online and never have these problems.
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12 months ago, lsmcs
Old fashioned
I still prefer a “ real” hand held newspaper! There is something special about the feel of the paper, the setup of the pages, and even the smell of a printed page that makes the experience “real”! Perhaps it is because I use more of my senses that I even remember “ the news” better!!!. The same is true when reading a book! Holding the book while reading it changes the entire experience! But, I still love the PD!!!!!!❤️
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4 years ago, NR girl
Digital PD reading on iPad is less glitchy now, quickly bringing up content when opening app. Reading and navigating through pages, along with ease of printing content is good. This is my every morning read for local and national news. Factual reporting keeps me subscribed, however errors have increased in miss-spellings, run together words, and incomplete articles. Please hire a proofreader.
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4 years ago, crs4900
Best newspaper app
The reason I like the Plain Dealer app is because it is an actual replication of what the paper looks like. Many apps just show you various stories from the current newspaper, you never know if you are seeing all the news for that addition. With the Plain Dealer app you see an exact copy of that dates published newspaper, then you get to pick what articles you want to read.
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4 years ago, David1876
Problems staying logged on
I find myself knocked off the PD app every few weeks, and it can be difficult to log back on. The sequence of login is clumsy, usually sending me to a page that gives me essentially one option: to log off. Once logged off I can eventually get back on but the same sequence doesn’t always work for my wife. Lately I am getting a daily pop-up saying “error” but when I close the Gov there is no problem. Petty annoyances are common with the app.
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3 years ago, ohio_trvlgrl
The app is more stable but.... it is limited to how large you can expand the print. I prefer to read the paper like a print version. And some of the items will not open with a tap to a larger view like sport’s stats and the comics. Please fix this so that it can expand as large as I want. Also, I miss the hot spots where you can jump to the page where an article is continued and back to the front page. Why must we give up features with app “improvements “?
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4 years ago, jbhutto
App fine, wish the newspaper was better
The app gets 5 stars, I like it. The PD gets 2 stars. Sports section is good, though not as good as it was 10 years ago. The editorial page is weak, the stuff of dog training. Reporters like Julie Washington, and writers like Steven Litt make it worth a subscription. Leila Atassi, the replacement for Mark Naymik, “couldn’t hold his jock” to use a sports term, no doubt PIC, from 40 years ago. But the app is good.....
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3 years ago, San D Shovel
Hometown newspaper
Nothing can replace the local scope and objectivity of a hometown newspaper. The internet has tremendously expanded our communications channels but is sorely lacking for any factual presentation of what’s happening down the street or across town. The Plain Dealer gives us those missing facts, actions and issues. We’re certainly pleased to get it at our door and online.
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3 years ago, gvonhoch
Not better
I’m running/using version and it does not look or run like the description shows nor the images in the print version “ad” from last Sunday. There are no page turn controls. In neither landscape nor portrait if you zoom in to make a page larger the zoom perspective only last for that double page. You have to scroll to the top of the second page and swipe to advance to the next double page layout but have to reset the zoom.
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4 years ago, cjd cle
PD app is getting better
Last couple months Connecting to and using the PD app is getting much better. I know several people that gave up completely because of access issues, maybe run a free promo to get subscriptions up and former users back? You were at one star before with me. Thanks former PD carrier.
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4 years ago, Cord Cutter
PD Digital Does It!
The PD on line gives you full color access the entire edition each day - whether at home or away. Read it page by page in order or select the section you want in the order you want. If needed, you can enlarge the print on a page as you read it. Great job PD - Thank You.
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3 years ago, Dnharri
Fantastic App
Reading the PD on the app is just as easy , if not easier , than having the physical paper. Each article you open takes you to the end instead of having to flip pages. At completion of article the app will return you to where you left off.
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4 years ago, Artie Amy
Supporting good reporting
Not wanting to fight progress but not wanting to abandon the plain dealer I know I read it online every day. This app is easy to use and and I not wanting to fight progress but not wanting to abandon the plain dealer I now read it online every day. This app is easy to use and allows me to keep up to date.
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4 years ago, Tbzbol
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Remarkable reporting. I live 50 miles from Cleveland and depend on their paper for the best news regarding my area too. It is not easy chasing down sources with FOI requests. The government agencies are always secretive and nasty when it comes to handing over information, so I give a lot of credit to reporters who stick with a story.
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4 years ago, transplanted clevelander
Ew normal for reading the paper
Since corona hit, I have been reading the Plain Dealer on line. I find it easy to read and navigate. I still prefer to read the actual Sunday paper, as opposed to digital. Also like the fact I can access older issues if I should miss something
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4 years ago, Mad in Mayfield
PD App is Horrendous
Once again the PD app doesn’t work. Starting 2020 with another problem with this app. I pay for the digital version because I can no longer get 7 days of delivery. It is frustrating as a customer to have to deal with this constantly. George Rodrigue, you constantly ask for suggestions to make “ the PD better and more pertinent to our readership.” Well, George, how about this piece of information: You won’t have a readership if you don’t supply a consistent working digital version to read.”
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4 years ago, fiveoh1134
Everything WAS ok, until
Once I loaded the App on my tablet, it was ok. I’d have a notice each time a new Edition was available. After a download, which was always completed in a reasonable time, it was available. UNTIL, this past Christmas holiday...then the problems...”no internet connection” which was Wrong. I definitely had a connection, but for some odd reason the App doesn’t recognize that there is ...and it’s a strong one too. Getting extremely frustrated.....
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11 months ago, Daniel's MacBook
Great digital edition
I really enjoy this digital edition of the Plain Dealer. I use it on my iPad, and it is just like a hard-copy paper. Also, I travel frequently, so it is nice to be able to read this paper when I am out of town.
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4 years ago, Tiger829
PD on line
I enjoy reading the PD on line very much. It is easy to access my favorite sections and I don’t feel I miss out on anything from the print edition. The PD gives space to both conservative and progressive opinion writers and I appreciate the balance of ideas. Keep up the good work!
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4 years ago, Jrnlst1951
Plain Dealer digital edition
Functions pretty flawlessly, except for an occasional freeze, which is remedied by going back a page and then forward two pages. It functions like a newspaper, and enables you to see the ads as well, which is pretty critical for their business model.
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4 years ago, Reganexis
Horrible App
It’s almost like The Plain Dealer is intentionally trying to chase away customers. First they cut back on home delivery forcing me to use this awful app. Now the app no longer works and their technical support is pretty much non-existent. For two days now the app won’t load & tells me that I have no internet connection. Funny because I seem to have an internet connection for everything else. I’m done with the Plain Dealer- I’m canceling my subscription & I won’t be back.
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3 years ago, 411BK
Good, needs improvements
It is smooth and downloads quickly. We really miss jumping from section to section. Also miss ability to zoom even larger. With those changes, a solid 5 stars.
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11 months ago, mike44102
Not all content loads
The obituaries, horoscopes, advice columns, and bridge hand do not load. You must go to page view and enlarge them to read them, as opposed to clicking on them and having the content load. Disappointing as this has been an issue for quite some time - since an upgrade they did over a year or two ago. SMH.
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4 years ago, JLQu
Awkward Openinng
This app is easy to navigate and a pleasure to read. I actually prefer to read the paper wth the app as opposed to the print version. My only complaint is that it has a very clunky startup that is annoying. It doesn’t immediately recognize me and is slow to react.
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4 years ago, Rebecca from Lakewood
Love my PD
It was very difficult for me to transition from a physical paper to an online platform. I have to say, however, that once I gave it a chance I really enjoyed the PD app. It’s easy to use, I can navigate between sections, and access it all from my phone. A+
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4 years ago, By xray1416 Jan. 5, 2012
My Plain Dealer
My husband and I have subscribed to the PD for years because we have always liked having it in morning. We certainly hope that it will be around for us in the future. Keep it coming. Terry Pluto is my favorite writer.
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4 years ago, lavoila
Of the 4 newspapers I read online, like PD best!
Easiest to use. Like it that it looks like the actual paper, instead of Specialized online version that makes some things hard to find and easy to enlarge if you want. All good!
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4 years ago, Buckshot 50
Mostly good
Overall good but can use some tweaking in terms of sentence structure. Also should update sports scores when they become available after print addition is completed.
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4 years ago, 25 Rabbit
Plain dealer
I enjoy reading the paper daily I don’t like doing it online and I’m very displeased with the cost of a printed copy the online program and unfortunately I will probably have to cancel in the near futureI I could see you charging $50 -60 for the year for online only and a printed Sunday a copy.
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4 years ago, thonalicia
Thon’s review
You have improved with time....I understand. Keep up the good work. I read you on the pad every morning. I am from the publishing industry. I went from drawing board to computer. I appreciate the hard work....
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4 years ago, jfjesser
A great replacement for print
I enjoy the morning paper. I enjoy the layout, the mystery of it all. This app recreates that in a user experience which is easier but just as fun. Not just another news site.. thanks
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2 years ago, ndietz51
So Irritating
Once a month I get a message (E24) that I do not have rights to download the newspaper. I argue with the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s customer service who blames it on Apple. They kick it up to their IT department and magically a day or two later the problem is fixed only to be repeated about a month later. If there was any other daily paper I would tell them to cancel my subscription.
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3 years ago, pdloyal
New not friendly
Cannot print puzzles to do later only news articles. So why publish. Lost the side arrows if you use print version. Have the updated app. With a compatible iPad. Called for assistance. Clueless and when system dropped call no call back. It’s a who cares if you cancel attitude. Sad if wanting to keep newspapers.
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4 years ago, JPTinohio
Limited General News
There has to be more stories to report than the crime oriented reports. Some of the national news has impact on our city but seldom is it mentioned. General news of political importance is left out all too often. I suggest the PD benchmark itself against similar sized papers within its own business ownership.
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3 years ago, Howard of Howard Fame
Another example of an update that’s worse
Why? Why make it harder to enlarge things? Do the comics get as large as they once did? No, they do not. Do all areas of text allow a single-tap enlargement? No, they do not. Is this a better experience than previously? No, it is not. Did this abomination download itself? Yes, it did. Do I feel good about this “improvement”? No, I do not.
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3 years ago, Dale_e
The new plain dealer app and online
Might be easier to read on the phone or on the computer trying to print out the puzzle is really poor not happy at all with this wasn’t from my wife I would cancel it
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4 years ago, The Rogue 1
As a journalist I am saddened that so many newspaper are calling it quits. I live in an apartment building in Little Italy with 40 units of young professionals and graduate students. I am the only person in the building who gets the PD delivered. On the other days I count on the PD app.
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4 years ago, Real Estate Sold!
I still read the “newspaper” every day
The Cleveland Plain Dealer presents the daily news in a traditional newsroom style. Not a lot of screaming headlines and over exaggerations you find it so much online news.
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4 years ago, Xzvbng
Usually read before paper addition because can expand print n jump back n forth on stories easily.
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4 years ago, KatieVSH
Katie S-H
Love the format now. You’ve really worked on it! Journalism is so important in our society. Without your investigations, many critical activities would remain hidden, with no one bringing them to light. Thank you!
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3 years ago, john in mentor
I have been reading your sports section for almost 50 years and I would not trade it with any other paper I especially respect Terry Pluto for his articles and wisdom
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4 years ago, Old dog. New tricks.
Never thought I’d be able to make the adjustment to reading the PD on line but, I did. Easy to follow. As close to the hard copy as humanly possible. Keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, new to the news
Review of PD App
The plain dealer app is a great way to view the paper online. This is an excellent app and I am enjoying it very much. thank you for having this service available! A satisfied reader.
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3 years ago, librare1
PD is vital
I read the digital edition of the PD everyday, even while traveling around the world. I am so glad you have developed such a great option that is the same as the printed edition. Please keep it going!
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